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Victor: What were you thinking, giving Larry Warton a job at Jabot after what he's done to our family?

Nikki: I know you don't trust him.

Victor: Of course, I don't trust him. He's a criminal, for heaven's sake.

Nikki: I know I'm doing the right thing.

Victor: Have you lost your senses? I hope those words don't come to haunt you. [Knock on door] Come in.

Victoria: Dad, I need -- oh, hi, Mom. I didn't realize you were here. Am I interrupting something?

Nikki: No, you weren't. We were just talking about you. I understand the situation with Tricia resolved?

Victoria: I wouldn't exactly say it's been resolved, but she is in a mental institution and they will be able to help her.

Nikki: Let's hope so.

Victoria: There you go.

Victoria: So you and Mom were talking about me?

Victor: Yes.

Victoria: That's the only reason she stopped by?

Victor: Let's not talk about your mother. What can I do for you, sweetheart?

Victoria: Well, I was thinking and I don't like the way we left things earlier. I know Ryan told you about the progress Tricia is making. While you seem to accept he's moving on with his life -- I know you have your doubts and I hope they have all been put to rest and you won't interfere.

Victor: Sweetheart, you are a grown woman. You do what you want. You have a right to your own life, okay?

Victoria: Good. I'm glad you see it that way. Dad, it took Ryan and me a long time to find our way back to each other. Now that we have --

Victor: He's okay with that?

Victoria: Yeah, he is, and so are you. I'm so tired of this fighting. We get so close as a family during a crisis and then for some reason we can't hold on to that. Why is that?

Victor: That's a good question, my darling.

Sharon: Look, look.

Nicholas: A shooting star. Make a wish. So?

Sharon: Oh, forget it, mister.

Nicholas: What do you mean forget it? It's not like candles on a birthday cake.

Sharon: I wish that I could feel the way that I do right now for the rest of my life.

Nicholas: I can't believe how late I slept.

Sharon: Well, we didn't get back from your incredible fantasy night until dawn. Oh, Nicholas, I could have just stayed there for a whole month.

Nicholas: Yeah, me too. A lot of people would have been asking questions.

Sharon: Starting with the children.

Nicholas: And your mom. She was a real trooper waiting up for us.

Sharon: She really appreciated the ride home. You thought of everything.

Nicholas: I tried. What are you doing up already?

Sharon: I had things to do.

Nicholas: What things?

Sharon: Things.

Nicholas: Cassie already off to school?

Sharon: Mm-hmm and Miguel took Noah to preschool.

Nicholas: Really.

Sharon: So you wait here and Iíll be right back.

Nicholas: What are you up to?

Sharon: No questions. You were in charge of the surprises last night. Now it's my turn.

Jack: Brittany, you still want to work at the Glow by Jabot House?

Brittany: That's right.

Jack: Even though you and Billy have broken up?

Brittany: I don't see why that matters. After all, this is a place of business, right? Our personal issues shouldn't enter into it.

Jack: I'm sure we all admire your commitment. We have a great deal at stake here. I don't know if we can take the risk.

Ashley: I agree with Jack. We have too much riding on the summer campaign.

Brittany: A lot of kids can relate to the fact we've broken up. It might make things more interesting.

John: We hear what you're saying. It's not just about business. There are personal issues involved. How do you feel about it, son? Can you deal with this?

Billy: You've got to be kidding me.

Brittany: I'm not.

Billy: You're pulling some kind of number. The two of us working together all summer long. Do you have any idea how crazy that sounds?

Brittany: Look at it as a challenge. Who can show the most restraint.

Billy: How about earlier at the coffee house? You didn't show much restraint then. You wanted to get even.

Brittany: You misunderstood.

Billy: No way. I think it's a bad idea.

Brittany: I know it's not your final decision. Can we talk about this?

Sean: We don't need an answer right this minute.

Billy: Fine. We'll go to the coffee house unless there's something else we have to discuss, Dad?

John: Okay. Billy, call me later.

