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Mackenzie: All this time you were.

Billy: Yep, together.

Mackenzie: It's real.

Billy: It is real, Mac.

Mackenzie: How can you be sure?

Billy: It's real, I can tell in my heart. What we have is real. I won't let it slip away ever again.

Jill: Please tell me I didn't see what I think I saw. Tell me my eyes were deceiving me.

Jack: Will you please calm down?

Jill: Billy and Mackenzie?

Jack: Get used to it.

Sean: Until the elevator --

Jack: That was a concept.

Sean: Thanks for holding me off.

Jill: You didn't seem at all surprised that Billy and Mackenzie were together. Earlier, the super told me you were the one that closed down the elevator. It all makes sense now. You're behind this, aren't you?

Sharon: What in the world?!

Nicholas: Don't you mean, where in the world? It doesn't feel like we're in Genoa City, does it?

Sharon: It feels like we walked into a fairy tale. It's beautiful.

Nicholas: Aren't you glad we came in here now?

Sharon: Where did this come from? Who could have put it here? And what's it doing on the ranch?

Nicholas: I don't know. But, hey look, clothes.

Sharon: Oh, they're gorgeous.

Nicholas: I think you should put them on.

Sharon: What?

Nicholas: Yeah.

Sharon: Nicholas, what if the people who did this come back and find us?

Nicholas: Let's just put them on.

Mamie: Malcolm, I know you want to spend more time with Nate and I'm sure the day will come when this isn't necessary. Why take your chances?

Malcolm: Hey, Nate, give me a hug, man.

Mamie: We better be going, Nate.

Nate: Can't we stay a little while longer, Aunt Mamie? Please?

Olivia: Hi, Cody.

Cody: Hey, Dr. Winters. What can I get you?

Olivia: I'm looking for my son. He's spending the day with my aunt. I thought they might be here.

Cody: I haven't seen them.

Olivia: Thanks.

Cody: Sure.

Paul: Hello.

Isabella: Paul.

Paul: Hi.

Isabella: Glad you're home. Want some juice?

Paul: Sure.

Isabella: Where's Lynne?

Paul: She has a doctor's appointment after work. She's going with Marissa after work.

Isabella: I hope she's not ill.

Paul: No, it's just a regular checkups.

Isabella: She won't be back any time soon.

Paul: No, probably not.

Isabella: Here you go.

Paul: Thanks. I have been thinking about your case lately. I'm going to see if there's a connection between the people involved in the escort service and the money-laundering scheme your husband was involved in.

Isabella: Paul, I don't think investigating James' business associates is wise. I'm afraid they're dangerous people.

Paul: I will be very cautious. There won't be any way to trace it back to you.

Isabella: Do you think Iím being paranoid?

Paul: No, no, not after everything you've been through. I just hope you feel as though you can trust me.

Isabella: I do, Paul, completely. Something on your mind?

Paul: Yes. One thing's become very clear, that resolving your case is going to take longer than I anticipated.

Isabella: Is that a problem?

Paul: I'm thinking about my wife.

Isabella: She's due back in a couple of weeks.

Paul: Which means we're going to have to find a place for you to stay.

Isabella: A new place?

Paul: You'll be as safe as you are here. I'll make sure of it. I have a few ideas in mind. Isabella, what's the matter?

Isabella: I don't want to leave here.

Paul: Why?

Isabella: Do you have to ask?

Paul: Look, if you're concerned about your safety --

Isabella: It's more than that, Paul.

Paul: Look, it's been a long day. I'm going to go get cleaned up.

Neil: Where is that file? I know I have it around here some place. This is it. Here it is. It's all pretty straightforward. If you have any questions, call me.

Alex: I will. As long as Iím here, we need to talk about the HMO.

Neil: Oh, well, we can do that tomorrow.

Alex: Why? Is this a bad time?

Neil: Not for me. You have a dinner date with my brother later.

Alex: Oh, right.

Neil: Where are you two headed?

Alex: Actually Malcolm didn't say.

Neil: I'm sure he has something great planned. He always rolls out the red carpet for you. Then again I don't need to tell you that, do I?

Alex: What is it, Neil?

