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Nikki: Hi, honey.

Nicholas: Hey, Mom.

Nikki: I came down to see how you're doing and how your brood is doing.

Nicholas: My brood. Lisa took them into town. They're going to hang out with Doris today.

Nikki: Where's Sharon?

Nicholas: She's still asleep.

Nikki: You're kidding. She's a morning person.

Nicholas: I don't think she slept too well last night. (Phone ringing)

John: Nicholas, it's John Silva. I hope Iím not calling too early.

Nicholas: No, what's up?

John: I'm meeting with the DA and Larry Warton. I think it would be better if you and Sharon were there considering Mr. Richards would be open to what you have to say.

Nicholas: I'll cruise down there. I don't think I want to get Sharon involved in this.

John: Good. See you in Richards' office in an hour.

Nikki: I take it that has something to do with Larry Warton.

Nicholas: John's meeting with the D.A. He thinks he'll be easier on Larry if Iím there.

Nikki: He wants Sharon to go too?

Nicholas: Yeah. I don't think that's going to happen.

Nikki: Because you're worried about her state of mind.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, kid owe. Hang on. We have to talk.

Billy: Let me guess. You want to grill me some more.

Jack: I just want to know what's going on. There is trouble between you and Brittany.

Billy: I found out our entire relationship is based on a lie.

Brittany: I have to talk to you.

Rianna: Why? So you can cry on my shoulder for what happened last night?

Brittany: I heard.

Rianna: You wanted pea to keep that under wraps?

Brittany: Hardly. She would tell anybody who would listen.

Rianna: She wouldn't do that.

Brittany: Doesn't anybody see her true colors besides me? She starts this relationship with Billy behind everybody's back and the whole time she plots to get him back.

Rianna: You think this is Mac's fault?

Brittany: Of course it's her fault. If she thinks Iím going to hand him over to her, she's got a fight on her hands. You can really help me out. You're the best friend's girlfriend. You can get Billy to see what I did wasn't so bad.

Rianna: You must be completely out of your mind. You think I would help you after what you did with Billy? You started that awful rumor about Mac and J.T. Brittany, it's obvious, you don't care who you hurt. You know what? This is your problem. You got yourself in this mess and I am not about to help you get out of it.

Brittany: I don't need you anyway. I'm sure Billy will be over it in a couple of days and we'll be back together again.

Rianna: We'll see about this.

Brittany: I can't believe you're turning your back on me. I won't forget this, Rianna.

Victoria: These smell really good. I didn't realize Miguel was coming over to fix us breakfast.

Ryan: This is a Ryan McNeil production. Check it out.

Victoria: Toast, sausage, strawberries. I think I remember you telling me the cupboards were bare.

Ryan: I made a quick trip to the corner market at the crack of dawn and got a few things. What can I say? You inspired me.

Victoria: Last night was wonderful.

Ryan: That's one word for it.

Victoria: I want to thank you.

Ryan: For what?

Victoria: For so many things. For this wonderful spread. For letting me borrow your shirt. For the way you make me feel when we do this.

Keith: Tricia? Don't be frightened, sweetheart. It's only me.

Tricia: Dad.

Keith: Who else would it be?

Tricia: You startled me. I'm glad you're here.

Keith: I wasn't sure you would be awake. Apparently you have been up for a while.

Tricia: How do I look? You did some great shopping. I love all the outfits you got me.

Keith: Shouldn't you get dressed? Isn't the doctor releasing you -- is the doctor releasing you today?

Tricia: No. I feel so good, I don't see why we should stay here any longer.

Keith: I think we should follow procedure. Dr. Walker has to sign off on your release. I want to make sure you're totally recovered before we go to England.

Tricia: Um, actually, I've been thinking a lot about that. I don't know if leaving the country is the best decision for me.

Katherine: Well, you seem to be lost in thought, young lady.

Mackenzie: Hey, grandma.

Katherine: Have you sorted out your feelings for J.T. Yet?

Mackenzie: Actually I was just thinking about Billy.

Katherine: What about him?

Mackenzie: Yesterday he found out Brittany lied about what happened in the pool house, that they never slept together. Now he's furious.

Katherine: No wonder Billy is furious. On the other hand, I should think you would be rather happy about this but you don't appear to be. Why is that?

Nicholas: That's what happened. We were at the coffee house last night and it brought back a bunch of bad feelings. That's why I don't want to take her with me today.

Nikki: Talking about it can be pretty traumatic.

Nicholas: I'm not even going to ask her. It will trigger a bunch of painful memories.

Nikki: That's the last thing she needs right now.

Nicholas: I know that's not how you feel.

