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Kevin: Thanks to you two, I'll be able to walk my daughters down the aisle one day. You saved my life.

Ian: All in a day's work.

Lucy: I'm just glad we could help you. And I'm also so very glad in my spare time i could come up with the cure for you.

Ian: Isn't she amazing?

Kevin: She's the best, all right. And it took spending time with the two of you for me to realize just how perfect you two are together.

Ian: I hope we can be friends.

Kevin: We can and we will -- for the children.

Lucy: For the children.

Kevin: Well, thank you, Lucy, for everything. You gave me back my life.


Ian: Hey. You all right?

Lucy: Hey. Yeah.

Lucy: So tell me, did you get the test results back from dr. Light? Is there any change at all?

Ian: The swelling's down, but there's still no movement on his left side, so I guess he's coming home with us.

Jamal: I can't believe that jerk Ricky took off on my bike right under my nose.

Imani: I'm sorry, Jamal.

Jamal: Well, at least you don't have to worry about taking a ride with me that I was offering you.

Imani: It's motorcycles I don't like, not you.

Jamal: Well, that's encouraging.

Imani: And besides, it was kind of sweet seeing how attached you are to your bike.

Jamal: Well, she's a good girl. You know, old school. 1,300 cc's of pure love. And pickup. She had some pickup. I could always count on her to get me out of a jam.

Imani: Well, I am sure that she misses you, too. And somehow, she'll find her way back to you.

Jamal: Well, for a girl who hates bikes as much as you do, you sure do know how to say all the right words.

Imani: Well, I had a tricycle once I was pretty fond of.

Jamal: Well, there's no use of me moping around about it, right? See, there was going to be this spot I was going to take you to across town to grab a bite to eat, but as you can see, that jerk Ricky stole my bike.

[Pounding on door]

Rafe: Alison --


Rafe: "Rafe, my mother wanted to see me. Everything's ok. I'll see you later. Love, Alison."


Rafe: Ok, I'll be right there! What the hell do you want?

Livvie: There is something I need to tell you, and it's about you and Alison. You have to leave town.

Caleb: Well, what a surprise. I was expecting your lesser half.

Alison: Why is that?

Caleb: Oh, I don't think Rafe will stop hounding me until he figures out how to get this.

Alison: Right, actually, I really wanted to talk to you alone.

Caleb: And here I thought he'd try his same old tricks. Instead, he sends you.

Alison: No, he doesn't know that I'm here.

Caleb: Well, this is getting more interesting by the minute. Won't you come in?

Alison: No. I was really hoping to keep this between you and me, so if Livvie is here --

Caleb: She's not here.

Alison: Ok, then. I'll just cut to the chase.

Caleb: Yeah, I figured it wasn't a social call. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're here to inquire about a particular piece of jewelry.

Alison: No. I know that you would never actually give me your ring, so I'm here for something else. I will do anything -- and I mean anything -- if you just leave town. Now I just need to know what you want me to do.

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Lucy: Oh, doc, how could you leave me after I nursed you back to health like that?

[Lucy sighs]

Kevin: Does this answer your question? Because I couldn't. Oh, my kisses always made you weak in the knees.

Lucy: Oh. Oh, I was so worried about you. Look at you. How did you get so much better?

Kevin: I simply bit on the bullet, sucked in the pain, and stood up.

Lucy: You are the strongest man I've ever known.

Kevin: And that's why I have to leave. Now that I can walk, I have to walk away.

Lucy: No --

Kevin: I'm only coming between you and him.

Lucy: Oh, I'm tired of him coming between us. I cannot let you leave this house.

Kevin: I'm sorry, darling. Our wild roller coaster ride has finally come to an end.

Lucy: No. No, doc, you can't go. You can't.

Ian: That's right, you can't leave. I made a mistake. I came between two people that have always belonged together.

Lucy: Do you really mean that?

Ian: Better man won. Good luck to you.

[Door opens and closes]

Rafe: Ok, let me get this straight. You want Alison and I to just leave town? Keep dreaming, all right?

Livvie: It's as much your benefit as it is mine. The four of us here together are poison.

Rafe: Well, in case you hadn't noticed, Alison and I just opened a business together, so we're not going anywhere. You and Caleb, on the other hand, I'll throw you guys the biggest going-away party Port Charles has ever seen.

Livvie: Ok, god knows that nothing is keeping me in this hick town, but Caleb seems strangely attached to it.

Rafe: Well, when your last address was hell, anything's an improvement.

Livvie: Could you not be sarcastic for, like, two seconds, please?

Rafe: Could you stop acting like the world revolves around you?

Livvie: Oh, you know what? I think I'm talking to the wrong person. Alison? Where is she?

Rafe: She's with her mother. Would you shut up? She's with her mother.

Livvie: Well, I think she could convince you to pack up and move on.

Rafe: Keep her out of this, all right?

Livvie: Oh, yeah, god forbid, your delicate flower.

Rafe: She can take care of herself. I just don't want her anywhere near you or Caleb, ok?

