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Mackenzie: I can't believe you're letting her guilt you into this.

Billy: Brittany is asking for her job, that's it.

Mackenzie: I don't want to see her every day, Billy, prancing around like last summer. It will bring up bad memories.

Billy: Unlike last summer, I don't have to go around pretending to be her boyfriend. I guess I don't understand what issues you have of Brittany working with us.

Mackenzie: You know what? You want to know what my biggest one is? Sex, Billy.

Billy: What?

Mackenzie: Come on, do I have to paint a picture for you?

Jill: Sean, what are we doing here?

Sean: Looking at the stars.

Jill: The stars. I was perfectly content with the view from your apartment.

Sean: Jill, are you complaining?

Jill: No, I'm not complaining -- yeah, Iím complaining. I thought we were enjoying ourselves.

Sean: We were, and we are. What's wrong?

Jill: Is this another example of your relishing the moment, dragging me off to a park somewhere when we were -- Never mind. Never mind.

Sean: Stay right here, okay?

Jill: Where else would I go? A cold shower, that's where.

Sean: I guess the way that we took over was a bit abrupt. I thought you might like a change of scenery for dessert.

Jill: You brought dessert?

Sean: Tiramisu, cappuccino. It's all made especially for you.

Jack: Steve is having an affair? Honey, are you sure?

Traci: Oh, yes. I'm positive.

Jack: I don't believe this.

Traci: Imagine how I felt.

Jack: How long has this been going on?

Traci: Jack, I don't -- I can't talk about this. Look you were on me about going back New York.

Jack: I won't offer any advice. I will keep my mouth shut. I promise.

Traci: It is what it is. Not a word to anybody, promise. Hey. Well, look who found the pool.

Billy: Mac, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Mackenzie: Okay. Let me ask you something. If I could have been having sex with J.T. during the break-up, would you let him within a mile of me now?

Billy: No, I guess not. It's kind of hard not to think about, huh?

Mackenzie: I'm only human. I mean, I guess I could try not to think about it. We shouldn't go flaunting ourselves.

Billy: I know what you're saying. I feel like I owe Brittany something. I led her on for a long time.

Mackenzie: You were fighting your feelings. You didn't know you were being dishonest with her.

Billy: On some level I did. I kept telling myself she was the one I wanted to be with.

Mackenzie: Why are you so concerned about Brittany?

Billy: She has nothing. We have everything.

Mackenzie: If ever a person made their own bed.

Billy: You're right. We let Brittany stay on the Glow by Jabot project, she really wants to do it, and it would be a great way to make things up to her. She'll be so busy working, she won't have time to mess with us.

Mackenzie: You're being so logical, like I have no reason to feel the way I do.

Billy: Mac, that's not what Iím saying. Okay. Fine. You made your point. We'll just drop the whole thing. I'll call Brittany and tell her.

Mackenzie: Billy.

Billy: Now why'd you do that?

Mackenzie: You made some good points too.

Billy: And?

Mackenzie: And I'm thinking.

Billy: Mac, if Brittany is around us, she'll be forced to realize it's over, that you and I are together now, and there's nothing she can do to stop it.

Mackenzie: You'd make such a good sweet-talker, you know that?

Billy: What do you say, about Brittany? We keep her on board?

Lynne: Paul? Day after tomorrow are you going to Stockton Penitentiary to meet Isabella's husband?

Paul: I'm having second thoughts.

Lynne: We arranged it with the warden. If you're wanting to wrap up the case.

Paul: I'm doubting my reasons for seeing her husband. I think I might be taking too big a risk.

Lynne: Two things. First of all --

Isabella: Paul, thank God you're still here.

Paul: What's wrong?

Isabella: James, he sent another message, a threat.

Sean: You know, I was going to bring the Picasso and I remembered how beautiful it was out here. Why are you looking at me like that?

Jill: Because I owe you an apology.

Sean: For what?

Jill: For being grumpy earlier. This is absolutely lovely.

Sean: You weren't being grumpy. Yes, it is lovely. So are you. Perfect timing. I knew right from the start Iíd never forget you, a song came into my heart and touched me with fire.