Nikki: After listening to you and Sharon and Mr. Silvestri at the jail, I think perhaps Larry Warton does deserve a second chance.

Nicholas: But?

Nicholas: I was think --

Nikki: I was thinking about what your father said and I trust his instincts. Your father feels once somebody has hurt one of us, that's it, no second chance.

Nicholas: His only thought is protect the family no matter what.

Nikki: Thank God. I don't know where he would be right now.

Nicholas: He sees it as Larry trying to save his own hide. That's not the case, mom. I spent a lot of time with this guy. I saw a change come over him. I believe he did this because he knew it was the right thing to do. Dad will never buy it. With him you get one shot.

Nikki: Well, look. Since John thought it would be helpful for you to bring another family member to this meeting, what would you think about bringing me?

Nicholas: Well, I think that would be cool if you really think Larry deserves a second chance.

Nikki: Why don't you leave Sharon a note, and we'll go.

Rianna: She must be out of her mind. She thinks it will be blown over in a couple of days.

Raul: No way Billy will forget about this.

Rianna: She's so emotional. Her feelings are all over the place.

Raul: Did she talk about getting back with Billy?

Rianna: She's afraid to get back together with him.

Raul: Because she thinks he's in a totally different place. Part of the reap Billy is angry at her is because she didn't tell the truth right away. Maybe if I tell Billy it was --

Rianna: It's not necessary. Once he gets all his anger out, this will straighten itself out.

Raul: You think that's going to happen?

Rianna: Yes, I do. Don't you?

Katherine: Mackenzie, when did you find out about this thing that Brittany did?

Mackenzie: A while ago.

Katherine: A while? You learned about something so significant and you failed to go to Billy? Why?

Mackenzie: I know I should have. He had a right to know.

Katherine: But?

Mackenzie: I don't know, grandma. Billy seemed so happy with Brittany. Part of -- part of me couldn't help thinking I would be breaking them up out of spite.

Katherine: No, no, no. That does not sound like my Mackenzie. I think there has to be something else.

Mackenzie: No. I was being selfish.

Katherine: In what way?

Mackenzie: I kept telling myself if Billy found out what happened with Brittany last summer, he might try to get back together with me.

Katherine: And you didn't want that.

Mackenzie: I did want that.

Katherine: I'm sorry, darling, Iím not tracking.

Mackenzie: Part of me wanted to get back together again. Another part of me knew something wouldn't work out again. It's complicated, grandma.

Tricia: I realize you mean well, but it's my life, isn't it?

Keith: Nobody is forcing you to do anything.

Tricia: You say that but I kind of feel like you're putting a lot of pressure on me.

Keith: You don't understand.

Tricia: You only want what's best for me.

Keith: You agreed it was for the best.

Tricia: A girl can change her mind.

Keith: Sure about some things but this, we're talking about your health, your well-being, your whole future here.

Tricia: Exactly. My future. Don't you think I should be the one to decide what's best for me? Dad, don't misunderstand, okay? I appreciate your support, but we heard Dr. Walker. He said that I'm doing a lot better and Iím going to be able to go home in a couple of days. My life is back on track, and I should be the one to decide where Iím going to go.

Keith: Listen, sweetie, Iím delighted that you're feeling stronger physically. But you still have some issues you need to deal with. And I can't let you sweep them under the rug. I did that far too long before.

Tricia: Why are you treating me this way? I don't need you to protect me? I can protect myself from --

Keith: Protect yourself from what, honey?

Tricia: From anything. I'm fine. I feel strong. I can take care of myself.

Keith: Sweetie, I don't think you can say that.

Tricia: I do. I do. That nightmare is behind me. I can take care of myself.

Keith: I'll be back in a moment.

Nicholas: Don't get me wrong, Mr. Richards. I realize the law isn't something you can bend when you feel like it. Surely there's room for flexibility here.

I just can't ignore the crimes the man has committed.

Nicholas: Nobody is asking you to do that. We're talking about punishment. Larry Warton spent a good deal of time behind bars and probably deserved that. I believe this man is sincere when he says he wants to make a change in his life.

Look. Whether or not Mr. Warton is sincere about turning over a new leaf is none of my concern. I feel I owe you to listen to your proposal.

John: He helped avoid a major miscarriage of --

Reckless endangerment, conspiracy to obstruct justice. The man has been in jail a few weeks. How could you possibly think I would agree to this?

Jack: No wonder you're so upset. What a hell after thing for Brittany to pull on you. (can't make this out)

Billy: I'm still in shock, Jack. I can't believe she would deceive me for that.

Jack: You wouldn't have known if it wasn't for the second camera. I wonder who put that there.

