Port Charles Transcript Friday 7/25/03

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[Cat meows]

Ricky: Whoa! Casey -- god!

Casey: Who'd you expect, lover?

Ricky: Don't do that, ok? You scared the life out of me.

Casey: Ok, well, let me make it u to you then, ok?

Ricky: Don'T.

Casey: Sweetie --

ricky: Ok? Don'T.

Casey: Ok. There's a first -- you not in the mood. I mean, you know, let me go check and see if hell froze over, baby. What's wrong?

Ricky: What's wrong?

Casey: What's wrong, yeah?

Ricky: What's wrong is my amazing disappearing girlfriend, that's what's wrong. One minute you're here and the next minute you're gone.

Casey: Hey, I thought you liked surprises, right?

Ricky: No. What I like is somebody who I can count on, not somebody who pops in and out of my life whenever they feel like it.

Casey: Ricky, I thought we had an understanding. Sweetie --

ricky: Look, that understanding isn't exactly clear with me. I mean, are you real, or am I imagining you, huh? I mean, what's the deal here?

Casey: Let's not analyze it. Ok, let's not analyze it. Let's just go with it. Let's just go with it, ok? Isn't being together enough?

Ricky: No. Not for me. Not anymore.

Caleb: I want an answer, jamal. Where's my ring?

Jamal: Look, caleb, I had it in my pocket earlier tonight --

livvie: You expect us to believe that you just lost it?

Jamal: You know what?

Alison: Hey, he doesn't lie, all right?

Livvie: Oh, no. He'd rather steal.

Caleb: You never should have crossed me.

Jamal: I took the ring for protection and to keep it safe from you two.

Rafe: I told you I would have thrown the damn thing in the ocean. Why didn't you come to me about it?

Jamal: You and the big man over there have this big mano-a-mano thing going on. I was the one that couldn't trust you two because you two would just end up fighting like you're doing right now. Me, I'm all about peace, ok?

Caleb: It's cute. Unbelievable, a little condescending, cute. My guess is you want to use the ring for yourself. Am I right?

Jamal: I'm sorry, come again.

Caleb: Now, let me make it easier for you to understand. You screwed up, jamal.

Jamal: I took the ring to keep you two idiots from killing each other.

Caleb: And I guess that makes you some kind of hero. You know how heroes usually end up, jamal? They end up dead.

Jack: All right. Let's see what kind of mojo this baby has.

Jack: All right. What is so special about this ring?

Reese: Oh, my god! Jack!

Jack: Hey, reese. I totally forgot you were coming over. I --

reese: I know what you have in that box, and -- oh, jack, I couldn't be happier!

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Reese: Well, I'm sorry, baby. Did I ruin the surprise?

Jack: Surprise?

Reese: What were you going to do? Hide that ring and get down on one knee?

Jack: Oh, reese -- oh, my gosh. Look, this isn't what you think.

Reese: Come on, baby. You don't have to be shy. And there I was giving you such a hard time for not giving me a key when you had this planned all along. Well, the answer is yes.

Jack: Uh -- no, no, no. Reese, look, this isn't a ring. I mean, it is a ring, but it's not a ring ring, you know, one of those --

reese: What?

Jack: Oh, god, I can't believe this is happening. Reese, I -- you see, this is actually a family thing. My brother gave it to me. It's from our dad, and he wanted me to hold on to it for a while.

Reese: Chris.

Jack: Yeah.

Reese: Oh.

Jack: I'm so sorry that you might have thought it ss more, and I --

reese: Me? No. Don't be silly. You really thought I wanted to marry you. I was just messing about. No, really. I had you going there for a minute, though, didn't I? You should have seen that look on your face -- pale as a ghost.

Jack: Look, reese, I --

reese: How about something to eat? I'm starving.

Jack: No, hey, hey, look, listen to me. Look, you know I love being look, listen to me. Look, you know I love being with you.

Reese: I don't really like rings that much anyway. Now, for more important things -- I was going to cook you dinner, and I have this list of ingredients somewhere that I'll need. Where did I put that list?

Jack: Listen to me. Stop. Just stop.

Reese: Everything's going to be ok as long as I'm with you, jack.

Jack: Yeah, it's going to be ok.

Reese: I swear, that's all I need.

Jack: Yeah.

Alison: Caleb, please, don't hurt jamal.

Rafe: He's not gngng to hurt anyone, are you, caleb?

Caleb: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure. You look after yours, I look after mine, and the way I see it, jamal's one of my tribe.

Jamal: Oh, please, the hell I am.

Alison: Why isn't anybody listening to him? He doesn't have the ring. Anybody inside could have lifted it from him.

Livvie: Any idea who that could have been, jamal?

Jamal: I don't know. I don't have a clue.

Caleb: And how did you score it in the first place?

Jamal: Look, caleb, I wasn't trying to jack you for your ring, ok? It just kind of fell into my hands. That's how it happened.

Alison: Look, you got to do something before this turns into a bloodbath.

Rafe: Hold on, hold on. I want to hear what jamal has to say.

Livvie: And no one saw you, jamal. We were all there when joshua dropped dead. You weren'T.

