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Lucy: Ok, come on, one more sip of milk. Danny's already dreaming away. It's your turn next. Come on, one more sip.

Christina: Mommy, are you still mad at daddy?

Lucy: No. No. Not anymore.

Christina: Can daddy live here again with me, you, and Ian?

Lucy: Well, pumpkin head, that really wouldn't work, not like before, no.

Christina: Why?

Lucy: Well, you know what? That is a very kind of crazy, long story for grownups that I don't -- I think you'd just be bored. So I will tell you one thing, though. That anytime you want to call your daddy or anytime you want to see him, it's ok. You can do that, all right? Right now, it's time for you and your tiger to get into bed. Come on, you got to go join Danny. Deal? Ooh, thank you.

Christina: I love you, mommy.

Lucy: Hey, I love you, too, sweet pea. I love you forever and always and ever and always and always and always. Come on.

Lucy: Night-night, sweet pea.

Christina: Good night. Good night, mommy. Maybe I can see daddy tomorrow.

Lucy: We'll talk about seeing daddy tomorrow. Let's talk about it then, ok? Ok. Night-night.

[Ian sighs]

Lucy: Hi there.

Ian: Hi.

Lucy: Oh. Thank you very much. I -- I just put Christina down again. Danny's -- he was easy. He went down right away, but do you want to run in, maybe, and say good night to Christina?

Ian: I'll check on them later.

Lucy: Ok. Um -- so, what's going on? Do you want to -- you want to talk about something? Hmm?

Ian: No, I think I've talked enough for one evening.

Lucy: Oh -- what does that mean?

Ian: I saw Kevin, and I told him that it might -- might be a good idea if he stayed away from you and Christina for a while.

Frank: So, the big bad slayer bites the dust.

Rafe: I don't know what the hell you're doing, Frank --

Frank: You can roll with the punches, slayer --

[Rafe groans]

Frank: But yore not going anywhere. Ah!

[Frank groans]

Rafe: I don't know what your problem is. Maybe you haven't heard the word on the street from the king bat what the new order around here is going to be, but I got a special delivery for you right here.

Caleb: Back off, Rafe.

Rafe: Caleb --

Caleb: Do it, slayer. Back off now.

Livvie: You little -- what, are you hiding your --

Jamal: All right, all right, all right. Cut it out, cut it out, cut it out!

Alison: Give me a break! I'm so sick and tired of you --

Livvie: Oh, shut up, would you?

Alison: Snooping around here!

Jamal: What do you two think you're doing?

Livvie: What does it look like?

Alison: I'm so sick and tired of you coming around here and -- what, did you come over here to, like, what, maybe possibly --

Livvie: Apologize!

Alison: No, no, no --

Livvie: That's what I came to do. I came to apologize.

Jamal: Hey, hey, hey --

Alison: No, you came to cause some trouble. And then you, like, start calling me names and stuff --

Livvie: Names? Me?

Alison: What is that?

Livvie: You called me a slut.

Alison: You called me a man-stealer.

Jamal: Ok, look, would you stop? Cut it out!

Livvie: You are a man-stealer.

Jamal: Stop, stop!

Alison: Who says?

Livvie: No, stop it!

Jamal: Stop! There's enough going on here in Port Charles for you two to start this again.

Alison: Ok, so I think that you and I just need to stay out of each other's way, all right?

Livvie: Fine. Works for me.

Alison: Good. At least something does, for once.

Jamal: All right, shh.

Alison: I'm sorry. Can I help you?

Jamal: Imani, hey, what's --

Imani: Jamal, what are you doing here? Is this your ad?

Jamal: What ad? What --

Imani: About the apartment for rent. I --

Jamal: No, that's not my ad.

Imani: You know what? I'm so sorry. I can see this is a really bad time.

Alison: No, actually, it's not a bad time. We were just talking. That's my ad, and it's for the apartment that's right next door to mine. I completely forgot.

Livvie: Oh, right next to yours. That's a selling point right there.

Alison: I didn't anticipate anyone coming this soon, so it's actually kind of a mess right now.

Imani: It's -- it's fine. I can come right back. That's cool.

Alison: No. No, no, no, you're here, so that's -- that's awesome. You can take a look at mine if you want. It's the exact same --

Imani: This --

Alison: As the one maybe you would rent.

Imani: No, listen, I can see that this is a really bad time --

Jamal: No, no, no --

Imani: You guys are busy. I'll come back.

Jamal: Yeah. But you know what? How about this? I'll show you the apartment. You give me the key. You guys continue painting nicely and --

Alison: That would be so nice of you.

