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Victor: Good morning. Could I have a cup of coffee, please? May I join you?

Ashley: Please. Hi.

Victor: Something is troubling you. I can see it across the room.

Ashley: My sister Traci is back in town.

Victor: Oh, really.

Ashley: Uh-huh. And her daughter Colleen is here, too.

Victor: Colleen. Wait a minute, that's Brad's it?

Alex: I slept like a baby last night.

Neil: Feeling more confident about the HMO case?

Alex: If we play our cards right.

Neil: And if we can get Olivia to pull this off.

Alex: She came through with Dr. Kimbrough.

Neil: This is different.

Alex: When she goes to work for Lawson, she will be a real asset.

Neil: I realize that.

Alex: But?

Neil: Perhaps we've dragged her into this. Maybe we should let her off the hook.

John: Where is Phyllis this morning?

Jack: She left early for work.

John: Jack, I still find it strange having a business rival living under my roof, racing out of here every morning to steal our customers.

Billy: You have the competition running scared. I don't blame them with all the changes we made.

Jack: Changes?

Billy: You haven't told Jack about Mac?

John: No, not yet.

Billy: Good news, Jack. Mac wants to be on camera.

Jack: She does.

Billy: It's a long story. The important thing is she’s totally up for it.

Jack: How about your mother? Is she up for it?

Billy: I haven't talked to her.

Jack: Think maybe you should?

Billy: You're just worried about her reaction.

John: On that one I have to agree.

Jack: You realize this makes Brittany a fifth wheel. She's not going to be happy about that.

Billy: At least it will keep things interesting.

John: It does indeed. I doubt Miss Hodges will stay on-board very long.

Jack: Which could present us with a whole new challenge.

Billy: Jack, do you have a problem with this?

Jack: I just wish you'd run this by me first.

Billy: You are mad about it.

Jack: I just don't like surprises in business. We poured a ton of money in this.

John: Jack, this is going to work out fine.

Billy: I don't see the big deal.

Jack: Mac is an unproven quantity. Brittany, we have a sure winner.

John: Your brother has a point.

Billy: Meaning what? You're going to bag this?

Jack: Enough with the anarchy already. I want to know what happens before it happens. Enough said.

John: So, what's on tap today, Billy?

Billy: I'm headed over to see Mac. I better get going. Later, gentlemen.

John: Whoa, you call that breakfast?

Billy: Don't worry, Dad, I won't waste away. Don't you worry either, Jack. This is going to be the greatest summer ever. You have my word. Hey, Traci. Bye, Traci.

Traci: Bye, Billy. Good morning. Where's Billy headed in such a big rush?

Jack: Young love. You know how that works.

Traci: I get the picture. Maybe it's better he's not here anyway.

John: And why is that?

Traci: Daddy, there's something I need to tell you.

Rianna: How badly do you want that cappuccino?

Raul: You can run but you can't hide, baby. She's going to be with us all summer.

Brittany: Hey, guys. Have you heard the good news? We're going to be together after all.

Rianna: We know.

Brittany: Then you heard about Mac. I'm glad I ran into you. I want to talk about everything that's happened.

Rianna: Brittany, I know what you're thinking.

Brittany: You're right. I wasn't thrilled Mac would be on camera. There's a bright side.

Raul: This should be interesting.

Brittany: I'll be the only unattached girl so when all the cute guys are in the boutique, they'll be flirting with me.

Isabella: Good morning, Paul. Would you like some juice?

Paul: Good morning. Yeah, thank you. So Lynne is in the kitchen?

Isabella: No, she left for the office.

Paul: Just as well. I never told you about my trip upstate.

Isabella: No, you didn't. What happened at the penitentiary?

Paul: No question the letter came from James.

Isabella: What made you so sure?

Paul: His fingerprints were all over it and it came from a typewriter at the prison.

Isabella: Did you talk to James?

Paul: There was no point. He would either deny he wrote the letter or deny there was a hidden meaning. The good news is we know exactly what he wants from you.

Isabella: This mean we're close to wrapping up the case?

Paul: I think so.

[Doorbell sounding]

Mackenzie: I got it, Esther. Hey, come in.

Billy: So I talked to my brother about you being on camera.

Mackenzie: What did he say?

Billy: He wishes we told him sooner. When he thought it over --

Mackenzie: Everything is cool?

