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Ian: He looked up into the sky, and he saw the stars. And what do you think they said to each other?

Christina: Boom! Pow!

Ian: No. No, but you know what? This is a pretty boring book, isn't it? Yeah, I know it. I think we should talk about what we're going to see tonight in the park and the fireworks you keep bringing up.

Daniel: Hurray! Yay!

Ian: Yeah!

Lucy's voice: What those papers were about. The complaint said that you -- your home is unsafe. They're going to try and take Danny.

Lucy: They can't take Danny. They can't take you.

Ian: All right, you guys. It's going to be the best fourth of July ever.

Daniel: Hurray! Yay!

Ian: Right? Right.

Alison: Hey. Hey. Why don't you let me get you, like, an aspirin or something. We have some better pillows back there.

Rafe: No, I'm fine.

Alison: You're not fine. Rafe, and we're not fine.

Rafe: Ok. You have to stop making this about us.

Alison: I am not making it about us. I mean, it is about us. I stabbed you, Rafe.

Rafe: Ok, all right. You know what? You didn't know what you were doing. End of story.

Alison: Why do you shut me out like that? I mean, every time I talk to you about this -- like, I really need to discuss this --

Rafe: Ok, fine, fine. All right, let's discuss it. Let's discuss it one more time!

Alison: Sorry.

Rafe: How I feel about you stabbing me? That's what you want to know? How I feel about the fact that you just want to go on over and over again about how you feel guilty about how you stabbed me? You can't do it. I'm over it, ok? You can't feel guilty anymore. It's going to eat you up. It's going to eat me up, and you can't do it, all right? Just stop.

Ricky: Not bad, not bad at all, Caleb. New stuff is pretty good.

Reese: Looks like you're back in the groove, boss.

Caleb: Told you I'd get this band back up and running.

Caz: So what's the word, man? You want a run-through or what?

Caleb: The word is -- just give me a minute, all right? I just want to clear my head for a second.

Caleb's voice: Did you ever think that maybe that ring has fallen into the hands of someone who doesn't know just how powerful it can be, or worse yet, who does know how powerful it is and plans on using it.

Jack: Caleb. Look, man, I finally got my proposal for band manager all together -- new t-shirts, covers, the whole nine yards. I have a whole new direction I want to --

Caleb: Slow down. Slow down. What makes you think I'd entrust The Experience to somebody with no experience? Besides, I didn't think you embraced our lifestyle.

Man: No, vampires are good for business. I know a good business opportunity when I see it now. I think, you know, with the covers --

Caleb: Jack, I'll look at it. Just not now. Later, ok?

Livvie: Caleb, I'm sorry about last night.

Caleb: It's ok. I think we're both just a little stressed right now.

Livvie: If you could just focus on the music.

Caleb: I'm trying.

Livvie: Well, maybe the two of us can have some time alone, then.

Caleb: I just don't think I'm going to be able to focus on anything until I get that ring back.

Jamal: I forgot about you, didn't I? Those guys tried to rob the place. Caleb's holy grail, his famous ring, all this power. I forgot to put you in a safe deposit box. First things first, though.

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Ian: Hey, Lucy, I'm --

Lucy: No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that Kevin filed this ridiculous complaint. You just get Danny home, and now you have a chance of losing him?

Ian: I can't lose Danny. I've gone through this before. I didn't lose him then, and I'm not going to lose him now.

Lucy: I'm just sorry because it didn't occur to me that he would do this. You can't let him win. We can't.

Ian: It's not about Kevin anymore. He's made me the problem. I've got to deal with it.

Lucy: What can we do?

Ian: I don't know. Concentrate on my son, make sure that I'm fit, and I guess the way to do that is to get back to work, you know? Not full-time, part-time, so I can take care of Danny.

Lucy: Good idea. What about that ridiculous hearing?

Ian: Kate will take care of that, she said, you know, legal stuff.

Lucy: I'm sorry that Kevin is your problem, too, now. He's supposed to just be my problem, not yours, and I'm -- what was that for?

Ian: I love you.

Lucy: I love you.

Lucy: I love you very much. I'm just so sorry. I'm so angry. This isn't right.

[Doorbell rings]

Jamal: Hey.

Lucy: Hi. If you're looking for Ian, he just --

Jamal: I just saw him. Actually, I was looking for you. I need your help.

Lucy: Ok, with what? Anything.

Jamal: Ok. I was just wondering -- well, I met somebody recently, and -- you know, on second thought, I'm going to go talk to Ian about this, ok?

Lucy: No, wait, wait. Whoa. You met somebody, which means you met a girl, right? I think I'm a girl, so I guess I'm sort of qualified to discuss this with you.

Jamal: No.

Lucy: Yes. No, come on. Come on, give me a chance. At least try. Come on.

Jamal: All right, fine. Is it possible for someone like myself, considering what I am and everything, to go out on a normal, everyday kind of a date?

Casey: So, how's my favorite drummer?

Ricky: Casey!

Casey: Oh, so are you getting used to these heavenly visits, huh, baby?

Ricky: Wait, wait. Is anybody else catching this?