Victoria: What did I walk in on between you and Mom? You two have some sort of disagreement?

Victor: I don't want to get into it.

Victoria: Well, I can tell something's bothering you.

Victor: Your mother has decided to help Larry Warton.

Victoria: What?

Victor: She didn't tell you?

Victoria: Of course she didn't tell me. What did she do?

Victor: For Larry Warton to be released on probation, he had to prove he's found employment somewhere. Given his criminal record, of course he doesn't have a chance in hell.

Victoria: You're not saying that --

Victor: That's exactly what Iím saying. Your mother vouched for him and gave him a job at Jabot.

Jack: Fine, just have her get back to me as soon as she can. Abbott, two Bs, two Ts.

Nikki: I know missed the meeting. I'm sorry. It couldn't be helped.

Jack: As long as you have a good excuse. Hey, Iím kidding. What's got you down? Want to talk about it?

Nikki: It will upset me further.

Nikki: What happened?

Jack: Ashley had an intriguing idea for the summer campaign. We are going to put the Glow by Jabot kids to work.

Nikki: Where?

Jack: A boutique, selling Jabot products. We will use the empty retail space downstairs. The girls will be doing makeovers, the boys will be selling clothes.

Nikki: Since when has Jabot been in the fashion business?

Jack: We're not, but I called Lauren Fenmore to see if she could hook us up with a designer.

Nikki: I would like to be involved in the meetings.

Jack: I thought you might.

Nikki: Anything else I should know?

Jack: Billy and Brittany broke up. It's hot off the presses. I would have told you more except I didn't know where things stood.

Nikki: Sorry it didn't work out.

Jack: That's not the whole thing. Billy and Mackenzie are now back together.

Nikki: You're kidding. What does that mean? Is Brittany part of the campaign?

Jack: That's up in the air. I tell you these teenagers and their emotions are such a volatile mix.

Nikki: Teenage emotions.

Jack: Want to explain that?

Nikki: Sure in one word, Victor.

Sean: I love surprises and for the record, that does include my personal life.

Jill: I really have to hand it to Ashley, what a great idea to have the kids working in a boutique. We should get some advance buzz going. Do you agree with that?

Sean: I'll get right on it.

Jill: Why were you looking at me so strangely?

Sean: I'm thinking about the meeting. I have to say Iím impressed with the way you handled yourself.

Jill: I was following your advice. You're right. My losing my cool like that has been enormously counterproductive.

Sean: Funny how we're suddenly in complete agreement.

Jill: What do you mean?

Sean: As much as I like this new and improved Jill Abbott, I wonder if she's for real.

Raul: You sure you want to do this, man?

Billy: I better go through with this.

Raul: Be careful, don't let her snow you.

Billy: Not a chance.

Rianna: What are you waiting for, Mac?

Billy: Mac's going to stay here.

Billy: Okay. You got me here. I'm listening. What have you got to say?

Brittany: First of all I apologize for my outburst against you. It was just seeing you together as a couple for the first time that got to me.

Billy: Exactly why we should not work together this summer.

Brittany: If you're worried Iíll go ballistic, that was a one-time thing.

Billy: You say that now when you're calmed down. What happens when you see it everyday all day. You going to say it's not going to upset you?

Brittany: There is a reason why I think we can make it work. After you left here for Jabot, I felt something, and it caught me totally off-guard.

Billy: What did you feel?

Brittany: Billy, I felt relief.

Nicholas: Baby, that was incredible.

Sharon: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

Nicholas: When did you do all of this? How did you do all of this?

Sharon: I have a few tricks of my own. While I can't top what you did last night. I have a little secret or two in store.

Nicholas: Tell me more.

Sharon: Maybe I should show you.

Nicholas: That sounds promising.

Sharon: Warm massage oil. Oh, and your own personal masseuse. What do you think? You game?

Nicholas: When am I not?

Nicholas: Hey, no teasing. Baby, you are full of surprises. That's incredible.

Sharon: I love the way you made me feel last night. You'll never know what it means to me, Nicholas, you canít begin to know. I'm finished.

