Port Charles Transcript Monday 6/16/03

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Ricky: You know, I can't believe that Joshua's dragging his feet on the mp3 special. He won't even return my calls.

Reese: Will you just relax?

Ricky: We need this. People don't even know who the experience is anymore. Pretty soon they're not going to care.

Reese: We'll make something happen. Life goes on, you know?

Ricky: Yeah. Whatever, Reese. You want to go on being a nobody from nowhere? Be my guest. But I need this. This is my dream.

Jack: Whoa, hey. Reese is not a nobody. Don't ever talk to her like that again.

Ricky: Fine. You two play house. I'm going to track Joshua down myself.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. The way you pissed him off, Ricky, maybe that's why he's not returning your phone calls. Why don't you think about that, huh?

Joshua's voice: You have a lot going for you, Ricky. You're good-looking, talented. So are a lot of other kids out there, and they'll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Ricky: I know you need, all right? I'm talented, I'm ambitious, and I got the energy. I will do whatever it takes to put the experience on the map.

Joshua: Prove it.

Ricky: Give me a chance.

Joshua: This isn't about chances.

Ricky: Give me a chance.

Joshua: This is about a question -- do you want it bad enough to make the angel fall?

Casey: Hey, Ricky. I'm glad I found you.

Ricky: Casey, I can't do this right now, all right?

Casey: Yeah -- what?

Ricky: Look, you should go, all right? You don't need to be here right now.

Casey: Yeah, well, neither should you! All right? Joshua and every one of his kind are destroying every life that they touch.

Joshua: Come. Join me. There. Isn't this better than fighting?

Alison: Yes, it is.

Joshua: You see? All you had to do was give me one tiny little chance.

[Knock on door]

Alison: Rafe --

Joshua: No. it's not Rafe. Not this time. Not ever. He's never going to ride up and rescue you ever again.

Lucy: You're back.

Chris: So we're doing a direct transfusion?

Ian: Yeah. Lucy needs help fast.

Chris: Slow down a second. You know, there is no guarantee that this is going to work. Slayer blood isn't exactly the universal donor.

Ian: I know that. When she jumped in the hot spring, her blood was poisoned -- slayer blood -- and that's what we have to replace it with now.

Chris: This is crazy. I mean, it makes as much sense as anything else does around in this town, but -- but, Ian, this is still a long shot.

Ian: I know it's a long shot and it's all we have. Otherwise, Lucy's going to die. I'm going to go in there and explain the procedure to her. Are you ok?

Chris: Yeah, I'm ok. What about him? Who's going to explain it to him?

Ian: He's fine. He's her cousin, he'd do anything for her.

Chris: Oh, so much so that you had to knock him out to get him here?

Ian: He said he had an errand to run.

Chris: What errand?

Ian: I don't know and I don't care. I still don't care. We're running out of time. Let's do this, please.

Chris: Great, he's going to need a sedative.

Ian: Give him whatever you think.

Rafe: Alison --

Lucy: Why do you keep coming to see me? I know you're really very, very busy, so why are you here?

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Casey: Yeah, yeah, I'm talking about you. You know what? You're just a bunch of leeches who get off on sucking the life out of other people!

Ricky: I'll take care of this. Come here!

Casey: Bring it! You want it?

Ricky: Come on, what are you doing?

Casey: Get off of me!

Ricky: Get outside.

Casey: Ricky --

Ricky: Look, I don't care if you're an angel. That was stupid. All right, what's wrong?

Casey: Uh -- Lucy -- Lucy -- she's dying.

Ricky: What? I'm sorry.

Casey: I just -- I had this vision of her death, right, and I think I'm supposed to stop it from happening, but I -- I don't know. I -- I don't know what to do. I -- I'm failing, as usual, because I'm a loser.

Ricky: Come on, Casey --

Casey: No, no, no, I'm guessing. All I keep doing is guessing. Ian's trying something, but --

Ricky: Then he'll help her.

Casey: No, I'm supposed to know. Ricky, I'm supposed to know.

Ricky: I'm sure you're doing everything that you can.

Casey: There's one thing I do know. Ok, nothing good ever comes from these monsters, so every time you walk through that door --

Ricky: Oh, you know what? Stop it. Stop! All right? We've been through this before. This is where I need to be to get to where I want to go, all right?

Casey: You just don't care. I thought I could talk to you. You just don't care because all you ever think about is making it to the top and being selfish, so you know what?

Ricky: Would you stop? Come on!

Casey: Agh! Whatever!

Ricky: Casey, where are you going?

Karen: Hey, stranger.

Ricky: Hey. wow, I haven't see you in a while.

Karen: I've been taking care of a sick friend. And it looks like you have a friend watching out for you, too.

Ricky: Oh, yeah. Casey and I, we -- we want different things.

Karen: If it means anything, I think she's right. This place isn't for you, Ricky. This place is for people who've lost their souls, who've stopped fighting. That's not you.

Ricky: I wish I was like you, Karen. you know, you -- you wanted something. You wanted -- you were successful, and then you wanted to be a doctor and you made it.