Billy: Yep. Are you nervous?

Mackenzie: About my mom? A little bit.

Billy: She can't hurt you and neither can your stepdad.

Mackenzie: I never want to lay eyes on that man again.

Neil: First, Olivia has to get hired at Lawson.

Alex: That shouldn't be difficult.

Neil: It could be years before they reveal they are paying doctors not to run tests.

Alex: I could try talking to Dr. Kimbrough again.

Neil: Do you think there's any point?

Alex: Try a different approach.

Neil: You going to put the fear of God into him?

Alex: He obviously is feeling guilty.

Neil: It wouldn't put him in a dodgy situation.

Alex: I think I'll go pay him a visit.

Neil: Let me know what happens, huh?

Alex: I will.

John: Oh, sweetheart, I had no idea. I always thought you and Steve --

Traci: Yeah, I thought so too.

John: What about Colleen?

Traci: I didn't want to tell her everything. She mentioned the word "affair" and she saw right through me.

John: Poor kid.

Traci: Jack, thank you so much for being there for me.

Jack: Nonsense, nonsense. You're an Abbott.

John: Good morning, Colleen.

Colleen: Good morning.

Jack: Listen, I better head to work.

John: Unless you'd like us to stay. You just know I’ll always love you and I will be there for you.

Traci: Thank you, Daddy. I just need a couple of minutes alone with my daughter.

Victor: You think your sister Traci came back because of her problems in her marriage?

Ashley: Afraid so.

Victor: Another woman?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Victor: What about the daughter? This thing is always hardest on the children.

Ashley: Traci should be able to handle this as she sees fit.

Victor: Why wouldn't she?

Ashley: He feels he's Colleen's father and he should help break the news. I'm not sure what he's hoping for.

Victor: Maybe he's just concerned about the welfare of his child.

Ashley: I think he wants more.

Brittany: I hope you guys are as excited about this summer as I am.

Raul: Frankly, Brittany, I don't get it.

Rianna: Why would you want to spend the summer with Billy and Mac?

Brittany: I lost everything, Rianna. The store is all I've got. I know you don't believe this, I care about you guys. I want you to give me the benefit of the doubt. It'll make things easier for everybody.

Raul: I'm not making any promises. I'll do what I can.

Brittany: Thanks. To show you I want to start things off on the right foot, I have gifts for you. You can use them this summer.

Rianna: You didn't have to do that.

Brittany: I wanted to. This is for you, Rianna.

Rianna: It's a bathing suit.

Brittany: Yeah. I got it at Fenmore's. If you don't like it, you can take it back.

Rianna: No, I love it. Thank you.

Brittany: I didn't forget you, Raul.

Rianna: Those are cool sunglasses. It's perfect timing. Didn't you just tell me yours broke?

Raul: Yep, they did. Thanks.

Brittany: You're welcome. I also got some stuff for Billy and Mac.

Rianna: That was really nice of you.

Brittany: I know I can't buy your friendship or forgiveness.

Raul: Why did you buy us all this stuff?

Brittany: A gesture of goodwill. I think that's appropriate since we're starting over.

Traci: Honey, would you like some breakfast?

Colleen: I'm not hungry.

Traci: Colleen, I don't mean to pressure you, but maybe it would help if you told me how you're feeling. Honey, I know you have a lot of questions about your future and I really wish I had answers for you.

Colleen: One thing's for sure, I don't want to see Dad again.

Traci: Remember, what's happened is between your father and me.

Colleen: How can you say that? He didn't just cheat on you, he cheated on our whole family.

Traci: You don't mean that --

Colleen: I hate him.

Traci: You don't mean that.

Colleen: Yes, I do. I hate him, and I always will.

Jack: Did I forget about a board meeting?

Brad: I'm just hanging out here catching up on some reading.

Jack: I'm looking for my sister.

Brad: I came in early.

Jack: If you see her.

Brad: I'll call you. Jack, before you go, how's Traci?

Jack: Traci's doing fine.

Brad: How is she really, Jack?

Jack: Then you know?

Brad: Ash told me.

Jack: Traci's hanging in there.

Brad: What about Colleen?

Jack: I have stuff in my office to do.

Brad: Why should I be surprised?

Jack: Do you have a problem?

Brad: Yeah, I have a problem. I'm tired of being shut out of Colleen's life. Are you aware I'm her father?