Jamal: I'm not busy, yeah.

Alison: I would really appreciate that. Are you sure you don't mind? Jamal's really nice. We're good friends.

Imani: No, no, that's fine, thank you.

Alison: Ok.

Jamal: Cool.

Imani: Yeah.

Jamal: So --

Alison: Thanks.

Jamal: Follow me. You two, have fun painting.

Alison: Ok. Thank you so much. Hope you like it. It's really nice.

Livvie: Yeah, it's really awesome.

Alison: Stop it. Do you ever shut your mouth, ever?

Livvie: Around the queen of peroxide, no.

Alison: Ok, I'm not doing this with you again. So if there's nothing else --

Livvie: Yeah, that's right. We totally understand each other now. You think you are as pure as the driven snow, and I think you're a bitch. So what do you say I --

Alison: Look, I'm so sick of -- you can just go since you're done.

Livvie: Yeah. You did that deliberately.

Alison: Actually, I didn't. But it's a good idea, and it's funny.

Livvie: No, it's not funny. And it's definitely not over.

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Lucy: Kevin has been in Christina's life from the -- I mean, really, he's the only man she's known.

Ian: I know, and I'm sorry. I apologize. I just -- I'm trying to keep her safe. I'm trying to keep you safe. And I just -- I don't buy the fact that -- that Kevin has turned to this teddy bear overnight. I just don't buy it.

Lucy: I never said I buy it yet, either. I'm just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt because he hasn't really put up any fight against what we've asked him to do. So far, he hasn't.

Ian: No, no, he's given us everything. But he's done a lot of horrible things, and it seems that you've forgiven him for it. So I need to ask you -- somewhere in your heart, you still have a soft spot for doc, don't you?

Lucy: You know what? I know what he's done, and I know that this time this is just another sorry in a long litany of sorries. But it's just a little bit inside me this time, it's -- something maybe just seems different, that's all.

Ian: Different, is it? Different how? I -- just asking you to be honest with yourself. Different how?

Lucy: I think I'm trying to be honest here with myself, so -- ok, it's your turn. You -- you do that. You -- you be honest with me and be honest with yourself.

Ian: About what?

Lucy: About this, about -- do you -- do you have somewhere in that brain of yours some feeling that if doc was himself, that he all of the sudden really, truly became the old doc, that you think I would just run off and fall in love with him again?

Ian: Never occurred to me.

Lucy: Very good, because I -- I love you and only -- only you.

Ian: I like to hear you say that.

Lucy: Remember one time in one of our many, many, many, many discussions, you sort of called me a -- well, you didn't really say I was a tigress. I just like that word for myself. But you said I was very protective of my family?

Ian: I remember.

Lucy: Ok. That's true. I think that's what I'm still doing. I'm very protective of us and of Christina and Danny. And I would never want anything -- what I'm trying to say is, Kevin is here. He's not going anywhere. And he was the first man in her life. So would it be so bad if she had two men in her life -- Kevin and you? You get to tuck her in every night. Would it be so bad?

Ian: I'm not -- I'm not worried about her having two men. I'm -- I just hope he means what he says, that's all.

Lucy: I know. And I'm -- I'm not sure he does, and I don't know if he's changed or not. But I do know that little girl loves him, and I think, in his own way, he really does love her.

Ian: Don't give him free reign.

Lucy: I absolutely know I cannot. I'm just trying to make the best of this whole thing under the circumstances.

Ian: And I'm not helping, am I?

Lucy: No, it's not that. I know this isn't the greatest situation, we don't even have to figure this all out right now, do we? Can we just not think about it for a minute, maybe?

Ian: Ok. Because we have each other. And we've got booze.

[Lucy chuckles]

Ian: And the kids asleep. See?

Lucy: Uh-oh.

Ian: Hmm?

Lucy: We have all that, but we don't have any food. I didn't make it to the store.

Ian: Hmm. I'll go get pizza. Why don't you call them, tell them I'm on my way?

Lucy: You want pizza again?

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: Can we have mushrooms?

Ian: Mushrooms?

Lucy: I like mushrooms. You never -- you never let me have mushrooms.

Ian: I'll get mushrooms.

Lucy: Ian.

Ian: Yeah?

Lucy: I love you.

[Door closes]

[Lucy sighs]

Kevin: Christina? Sweetheart, is that you?

Christina: I want to say good night, daddy.

Kevin: Oh, honey, I'm so glad you did. I'm so glad you called. I've been missing your voice.

Jamal: Well, what do you think? It's a pretty cute place, huh?

Imani: Yeah, yeah, it's cute.

Jamal: So, Imani, what's up? You ok?