Neil: H'mm? Oh, -- what?

Alex: It's the way you were looking at me.

Neil: I was thinking about our conversation at Ginaís earlier when we were talking about your childhood. I know it got pretty personal. I hope you didn't feel I was prying.

Alex: You were simply making observations. And actually, you're right. You've been -- it doesn't make problems from the past go away, unfortunately. Is there something else?

Nate: Please, Aunt Mamie. Just five minutes.

Mamie: All right. But just five minutes. And then I have to get you home.

Nate: Cool. Play another song on the jukebox?

Malcolm: Sure you can. Here's a quarter. You're going to make me go broke here. Um, Mamie -- listen, you have to go with him right now. We'll do this another day.

Mamie: Come with me now.

Nate: You said we didn't have to go yet.

Mamie: But there's something I have to do. I need you to mind me right now.

Nate: No, I want to stay with Dad.

Malcolm: Nate, Nate Ė

Olivia: I'm going to head home. If you see my aunt and my son --

Cody: Why don't you swing out by the patio? Maybe?

Malcolm: Well, hello there. You looking for someone?

Olivia: I was looking for Aunt Mamie and Nate. I thought they might be out here.

Malcolm: They're not. Excuse me.

Olivia: I'd like to talk to you.

Malcolm: Okay. So talk.

Olivia: My lawyer says that you'll be serving us papers.

Malcolm: Does that come as a shock?

Olivia: No. I knew they'd come eventually. My lawyer says it's a go that in about a week and then we'll be in court.

Malcolm: My lawyer tells me the right thing.

Olivia: I have a request and I hope you do the right thing.

Malcolm: Really, you surprise me that you think I'm capable of doing that. I know you think this is about me.

Olivia: This is what's best about Nate.

Malcolm: What is best for Nate is to have that situation resolved. Just today I was thinking about a certain student-parent softball game. You know the one I'm talking about? I think it's coming up and I want to go again. That's something I have to fight for in court.

Olivia: Are you saying you'd rather show off in front of Nate than do what's best for him? I mean, come on. I think his school grades are more important than a silly game.

Malcolm: I have news to you it's not silly to Nate. I know he would love to have me there.

Olivia: When will you get your priorities straight?

Malcolm: When you say things like that, I don't feel like giving you a damn thing. Regardless what you may think, I always put my son first. You are the one not thinking about what is best for him.

Olivia: Does that mean you have talked to a lawyer?

Malcolm: I will have my lawyer hold off from serving those papers for a while.

Olivia: Thank you.

Malcolm: You explain that to Nate when he asks about the softball game.

[Knock on door]

Neil: Oh, Victor.

Victor: Hello, Neil. Hello, Miss Perez.

Neil: How was your trip?

Victor: Good, thank you.

Alex: It must be good to be home.

Victor: It feels nice to be back.

Alex: Great. Well, I'll let you two talk. Thanks again for the file, Neil. And welcome back, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Thank you, Miss Perez. Have a nice day.

Alex: You too.

Victor: Thank you.

Neil: Victor, Iím glad you stopped by. We have an awful lot to discuss. Where would you like to start?

Victor: Why don't you start with the HMO case? Should I pass --

Neil: Sure.

Victor: Was it the right decision having Miss Perez handle the case?

Neil: Absolutely.

Victor: I know you had your doubts about her.

Neil: That was in the past. Whatever reservations I had, Alex has erased them. You couldn't have hired a more dedicated professional.

Victor: Do I surmise that your reflections are of more than a professional nature?

J.T.: You still mad at me?

Brittany: What do you think? You double-crossed me. Don't you want to hear the latest?

J.T.: How'd you do that?

Brittany: I seriously doubt that girl will --

J.T.: You love putting people in their place, don't you?

Brittany: She deserves it. I need to talk to Billy, have you seen him?

J.T.: Nope.

Brittany: I wonder where he is.

J.T.: Probably over at Jabot.

Brittany: You're right. Going over details for the summer. It should be okay if I drop by.

J.T.: Why would you do that?

Brittany: I'll tell him we need to talk and get him alone and --

J.T.: Spare me the details. I doubt he will be in the mood.