Jack: I'm well aware of that.

Brad: I'm going to the house.

Jack: I just left the house. Traci and Colleen are about to have a talk.

Brad: I hope she's going --

Jack: The kid is more perceptive than we thought. She figured it out on her own.

Brad: All right. Do you happen to know how she took it?

Jack: Don't worry about Colleen. She has the support of the whole family.

Brad: Whole family? The whole family, huh? Let me give you a news flash, Jack. I'm her family, too.

Isabella: What do you mean we're close to wrapping up the case? Won't I still be at risk?

Paul: That's what I used to think.

Isabella: Not anymore.

Paul: You're right. Right now James needs you. You can reverse his conviction. Not if new evidence is found linking him to the money laundering.

Isabella: If it's linked to him while he's in prison.

Paul: The tax evasion charges won't matter. Unlike them I have an ace in the hole.

Isabella: What?

Paul: It's a case of, not what, but who.

Brittany: There's one thing that doesn't make sense to me. How did Mac suddenly get over suddenly be totally camera shy?

Rianna: I'm not sure.

Brittany: I could be totally off base. Do you think she's afraid of being seen?

Rianna: I can't imagine why she would be.

Raul: It's none of our business. We should stay out of it.

Brittany: I wasn't being a snoop.

Raul: Yes, you were. We don't want to dig in Mac's past. If you want to be a friend, you shouldn't either.

Billy: Mac, you don't have to do this. It's not too late to back out. You can still work behind the scenes.

Mackenzie: I'm tired of hiding. Why should I be nervous? My mom probably doesn't even want to find me.

Billy: After what happened with your stepdad, maybe she's relieved that you're gone.

Mackenzie: I wouldn't be surprised.

Billy: What are odds of her logging on to the website? Does she have a computer?

Mackenzie: She says she hates the thing.

Billy: There you go, nothing to worry about.

Mackenzie: There is one thing, Billy. Before my grandma can become my guardian, my mom has to be notified.

Billy: When does that happen?

Mackenzie: Any time. Maybe as we speak. I'm so worried the phone's going to ring and I have to go back there. If that happens, I don't know what I'll do.

[Doorbell sounding]

Billy: I'll get it.

John: Hello, Billy.

Billy: Hello, Mr. Silva. Come in.

John: Hi, Mackenzie.

Mackenzie: Hi.

John: I suppose you're wondering why I stopped by.

Mackenzie: Does it have to do with my mom?

John: Katherine. Mackenzie, I have very important news for you. It's about your mother.

Victor: I'm still not quite certain what's disturbing you.

Ashley: I'm concerned about him. Now's not the time to be over-anxious.

Victor: Yet he wants to involve his daughter and your family.

Ashley: He feels that I don't want him to get close to her.

Victor: Is he right?

Ashley: I don't think so.

Victor: It would be understandable.

Ashley: It would be selfish.

Victor: Bringing a stranger into your family, a teenager at that, a daughter Brad had with your sister. I think it's very understandable you would be reluctant.

Ashley: You're being very understanding and very supportive.

Victor: Why wouldn't I be? Looking at you, I can't help think what might have been.

Ashley: I miss talking to you.

Victor: I miss talking to you, too.

Ashley: I better go.

Victor: I'm sure everything will work out. Don't you worry.

Ashley: Bye.

Victor: Bye.

Jack: No one is saying you're not part of Colleen's family.

Brad: Why are you and everyone else cutting me out of her life?

Jack: What about what Traci wants?

Brad: If Traci asks me to stay away, that's her decision.

Jack: What is your gripe? Ashley told you about Steve's affair.

Brad: My wife is acting the same way you are. I should stand back and watch from the sidelines?

Jack: The rest of us have it covered.

Brad: The rest of you are not that girl's father. What's the harm having another shoulder to lean on?

Jack: None, if it's needed.

Brad: How do you know it's not needed?

Jack: Instinct. Bradley, it could do every bit as much harm as good.

Brad: That's ridiculous. You're always negative. But Ash.

Jack: What about Ash?

Brad: It's as if she accused me of trying to take advantage of the situation. I mean, my own daughter is in crisis. She's acting as If I should stay away from my own child.

Jack: Go ahead, get it off your chest.