Nicholas: You better not be.

Victoria: Mother got Larry Warton a job at Jabot? You've got to be kidding me.

Victor: Trust me, this is no joke.

Victoria: I don't know what she was thinking. She must have done it for Nicholas.

Victor: Whoever she did it for it was a stupid and dangerous decision. I don't know what possessed her.

Victoria: I guess it puts the wall back up between you two.

Victor: She said she always trusted my protective instincts and she is ignoring them completely.

Victoria: Are you sure? He really helped Nicholas.

Victor: He's been in prison several times. You don't think he's dangerous? What your mother did is utterly irresponsible and foolish. When I was on my trip, I was actually looking forward to coming home and seeing her. Only to realize what she had done now. I guess some things never change, does it?

Jack: Ah, yes, Victor Newman, the oldest living adolescent. You are the one that brought up his name. What's he done now?

Nikki: It's not what he's done. It's what Iíve done. I dared to make a decision without consulting him first.

Jack: This is about Larry Warton making it on to the Jabot payroll.

Nikki: He was not pleased.

Jack: He had a fit?

Nikki: Why do I let him affect me like this? I know I did the right thing. But damn it, on some level I still need his approval. I thought I was over that but Iím not.

Jack: Aren't you being hard on yourself? You haven't been on your own for that long. Certainly not as long as you have been --

Nikki: What, a kept woman?

Jack: I was going to say dependent on Victor Newman. It's not easy breaking free from the great and powerful Victor Newman.

Nikki: I thought I could change things. It's easier said than done.

Jack: Wait a minute. You have transformed your life in the last few months. You have become productive and creative and pretty damn successful here. You have done that on your own without any help from Victor. Don't let him take that away from you.

Nikki: I know the reality. Every positive step I take, I still keep losing ground.

Rianna: How's your blood sugar?

Raul: I'm getting the hang of this thing.

Rianna: Here.

Raul: Thank you.

Rianna: I don't know how long you wanted to stay so I got them to go.

Raul: We can hang out a little bit.

Rianna: Okay.

Rianna: Have you thought about talking to others about diabetes?

Raul: Jabot had to explain why the trip was cancelled.

Rianna: Your situation taught everybody a valuable lesson, the importance of listening to your body.

Raul: I'm glad good came from this. I don't want to be known as Raul the diabetic.

Rianna: I think it's a great way to get out there and talk to others about it.

Raul: All right. I'll keep thinking about it. That's all I can promise.

Rianna: Good.

Raul: Enough is enough. Let's talk about something else.

Rianna: Okay. New topic.

Raul: You still good about the summer plans?

Rianna: Yes. It's going to be fun.

Raul: It will be fun to get a change of scenery now and then.

Rianna: I bet we get a discount on clothes.

Raul: We haven't started working yet. Don't start spending that paycheck.

Rianna: I was going to spend it on you.

Raul: Shop away then.

Rianna: I wonder what's going on out there.

Raul: I'm surprised they're still talking.

Rianna: I thought it would be one short conversation.

Raul: You know Brittany. Once you get her going, you can't shut her up.

Rianna: Why don't we get out of here?

Raul: Where do you want to go?

Rianna: I don't care. It's beautiful outside. Let's do something.

Raul: Let's go.

Rianna: Do you think she'll get Billy to change his mind?

Raul: Yeah, right. That's a good one.

Rianna: I'm serious. Brittany is used to getting her way.

Raul: She can pout all she wants. There's no way she's getting near the Glow by Jabot House. No chance. Come on. Let's go out this way.

Billy: You felt relieved.

Mac: Give us a break!

Brittany: Itís true.

Billy: You really believe that?

Brittany: When you and I were going out, I had this suspicion gnawing at me. Sometimes, it was way in the back of my mind and Iíd forget about it.

Billy: What's your point, Brittany?

Brittany: I loved you so much, Billy. I have to believe you love me, too. It wasnít just a summer thing. You and Mac were seeing each other behind my back. But that feeling never went away. No matter how close we got I thought you cared about me.