Jamal: Yeah, I know, I know. But I was there. There was smoke everywhere. Joshua was about to get iced, and that's when I saw the ring fall to the floor, and I just grabbed it.

Rafe: We didn't see you. But if that's the way he says it happened, then that's how it happened.

Caleb: You expect me to believe all that?

Jamal: You know what? Whatever. You believe whatever you want, ok? I'm out of here.

Caleb: Oh, you're not going anywhere.

Livvie: Hey! Stop it!

Caleb: You are treading on very dangerous ground here, slayer.

Rafe: I know that jamal took the ring, but I believe that he doesn't have it now.

Caleb: I think you're missing the point.

Rafe: No, I think you are. See, jamal might be a vampire, but he is one of my tribe, so you know what? You do what you want to do, and so will I. It's your call.

Casey: Come on. Come on, ricky. Why are you bumming? I thought you'd be happy to see me.

Ricky: See, that's the whole problem, casey.

Casey: Hmm.

Ricky: You keep popping in and out of my life like a freaking yo-yo.

Casey: At least I show up, right?

Ricky: And then you're here and then I get all into you --

casey: Mm-hmm.

Ricky: And I don't want to let you leave.

Casey: Well, I'm here. All you got to do is reach out and touch now.

Ricky: Stop it! That's not funny, casey. Come on.

Casey: Ahem. Ok.

Ricky: I don't want to hang on to a dream anymore. I want to be with you. Every time that I feel that that's coming, you do one of your little disappearing acts.

Casey: But I always come back. I always come back. I'm faithful to you like that.

Ricky: Yeah, but are you real, or am I really losing it, casey? I really need to know.

Casey: Ricky, I told you, ok? I'm not -- I'm not your everyday average girlfriend.

Ricky: Yeah, well, right now I would settle for a girlfriend that people could actually see.

Casey: You know, why can't we just do this, ok? Look, I'm here. I'm here right now, and I love you, right?

Ricky: No, no.

Casey: Yes.

Ricky: No, no, I don't want you on a pass, on a whim, on angel time. I want to be with you.

Casey: I want you, too. I want you, too. And you know what? I'll prove it. Let's make love. 'Ll be the only way that we know that we're together.

Ricky: No, no, that's not enough. It's not enough, casey. I want to take you out. All right? I want to show you off. I want to wake up with you in the morning, but being with you, I feel like I'm dancing with a dream.

Casey: Ok, don't spoil it, ok? We're having fun. This is fun, right? Baby, this is fun.

Ricky: No. No more fun and games. You either stay here or --

casey: Or what?

Ricky: Or stay away for good. I'm sorry, but that's the only way it can be. I mean that.

Casey: Ricky -- oh, ricky, I wish you hadn't said that.

Ricky: Casey, wait! Casey? Casey, come back! Come on! I didn't mean it!

Alison: Both of you, stop it.

Rafe: That's up to him. Come on, what do you say, caleb?

Caleb: Oh, I think I've made enough compromises.

Rafe: You hear that, livvie? Whatever happened to eternal love?

Caleb: That ring belongs to me. It was my father's legacy.

Rafe: Ok, so what's it going to prove to kill jamal?

Caleb: I don't know. Maybe it would teach you all a lesson. Maybe I would just enjoy it.

Rafe: Ok, then you know what? Go ahead and do it, but the second you snap jamal's neck --

livvie: Ugh --

rafe: I'm going to do the same to your little girlfriend.

Livvie: No! You wouldn't dare!

Rafe: Wouldn't I? Here's the deal, caleb -- this is how it's going to go down -- you kill jamal for his part in losing the ring, then I am going to have to do the same thing to livvie, because, after all, she is the one who lost it to begin with, right?

Alison: Are you ok? Are you? Are you ok?

Jamal: I'm all right.

Caleb: Get out of here, all of you, before I lose my temper!

Alison: Ok.

Livvie: You shouldn't have let him go. He wouldn't have hurt me.

Caleb: I couldn't take that rk.K. Besides, killing jamal doesn't solve our real problem.

Livvie: Yeah, well, someone out there has to have it.

Reese: Jack, jack --

jack: Mmm --

reese: Jack, wait. There is something I want.

Jack: Me, huh?

Reese: Yes, you, sexy. No, but wait. I want to apologize.

Jack: Look, reese --

reese: No, no.

Jack: Yes.

Reese: About jumping the gun about the ring. I was just carried away once you made it clear that we were official.

Jack: "Official"?

Reese: Yeah, I mean, I wasn't sure how you felt about me when I was a bit pissed off about it, but then you gave me a key, and it just made me realize that we're really a couple.

Jack: Yeah, look, reese, about that key --

reese: It's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.

Jack: Yeah, but it's just a key.

Reese: No, it's not.

Jack: It's a key.

Reese: It means that there's someone in my life, someone I can come home to. I've never had that before, ever. A real home. Anyway, I better get some sleep, because I've got rehearsals early in the morning.

Jack: Great, great. I'll walk you out.

Reese: No, no! You're not going anywhere. Neither am I. See, that's one of thadadvantages of taking our relationship to the next level.

Jack: So you're staying over?