Brittany: I'm not trying to pry, Raul. I'm just curious. She's only been here for a couple of years. The way she came here, meeting her grandmother at that shelter.

Rianna: What?

Brittany: Maybe that's why people found her so fascinating. Mac's past is off-limits. I won't say another word. I have to go. I'll see you two later, okay?

Rianna: You know why Mac didn't want to be on camera?

Raul: She told me something when we were together.

Rianna: What did you think of Brittany's little speech?

Raul: She's one heck of an actress.

Rianna: I like to think that was real. The Brittany I knew was a lot of fun.

Raul: I never met that Brittany.

Rianna: Maybe you will this summer. Isn't it possible she's changed?

Raul: You can only hope.

Olivia: Can I coax you into taking a break?

Neil: That depends. What's in the bag?

Olivia: Coffee and muffins. I went by your apartment and you weren't there. I think you skipped breakfast.

Neil: You're right. I was heading to the commissary any minute.

Olivia: I saved you a trip.

Neil: What did you bring me? Oh, there's only one cup. What gives? Going to join me?

Olivia: I can't. I wanted to touch base with the HMO. Do you think we have a chance?

Neil: Dr. Kimbrough has given us powerful ammunition.

Olivia: Remember when Raul was in the ICU? He had a check-up with Dr. Kimbrough.

Neil: Are you telling me he missed the diabetes?

Olivia: Raul had classic symptoms. Now he's being punished because he's running too many follow-up tests.

Neil: He told you this?

Olivia: Not in so many words. I connected the dots.

Neil: A kid almost died because Lawson Medical is trying to save a couple of bucks?

Olivia: This can't continue this way. I can't wait to bring these people down.

Neil: Speaking about that.

Olivia: I already e-mailed my application. Lawson Medical should be contacting me any time.

Neil: We may not need your help.

Olivia: Why not?

Neil: You're a doctor. You should be spending time with your patients, not doing this.

Olivia: I want to help.

Neil: There are plenty of ways to make a difference.

Olivia: We’re on the same side. I don't want to lose that, Neil. I don't want things to go back the way they were.

Dr. Kimbrough: May I help you?

Alex: Hello, doctor. I'm Alex Perez. We spoke the other day.

Dr. Kimbrough: I remember you. How did you get in here?

Alex: I told your nurse I needed to speak to you regarding a legal matter.

Dr. Kimbrough: I don't want to talk to you.

Alex: I had an interesting conversation with Olivia Winters. She said you're enrolled with the program at Lawson Medical.

Dr. Kimbrough: Why did I say anything to her?

Alex: Maybe you feel guilty and you know what you did is unethical and you want to make things right. It's in your best interests to cooperate.

Dr. Kimbrough: Isn't it in the best interest of my wife and kids? If I go along with you, I could lose my job, possibly even my career. Tell me, Miss Perez, what do I do then?

Isabella: Who is it?

Paul: You.

Isabella: I'm not sure I can help.

Paul: When you left, what did you do with your belongings?

Isabella: I threw some stuff out and kept what I could.

Paul: And your records?

Isabella: I put them in storage.

Paul: Will I find anything if I go through them?

Isabella: You won't find anything in those boxes.

Paul: You're married to this man. You have insights no one else does. Those papers seem insignificant. If you look at them now, you may find the clue that we're looking for.

Dr. Kimbrough: I want you to go.

Alex: Dr. Kimbrough.

Dr. Kimbrough: I want you to leave now.

Alex: I changed my mind. I won't ask you to testify.

Dr. Kimbrough: You're not?

Alex: No.

Dr. Kimbrough: You must want something from me.

Alex: Just information.

Dr. Kimbrough: What kind of information?

Alex: We know that scheduled incentive exists. How do they refer to the schedule?

Dr. Kimbrough: They don't.

Alex: They do it in winks and nudges? This I will pursue one way or another. It's time to make up your mind which side you're on.

Dr. Kimbrough: Contact a man named Warren Ingersoll. He's a recruiting agent for Lawson. All I can tell you is he's aware of what's going on. You are on your own.

Alex: Thank you, doctor. Now I'll let you get back to work. Oh, by the way, if you think of telling Lawson I was here, don't. Right now I'm the only friend you have. And if you talk, you're going to go down with them.

Dr. Kimbrough: Can you promise me I won't go down either way?

Alex: Like I said, I'm your friend, but no promises.