Karen: I struggled a lot along the way, and you know it.

Ricky: Yeah, but look at you now. I mean, people respect you. They look up to you. You're doing what you love.

Karen: I don't know about that.

Ricky: Oh, you know it's true. And then look at me. I mean, if I want to go after my dream, I get everything in the world that I've ever wanted. And if I don't, I go back to being Ricky Garza, the big, fat loser --

Karen: Hey, hey --

Ricky: That nobody ever thought would make anything out of himself.

Karen: You're not a loser, all right?

Ricky: Karen, I can't give this up.

Karen: And if you don't, who's going to pay the price for your fame?

Ricky: Casey.

Reese: Well, well. Back so soon?

Casey: These goons can't touch me.

Reese: I'm just surprised. I really didn't think this was your crowd, you know?

Casey: Well, you know what? Back where I come from, you don't back away from your enemies. So you know what? If Joshua is the devil and this is a place of hell, then, you know what? I'm right where I belong.

Jamal: Sorry, Joshua, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Joshua: Not at all, Jamal. In fact, Alison needs to see for herself she has to give up hope of Rafe.

Alison: Jamal --

Jamal: Alison, he's right. You got to stop waiting for Rafe to come bust you out of here, because it's never going to happen. He's out of your life, so just accept it, and start becoming the good, little, docile wife you were meant to be for Josh..

Joshua: Thank you, Jamal. Truer words were never spoken.

Jamal: You're welcome.

Joshua: I'll give you a moment to let those words sink in.

Joshua: I was waiting for Rafe to show up.

Jamal: Yeah, but he hasn't.

Joshua: I wonder why. Go find him and make sure he never does.

Jamal: No problem. I'll let Frank know right now.

Joshua: I didn't say Frank. I said you.

Jamal: Yeah, but what if you need me here, if you have problems with Ali?

Joshua: I can -- I can handle Alison. And her name isn't Ali. her name is Alison. Do you have a problem with that?

Jamal: Nope.

Joshua: Really? Because I get the feeling you don't want to leave Alison alone with me.

Jamal: No. Josh, I was just getting your back. That's all. You want me to find Rafe? I'll find Rafe.

Joshua: Alison's perfectly fine. She's here with her husband.

Karen: That's Joshua's deal?

Ricky: Yeah. I either get Casey sent back, or I kiss my dream goodbye.

Karen: And how are you supposed to do that?

Ricky: By sleeping with her.

Karen: What?

Ricky: Don't ask, all right? There are rules. You can't do anything that interferes with your assignment. But that's not the point.

Karen: Yeah, yeah, you could get her back to heaven. You know, it's one thing sleeping with her because you love her, but to use her like that?

Ricky: But I do love Casey. Where's that going to get us? She's an angel. There's no future for us.

Karen: That's not the point.

Ricky: It's not like anybody's getting hurt. She'll just get sent back up there.

Karen: Ok. Sounds pretty simple, then. You betray the woman you love, a woman -- angel or not -- who loves you, trusts you, and in return, what, fame, fortune, and a lifetime of happiness, right?

Ricky: The only thing that I've ever wanted more than this is Casey. But I can't have her, ever, so this is the only dream that I have left.

Karen: Do you really believe that?

Ricky: I don't know anything anymore.

Karen: Well, I do. You're better than that, Ricky. I know you are. Take some advice from an old friend. The music won't sound as nice when you're all alone. If you betray Casey, you will regret it and for the rest of your life.

Reese: All this heaven-and-hell business you're into sounds a bit airy-fairy to me, because something tells me that it's our little drummer boy that brought you here.

Casey: Oh, yeah. Yeah, but -- ugh, no, no, no, no. He -- he's such an idiot, you know?

Reese: I used to think all men were idiots, too.

Casey: Oh, what do you mean, "used to"?

Reese: Till I met the right one, that is.

Casey: Wait, I thought you were all anti-romance and stuff.

Reese: Jack is so amazing, you know? He's funny and intelligent. He makes me feel really special. You know what I mean?

Casey: Yeah. yeah, at least I used to.

Jack: Hey.

Jamal: Hey. What's going on?

Jack: What's up, man? Long time no see.

Jamal: Yeah, you seen Rafe around, or what?

Jack: No. Why? I mean, looking for Joshua? I heard you're pretty high up on his chain of command.

Jamal: Yeah, I'm just following your advice, you know, making my life a little bit easier.

Jack: You followed it a little further than I thought you would.

Jamal: Why? What's it to you?

Jack: No reason. No reason, no reason at all. You like working for Joshua? You like being a vampire?

Jamal: Yeah, yeah. As a matter of fact, I do. It's lovely.

Jack: Listen, Jamal. I doubted your loyalty to Joshua from the beginning, and I could've sold you out, but I didn't. You're watching after Ali, aren't you?

Jamal: I'm just doing whatever the man asks of me.

Jack: Well, that's bull.

Jamal: You know, believe whatever you want, all right?

