Port Charles Transcript Friday 9/19/03

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Jamal: Closed. Huh. Been running orders since 5:00 a.m. She's been running me since 5:01. Can't take no more of this crazy lady. Crazy down-home cooking restaurant, supposed to be slow country.

Madea: You -- sitting around here when there's dishes out there need to be washed. All these tables need to be wiped down, the chairs stacked up.

Jamal: All right.

Madea: And I want this floor swept and mopped till I have to squint shifty-eyed when I walk in here.

Jamal: Yes, ma'am.

Imani: Madea, Madea, let the man catch his breath.

Jamal: Hey, I'm cool. I got it. I'm cool, I got it.

Madea: Yeah, you cool. Too cool and too slick, if you ask me.

Imani: Madea, this is a restaurant, not boot camp.

Jamal: I said I got it. I'm all right, all right? It's cool.

Madea: Yeah, wipe up that spill over there before somebody slips on it and falls.

Jamal: Yes, ma'am.

Madea: A year of boot camp would just make a dent.

Jamal: Yes, ma'am.

Madea: An honest day's work and he's complaining.

Jamal: I'm scrubbing, I'm scrubbing. Hey, whoa, whoa. What the hell are you -- you think this is funny?

Imani: No, I'm sorry. I've never seen you so whipped.

Jamal: Yeah, well, Madea is the devil -- she turned her last busboy into a winter coat.

Imani: Hey --

Jamal: What are you --

Imani: You keep your mouth off that angel, got it?

Jamal: Oh, you going to play, huh?

Imani: Ow!

Jamal: Yeah, you like that, huh?

Imani: Jamal, stop! Jamal, stop, I'm not playing! Stop! Cut it out! I'm not playing, stop! No, don't. Ow!

Jamal: Oh, ooh, girl. I got you.

Madea: What's going on out there? Get on back to work now. I don't want no fooling around here.

Jamal: I'm not fooling.

Rafe: "Occupant."

Alison: Oh, good, you are here. Look.

Rafe: Hi.

Alison: We got to go. Get your coat.

Rafe: Got to go? Alison?

Alison: Please? Come on, we're going to be late.

Rafe: What's going on? Late for what? What are you talking about?

Alison: Come on.

Rafe: What's going on?

Alison: It has to do with the wedding. Come on, I'll tell you when we get there.

Rafe: Ok. Go where?

Alison: I want our marriage and our future and everything to be just perfect, please?

Rafe: Where are we -- well, just tell me.

Alison: I'll explain to you.

Rafe: Just tell me.

Alison: I'll explain. I promise. I always do. Now, come on, just go, go, go, go, go.

Rafe: Alison -- what -- all right, I'm going.

Alison: Please?

Rafe: I'm going.

Alison: Ok.

Caleb: Olivia?

Livvie: Are you looking for me?

Caleb: You seem surprised.

Livvie: Maybe a little.

Caleb: Well, it's nice to know that after all this time I can still surprise you.

Livvie: Well, I tend to believe a man when I'm standing in his doorway half naked and he slams the door in my face. Hey, that's just me.

Caleb: What would you like me to say?

Livvie: I don't know. If you would excuse me, I have other plans.

Caleb: What other plans?

Livvie: I have a date tonight with Jack.

Caleb: I actually don't think you're going anywhere.

Livvie: Maybe you better explain the new rules, Caleb -- how things are going to work around here. You break up with me, and then you can tell me who I can and can't see? Just trying to get a grip on what you're thinking.

Caleb: You want to know what I'm thinking? You want to know what I feel?

Livvie: Yeah, more than you'll ever know.

Caleb: Ok, I'll tell you what I'm feeling. I feel completely embarrassed.

Livvie: What?

Caleb: I'm trying to apologize. You came to me to ask me for forgiveness, and I just -- I threw you out when everything inside me was screaming for you to stay. Then you tell me that I couldn't stay away from you. You knew I'd come back.

Livvie: You're really here because you missed me?

Caleb: I don't know what it is you do to me and how you get to me like this, but I haven't stopped thinking about you.

Livvie: I haven't been able to stop thinking about you, either.

Caleb: No matter how hard I try, I can't get you out of my mind. And I've tried.

Livvie: Yeah, I know.

Caleb: I don't know, Livvie, it doesn't make any sense, us being like this, being apart like this, does it?

Livvie: Being apart?

Caleb: We should be together, don't you think?

Livvie: Yeah, I really do.

Caleb: We can do this. We can work through this, all right? The two of us, we can find a way, get rid of all this tension.

Livvie: Yes, Caleb, you're right.

Caleb: I know.

Alison: My fiancÚ, Rafe, I think is a little bit confused as to why we're here, but I know he'll come around. I just know that, you know, there's no other place in the world I would rather be right now, and this is very important to both of us.