Caleb: That's a -- that's a very dangerous question, Alison. Are you sure you're prepared to do anything?

Alison: At this point, yes. Someone's got to stop this battle between you and Rafe before everyone gets hurt.

Caleb: Well, that's the nature of war. People get hurt. Are you afraid? Are you afraid of me, Alison?

Alison: No, I'm not.

Caleb: Then why do you keep glancing at the door? Maybe you'll feel better if you had an escape route. Here.

Alison: Come on, let's just be reasonable, ok? There's no point to this endless fighting. I mean, there's got to be a way to stop all of this where everybody wins.

Caleb: Hmm. Well, you could ask your boyfriend to back off.

Alison: Caleb, you could live anywhere in the entire world.

Caleb: Well, Port Charles does have a certain charm, doesn't it?

Alison: Why don't you just go back to Transylvania or wherever it is that you came from?

Caleb: I like it here, Alison, this little corner of the world. I can be anything I want. I don't have to hide who I am or what I am from anybody.

Alison: I think that you feel like Port Charles is actually your home.

[Ian sighs]

Ian: Where's Kevin?

Lucy: He went away.

Ian: Why?

Lucy: Because I sent him away. This arrangement isn't working at all, and you've been so understanding and so compassionate and so wonderful, and I just can't have Kevin cutting into our time together.

Ian: You didn't have to do this for me.

Lucy: I didn't do it for you or me. I did it for us.

Livvie: Listen to reason. If the two of you relocated, you wouldn't have to worry about Alison crossing paths with Caleb ever again.

Rafe: Ok, so, what do you think I'm going to do? I'm just going to let you and Caleb stay here in town with the ring? Sorry.

Livvie: Fine, then we're all going to be in this mess together.

Rafe: What is this about? What got you so worked up, huh?

Livvie: Rafe, I love Caleb. You know that.

Rafe: Yeah?

Livvie: But lately, it just --

Rafe: All right, you know what? I'm sorry. I'm sorry I asked. The last thing I want to hear about is you and your messed-up love life, all right?

Livvie: Oh, please, like you and Alison are any different than me and Caleb? You're not, Rafe. And if you want to live your life without any interference, it's not going to be possible if we keep bumping into each other every two seconds.

Rafe: If you're really serious about this, you're sort of ignoring the obvious.

Livvie: What's that supposed to mean?

Rafe: See, there is one person that Caleb will listen to, someone near and dear to what passes for his heart. That would be you.

Livvie: Not lately. He's kind of been tuning me out.

Rafe: I know you. You can be pretty persuasive when you give yourself a chance, right?

Livvie: True.

Rafe: So think about it. You know, you get the ring, and you happen to make a wish that you and Caleb leave town and never come back. You leave all the bad memories behind.

Livvie: Yeah, a fresh start. Of course that's what I want.

Rafe: Yeah.

Livvie: Yeah. Yeah, and I -- I just got to do it myself if I want the job done right. Thanks.

Imani: Jamal?

Jamal: Hmm? Yo.

Imani: I wanted to cheer you up, take your mind off the loss of your bike, so --

Jamal: Really?

Imani: I got you something.

[Jamal sighs]

Imani: Ok, look, I know it's not the real thing, but just check it out because you can -- you can pop wheelies, do whatever it is you boys do on bikes.

Jamal: Where did you get this thing?

Imani: The busboys. They race them in the alley between shifts. And, look, I know it's kind of goofy, but I just really wanted to --

Jamal: No, no, no, no, no, no. You are so great. This is amazing. Ok, let's try this little thing out, then. Let's see what we got. What you got, yellow man? Yellow man? Yellow like me, huh?

[Jamal and Imani laugh]

Jamal: All right, set -- ah! He kind of got a little traction, got some moves.

Imani: Uh-huh.

Jamal: Ok, look, look, I know you don't like bikes, but I'm going to start you off small. You think you can handle him?

Imani: Ok, I guess so.

Jamal: Yeah?

Imani: All right.

Jamal: Yeah, yeah -- yeah. Go to the left, go to the left, go to the left. You're going to hit -- you're going to hit --

Imani: Whoa -- whoa!

Jamal: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Imani: Oh, I'm sorry.

Jamal: I got you. I got you, little mama.

Imani: I'm sorry. Like I said, you know -- I mean, I know it's not the real thing, but --

Jamal: You've got some beautiful brown eyes.

[Phone rings]

Imani: I think you should get that.

[Imani giggles]

[Jamal sighs]

[Imani sighs]

Jamal: Yo. This had better be good.

Rafe: Believe me, it is.

Caleb: Port Charles as my home. I never quite thought of it that way.

Alison: Well, it's where you met Livvie, right? And it's where you played your first live concert. You defeated Joshua here, and you did all of these things without the ring.

Caleb: Back to that, are we?

Alison: Come on, Caleb, think about it, honestly. I mean, you settled down here, and you tried to build yourself a nice home, and it was good for a while, all up until everyone started fighting over the ring.