Billy: It's pretty obvious.

Jack: Phyllis.

Billy: Don't get on her case. At least I know what a fool I had been. To believe what Brittany and I had was special. Who knows the last nine months have --

Jack: Hold on, hold on. I know you feel betrayed. What Brittany did was dead wrong. This one night in the poolhouse does not represent your whole relationship.

Billy: What are you getting at?

Jack: The two of you didn't fall into each other's arms from that night on. It took some time to come together.

Billy: So?

Jack: That tells me you have real feelings for the girl.

Billy: I had real feelings when I thought she was honest. What Brittany did is as low as it gets.

Jack: Where do we go from here? Is this the end of your relationship with Brittany?

Billy: Jack, look, I know you're worried about the glow by jabot house, this is my life, man.

Jack: I said last night this is not about glow by jabot. I am worried about you. If you're willing to let one isolated event to undercut everything you and Brittany shared, I can't help wonder if your feelings for Brittany were ever that strong.

Katherine: I don't suppose there's anything I can do to help, is there?

Mackenzie: Billy's upset with me too. This whole mess is another sign we should stay away from each other.

Katherine: Is that what you really want? I mean, for the two of you to go your separate ways?

Mackenzie: Grandma, Iím tired of talking about this. I'm tired of even thinking about it. I know that you mean well. But you just don't understand. I don't even know if I understand. I've got to go.

Ryan: I look at this picture and I'm reminded all over again of Tricia's tragic situation. I just hope she can put the pieces back together, make a fresh start. Not just for her sake but for ours. Which is why Iím going to pack up this photo along with her other things, and make sure that all of her things are ready to go when she is.

Victoria: When she goes with her father. I'll help if you want.

Ryan: I'm going to get a box. Why don't you start over there at the desk. She used to keep a lot of letters and things.

Victoria: Okay.

Ryan: What's that?

Victoria: Um, a petition for legal separation.

Keith: Tricia was desperate to convince me she's in control of herself when obviously that was not the case.

Reese: You're worried she'll resist further treatment?

Keith: I'm afraid I was too optimistic last night.

Reese: What can I do to help?

Keith: I need to know the procedure for committing someone to an institution without their permission. I'd like you to speak with one of your staff psychiatrists.

Reese: Of course. Though I have to ask, do you think Tricia's husband will back you on this?

Keith: I think so. I can find out for sure.

Reese: Good. In a situation like this, it's very important to maintain a united front.

Keith: I realize that my daughter is right on the edge. Which means we have to be so careful not to do anything that will push her over.

John: Larry's victim, Nick Newman, is here asking for leniency. And he is ready to turn his life around.

Believing something and knowing something to be certain are two different things.

I don't disagree. Before Larry had the bad luck to run into Matt Clark, I considered him one of my success cases.

Good, Mr. Silvestri --

I will make it very clear to him that probation will be revoked if he makes any mistake.

Nicholas: He's going to know this is his last chance. If he screws up the slightest bit, he will go back to jail for a long time. This is not a stupid man we're talking about.

I never said he was. You seem to be forgetting the public outrage for the drugs.

Nicholas: Matt Clark was largely responsible for all of that.

And he didn't work alone. Look. We are not going to dump everything on the dead guy here. I told you that before your trial. I will acknowledge that Mr. Warton's intervention spared us what could have been a very tragic and messy outcome.

John: Glen, with all due respect, the truth would have come out eventually. I say Larry did you a service too.

So what, Iím supposed to show my appreciation by cutting him loose?

Jack: Can I take my silence to mean you were -- I was right, your feelings for Brittany were never that strong?

Billy: I didn't say that.

Jack: You didn't have to say that.

Billy: It was complicated, Jack. There was other stuff going on at the same time.

Jack: Stuff involving Mackenzie. Billy, you were on the rebound. That's why you wanted back into that relationship. I honestly believe you have very strong feelings for Mackenzie through this whole thing, which is why now you realize that break-up never had to take place, you're wondering just where you stand.

Billy: I'm not running back to Mac if that's what you're thinking.

Jack: Why's that?

Billy: Let me put it this way. Mac's a totally different person. She's moved on with her life, which is cool with me, given everything that's happened. And that's all I'm going to say, Jack. I've got to go.

Nicholas: Mr. Richards no one is implying Larry Warton should be let loose to show your appreciation. He at great risk told what happened. I'm a free man because of what he did.

And you're trying to repay him by getting me to go easy on him.

Nicholas: No, what I want is for you to give him another chance because I believe he will make the most of it.

