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Chris: Do me a favor and check on the Hamilton meds and find out what's holding up all the x-rays, ok?

Colleen: Got it.

Chris: And call Mrs. Blankenship and tell her to stop paging me. She's driving me insane.

Colleen: Ok.

Chris: I'll be in the on-call room.

Colleen: Oh, hey, three more messages from Elizabeth Barrington.

Chris: Throw them out.

Colleen: She says it's urgent.

Chris: Of course it's urgent. It's always urgent.

Elizabeth: Oh, Chris, just in time. Here, grab a bag.

Chris: Tough day at the mall?

Elizabeth: Must you always belittle me?

Chris: Look, this whole fashion thing is done, ok? Georges has flown back to Europe.

Elizabeth: Well, put him on the Concorde and get him back here pronto.

Chris: You can't be serious.

Elizabeth: I'm in trouble.

Jamal: You want Livvie to take Caleb's magic ring. Are you crazy?

Rafe: I didn't say it was going to be easy.

Jamal: It's impossible. Ok, you can't do it, Rafe. Trusting her is way too risky.

Rafe: The only thing that I'm trusting her to do is to be so worried about losing Caleb that she will do anything to keep things moving her way.

Jamal: Ok, ok. All right, fine. Let's say that you can do this. I don't have any idea how you're going to do this, but let's just say for the sake of argument that you can, ok? What's the plan?

Rafe: Ok. We get her to believe that she's one wish away from having everything she wants. She gets the ring and makes a wish that she will be number one in Caleb's life until the end of time, right?

Jamal: She'll never cross Caleb. She won't. Especially if the idea comes from one of us.

Rafe: Ok --

Jamal: Rafe, I'm sorry dude.

Rafe: You know what? I already planted the seed, but it might seal the deal if it comes from him.

Jamal: Oh, yeah, right.

Rafe: It's worth a try.

Jamal: Not a good idea.

Jack: What's not a good idea?

Jamal: Nothing.

Rafe: Come here.

Jamal: Nothing.

Rafe: Come here. Sit down. I want to talk to you, buddy.

Jack: "Buddy"? Why do I get a bad feeling about this?

Rafe: Ok, we got a little proposition for you.

Jamal: No, "we"? You.

Jack: What are you guys talking about?

Rafe: It's about Livvie.

Livvie: Imani? Hello? Oh, god, she's not breathing.

[Livvie gasps]

Livvie: How are you?

Imani: My head.

Livvie: Look, I'm sorry. Here, let me --

Imani: Don't touch me. I can take care of myself.

Livvie: I can explain, really.

Imani: Stop. What the -- blood? I'm bleeding. You.

Livvie: No --

Imani: Lady, you just made a big mistake.

Caleb: Just promise me, Alison, that you'll take good care of the ring.

Alison: I promise. And you are doing the right thing by giving this to me.

Caleb: Well, I had a good teacher. I watch you, you know. I -- how you would always put other people first. That's -- that's a quality I've always admired.

Alison: You won't be sorry. I will make sure that this ring never hurts another person again.

Caleb: Alison, just one thing.

Alison: I really need to get going, Caleb.

Caleb: The ring -- it is beautiful, isn't it?

Alison: I will take really good care of it.

Caleb: I know you will. But are you sure that maybe you wouldn't rather have this one?

Alison: Oh, my god, you tricked me.

Caleb: Although yours is a pretty good fake. But I assure you, this is the one you came for.

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Alison: You tricked me.

Caleb: What did you expect?

Alison: A lot more from you, you bastard.

Caleb: Oh, the language.

Alison: I should've known better -- to think that you had any kind of honor whatsoever. Rafe was right. You have no real feelings and no real emotions at all.

Caleb: Nope.

Alison: All you care about is power -- power to hold over me and Rafe. You know what, Caleb? I actually pity you.

Caleb: Oh, well, that hurts.