Brittany: What happened with Billy and me was a setback, nothing more. I'll prove it.

J.T.: What do you want me to say, Brit, good luck?

Brittany: Worried about your relationship with Mac? If I were you, that's exactly what I would say.

Jack: I guess there's no fighting mother nature.

Jill: What the hell does that mean? Does that mean Billy and Mackenzie are destined to be together? What are you going to do, get them a hotel room?

Jack: I've heard enough. Get out of my office.

Sean: Jill, come on. Let's go.

Jack: Get out!

Brittany: Hi. I'm looking for Billy.

Jack: He's not here, Brittany.

Brittany: I guess you all heard. Billy and I had a fight. There's no reason to worry. It won't interfere with the summer campaign. We're going to patch things up.

Jill: I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Jack: Brittany, it appears your argument with Billy was a bit more serious than you thought.

Brittany: What do you mean?

Jack: Well, it seems that --

Jill: For crying out loud. Not only did Billy break up with you, but he's back with Mackenzie.

Brittany: What?

Jill: We saw it with our own eyes.

Sean: It's true, Brittany.

Brittany: No, I can't believe this.

Jill: For the record, I'm disappointed in you.

Brittany: But I --

Jill: You completely misread the situation. I was counting on you. I won't be making that mistake again.

Jack: Well, you certainly handled Brittany with your normal tact.

Jill: Never mind Brittany, Jack. Would you tell me why you threw Billy in with --

Jack: There's nothing you can do about it.

Jill: We'll see about that.

Jack: It's all chemistry, Jill. They're young, and they're in love. If you don't remember what that's like, then you're older than I thought.

Billy: What's wrong?

Mackenzie: I could stay like this forever. Never let anything come between us.

Billy: Not anyone, you mean my mom.

Mackenzie: She knows about us, Billy. I remember what she did last time. She threatened to find my mom and tell her where I was.

Billy: It's not going to be like that this time.

Mackenzie: How can you be so sure?

Billy: She knows what would happen. I'll cut her out of my life for good.

Mackenzie: Even if you're right, there's somebody else who can cause trouble for us.

Billy: Brittany.

Mackenzie: She's not going to let you go. Not without putting up a fight.

Nicholas: How are you doing back there?

Sharon: I can't believe I let you talk me into this.

Nicholas: Come on. Let me see you.

Sharon: Okay. Here I come.

Nicholas: Wow. Wow.

Sharon: It feels kind of strange, wearing someone else's clothes.

Nicholas: You look amazing.

Sharon: Amazing how it fits so well, too.

Nicholas: It does. I know. It must be your lucky day.

Sharon: Or maybe luck has nothing to do with it. You planned the whole thing, didn't you?

Nicholas: Are you complaining?

Sharon: Nope, I am not saying anything. Not at all.

Nicholas: Well good. Because it is time to eat. Very nice. Very nice. Thank you, Joe.

Neil: So you think I have more than professional respect for Alex?

Victor: I want you to know this HMO case is very important to me. Whatever personal feelings exist between you and Miss Perez, I hope it doesn't affect the outcome of this case.

Neil: Victor, I promise you, colleagues. Nothing more.

Victor: All right. Have a nice day, Neil.

Jill: You can let yourself off the hook for anything, can't you?

Jack: I realize we have to think of the whole Glow by Jabot House concept. Can we save that for another time? Would you leave him alone? At least he's doing something useful.

Jill: Just when I thought you couldn't sink any lower, you will do anything to strike out at me, even at the expense of our company.

Jack: This has nothing to do with you. For the last time, get out.

Sean: Come on, Jill.

Jill: All right. This is not the end of this. Not by a long shot.

Sean: Why are you reading Jack the riot act?

Jill: Don't you start on me.

Sean: Billy is with Mackenzie because that's what he wants.

Jill: I have to stop this.

Sean: You cannot stop this. You go after Mackenzie, you may lose him forever. The kid meant what he said. Why don't you pick yourself up and roll up the punches.

[Phone ringing]

Isabella: Hello.

Christine: I'm looking for my husband. I called the office. Is Lynne there?