Billy: I did care about you.

Brittany: Not as much as I cared about you. I thought I was being paranoid and I realize that wasn't the case. I know where things stand now. Things are out in the open now and no more secrets. I'm sure you two feel the same.

Mac: What do you mean?

Brittany: You don't have to hide anymore. You can be together in public. You can show the world how you feel about each other. The way I see it, this could be a fresh start for all of us. Who knows, maybe we could all become friends.

Mackenzie: Forgive me if Iím a little skeptical. Make that completely skeptical.

Brittany: You have every right to be and so do you. Don't you think you at least owe me a shot at this? Look, I know I was wrong to set you up that night in the pool house. You are not completely without blame yourself.

Mackenzie: If you're trying to lay another guilt trip --

Brittany: I'm stating facts. We all did things we're not proud of. Can we put this whole mess behind us, call it even and move on?

Nicholas: I love you so much.

Sharon: I love you too, Nick. You have no idea.

Nicholas: I think I do.

Sharon: No, you don't. You are my love, my whole world. What you did for me last night, it was just a fantasy brought to life.

Nicholas: You are my inspiration.

Sharon: I hope I never stop inspiring you.

Nicholas: You don't have to worry about that.

Sharon: Thank you. And not just for last night. You know my heart so well. You knew exactly what I needed even before I did.

Nicholas: I just want you to be happy.

Sharon: I really am happier than I've ever been.

Jill: Am I for real? What kind of question is that?

Sean: This morning you were spitting nails and this afternoon in the meeting you're all sunshine and butterflies.

Jill: Why should that surprise you? You are the one that made the reality of the situation hit home. The reality is Mackenzie turns my stomach. My son is my only living child. It's not worth destroying my relationship with him. I saw that thanks to you.

Sean: Thanks to me.

Jill: Yes, thanks to you.

Sean: How thankful are you? If you want to show your appreciation, I think I can think of --

Jill: I think we should stick to business.

Sean: What were we talking about in regard to business?

Jill: You were about to put a teaser on the website.

Sean: Oh, yes, the work site. Anything else you want me to add?

Jill: Not that I can think of.

Sean: I'm concerned about Billy's place in the Glow by Jabot House this summer. I don't want him to look like a fifth wheel if we ask another couple to join us.

Jill: You're ruling Brittany out a little too early.

Sean: You think she's going to change his mind?

Jill: Not only is she beautiful, but very resourceful.

Sean: Our Billy is now immune to her charm. You saw the way he was looking at Mackenzie in there. If you think Brittany is going to vamp Billy.

Jill: I didn't say she was going to try to seduce him.

Sean: What are you saying? She's going to try to get tricky?

Jill: Would that be so terrible?

Sean: You think it makes for good programming.

Jill: You're the one that says a happy couple --

Sean: Aren't entertaining unless they're singing and dancing? Did you and Brittany put your pretty heads together on this?

Jill: I don't know what you're talking about.

Sean: Jill, yes, you do. You know just as well as I do that Brittany Hodges doesn't deal well with rejection and she has a fiery temper. For her to sit back and look at the long view and see the perfect moment to strike, I don't see a teenage girl doing that, especially one that's just been dumped.

Jill: Maybe, somehow she overheard your advice to me.

Sean: Yeah, that's what Iím wondering.

Jill: Or maybe she just has real good sense like you.

Sean: That's possible. Or maybe she has a friend and advisor, like you. Jill?

Brad: I was keeping an eye on your dad during the meeting. He was real sharp.

Ashley: During the meeting, he was fine.

Brad: Something happened?

Traci: He talked about Traci and Colleen and her wonderful husband Brad. I asked him about it. He said it was a slip of the tongue. The way he's been acting lately.

Brad: You're concerned. Maybe it was just as your dad says. Just as long as you don't start calling me Steve. I have an idea. What if Colleen worked at the Glow by Jabot House? She's young but I'm sure we could find something for her to do. It would be the perfect way to keep her in Genoa City. What do you think?