Jill: You know something? I bet the reason you brought us to this remote area is you're about to produce blankets to lay down on the ground for us. I got it wrong again, didn't I?

Sean: No, it's a wonderful idea. But that's not what I had in mind for tonight. You trust me, right?

Jill: I don't know.

Sean: Sure you do. But I was wrong the night a song came into my heart.

Jill: Are we leaving? Why are we leaving? I'm enjoying myself. Aren't you enjoying yourself?

Sean: Yes, Iím enjoying myself, but not enough. So I think we should go.

Brad: Got the intrepid New Yorker to take a swim.

Jack: How was the water?

Colleen: Great. I'd like to take a shower before dinner.

Traci: That's fine, sweetie. You go up.

Brad: I guess we can't tempt her to stay much longer? Should we back off?

Ashley: I think there's a fine line between wanted and besieged.

Traci: She's definitely more with a teenager. For now I'm calling the shots. I get to decide when we go. I don't know when that's going to be. If you all will excuse me, Iím going to run in the kitchen and see how we're doing, okay?

Ashley: Honey, even if Traci and Colleen go back home, it'll be --

Brad: You know, you are right. I need to focus on the positive.

Ashley: Yeah.

Brad: Thanks. It's a little muggy outside. I'm going to crack the windows in the car.

Ashley: You're quiet.

Jack: Am I?

Ashley: Yeah. So when you were alone with Traci, did she tell you anything?

John: Sorry Iím late. I had a late appointment and I finally escaped. I must tell you, Iím so looking forward to this family dinner.

Ashley: We all are.

John: I saw Brad out there. Is everyone else present and accounted for?

Ashley: Billy's not here yet and where's Phyllis?

Jack: She's tied up at work. She's very sorry she couldn't make it.

Billy: Hey, we're here.

Ashley: Where were you two, in the pool house?

Billy: We were out back.

Paul: Mitch, can you give me a description of the guy that handed you this?

Mitch: I was distracted and didn't get a good look at the guy.

Isabella: Your mother and I were talking. I didn't get a good look at him.

Mary: I don't understand. This James person is in prison. How does he know where to find her?

Isabella: This isn't the first time, Mary. My husband wants to get to me, he has ways.

Rianna: Do you want another refill?

Raul: I'm good. I might need a ride to Dr. Kimbrough's office again.

Rianna: You're going again?

Raul: Yeah. He wants to keep a close eye on me. Keeps running all these tests.

Rianna: I wish he were that attentive in the beginning.

Raul: He's making up for it now.

Rianna: Good. I'm glad to hear it.

Raul: Although I think of you as my chief medical officer.

Rianna: Does it feel good?

Raul: Yeah, every time. I'm going to go get that refill.

Rianna: Can you get me one too?

Raul: Yeah.

Brittany: So you came back.

Rianna: Raul took me to a movie.

Brittany: I went out for a while too. I'm on pins and needles. Billy hasn't made his decision yet.

Rianna: Really? I assumed they would turn you down flat.

Brittany: What a nice thing to say.

Rianna: Taking lessons from you. How am I doing?

Brittany: You know, Rianna, you made it very clear we're not the friends we used to be. But I thought you would understand.

Rianna: I understand why they wouldn't want you anywhere near the summer campaign.

Brittany: If you were in the situation you would do the same thing.

Rianna: That's not true. I wouldn't be looking for revenge.

Raul: Hey, Brit, what's going on?

Brittany: Not much.

Raul: Really? It sounds to me like you guys were arguing.

Rianna: Not really.

Brittany: Look, you guys, I'm sorry. I guess the wounds are still pretty raw. I won't make excuses, I did behave badly. I want to go on record. If we get back together this summer and everything works out, I hope we'll look at it as a fresh start.

John: Well, now, as long as you're here, that's all that matters. And Mackenzie, you are more than welcome to join us for dinner.

Billy: Why don't you stay? The whole family's going to be here.

Mackenzie: Thanks, but I have to get home. Maybe another time.

John: Good night.