Casey: Oh. The band! Hello! No. No, relax. I told you, nobody else can see me. It's just you and me.

Ricky: You know what? You need to give me a break, ok? You're driving me nuts. One minute you're here, then the next minute you're gone.

Casey: Oh, baby.

Ricky: No, stop it, cut it out.

Casey: Ricky. I love you.

Ricky: Casey. Casey, wait.

Jack: Hey. Look, I know you're busy, man.

Caleb: Then why are you bugging me?

Jack: Look, I'll just take care of the merchandising and send you the bill. How's that?

Caleb: Jack, don't do anything without me signing off on it first, all right? Are we perfectly clear?

Jack: Yeah, loud and clear.

Reese: Relax, Caleb. Jack's been handling things for a while now. Even Joshua --

Caleb: I'm not Joshua.

Jack: Hey, uh --

Livvie: Jack, would you leave us alone for a minute, please?

Jack: You bet.

Livvie: Baby. Hi. What are you doing, honey? All anyone here wants to do is make you happy.

Caleb: I have other things on my mind right now.

Livvie: Ok, well, why don't you not concentrate on that for, like, two seconds and maybe think about something else, like us, maybe. Do you think you can do that?

Rafe: I'm sorry. It's just -- you know, living in this town now that it's full of vampires. Some are good, some are bad, which is weird as it is. I mean, some of them are friends, and I just got to focus on how this whole new world is going to operate because I don't really get it.

Alison: Right, you need to focus on them before you focus on us. It's fine. Let's just drop it, ok, and we'll do something else. I think I'm going to go get something to eat. I haven't really been feeling very good all morning. I think I'm just a little hungry or something.

Rafe: Are you all right?

Alison: I have a feeling it's just a little after-effect of the drug that Joshua gave me.

Rafe: I don't know, it's been a little too long for that. I mean, maybe you're coming down with some kind of summer flu or something. Maybe you should be the one in bed.

Alison: A summer flu? Why are you doing that?

Rafe: Doing what?

Alison: Why do you do that?

Rafe: Doing what?

Alison: That.

Rafe: What?

Alison: Joshua drugged me. He did. And he made me do things -- he made me do anything that he wanted me to do because he wanted me to try and kill you. I mean, you don't want to talk about any of --

Rafe: Can you please just drop this!

Alison: , I can't just drop this! I'm sorry! Because I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I'm going to lose you.

Livvie: I'm just -- I'm missing us.

Caleb: I know. It's just not knowing -- not knowing where the ring is, is eating me up inside.

Livvie: You know, I'm -- I'm tired of trying with you. I give up, Caleb. I don't know what to do anymore.

Caleb: Hey, where are you going?

Livvie: I'm not going to look for your precious ring, if that's what you're worried about, so now that you know that, do you really care where I go?

Caleb: Olivia -- Olivia!

Caleb: What are you looking at? What are you looking at?

Rafe: What are you talking about? Hmm? Whatever we do, whatever we say, we're not going to lose each other. I'll never stop loving you.

Alison: Not any -- like any normal couple, I mean, they couldn't survive something like this, not -- not something that I did to you, and I'm afraid that you're not going to be able to forgive me.

Rafe: Ok. Ok, right there, right there. Look at me. I forgive you. I love you -- forever, you know? I'm just a little worried about the future.

Alison: I mean, you're just suddenly, like, feeling a lot better about that, and then you took a dive. Is that supposed to make me feel better? Like you're worried about our future?

Rafe: No, no, no, listen to me, listen to me. Not our future. Caleb's --

Alison: Caleb's future?

Rafe: Yeah. See, he's so obsessed with this damn ring --

Alison: Oh, my God. No, wait, stop, so are you. So are you.

Rafe: No, I'm not.

Alison: Yes, you are.

Rafe: Look, you don't understand. This ring -- do you know what kind of powers it could have? I don't know, but they could be incredible.

Alison: What are you doing? Stop it. Stop, stop, stop, stop! What are you doing? We were just talking about something totally different. You go from one subject of saying, "Alison, I love you and I forgive you," and we're talking --

Rafe: Well, I do.

Alison: And then you go to Caleb's ring. I mean, this is exactly what Livvie was talking about.

Rafe: Whoa, whoa. You talked to Livvie about this?

Alison: She stopped by last night. Yes, she did.

Rafe: You talked to her?

Alison: Yes.

Rafe: About how you think I feel about you and me? You talked to Livvie?

Alison: Yes, I did. Ok, I confided in her, I'm sorry. But I'm fighting like hell to get back what we had, and I'm scared that we won't. I'm sorry, Rafe. But I mean it. Like, we need to talk about this!

Rafe: Ok. Ok.

Alison: Where are you going?

Rafe: I got to get out of here. I just got to get some air. I'm sorry. I just -- Livvie, huh? That's good.

Alison: I was going to --

Jamal: Well, I met this beautiful girl named Imani, and she's new at The Elixir. And --

Lucy: She sounds nice.

Jamal: Yeah, she's nice.

Lucy: I guess you're just sort of worried that something really bad could happen when she finds out what you are.