Alison: I pity you and all the people that you infect. Even for once in my life, I pity Livvie.

Caleb: Ok, you know something?

Alison: Ouch.

Caleb: You had your little tantrum, ok? So let me ask you something -- who do you think you are?

Alison: Let me go.

Caleb: What kind of arrogance leads you to believe you deserve to have anything that's mine? What in hell's name led you to believe for even one moment I'd hand over my ring to any one of you?

Alison: I just wanted --

Caleb: What, to give it to your little boyfriend so he can parade around with it like some kind of trophy? This ring belongs to me! It's mine! It's my legacy, and it's staying right where it belongs -- with me.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok, let me get this straight. You guys want to use me to get to Livvie?

Rafe: Come on. You're the only one who can.

Jack: Not in this lifetime.

Jamal: See? See?

Jack: You're in on this, too?

Jamal: No. Well, I wasn't at first, but the more that he talks about it -- I mean, you are the only one. He's got a point.

Jack: Yeah, right on top of his head.

Rafe: Come on, Jamal says that Livvie was here giving you a sob story, crying on your shoulder --

Jack: She was here telling me that everybody hates her, and I basically told her that she was right.

Rafe: Right, but you still got to her. Otherwise, she wouldn't be here at all. Do you understand? I wouldn't be coming to you if this wasn't important. It's really important. You know what the ring does. It makes wishes come true. Do you understand how dangerous that is?

Jack: Ok, what is it -- what is it you're asking me to do?

Rafe: Ok, just talk to Livvie. Ok, push all her buttons. Make her think that without that ring, she is vulnerable to possibly losing Caleb forever, ok?

Jamal: See, the idea here is for Livvie to boost the ring from Caleb and then --

Rafe: And then I take it off her.

Jack: Did you guys come up with this plan together? Because it's about the worst idea I've ever heard.

Jamal: Come on, man --

Jack: If something goes wrong, Livvie gets suspicious, I'll have Caleb all over my back again. Thanks but no thanks.

Rafe: Wait, Jack, Jack, I'm not asking you to do anything --

Jack: I don't care what you're asking, Rafe! I'm not going to do it! It's too much.

Imani: You answer my question. What did you do to me?

Livvie: Just stay back, ok? Just get out of my way.

Imani: You're one of them, aren't you? You tried to bite me.

Livvie: No, not tried. I did bite you.

Imani: Why?

Livvie: I'm sorry. I was angry, and you got in my way. I didn't mean to --

Imani: That's what you do when you're angry? You attack people and try to turn them into vampires?

Livvie: I'm sorry, ok? I would take it back if I could! I didn't mean to!

Imani: Too late.

Livvie: I don't understand. You're not supposed to be able to walk so soon.

Imani: Enough talk. I don't think so. Get out of my sight.

Livvie: My arm. How did you stun my arm?

Imani: I said go.

Chris: Ok, ok, I get the idea. How many more orders do you have in there?

Elizabeth: More than we can handle, and there's even more coming in. We haven't even set up the company yet.

Chris: Why do you keep saying "we"?

Elizabeth: Not to mention the fact that our star attraction, Georges, the international designer, is you.

Chris: Oh, no. No, I should've seen this coming. You want me to dress up like Georges again?

Elizabeth: I promise, it'll be so simple.

Chris: Simple? With you involved?

Elizabeth: All you have to do is go to the better stores, talk to the buyers, and just -- and just charm them into delaying this order a little bit, just postpone them until we can actually make the clothes.

Chris: Sure. Not a problem.

Elizabeth: See? So you'll do it?

Chris: Oh, sure. Yeah. Why not? Yeah, I'll just tell the hospital that I need to take some time off so I can fly off to god knows where so I can hock my new line of gym clothes?

Elizabeth: Ok, first of all, there is no flying involved. I have arranged for a teleconference with all of the best buyers.

Chris: All of the people who knows what the real Georges looks like?

Elizabeth: I've already taken care of that.