Mackenzie: You have news about my mom?

John: Amanda Browning no longer lives in your old apartment in St. Louis.

Mackenzie: Where is she?

John: She didn't leave a forwarding address.

Mackenzie: What does that mean?

John: We have done our duty. We tried contacting her. We see no reason to pursue this any further.

Mackenzie: Thank God.

Billy: That's it? There's nothing else we can do?

John: We published an announcement of petition. That's a standard procedure. There's no reason to think Amanda will see that.

Mackenzie: Thank you, Mr. Silva, for everything.

John: My pleasure. I'll show myself out.

Katherine: Thank you, John. Well, my darling, this calls for a celebration. I'll have Esther bake us a cake or something. Oh, my God, first I have to hide the wheatgrass.

Billy: Do you think you'll reconsider telling Katherine?

Mackenzie: About my stepdad? I'm not ready for that. It was hard enough telling you.

Billy: Well, I'm glad you did.

Mackenzie: Me too. It's so nice to have somebody to talk to.

Billy: Well, I guess we're back to our original plan.

Mackenzie: Making sure my mother doesn't discover where I am.

Billy: What about friends, relatives?

Mackenzie: She doesn't have any.

Billy: I can't think of anyone else who would tell your mom.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I can't either.

Hi. My name Is Brittany Hodges. Are you the person I speak to about volunteering? Great. Well, you must know my friend Mackenzie. She talks about you guys all the time. Yep, she's the best. In fact, she inspired me to call you. I'd like to come in and learn more about your program.

Neil: Liv, please, please don't twist this around. I appreciate you wanting to help. Asking you to go undercover is not right.

Olivia: I volunteered.

Neil: You have enough on your plate. Someone else can handle this.

Olivia: Who, Alex?

Neil: Alex happens to be at Dr. Kimbrough's office now.

Olivia: He won't talk to her.

Neil: She's a lawyer. That's her job.

Olivia: She doesn't want me to be part of it.

Neil: She's concerned about you.

Olivia: Concerned about me.

Neil: You could ask her.

Olivia: I wish she was here right now. I would love to give her a piece of my mind.

Jack: Okay. Thanks. That's it. Bye.

Ashley: There you are.

Jack: Here I am? I have been looking for you all morning. I had to call Maureen. She told me. Where have you been?

Ashley: I was having breakfast at Gina's. What's going on?

Jack: Colleen knows about Steve's affair.

Ashley: Oh, boy. She take it hard?

Traci: Very hard.

Jack: Hey. Hey, what happened after I left?

Traci: It was awful. My daughter isn't even speaking to me now.

Jack: What happened?

Traci: I tried to get her to open up. That was the worst thing. She says she hates Steve now. Jack, I don't know what to do. I -- I know she wants answers from me and I have nothing to give her.

Jack: Maybe you need to give each other some time.

Traci: Why? So she can go on despising Steve so it can ruin their relationship forever? My daughter doesn't deserve that. And despite what he's done, I don't think Steve deserves it either.

Jack: Have the two of you talked?

Traci: No. I thought I would wait until I calmed down and then talk to him. But under the circumstances, I'm beginning to wonder maybe I should go back to New York.

Ashley: Is that a good idea, the three of you in New York? Won't there be a lot of tension?

Traci: It's going to be tough.

Jack: There's another option. Colleen could stay here. You could go to New York.

Traci: That's not a bad idea. What do you think, Ashley?

Brad: Trace? Traci?! Trace!

Colleen: My mother isn't home.

Isabella: I will go through the boxes. If you say it’s from me --

Paul: I cut a deal ahead of time. James will never know you were involved.

Isabella: It's worth a try.

Paul: I need the name of the storage place, locker number and I need the key, if you have one.

Isabella: It's in my bag.

Paul: Can you get it for me?

Isabella: Why are you in such a hurry?

Paul: Because I -- I have my reasons.

Isabella: You're trying to get rid of me. I'll get the key.

Paul: Isabella, wait. I'm anxious to wrap up this case because something's happening between us. I've tried to deny it but I can't anymore. I have feelings for you, and I know you have feelings for me, too. As long as you're my client, there are certain lines that I cannot cross.

Isabella: And when I'm not your client?

Paul: Well, then if the feelings are still there, we need to find out what they mean. And what we want to do about them.

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