Ashley: It could be an interesting idea.

Brad: I think she would love it.

Ashley: Does she know about the Glow by Jabot House?

Brad: I would imagine she's aware of it. A lot of kids her age were into it last summer.

Ashley: Don't you have to run it by Traci?

Brad: Do you think she will be all right with it?

Ashley: I don't know. She's a parent too.

Brad: I'll run it by her. See you later.

John: He's in a heck after mood, isn't he?

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Introducing wizard scented oil.

Sharon: Well, Mr. Newman, your first day back at the office. How does it feel?

Nicholas: It feels great. I don't even mind wearing this tie today.

Sharon: You look great.

Nicholas: Well, thank you. So what have you got planned for today?

Sharon: I thought I would ride into town with you and go to the coffee house.

Nicholas: You sure you're ready for that?

Sharon: Nick, I'll be fine. You know why? Because of what you did for me last night. Just call it the healing power of love. All set?

Nicholas: Yeah.

Jack: When did you and Victor have this run-in?

Nikki: At the office. He stopped by the ranch earlier.

Jack: How'd that go?

Nikki: Great, until he found out about Larry and he stormed out. That's when I found the gift that he brought me. A beautiful mirror he picked up on his trip. It meant something to me. It wasn't just a present. It was a gesture.

Jack: Signifying what?

Nikki: I don't know. I thought maybe I was hoping for a future.

Jack: Is it possible you're reading more into this than what's there? Are you sure it's not a reflex on his part? A man on a business trip goes off and buys something for his family?

Nikki: I don't know, maybe.

Jack: Nikki, don't do this to yourself. I know where you're going. Put on the brakes.

Nikki: I know. I know. It's stupid to speculate. I know we have no future together.

Jack: Why do I have a feeling you have a lot weighing on you?

Nikki: I have things weighing on me for years and probably always will be. In my heart, I just can't shake the feeling that Victor and I are meant to be together. Oh, God.

Victoria: Listen, I know that you hate that mother helped Warton out. Let's just wait and see what happens. Nicholas has got to be okay with this. Surely he discussed it with Sharon.

Victor: What's your point, sweetheart?

Victoria: We all want our family to be close. Let's give mother the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Warton is a changed man.

Victor: Don't you understand, this goes beyond whether or not Larry Warton has become reformed, you know? Before the trip your mother agreed with the situation. She knew the logic behind it.

Victoria: Maybe that was true at the time.

Victor: Are you saying it's coincidence that I leave town and she changes her mind? It's a deliberate act of defiance on her part.

Victoria: Why would she do that?

Victor: Because she desperately wants to prove to me that she has become an independent woman. That's why.

Ashley: What can I do for you?

John: I just got the report on your test model, and you're going to be very happy. Where did I put it? Oh, here it is. No, that's not it.

Ashley: If you can't find them, Daddy, I can look at them later.

John: I know they're here someplace. At least I thought they were. Where on earth could they be? Hey, what is it, my beauty? What's wrong?

Ashley: Nothing's wrong, Daddy.

Nicholas: Are you sure about this? I can take you home.

Sharon: It's all right. I want to stay. I can do this, I'm ready.

Mackenzie: You want to move on, just like that?

Brittany: I know it's not going to be easy.

Mackenzie: Try impossible, Brittany.

Brittany: Have you been lied to by someone who meant more to you or anything?

Billy: Don't do this.

Brittany: He assured me again and again he was over Mackenzie. You told me I was the only girl for you. I'm not asking for much only that you think twice before you cut me from the summer campaign. I have been looking forward to this for a very long time and I still think it could be fun. After everything that's happened, don't you think I deserve a little joy in my life? Or do you really hate me that much?

Billy: Mac, what do you think?

Brittany: Billy, Iím asking you.

Billy: I want her opinion. Well?

Mackenzie: You want to know what I think? I think that was the biggest load of garbage Iíve ever heard.

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