Isabella: Afraid not. I can get Paul to call you right back.

Christine: How cooperative of you, Miss Brogna.

Isabella: I beg your pardon? It's your wife.

Paul: Hi.

Christine: Hi.

Paul: I've been thinking about you. You said your job would be finished in a couple of weeks. Is that still the case?

Christine: You're interested in knowing that now?

Paul: Haven't I been all along? Is this coming as a surprise to you?

Christine: I suppose it shouldn't. Given your current situation, I imagine scheduling is very important to you.

Paul: What are you talking about?

Christine: I'm supposed to be unfazed when I call home and a strange woman is living there. If that's not bad enough, Paul, now she's taunting me.

Paul: About what?

Christine: Trying to get you on the phone while you're in the shower.

Paul: You're overreacting.

Christine: That's easy for you to say.

Paul: That's because it's true. Why did you call?

Christine: To tell you the truth, I don't remember. I'll let you know if and when I do.

Nicholas: That's good, huh?

Sharon: Mm-hmm. You want to try some?

Nicholas: Absolutely. That is so good it's scary.

Sharon: I can't believe you did this.

Nicholas: Well, I can do anything when I'm inspired.

Sharon: What inspired you?

Nicholas: You have to ask? What's that smile about?

Sharon: Just thinking about you and how amazing you are. You said that you wanted to take us on a second honeymoon but I wasn't ready. So you created this romantic getaway. We didn't even have to leave the ranch.

Nicholas: I just want you happy.

Sharon: I am. Nicholas, this means so much to me. I love you.

Nicholas: I love you, too.

[Knock on door]

Malcolm: Yo! Hey, big brother, you got a minute?

Neil: Yeah, sure. What's the matter?

Malcolm: I had a run-in with Olivia.

Neil: You want to talk about it?

Malcolm: Actually, no I donít.

Neil: Okay. Then what can I do for you?

Malcolm: I was looking for Alex. I stopped by her office and they said she might be here.

Neil: She was. But she left a little while ago.

Malcolm: Do you know where she went?

Neil: She didn't say.

Malcolm: That's cool. I'll catch up with her eventually. Look, Neil, Iím actually glad we have a chance to talk. I want to ask you something about Alex.

Neil: What about her?

Malcolm: I'm taking her out tonight, right? I thought maybe you could give me a couple ideas on how to handle that for me. You know what Iím saying?

Neil: You think I know what she likes?

Malcolm: You work with the woman. You actually spend a lot more time with her than I do.

Neil: The first question is what have you come up with so far?

Malcolm: Well, I was thinking about this new club downtown. You heard about it?

Neil: I know what you're talking about. Yeah, yeah. She'll enjoy it.

Malcolm: I don't want her to just enjoy it. I want to make a big impression on this lady.

Neil: You're smooth. Go with your instincts. You never had trouble impressing your dates before.

Malcolm: For the record, I'm not having trouble. Okay, okay. I'm going to say it. Neil, Iím stuck. I'm digging this girl. We never run out of stuff to talk about.

Neil: Doesn't sound like you're having any trouble to me.

Malcolm: I want to get under this girl's skin. I don't know if Iím pushing the right buttons. Since you two work so close together, I thought you could give me a couple of clues.

Neil: It seems you're doing all right on your own.

Malcolm: I'm asking you to help me sweep this lady off her feet. Now what's up?

Olivia: Can I have a coffee to go please? Hello, Alex.

Alex: Olivia. What can I do for you?

Olivia: Answer one question.

Alex: Depends what you want to know.

Olivia: You are aware Malcolm is fighting for visitation for Nate.

Alex: You make it sound like I put the idea in his head. He said he didn't have a legal leg to stand on. I knew that wasn't necessarily true.

Olivia: I see.

Alex: I saw Malcolm was in pain. I offered a solution, a right one.

Olivia: According to you.

Alex: According to a lot of people.

Olivia: I'm doing what's right for my son.

Alex: Here's something else, Olivia. No, you're not. I have no interest in hurting you, and you think I'm enjoying all of this.

Olivia: And your point?

Alex: I wish you could resolve this so you could move on.

Olivia: Things would be fine if people like you didn't stir things up.