Chris: I'm afraid to ask how.

Elizabeth: Chris, please. I swear, this is the last time I will ask you to be Georges. Please.

Chris: Well, he was kind of fun. Fine. I'll do it. No, no, no, no, no. No, back off. Last time you tried to get cozy with me, I ended up getting slapped.

Elizabeth: Yeah, that reminds me of just one more thing that you have to do.

Chris: What?

Elizabeth: Well, since we're going to be working together and spending all kinds of time together, you and I have to become lovers.

Jack: No, no, I'm not going to do it.

Rafe: Hold on, hold on. Just wait a second. You are our only chance, ok? Way down deep, you and Livvie are still connected.

Jack: Dis-connected.

Rafe: All right. Fine. But you're the only person she wouldn't suspect. You're not a vampire. You're not a slayer. You don't have motive.

Jack: Right. I don't have a motive, Rafe, and I want to keep that.

Jamal: Jack, come on, come on. Just hear what he has to say. Just hear --

Jack: No, why would I go after Caleb and Livvie to get this ring? Besides, there's nothing in it for me, anyway.

Jamal: Really?

Jack: Yeah.

Jamal: What about that wish you made?

Jack: Look, I made a wish that Reese would give me some breathing room, and she did. I like it.

Jamal: Come on --

Rafe: Just think about this. You know, what's going to happen when Livvie and Caleb kind of settle down, get relaxed, and Caleb turns to Livvie one day and says, "you know what, honey? Why don't you go make a few wishes, settle a few scores?" Now, what are you going to do then? You think about that -- Livvie with that kind of power with the ring? Do you understand that?

Jack: Rafe, it's a very inspiring speech, but we're ancient history.

Rafe: Fine, but it's still a long history, and she's got a really good memory. And there's a few things that you wish you hadn't said.

Jack: What do you think?

Jamal: You know what I think.

Jack: Yeah.

Rafe: Come on.

Jack: All right, all right, all right, all right. I'll do it.

Rafe: Great.

Jack: But you guys owe me, big-time. Man, I can't believe I'm doing this. I cannot believe I'm doing this.

Jamal: Big boy, don't worry. We got your back.

Jack: I have a feeling I'm going to regret this.

Jamal: All of that, your back. Hold on a second, all right? Imani, what's going on?

Imani: Hey.

Jamal: I thought you left. You were outside this whole time?

Imani: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No big deal. I just -- I forgot my keys.

Livvie: Oh, god. She's not there. Ok, got to catch my breath. Ah.

[Imani groans]

[Livvie screams]

Livvie: Oh, god. I don't feel so good.

Caleb: I expected a lot more out of you, Alison. I always thought you were smarter than all the rest.

Alison: Well, I'm so sorry to disappoint you.

Caleb: Well, let's get one thing straight -- and please pass this along to all your little friends --

Alison: Oh, I will.

Caleb: I made the mistake once of giving this up to protect Olivia. Well, we all saw what happened when Joshua had the ring. Everyone paid a price. You almost became his bride.

Alison: You don't think it didn't cause problems before Joshua came along?

Caleb: I've made mistakes, but I learned from experience to be careful what I wished for. And I never make the same mistake twice.

Alison: Well, what about the ring?

Caleb: What about the ring? I'm the only one that really understands it, how to control its power. But the real power is in knowing I can use it whenever I want and choosing not to use it. The challenge of finding a way to have whatever I want, even the impossible, without magic -- that's what gives me pleasure, and that's the way it's going to be from now on.

Alison: Ok. Ok, so let me just get this straight. Let me make sure that I understand this. You are the almighty one, and we're just supposed to, what, follow the leader?

Caleb: I was right after all. You are the smart one.

Alison: Answer the question.

Caleb: Yes, I have the ring, and, yes, you can all march to the beat of my drum from now on. Deal with it.

Rafe: Hey. What are you doing sitting there?