Rafe: I guess we have some problems, but we're working on them, you know? It's not bad, you know. They're not that big of problems, at least not compared to my love for her, you know. I mean, that feeling goes so deep.

Alison: I really can't wait for you to hear both of us together because I really feel like, you know, we're perfect for each other.

Rafe: Nobody else in the world understands us the way we understand each other.

Alison: And that's why I'm so afraid that I will hurt him or, even worse, I might lose him. And I know if he finds out what I've done, that's what's going to happen.

Rafe: I can be a pretty passionate guy when it comes to my work. I guess sometimes I -- I let that come before my passion for her. And -- I can't do that. She has to come first, right? I just -- I wish I -- I wish I had seen that sooner. My love for her is everything. It's the reason I'm here. It's the reason -- it's the reason for everything. I mean, I can't help but think that maybe if I had seen it sooner, I -- I could have -- I could have stopped her from feeling so much pain.

Alison: I just know that it would cause him so much pain if he ever knew the mistake that I made. And even though we're so in love right now, I just feel like I'm so incredibly unworthy of his love.

Rafe: I never thought that I was really worthy of her love. I will work for the rest of my life to try to change that, to try to believe in myself as much as I believe in her, you know, but I'm scared. I'm scared that -- that I'm never going to be able to do that. I'm never going to be able to look at her and think, "hey, you know what? I'm -- I'm worthy of her love."

Alison: A big part of the reason why I'm here is to get some sort of answer. You know, some sort of answer of -- I don't know. I just feel like if Rafe and I are really supposed to be together like I think that we are, and if we're destined to spend our whole lives together, then I don't understand why god would let this happen.

Minister: Why? Because life is about being tested and challenged. Hmm? So maybe instead of asking why god did these things to you, whatever they may be, maybe the question you should ask is, how do I meet this test? How do I take on this challenge, become stronger and richer and deeper, for all the effort involved on the other side?

Jamal: Oh, I'm sorry.

Imani: Hmm. No problem.

Jamal: I keep on doing that. I'm sorry.

Imani: I noticed.

Jamal: I should be more careful, huh?

Imani: Uh-uh. Don't bother. It's not your fault.

Jamal: Oh, it's not?

Imani: Uh-uh. It's a very small restaurant.

Jamal: Yeah, I noticed. It has its advantages, though.

Madea: Not if you're looking for privacy. Back to work, you. And you -- I've noticed something just now, myself.

Imani: Yes, Madea?

Madea: Now, I know you're liking his company -- I ain't that old -- but I still --

Imani: You still think it's a bad idea letting Jamal stay here. See? I know, too.

Madea: Yeah, you know, but you still want to pretend you're not who you are and forget you have secrets to keep. And if you don't stay sharp and let this boy keep turning your head around, you're going to get burned.

Imani: You don't still think he's one of the bad guys, do you?

Madea: I think any distraction is bad.

Imani: But it feels so right. Me and Jamal -- this is the real thing.

Madea: What's real is that I love you, baby. You're all that I have. Now, I know you like this young man, but please listen to your grandma. I'm looking out for you, and I need to know that you're safe.

Imani: And, grandmother, you know that I love you, too. You know that. But right now, I couldn't feel any safer.

Madea: You can never feel too safe, you understand me? Not until this nightmare is over for good. Now, you make mistakes, you make the wrong choices, and there'll be no second chance. They are still after you, baby. And if Jamal is not one of them --

Imani: He's not. No, he's not. I know he's not.

Madea: Well, then maybe now they're after him, too. So now who's bringing trouble on who? You think about that, if you care the way you say you care.

Jamal: I scrubbed those tabletops so clean that Madea could see her reflection in them when she puts her teeth in. Ok, what's wrong?

Imani: Jamal --

Jamal: No, you know what? No, no, I don't even care. I don't. Ok, because I'm not listening and I don't want you to listen, either. Whatever she said to you, don't listen to her.

Alison: We really appreciate you seeing us on such short notice.

Minister: Oh, it's my pleasure.

Rafe: You gave us both lots to think about.

Alison: Yeah, that's for sure.

Minister: I could feel clearly from when you both walked in the door that your union's a rare, precious coming together of souls. In fact, I could see the hand of god playing a part in your meeting, your marriage.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I know we believe that.

Alison: With all of our hearts.

Minister: But after talking to you together and separately, I have to say -- and I say this to most of the couples I have the honor of counseling before their marriage -- the odds are you will not make it.

Rafe: No, I --

Alison: What?

Minister: Not if you don't trust in your love for one another more than you do. And that goes for both of you. Now, we all make mistakes. Learn from them, move on. And most of all, learn to forgive yourselves and one another. There's nothing that eats away at a relationship more than guilt, earned or not. Let it go. You two have the will, tools, and the desire. There's a clear bond between you.