Jamal: Basically. I mean, it'll be over before it even starts, Lucy.

Lucy: Do you think maybe, just maybe you're jumping the gun?

Jamal: What, you don't think I should be honest about this?

Lucy: Of course you should be honest. I just don't think that anybody should go on a first date and spill their deepest, darkest secrets. That's not what I usually do, do you? I mean, come on.

Jamal: Yeah, but, Lucy, we're talking about being a vampire.

Lucy: I know, but that's not what you are. Come on. You're like Ian, you're fighting this. You're not on Caleb's side. You're one of the good guys. So here's some advice -- how about this? You go out with this Imani -- who sounds beautiful -- and you hit it off, and if it gets really hot and heavy, then she'll already know what a great guy you are, and maybe it won't matter.

Jamal: And live happily ever after?

Lucy: Well, I don't know about that. But, hey, I think you deserve that, after everything you have been through.

Jamal: You got that right.

Lucy: Isn't this weird? Don't you think?

Jamal: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: Life's weird. I mean, you think all of a sudden things are going swell, going right along, and then something jumps up and slaps you right in the face.

Jamal: Oh. Sounds like something just jumped up and slapped you right in your face.

Lucy: Oh, Jamal -- yes, Kevin, it's that -- do you know what Kevin did? He actually filed a complaint with children's social services.

Jamal: What, against you?

Lucy: No, not against me. It's about Ian. They want to try and take Danny, and I know Kevin's doing it just to get back at me.

Jamal: Are you serious? It's, like, he just snapped one day.

Lucy: And now I am so afraid of what he could possibly do next.

Ian: All right, step one, get your job back. Number two, call Kate for legal advice.

Kevin: So now you know how it feels to have your family ripped away.

Ian: I'm not going to let you beat me.

Kevin: What's the matter, vampire? Blood run cold?

[Ian sighs]

Ian: No. But I'm not going to give you an argument. I got to ask you -- why? Does this make you feel good?

Kevin: Payback? Yeah! It feels great. To see you suffer? To know you're going to lose your heart the way I lost mine when you and Lucy refused to let me see my own daughter? Yeah.

Ian: It never happened. You know that never happened, but this is not about Christina. This is about Lucy -- about Lucy falling in love with me, and me loving her back.

Jack: I'm out. I'm out.

Reese: Yeah, me, too.

Caz: You know what, man? You're the last one out, Rick.

Ricky: Yeah, yeah, that's cool. Don't worry about me. You know what? I'll get the lights, all right? But first, Casey. Casey, are you around? Oh, come on, baby, I need to see you. Casey.

[Casey giggles]

Ricky: Thank God. I miss you so much, baby. Please stick around, all right? What -- I must be going nuts. She's not even here. Wait a minute. An earring. This looks just like the one I gave her right before she went up to --

Jamal: Messing with Ian's kid. How much lower can Kevin go?

Lucy: I don't know. I just don't know. He's changed so much. It's -- it's like he's evil. You -- you really wouldn't recognize him anymore.

Kevin: You say you're in love with Lucy? Is that what you call it?

Ian: Yeah, and this isn't the place.

Kevin: You hypocritical bastard! You try to pass yourself off as some kind of a hero, the rescuer to every woman who ever needed a shoulder to cry on. But the truth is you just want to sleep with every woman you meet.

Ian: I'm warning you --

Kevin: Go right ahead! You' still a phony, and I can see right through you. You were a vampire long before you ever had fangs.

Jamal: How does he do it? How does he get up every single morning and look at himself in the mirror?

Lucy: I'm so tired, I just can't ask why anymore. I just keep hoping that maybe there's a little tiny piece of him left somewhere buried deep inside.

Jamal: Yeah, it sounds like he's trapped.

Lucy: I wish. I mean, I try to think of something, maybe a magic spell or something where I could just wish Doc to be back to himself again.

Jamal: I wish for that, too.

Kevin: Threaten you? I'm just -- what the hell am I doing?

Ian: You're trying to ruin my life. I will not --

Kevin: Oh, my God!

Ian: What? What is this now? What is it, some kind of a trick? What are you doing now?

Kevin: You're right, I'm trying to ruin your life! You could lose your only son because of me. Ian, I -- I swear I'm going to fix this.

Ian: What's happening? Where are you going?

Kevin: I swear on my life, Ian, I'm going to make things right.

Caleb: So, how was your fourth? Getting enough fireworks?

Alison: Yeah, they're very beautiful.

[Fireworks explode]

Caleb: They last only for an instant, like life. I mean, you realize the most beautiful things are only around for a short time.

Alison: Right. And in a flash, they're all gone at once.

Livvie's voice: It's ok, Livvie. Caleb's just freaking out about the ring. After all, it is his heritage. It's got powers. I mean, he loves you. He'll be sorry.

Livvie: Yeah, right. Maybe he's still at the rehearsal hall. Great -- answering machine. Perfect. Ok, plan B. All right. I'll just make myself irresistibly sexy, right? That's right. He can't refuse then. Perfect. I'll throw myself right in his arms.

Livvie: Rafe

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