Look, I might -- might try and get the judge to give Mr. Warton a reduced sentence. As for giving him time served and probation right now, John, I just don't see it.

Nicholas: Why?

Look. I know your intentions are good here. We have to be realistic. This guy doesn't have a job. He has no prospects. Mr. Warton, he may be sincere right now about turning over a new leaf. We're talking about sending him out into a world where he's going to have to function. He's got strikes against him. It's not easy for a man to start a life at his age with his record.

Nicholas: Then he's here five, ten years then what happens? You think prison is going to teach Larry a high paying profession? When he gets out, he will be in the same boat he is in now. Right now the guy has a chance, some hope. Don't miss that. If we do, that truly would be a damn shame.

What about a job for Mr. Warton? He's not high on anyone's desirable employee list.

Nicholas: I can't hire him at Newman enterprises. As for my coffee houses, Iím tempted.

Nikki: What you told me earlier about Sharon, I don't think that's the best place for him.

Your wife doesn't share her feelings about Mr. Warton?

Nicholas: She has faith in him. But she needs time to get over this whole ordeal that Matt Clark put her through. The fewer the reminders, the better. It's nothing against Larry.

Still, you can't employ him. We're at an impasse.

Nicholas: So where does that leave us?

Larry Warton will remain in jail. He will be sentenced based on his investigation -- confession which will help. He will be eligible for parole in a year, maybe two. We can meet at that time and re-assess this matter. Mr. Newman, I know you had hoped for more. But given these circumstances, there is little else I can do.

Mackenzie: Hey. Can I get a coffee please?

Rianna: Hi, Mac. How are you doing?

Mackenzie: Actually, I --

Rianna: Mac, wait a second.

Billy: Hey, Raul.

Raul: You cool down enough to talk to Mac? I know things are tense now. I think you owe each other to talk about what happened.

Billy: You're wrong. The best thing is to stay as far away from each other as possible.

Rianna: Did you have better luck than I did?

Raul: Afraid not. Billy refuses to talk to Mac.

Rianna: And Mac does not want to talk to Billy.

Raul: Damn.

Rianna: Look, probably two things. Once everybody cools off, it'll be fine.

Raul: I don't know, baby. What if this is their one chance to hear each other out and work things out and they're just letting it slip away?

Ryan: I was going to file for separation last summer. Tricia showed up and begged me not to file, asked me to give her another chance.

Victoria: Yeah, I remember.

Ryan: You know what? Maybe I should do this alone. You have no idea what should be packed and what shouldnít.

Victoria: Okay. Listen, why don't I go make the bed and then we can head into the office.

Ryan: Yeah. (Doorbell sounding)

Keith: Hello, Ryan. I'm glad I caught you before you went to work. May I come in?

Ryan: Yeah, of course.

Keith: Thank you.

Ryan: How's Tricia?

Keith: They're talking about releasing her in a day or two.

Ryan: That's wonderful. I can't imagine how relieved you are. Any timeframe leaving for London?

Keith: Tricia and I talked about that this morning. She's beginning to resist coming with me.

Ryan: What?

Keith: My daughter feels she's well enough to decide what's best --

Ryan: You're telling me Tricia has decided she doesn't need therapy and you're going along with her?

Keith: I'm determined she gets the help she needs.

Ryan: I'm sorry I jumped all over you.

Keith: I am not about to turn my back on this again. Make no mistake about that.

Ryan: I was about to file for separation, have Tricia sign off on these papers.

Keith: No, no. You can't do this now. She's not prepared for this. No, please. I implore you, do not do this now.

Are you in here?

Are you sure she was there a few minutes ago?

Her clothes and bags are gone. What should I do?

Call security stat. (can't make this out)  Let's hope she hasn't gotten very far.

No trouble. Yo, slick, what you in here for, bro? Hey, man, Iím talking to you.

Larry: I'm not talking to you so why don't you shut your face?

You gonna shut it for me? Don't make me laugh.

What's this?

Larry: Let me have that, man.

Why? You drawing or something?

Larry: I said hand it over. It doesn't belong to you.

It does now. What you gonna give me for it?

Larry: Tell you what. How about I let you keep that pretty face of yours in one piece. How's that for a deal, huh?

Why do you want some stupid kid's drawing? Talk about weird. You been in jail way too long, dude. Way too long.

John: Don't be too hard on yourself. We tried. That's all you ever promised Larry.

Nicholas: I still feel like I let him do. I gave it everything I had.

John: We all did.

Well, I have clients to see.

John: Yeah. I'll walk you out.

Mrs. Newman, do you have something more to say?

Nikki: I may be able to propose an alternative for Mr. Warton, a way for him to have a second chance after all.

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