Alex: The longer you put the blame on others, the longer you don't see the truth.

Olivia: Why don't you worry about your own life? Leave mine alone.

Neil: You're asking me how to deal with your girlfriend.

Malcolm: I'm asking for your insight.

Neil: I don't think I can be of much help.

Malcolm: You do talk to the woman, don't you?

Neil: We talk about business. She doesn't tell me about her turn-ons.

Malcolm: I guess I should be relieved by that.

Neil: I have a lot of work to do.

Malcolm: I will get out your hair. If you have any ideas about Alex, in the meantime I have to come up with something on my own. Thanks. It's got to be sweet, you know? What about a weekend in Vegas?

Neil: Yeah, Vegas?

Malcolm: I won't give her any warning. I'll spring it on her. Do a little dinner, a little gambling, a little dancing, the works. What do you think?

Neil: Honestly? Bad idea, I wouldn't do that.

Malcolm: Why not?

Neil: Malcolm, you say you want to relate to Alex?

Malcolm: Yeah.

Neil: You don't need all that glitz and glare to do that. Make her feel special. This is the most important. When she talks, you've got to listen. I mean really, really listen.

Malcolm: Keep it simple, huh? Thanks, man. Appreciate it.

Neil: If I see Alex, Iíll tell her you're looking for her.

Malcolm: My man. See you later, big fella.

Neil: Glad to be of service, my brother.

Nicholas: So, beautiful, did you get enough to eat?

Sharon: Everything was delicious. I couldn't eat another bite.

Nicholas: The horses are back at the stable. We have other transportation waiting for us.

Sharon: You thought of everything, didn't you?

Nicholas: That's me. I'm always prepared.

Sharon: What about the kids?

Nicholas: Taken care of.

Sharon: As much as Iím surprised at this surprise you're cooking up, what else do you have up your sleeve? I can't think of anything that would make this more special.

Nicholas: I can think of a few things.

Billy: Listen, Mac, if Brittany tries to break us up, we will have warning this time. Maybe she'll want to save face.

Mackenzie: How does she do that?

Billy: By telling everybody she broke up with me. If she does, oh, well. I don't care. As long as the whole world knows Iím with you now.

Mackenzie: Do you realize what this means? We can go for a walk whenever we want to, hold hands in school, go for a drive, do the things normal couples do.

Billy: There's something else normal couples do.

Mackenzie: Yeah?

Billy: Yeah.

Paul: Every time Chris and I get on the phone, it's like we don't hear each other.

Isabella: I'm sorry, Paul.

Paul: I can understand why she would be upset about your answering the phone.

Isabella: I should have let the machine get it.

Paul: I'm not blaming you, Isabella. I understand you're not comfortable leaving here. And part of me wishes that I didn't have to ask you to go, but I do.

Isabella: Because of your wife.

Paul: Look, I don't feel right leaving Chris in this state of mind. If we're going to start communicating again, I have to do my part. The sooner we get you situated somewhere else, the better.

Isabella: I understand.

Paul: For the sake of my marriage, I have to do this.

[Phone ringing]

Christine: This is Christine Williams. I can't take your call right now. Please leave a message and Iíll talk to you soon.

Michael: Christine, I guess you're not in.

Christine: Michael, Iím here.

Michael: Screening your calls?

Christine: I thought you might be Paul. I didn't want to talk to him.

Michael: Another unpleasant conversation. Sorry to hear that.

Christine: What are you calling about?

Michael: In a strange way, it has to do with how you're feeling now.

Christine: Tell me, please.

Michael: How would you feel about taking a job in Australia for a couple of months?

Christine: Australia?

Michael: Will you hear me out before you say no?

Christine: I wasn't going to say no. Why don't you tell me more?

Sharon: Nicholas, you've done so much already.

Nicholas: There has to be something else, something more that would make this night totally complete.

Sharon: I don't --

Nicholas: May I have this dance?

Sharon: But we don't have any music.

Nicholas: Huh, no music.

Sharon: You have musicians out here?

Nicholas: Yeah. Hey, I love you more than you'll ever know. Could I please have this dance with my beautiful wife?

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