Imani: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jamal: I'm actually glad I happened to be here -- you know.

Imani: Yeah. Yeah, again.

Jamal: I'm sorry. What are you -- what is that supposed to mean?

Imani: You, Jamal -- you keep turning up everywhere I go.

Jamal: Alison and Rafe -- they're my friends, ok? So just relax. I'm not following you or anything. How about this? I'll just -- I won't ever ask you a question ever again. How's that? Except what do you think?

Imani: Think?

Jamal: Yeah, about the apartment?

Imani: I don't know. I'm still thinking. Look, can you just give me a minute, ok?

Jamal: Whatever you need, yeah.

Imani: Thanks.

Jamal: All right.

Rafe' voice: Got to think about where it comes from. From Caleb. And it got passed down to him by his father and I don't know how many vampire generations before that. So it probably does more harm than good. Anyway, it's gone. As far as I'm concerned, good riddance.

Jamal's voice: But I have it, and I know what it can do. Ok, just one more time. Because I got to know what she's thinking.

Imani's voice: It's the perfect place. Really cute. But no matter what he says, it's not a coincidence he's here. And all the questions he keeps asking me -- why, Jamal? What do you think you know about me?

Alison: Let me just help you before this escalates, ok? Just let me see if I can't get any paint --

Livvie: Alison, don't touch me or my blouse!

Alison: Well, I'll buy you a new one at the thrift shop you bought it from.

Livvie: No, shut up! You did it on purpose!

Alison: It was an accident.

Livvie: Accident?

Alison: I'm sorry.

Livvie: An accident? Yeah. An accident -- that's right.

Alison: Don't. I'm serious.

Livvie: Just like --

Alison: Don't!

Livvie: Oops -- accident. Oh, I'm sorry. Now, that's an accident.

Alison: Look, I'm trying to get this place cleaned up, and I guess accidents do happen, don't they?

Livvie: Oh!

Alison: Sorry about that. It was an accident.

Livvie: It is funny, Alison. It's very funny!

Alison: Don't -- don't!

Livvie: You covered in paint --

Alison: Stop it!

Livvie: Is hysterical!

Alison: Stop it! Stop it! I -- this is not cool! I need to get this place opened --

Livvie: Put it down. Now --

Alison: And you are doing --

Livvie: That's enough! Put it down!

Alison: This is not funny.

Livvie: Oh. No, that's not funny, is it?

Alison: I don't appreciate this at all, you coming up into my place, ok?

Livvie: No, I said stop it!

Kevin: Christina, you are the most beautiful, most bestest girl in the whole world.

[Christina giggles]

Kevin: When we're not together, I miss you with all my heart. But I can just hear how happy you are in your wonderful home with your wonderful mom.

Christina: My wonderful Ian and Danny, too?

Kevin: Yes, honey. You're so lucky to have such a big family and all those people to love you.

Christina: I wish you could live with us, too, daddy.

Kevin: Honey, even though I can't, I'm with you all the time and you're in my heart all the time. I love you forever, honey. Always.

Rafe: He's one of yours, and he attacked me.

Caleb: So what is this, payback?

Rafe: No. We had an agreement -- I take care of my business, you take care of yours.

Caleb: And that's what I'm planning on doing. Do me a favor. Don't stake Frank. I'll handle him.

Rafe: Fine.

Frank: Good boy.

Caleb: Hey, stay right where you are there, Frank.

Frank: Why the hell should I?

Caleb: Because I think you do deserve to die.

Frank: Why don't you kill me, then?

Caleb: You're unbelievable. First you provoke me, then you take on the slayer. What, are you suicidal?

Frank: So I've got a death wish.

Caleb: So you're acting like an idiot, Frank.

Rafe: Yeah, but he's your idiot, Caleb.

Caleb: Stay out of this, Rafe.

Rafe: I tried to, but your boy here decided he'd like to kill me. Doesn't sound like much of a truce to me.

Caleb: I' take care of it my way!

Rafe: Really? What are you going to do when they all lose control, huh? You going to -- you going to take care of it, too, huh?

Caleb: Fine. Fine. You know what? Forget it. Everything's -- the deal's off. Truce is off. I'm going to go back to the way I had it -- my own rules!

Rafe: See how good your word is. Let me tell you this -- you get one slip-up, and that was it.

Caleb: Understood.

Rafe: He's all yours.

Caleb: Thanks. So you got a death wish, Frank. Let's see if I can grant you that wish.

Imani: So?

Jamal: So -- um -- I'm hoping you like the place. It's on the second floor. It's soundproof, so it's real quiet. It's well-lighted. Lots of space, as you can see.