Reese: Yeah. And just think -- tomorrow, we can wake up and do this all over again.

Jack: Oh. Great. Oh, my god, great.

Reese: Then we can decide where I should put my clothes, closet or drawer. It really doesn't matter to me.

Jack: Way to go, ramsey. Way to go. This is fabulous. Not that I don't enjoy being around this girl. She's a lot of fun. I just think that she's way more into this more than I am. If only there was some way to get her to focus on something else. Better yet, someone else. That would get me off the hook.

Reese: Oh, second thought, baby, I just better head back to my place. Do you mind?

Jack: Your -- your place? Oh, really? No. I mean, go ahead. I'll miss you.

Reese: It's just that I've got rehearsals tomorrow, and if I oversleep, caleb will freak out.

Jack: Ok, I'll miss yo be safe driving home.

Reese: Right, baby. Bye.

Jack: Bye.

Reese: Ricky.

Jack: Ok. Am I losing it or what? I mean, e minute, reese is all over me, and the next minute, she's -- this is -- what's going on? This is crazy. This -- what is going on in this crazy town?

Ricky: Casey, come back, all right? You hear me? I'm sorry, all right? I will take you any way that I can get you.

Reese: Hey. Are you ok?

Ricky: Yeah, yeah, I've never been better.

Reese: Oh, which is why you're out here all alone, talking to yourself?

Ricky: Don't you have some place to be?

Reese: No, not at the moment. Wow. You look like you lost your best friend.

Ricky: Yeah, well, I'll get over it.

Reese: Well, if it's worth anything, I'm here if you need to talk -- really.

Ricky: Thanks. Why are you staring at me?

Reese: I just never realized what a sweet guy you are underneath all that tough talk. I can't imagine why I never saw it before.

Cky: Reese, thanks again for trying to cheer me up, but I need to be by myself, all right? I'll see you around.

Reese: Ok. You will see me around, ricky.

Rafe: Hey -- hi.

Alison: Yeah, what?

Rafe: What's wrong?

Alison: What do you think's wrong with me? What I just saw out there. That scared me to death.

Rafe: Yeah, I'm sorry. Caleb can do that.

Alison: No, I'm not talking about caleb. I'm not talking about him. I'm talking about you. When you had livvie in that lock, I mean, the look in your eyes -- all I could see was "I can't wait to fight."

Rafe: Ok, ll, what did you want me to do? Let jamal get killed? Now, caleb's playing a dangerous game, and I have to be ready for it.

Alison: That's just it. Why does there have to be a game at all? I thought you guys called a truce. I mean, didn't you, like, hold out an olive branch?

Rafe: Yeah. I wish I staked him with it.

Alison: You know what? I'm glad -- I'm glad that jamal stole the ring, because at least he's trying to end this stupid rivalry between you two.

Rafe: All right. I want it to end, too!

Alison: Do you want me to tell you how many times I've heard you say that, how many times you've said, "alison, this is the last time with caleb, I promise you, I swear." Well, you know what? Fine. Go. Search the whole world for the stupid ring, but you can do it without me.

Rafe: Would you just look at all the harm that caleb is capable of, ok? Look at what he's still capable of.

Alison: Look --

rafe: It's what he will always be capable of.

Alison: Look at this. Look at what you have, please. Look at all of this stf.F. You have a huge opportunity in front of you. You've got this gym and everything else, but all of these chances, ra -- they're going to leave you if you don't stop playing chicken with caleb.

Rafe: Fine. I don't know why we're arguing about this! I want a fresh start just as much as you do!

Alison: Then do it. Then take it. Look, you have so many good things ahead of you. You've got this gym, we've got this new line of clothes, ok, we've got the runway fashion show -- all of these fun little things, and I want you to be part of this with me. I want to do this with you. Ok, please, don't go down this road. I'm begging you. Don't take this life of danger. Just -- I'm asking you to choose me. For once. End of discussN. What do you choose?

Rafe: I choose you. I'll always choose you. Always.

Livvie: There was quite a crowd at this tacky little gym tonight. Honey, I'm sure anyone could have taken that ring from jamal.

Caleb: I've been going about this all wrong -- just sitting and waiting for that ring to fall back into my hands.

Livvie: Well, you have power. Isn't there anything you can do to speed things along?

Caleb: I was hoping it wouldn't come to that, but I can't do it from here. I have to go home.

Livvie: Ok. That's fine. I'll go with you.

Caleb: No, sweetheart. Not back to the loft. Where I'm going, you can't come. Nobody can.

Jack: Ok. I better hide this puppy someplace safe. Hey, jamal, man. I didn't hear you come in.

Jamal: What up, jack?

Jack: Can I get you a beer? A drink? Some soda?

Jamal: No. No, no, no, no. You took off pretty early. Usually, you're the last one to leave a good party.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, it's just that fight broke out and I just kind owawanted to split. Did caleb and rafe getnto it?

Jamal: Give it up, jack.

Jack: Give what up? What are you talking abo?

Jamal: Jack, don't try to play me. Ok, jack the pickpocket or it's jack with the sticky fingers. You took the ring, and I need it. Give it to me now.

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