Ashley: Good night.

Jack: See you around, Mac.

Billy: You sure you okay with this?

Mackenzie: Your family needs to know as soon as possible.

Billy: I'm not twisting your arm, am I?

Mackenzie: What do you think?

Billy: Thanks, Mac. I owe you one.

Billy: All right. As far as Mac and I are concerned, we don't see any reason to exclude Brittany from the summer project.

John: Well, now Billy, you're absolutely sure about it?

Billy: We're cool about it. We're going to give her a chance, see how things go.

Brad: Hey, perfect timing.

Billy: Hey, sweet pea, what's up?

Colleen: Not much.

Billy: I heard you were here. We'll have to play tennis.

Colleen: I'll whip your butt like last time.

John: Looks like the gang is all here. What's the word from the kitchen?

Traci: Dinner is served.

John: Shall we?

Mary: I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

Paul: Mom, I have to speak with Isabella alone.

Mary: Of course. You have my number. Call me any time.

Isabella: Thank you, Mary.

Mary: That girl looks so shaken.

Lynne: She was never in any real danger. He left right away. If the man got anywhere near her, the bodyguard would have stopped him in his tracks.

Mary: You're rather unsympathetic.

Lynne: You think?

Mary: Lynne, I hope your heart isn't hardening against Isabella. So when is Christine coming home?

Lynne: You should be talking to Paul.

Mary: Lynne, I know how loyal you are to him.

Lynne: And Christine.

Mary: With her obvious attitude toward this marriage, perhaps you should stop being so concerned about Isabella and be grateful that Paul has found something to take his mind off of his pain. Tell him Iíll call him later.

Paul: Feel better?

Isabella: Thank you.

Paul: I don't suppose you want to talk about the letter.

Isabella: It frightens me, Paul.

Paul: It seems pretty innocuous.

Isabella: He knew the guards would read it. They don't understand what it means.

Paul: "Dear Isabella, I think of you often. It's awful not being able to talk to you. Sweetheart, we both know I will be in here a lot longer than anticipated. I won't be traveling anywhere unless something comes along and changes my sentence. And I have given up that will ever happen. I wonder why you haven't taken that vacation we talked about last time. Do you want me to arrange for him to call you again? I think you ought to go on this trip by yourself. You could have a nice time. If you don't go now, you may not have another chance. I only have your best interests at heart, my love. Be safe, be happy. James." On the surface it doesn't sound threatening.

Isabella: I can't believe you don't know what it means.

Paul: Okay. Why don't you translate it for me?

Katherine: Darling, you can change your mind about this, can't you?

Mackenzie: I said Iíd give her a chance.

Katherine: Oh, please. Brittany Hodges has run out of chances.

Mackenzie: I'm okay with it, really. It's just -- it brings back really bad memories. And I've been thinking about that stuff that happened with Jill last summer.

Katherine: Hmm? Well, I think I have some news for you, young lady. That part of the equation is no longer a factor.

Mackenzie: What's that?

Katherine: It's a petition to the court for me to become your legal guardian.

Mackenzie: Oh, Grandma.

Jack: Doesn't everything look terrific? I'm starving.

Ashley: You're always starving.

John: What else is new? He's always starving. He could eat nine meals a day.

Brad: Thank you.

Colleen: Sure.

Billy: Yes, please. Thank you.

John: Look, before we dig in, there's a few things I want to say to all of you from my heart.

Jack: Sure, by all means, Dad.

Billy: Let it rip.

John: This is a rare and wonderful occasion, all of us gathered together. I don't believe any of you can comprehend what I'm feeling now. But many years in the future when your families are grown, you'll understand. But there's just nothing in my life that gives me more pleasure than having my four wonderful children here together. And my equally wonderful granddaughter and loving son-in-law. So I just want you all to know how blessed I feel tonight, and hopefully we can do this again in the near future.

Ashley: Hear, hear.

John: To the Abbotts.

Jack: To the Abbotts.

Colleen: And my Dad. I hope he can be here next time.

Ashley: Hear, hear.

John: Hear, hear.

Isabella: The letter doesn't need a translation.