Alison: I know. We have many blessings between the two of us.

Minister: Then trust in each other and trust in your god-given blessings. And use all your talents to help one another. And never, never take them for granted.

Alison: I promise I'll try.

Rafe: We'll both try together.

Minister: Well, I think that's been about enough advice for one day, hmm? Feel free to call me anytime.

Alison: Ok.

Minister: And in the meantime, good luck to you both.

Alison: Thank you.

Minister: Why don't you take some time together here, and I'll be outside?

Rafe: Ok, thank you.

Alison: Ok, thanks. Thank you so much. You have no idea what a difference that made for me.

Rafe: For both of us.

Alison: Well --

Rafe: Well -- at least now I know where you were taking me.

Alison: I know. I should have told you that I --

Rafe: No, shh, shh. I think this was the absolute -- absolute best idea possible.

Alison: I'm so glad you feel that way because I do, too.

Rafe: Come on. Get your bag.

Livvie: You're mine, Caleb. Mine forever.

Livvie's voice: I will haunt you wherever you go, Caleb. I'll never leave you alone. You can never get rid of me, ever.

Livvie: What is it? What?

Caleb: Nothing. You are mine.

Livvie: I'm yours.

Jamal: So what are you thinking?

Imani: Jamal, there's a reason why my grandmother is the way she is.

Jamal: Look, I know she's being over protective. I know that. She's all good in my book and everything, ok? But the only trouble is, is that I know that look.

Imani: What look?

Jamal: That look. The one in your eyes right there. It has been there ever since your grandma finished talking to you, and I think I know what it is, too. You're having second thoughts about me staying, right?

Imani: Listen, Jamal, there's a --

Jamal: Listen, I know that you're on the run, ok? And I know there's going to be big trouble if the wrong person catches up to you.

Imani: More than big trouble.

Jamal: I know, ok? But I'm not going anywhere. So just deal with it. Deal with me. Ok, I'm here because here is where I want to be.

Imani: I love you for saying that.

Jamal: I'm sorry, what -- say that again?

Imani: I said I appreciate everything that you've done.

Jamal: Imani, and I'm going to keep on doing it.

Imani: Listen, I need you to listen to me, ok? And please, try to hear me.

Jamal: Ok.

Imani: It's been like this for me for a while. My life -- never staying in one place too long and always knowing that the law could catch up to me at anytime out of the blue, and, you know, I'm used to it.

Jamal: Ok, well, I'll get used to it, too. That's fine.

Imani: Jamal, please, just listen, ok? When you've been living like this for a while, you -- you build up certain muscles. You get, you know, certain vibes and it's like instincts. You know when the time is right and you know when it's time to take off.

Jamal: So, what -- what are you saying? Are you saying you get the feeling that something's gone wrong?

Imani: No, no, not exactly. Everything's still right for me here right now.

Jamal: Ok.

Imani: But you -- you're the --

Jamal: What about me?

Imani: Jamal, I'm afraid for you. And I'm grateful that you're here. I'm grateful that you want to be, but it's not too late for you to get out.

Jamal: Yes, it is.

Imani: Please, just --

Jamal: It's way too late.

Imani: You just don't know.

Jamal: I do know how I feel. And if we're together, there's nothing to worry about.

Imani: I'm not so sure about that.

Jamal: Well, Imani, I'm sure. Look at me. No one here even knows who I am. They don't know anything about me. They don't know anything about us. And pretty much, no one even knows where I'm at. None of my friends in Port Charles.

Rafe: After you. Hey. Any doubts where this is heading?

Alison: No, I can't say I have any doubt about it.

Rafe: You know, the -- the big day --

Alison: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Is almost here.

Alison: Yep.

Rafe: You've got any doubts about that, huh?

Alison: Nope. No doubts about us or this.

Rafe: Well, we've both made mistakes, you know.

Alison: Yep. And we'll make them again.

Rafe: Yeah, we will forgive each other.

Alison: Forgive each other and move on.

Rafe: Yeah, no matter what.

Alison: Hey. No, I just -- I just wanted to make sure that our marriage started off on the right foot. That's what this was all about today.

Rafe: Oh. Ok. So, let's start things off on the right foot, then. You know, or the right neck. The right lobe. The right chin, the right lip. The right -- and then the right --

[Alison squeals]

Livvie's voice: I'll haunt you wherever you go, Caleb. I'll never leave you alone. You can never get rid of me, ever.

Caleb: Never say never. I'm well on my way to doing just what you're so sure that I'd never do. Don't worry, sweetheart. You won't be going it alone. You've all tried to deceive me, to challenge me. Well, it's time to remind you one last very final time just how the game is played. And best of all -- None of you know what's coming next.

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