Alison: Don't, don't.

Rafe: Ok.

Rafe: No lights?

Alison: No, just leave them off.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, listen, I'm sorry that I wasn't here when you got back. I know you left me a note. I should've left one, too. But I was kind of in a -- in a hurry, sort of. Alison? Do you hear me?

Alison: Yeah, mm-hmm, I heard you.

Rafe: You ok?

Alison: I love you, Rafe.

Rafe: Hey. Hey, I love you, too. Is everything all right?

Alison: Yeah, it is now that you're here.

Rafe: Ok. You sure?

Alison: Mm-hmm. Just hold me, ok?

Rafe: Ok.

Chris: Yes, yes, of course, my perfect love, my kitten, my sweetheart.

Elizabeth: Pretend -- pretend lovers, Chris. Since we're going to be spending so much time together, we don't want people to get suspicious.

Chris: Elizabeth, who would care?

Elizabeth: Alison, for one. And since she thinks that we already are lovers, and we don't want the world to know that you're Georges, I think that we should just continue with the facade.

Chris: Is there anything else?

Elizabeth: The accent.

Chris: Wait a minute. What's wrong with the accent?

Elizabeth: Well, it's -- I mean, you're not going to be in a huge forum. You're going to be in a room with a bunch of fashion buyers. All of them have met the real Georges. So you might want to just use the next couple of days just to brush up.

Chris: Ok. [As Georges] Whatever you say, Elizabeth, I do for you. [Normal voice] how about that martini you keep promising?

Elizabeth: Thought you'd never ask.

Jack: Ok. Why am I doing this?

Jack: Oh. I guess that's why. I really do owe you one, don't I, Livvie?

Jamal: Hey.

Imani: Hey. Thanks for waiting for me.

Jamal: No problem. You all set now?

Imani: Yeah, now that I can unlock my door, couldn't be better.

Jamal: You sure about that?

Imani: Yeah.

Jamal: Looks like you've got a little hickey going, huh?

Imani: No, it's a stupid mosquito bite, that's all.

Jamal: Oh.

Caleb: Olivia.

Livvie: Caleb. I didn't see you.

Caleb: Where have you been?

Livvie: I was just out for a walk, you know? Had a lot of thinking to do about us.

Caleb: Are you all right?

Livvie: Yeah. Just not used to you having your ring back.

Caleb: Something happened.

Livvie: What? No. No, no, there's nothing wrong.

Caleb: Should I believe you?

Livvie: Ok, I -- I really haven't been feeling that well.

Caleb: Oh. Are you sick?

Livvie: No, I'm just -- I'm worried about my father, you know? They still don't know if he's going to recover from his accident, and the whole left side is paralyzed, and he's afraid now, so --

Caleb: I'm sorry. Are you sure that's all you're worried about?

Livvie: That's all. Um, yeah, isn't that enough? Well, it's just --

Caleb: Just what?

Livvie: Caleb, I have a really bad feeling about staying in Port Charles. Why can't the two of us just pack up and go somewhere and make a new life together? Can't we do that, please?

Caleb: That leaving idea seems to be quite a trend around here.

Livvie: Yeah, well, you just -- you told me to stay away from Alison, and I have. I lived up to my end of the deal, and I'm just thinking that maybe you and I could -- go, you know, and just leave.

Caleb: We're not going anywhere. This is our home for now. And now that we have everything that we've planned, everything that we've wanted, it's going to stay that way.

Livvie: You're right. You're right. This is our home. Gosh, I'm feeling so strung out right now. But you're right. I just -- I need to -- I need to concentrate on you.

Caleb: Tell me --

Livvie: What? How much I want you?

Caleb: Tell me --

Livvie: How much I love you?

Caleb: More.

Livvie: Now that we have this ring back, we can have anything.

Caleb: I need you.

Livvie: I need you.

Caleb: We can have anything we want. No one can stop us now. Say it.

Livvie: No one.

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