Paul: Humor me, Isabella. I need to answer this.

Isabella: James is angry that I haven't come forward yet. He thought he made things clear when I saw him in prison. Time has passed and I didn't obey. He sent a reminder, the travel agent.

Paul: That's the man that roughed you up.

Isabella: Now more time has passed. Should he arrange for the man to contact me again?

Paul: And this vacation?

Isabella: He wants me to turn myself in, confess to tax evasion, say I falsified the books.

Paul: That's the label you would give him.

Isabella: Since Iím not connected to the money laundering, I would get a shorter sentence. A vacation compared to what he's serving.

Paul: Now we know what James Franklin wants and how badly he wants it.

Isabella: So what's next?

Jill: Nothing like a ride in a convertible to make a girl look her best.

Sean: It was all in the plan to help bring out that inner wild woman in you. I think Iím succeeding.

Jill: You think you're very charming, don't you? A free spirit. I'm not sure that it's funny anymore.

Sean: Really?

Jill: You have been sending me mixed messages for months now. It's getting old, Sean.

Sean: Unlike this '97 Cabernet, still very young but very engaging.

Jill: No, see, you're doing it again. Now you're drinking? You're probably just setting me up again.

Jill: You know what? I came up here to get my bag. I'm going to call a cab.

Sean: Will you wait a second? I'm not trying to make you mad here.

Jill: You're not.

Sean: I'm not stringing you along at all. I'm just trying to build up to a moment.

Jill: A moment.

Sean: Just relax and enjoy it with me.

Jill: Okay. Okay. We're in the moment. Would you care to tell me what this build-up has been about?

Sean: I think that would be obvious to you by now.

Jill: Oh, lord, you're taking me someplace again.

Sean: But not far this time.

John: Anybody for an after-dinner brandy?

Jack: I'll do the honors.

Ashley: Not for me, thanks.

Traci: I'll pass too.  Iím going to step outside and get some fresh air. I'll be back.

John: You know, I cannot shake the feeling that something's bothering Traci.

Brad: Colleen is insisting she wants to go home ASAP. She misses Steve.

Ashley: I can see why Traci would feel stress.

John: They can go home now and plan a nice, long trip later.

Jack: Dad, I already made that suggestion. Traci nixed the idea.

John: Why?

Jack: She has her reasons. She was pretty adamant. I suggest we don't push her on this.

John: I would be disappointed if Traci and Colleen were to leave. There's nothing I could do about it.

Colleen: You guys are so cool. My friends freaked when I told them Iím related to Billy Abbott.

Billy: We're celebrities, huh?

Colleen: Major.

Billy: How would you like to meet the rest of the gang?

Colleen: I would love to, especially Raul. He's hot.

Billy: I'll tell him that.

Colleen: I don't know if Iíll get the chance. I don't know how much longer Iíll be here.

Billy: I'm sure we can set something up, introduce you to Rianna, Raul.

Colleen: That would be so cool.

Billy: How was your ice cream?

Colleen: Good.

Billy: Good. Very good.

Ashley: Thanks, honey.

Brad: Colleen does have a crush on Raul.

Jack: She's obviously a big fan of the Glow by Jabot House.

Brad: If she meets her dream guy, do you think she'd stay a little longer?

Mackenzie: Wow, Grandma. You went out and got court papers? Why now?

Katherine: I had some bad memories earlier also.

Mackenzie: Did Jill say something about Billy and me?

Katherine: She was actually civil but that made me more nervous. I said to myself, why sit around feeling uncomfortable when I have the power to prevent that woman from ever threatening you again?

Mackenzie: How did you get this?

Katherine: I phoned my lawyer and asked him all the necessary questions. He told me your mother, Amanda, would have to be notified of the petition.

Mackenzie: She will?

Katherine: Darling, considering your age and the amount of time you have spent in my care and most important your desire that I become your legal guardian, I'm assuming you do want me to become your legal guardian, and if you say it, it's a done deal before the court rules. You see that way, Amanda, Jill, everyone -- no one could ever take you from me. What do you say? Did I react out of turn? Do you want me to become your legal guardian?