Imani: Yeah, and the rent's really not that high.

Jamal: Yeah, and my friends, Alison and Rafe -- they own the place and the gym, and they're real cool. They're honest, you know?

Imani: Well, I'm feeling right now like you really wouldn't mind if I moved in.

Jamal: Who, me? No. I wouldn't mind at all. But I knew you'd like it, though.

Imani: Yeah, I do.

Jamal: Yeah, I know. It's nice.

Imani: I do. But I really have to think about it.

Jamal: Ok.

Imani: And, listen, I appreciate your giving me the tour.

Jamal: Yeah.

Imani: I have to go. I have to be somewhere.

Jamal: Oh, yeah, yeah, that's cool.

Imani: And I'm really already late, so --

Jamal: That's fine.

Imani: I'll see you.

Jamal: I understand. Um -- it's just --

Imani: Yeah?

Jamal: I mean --

Imani: Jamal?

Imani's voice: They're waiting. I can't be late. I can't let them down.

Jamal: Imani, are you sure you're ok?

Imani: Yeah, I'm fine. I just -- I have to go, and I have to go get my bags.

Jamal: Ok. Well, Imani, wait. Hold on a second.

Livvie: Finally, your true colors show.

Alison: This is exactly why you came here, isn't it?

Livvie: Oh, come on. Go to hell.

Alison: Isn't that your territory?

Livvie: Oh, right, you're an angel.

Imani: I think maybe this apartment is not exactly what I need. Excuse me.

Jamal: Imani, this --

Alison: Thanks.

Jamal: It's not usually like this.

Alison: Thanks a lot.

Livvie: You are a moron! You're a moron!

Jamal: Would you shut up?

Alison: Jamal, I am so sorry.

Jamal: You're both acting like two little, stupid idiots! I just wish you two could spend just some time in each other's shoes, just to see what it's like. You're so stupid.

Alison and Livvie: I don't need to know how she --

[Jamal slams door]

Alison and Livvie: Feels.

Kevin: I love you, too, Christina. But now it's time for my girl to hang up the phone, jump back into bed, and have sweet, sweet dreams. Good night, honey.

Ian: Apparently, someone forgot to call the order in, so I stole somebody else's. I'm not sure what's on here.

Lucy: I'm sorry about that.

Ian: What's wrong?

Lucy: That -- that -- that was Kevin. Um -- I guess Christina called him. And I don't know what to do because I think that it's very important for her to be with him, you know? Spend more time with him.

Jamal: My god, Imani, what are you up to in there?

Frank: So whatever you're going to do or say or whatever, why don't you just --

Caleb: Again with the lip, Frank. So first you swear allegiance to Joshua. Now when he's gone, instead of coming and seeking my favor, what do you do? You confront me.

Frank: Why not just have Rafe kill me and solve your problem?

Caleb: It's too bad, Frank. You could've been useful.

[Frank gags]

Livvie: Caleb -- Caleb.

Caleb: What?

Livvie: Come on, stop. What are you doing?

Caleb: I'm fulfilling a final request. You want to watch?

Livvie: No, you can't!

Caleb: I can't?

Livvie: Please -- please, don't hurt him! There's already been so much hatred and violence. I'm begging you -- I am begging you! Please- - please, don't do this.

Caleb: You're begging me not to do it?

Livvie: Please.

Caleb: Get out of here, Frank. Get out of here!

Livvie: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Caleb: Stop that, stop that. What is this? What's wrong with you, Livvie?

[Door opens]

Rafe: Hey, angel. Miss me?

Alison: Yeah. It's about time you got back. What took you so long?

Rafe: What -- what happened here?

Alison: Look at me.

Rafe: All right --

Alison: Look at me. Look at this!

Rafe: Ok, calm down.

Alison: She did this to me. She did this, that little witch. She did this to this whole place. But I promise you -- I promise you, I will get even with her.

Rafe: She who? Who -- who did this?

Alison: Who do you think? Livvie did this. When I do get even with her, there won't be enough left of her to put into a tiny little box. Little miss goody two-shoes.

Rafe: Miss goody two-shoes? Are we -- are we talking about the same Livvie here? I mean, I don't know what Livvie you're talking about, but -- Alison?

Alison: Yeah?

Rafe: Hi.

Alison: Hi.

Rafe: Why are you looking at me like that?

Alison: Why do you think I'm looking at you like this? Hmm? You look almost scrumptious enough to eat. Every single inch of you. I kind of like it.

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Caleb: You know what I need.

Livvie: Muffins.

Caleb: What?

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