Caleb: There never would have been any trouble, Alison, if they hadn't taken it from me. I owe it to my father to protect the ring. Do you understand that?

Alison: I do, but was it really worth it? I mean, are you and Livvie any happier because of it? I think that Jamal had the right idea when he threw it in the river.

Caleb: In a perfect world, what would you have me do?

Alison: Why don't you just give it to me? I promise you, I will make sure that that ring does not cause anyone any more harm. What do you say? Will you just give it to me?

Lucy: Anything I can do for you?

Kevin: Well, you could find the use of my left side. That would help.

[Lucy sighs]

Kevin: It's no picnic being helpless.

Lucy: I know. Would you like some water?

Kevin: Yeah, thanks.

Lucy: Here, why don't you try to use your other hand and give it a go? Wait.

Kevin: Oh --

Lucy: I'm sorry.

Kevin: Damn it.

Lucy: I'm sorry. It's -- it's my fault.

Kevin: I can't even drink a glass of water.

Lucy: It's just going to take a little time, that's all.

Kevin: You know, I really don't ever want to get used to this.

Lucy: Sorry, I know that.

Kevin: I was just getting everything back together, you know?

Lucy: You are going to pull through this. And I will be here to help you.

Kevin: It's no fun to be so dependent.

Lucy: I know that. I guess you just got to figure everybody sometime needs help from somebody.

Kevin: I just hate the idea of you and Christina seeing me like this.

Lucy: Don't do that, come on. Christina is going to be fine. Don't worry about her. Kids adjust. They're very resilient. All she wants is her daddy around, and she wants her daddy to sit and watch her color or hug her -- kiss her. She'll be fine. Come on. Where's that fighting spirit?

Ian: Hey. How are you feeling?

Kevin: Well, I'm not feeling anything. That's the problem. An M.R.I. should have come back. Is there any change?

Ian: Nothing definite.

Kevin: It's that bad, huh?

Lucy: Well, the good thing is we can get you out of the hospital, though, and take you home with us.

Kevin: You know, you still have time to change your mind. I don't know, you might decide to renovate the house or take a trip around the world. You know, I hear Australia is really nice this time of year.

Lucy: No. You are coming home with us.

Ian: Yeah. All the arrangements have been made, and all the equipment's at the house already, so --

Kevin: Oh, that's great. We'll just be one big happy family, won't we?

Imani: Listen, Jamal, you will get your bike back. No one should ever break up such a perfect couple.

Jamal: Well, I must say that you really took my mind off my troubles tonight. I just wish there was a way I could thank you.

Rafe: Jamal --

Jamal: Rafe!

Rafe: Hi.

Jamal: Hey.

Rafe: Sorry. I'll be right over here.

Jamal: Well, look, if you want to hang out for a second while I talk to the man over there, I'll walk you home.

Imani: No, I think I'll be ok.

Jamal: You sure?

Imani: Yeah. It was nice.

Jamal: Right. Get home safe, all right?

Imani: I will.

Jamal: All right.

Jamal: Did you see that? Has anyone ever told you you have the worst timing in the whole wide world, Rafe? This better be good. What?

Rafe: I figured out a way to get the ring from Caleb.

Jamal: Ok, that's good. Lay it on me. What?

Rafe: We have Livvie get it.

Jamal: Oh. Oh, because she's been dying to do you that favor, right?

Rafe: Well, I just may have suggested to her that she get it for herself. I think she took the bait.

Jamal: Well, I thought Caleb wouldn't give it to her. I mean, he doesn't trust her any more than we could trust that crazy girl.

Rafe: Livvie wants what she can't have, and most times she gets it. So my bet is that she's going to work Caleb over until he gives in.

Jamal: Ok, so you think we have a better chance of getting the ring from Livvie as opposed to Caleb? Why?

Rafe: Come on, Caleb has been guarding that ring with his life for centuries. Livvie will obviously be easier to distract.

Jamal: Ok, fine. So are you saying that Livvie gets the ring from Caleb, and when --

Rafe: And I get it from Livvie.

Jamal: Simple as that?

Rafe: Problem solved. World saved.

Alison: So what are you saying? Will you do this for me?

Caleb: You were always nice to me, Alison. You gave me a chance when no one else would. If this is what you want, I'll give you my ring.

Alison: Thank you.

Caleb: I trust you. I trust you like no one else.

Alison: I know you've entrusted me with your family ring, and I promise you -- I promise you I will not let you down.

Caleb: Just try and do the right thing with it.

Alison: This ring will never do harm to another person. And maybe this feud between you and Rafe will actually end in peace. Thank you. I owe you one.

Caleb: I'll keep that in mind.

Imani: Oh, dang, I left my keys.

Livvie: Get out of my way.

Imani: Hey, lose the attitude. What the hell is your problem, anyway?

Livvie: You're the one with the problem.

[Imani gasps]

Imani: Ow!

[Imani screams]

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