Mackenzie: Oh, Grandma.

Katherine: Oh, I love you so.

John: Well, well, what a marvelous way to spend an evening, huh?

Billy: It was fun spending all that time together.

John: It was. Since I have you alone, I want to talk about Brittany's situation. I hope you didn't feel pressured about letting her back on. Jabot can survive without her.

Billy: I know. There were many reasons I didn't want to shut the door in her face.

John: What about Mackenzie? Was she really okay with it?

Billy: I wouldn't agree to it if she didn't go along with it. We're in a great place now.

John: Glad to hear that. It's a wonderful time for our family. It's such a joy knowing all my kids are happy and doing well. It's what every father hopes for.

Brad: I missed my little angel tonight. Yes, I did. You know, your grandpa expects to see you at his table soon. Even if you are a little wiggle worm.

Ashley: Are you thinking about Colleen?

Brad: Yeah. She'll be leaving soon and that'll be it for the summer.

Ashley: Honey, you don't know that for sure. Things could change. Traci and Colleen could come for another visit, bring Steve next time and even stay longer.

Brad: Ash, to be blunt --

Ashley: You prefer Steve kept his distance so you can build a relationship with your daughter.

Brad: I have nothing against the guy. He's a great stepfather and good husband to Traci. I think that's why she's lightened up on me. She feels secure in her own marriage that she's willing to give me a chance with Colleen.

Ashley: It was weird what Jack said about not putting any pressure on Traci.

Brad: Yeah, that was strange. What do you think that was about?

Ashley: I think he knows more about Traci's situation than he's telling us.

Jack: I'm glad I caught you alone. I thought maybe we could pick up where we left off. Honey, that news you told me is very disturbing.

Traci: Jack, I appreciate that you're caring. I really cannot talk about this right now.

Jack: I don't want to talk about it right now. I want to go to New York and tell that jerk --

Traci: No, Jack, no. I tell you what, having a loving, caring brother that wants to protect me makes me realize again I was right. I was right to come home.

Paul: Well, first, Iím going to take a good look at that letter, dust it for fingerprints, find out where it was printed and see if there was any proof at all that it came from the prison your husband is in.

Isabella: Where else could it come from?

Paul: I don't know, maybe the men that he's working with.

Isabella: Do you feel they're dangerous?

Paul: I don't want to take any unnecessary risks, and that includes talking to your husband.

Isabella: Really?

Paul: Not until I find out where that letter came from.

Isabella: Paul, I know you hoped to resolve things as quickly as possible.

Paul: So what's your question, Isabella?

Isabella: If things are going to drag out because of this, should I hire someone else to do the job?

Paul: Well, is that what you want?

Isabella: If you asked me to leave right now, I would. I understand your reasons. But I think Iíve made it pretty clear, I don't want anyone else. I only want you. I should be leaving. See you in the morning.

Jill: What are we going to do now? Compose?

Sean: Sounds like fun, but no.

Mackenzie: How could you even think that for a second? Of course I want you to be my guardian, yes.

Katherine: Oh, Mackenzie, I am so pleased to hear you say that.

Mackenzie: Are you kidding? You could not have made me happier, Grandma.

Katherine: I should have done this a long time ago.

Mackenzie: No, no, no. The timing is perfect. It couldn't be better. I love you so much for doing this.

Katherine: Mackenzie, as long as you're sure.

Mackenzie: I am so sure, Grandma. Everything is wonderful. My whole life is so wonderful right now. Iím with Billy again, and Iím safe with you forever.

Katherine: Yes. You are safe. Forever.

Mackenzie: Thank you, Grandma.

Brittany: Hello?

Billy: It's me.

Brittany: Hi, Billy. I hoped to hear from you. What's the verdict?

Billy: Mac and I discussed it. If you want to be part of the Glow by Jabot House, it's fine with us.

Brittany: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Billy. Thank you very much.

Billy: Just don't make me regret it.

Brittany: I wonít. You wonít. Don't worry. Oh, gosh. No, you won't regret this for a second.

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