Jack: What I believe is you loved Alison for a long time, and she's loved you.

Jamal: Yeah. And we've both moved on since then.

Jack: Yeah, but you never lost that connection, and you never will.

Jamal: Whatever --

Jack: No, listen to me. Shoot me straight. Come on, I'm worried about her. has Joshua turned her yet?

Jamal: No.

Jack: Good. well, listen, I'm glad you're there looking after her.

Jamal: Yeah, I'm just doing whatever I can. But she's acting weird. And something -- something's off with her and Rafe.

Jack: What do you mean?

Jamal: Well, we had -- we had a plan to get her out of there, but he didn't show up. And now I can't find him anywhere.

Casey: You talking about Rafe? Try the hospital.

Jamal: What -- why? What?

Casey: Well, Ian went to go ask him for help for Lucy, and so hopefully he found him and brought him there.

Jamal: Thanks.

Chris: I thought I was going to need a horse tranquilizer to bring you down. But that'll hold you.

Lucy: So -- ahem -- any progress on that new treatment?

Ian: Yeah, I think we came up with something.

Lucy: Really? What? What is it?

Ian: We've been using ordinary methods to fight a disease that's obviously not ordinary.

Lucy: So that's why it's not working? So you think you have something that might?

Ian: Yeah. This all started when you jumped in that hot spring and it affected your blood, your slayer blood.

Lucy: Right.

Ian: So we think that a direct transfusion with slayer blood might be the answer.

Lucy: Slayer -- Rafe. Is Rafe here? You have Rafe here?

Ian: Yeah, he's here.

Lucy: You know, last time I saw him, he wasn't doing too well. Is he ok?

Ian: He's still a little shaky, but we gave him a little something just to calm him down.

Lucy: You gave him --

Chris: He's going to be out for a little while.

Lucy: What is wrong with him? Is he all right?

Ian: He's fine. He'd do anything for you, you know that.

Lucy: Do you really think this could work?

Ian: That's my hope.

Lucy: I'm willing to try anything. So maybe this will be the answer, huh?

Ian: You have any idea how much I love you?

Lucy: I think that's the one thing I'm sure of. I love you more.

Chris: Ok. You ready?

Lucy: You bet I am.

Ian: Let's do it.

Joshua: Oh, Alison. Just when I thought we were making so much progress. I know this is not easy for you, but you have to listen to your friend Jamal. We could have a very fulfilling union, but you have to -- you've got to forget about Rafe. You still believe he's going to burst in here and rescue you. Well, he's not. Alison, that's just a fairy tale. If he was going to be here, he'd be here. And where is he? Where is he?

Alison: I don't know. I don't know!

Joshua: Yes, you do. He's not coming. He's forgotten about you, Alison. He's not coming here. He's not coming here ever. You have got to forget about Rafe the same way Rafe has forgotten about you.

Alison: No, no. No.

Joshua: What time is it, Alison? What time is it? It's getting late. Rafe's given up on you. It's getting late. Rafe's never coming. What time is it, Alison?

Alison: It's getting late.

Joshua: What does that mean?

Alison: Rafe's not coming.

Joshua: Speak up, Alison, please.

Alison: Rafe's not coming. 

Casey: So, you and Reese are getting pretty tight, huh?

Jack: Yeah. yeah, she's cool. We have fun. What's not to like, you know?

Casey: "Fun"?

Jack: She's beautiful, she's hot. She's -- well, I won't go into that. You know, it's --

Casey: She's in love with you.

Jack: Casey, look, that's -- that's really none of your business. Besides, it's not like that between us.

Casey: Really?

Jack: Yeah, really.

Casey: Oh.

Jack: We -- Reese isn't like that and neither am I, after Tess and Livvie. We have what we both want -- fun without any problems.

Reese: Hey, sexy.

Jack: Hey, we were just talking about you.

Reese: You were?

Jack: Yeah, we were -- about how hot you are.

[Reese giggles]

Casey: All guys are idiots.

Ricky: Hey.

Casey: Oh.

Ricky: For the record, the rock-star thing isn't all that matters to me, all right? You matter to me.

Casey: Wait, wait, wait, Ricky -- where is this all coming from?

Ricky: I've always felt that way, and you know that.

Casey: Wait, why -- why are you saying this now?

Ricky: I don't know, because you were right. You know, maybe I do need to stop hanging around this place.

Casey: Are you real?

Ricky: Yeah. I think I need to take a trip somewhere.

Casey: So you're going to leave?

Ricky: Yeah, take a break, clear my head.

Casey: Ok.

Ricky: You know, New York is still waiting.

Casey: You say, New York?

Ricky: Yeah. You remember how we used to talk about that all the time?

Casey: Yeah, of course I do.

Ricky: So why don't you just come with me. Get away from all this craziness, all the vampires.

Casey: I can't leave Lucy. I can't leave Lucy and everyone out here. You know that, Ricky. Why -- why are you suddenly asking me to go?

Ricky: Because I miss you, all right? I want to spend some time with you, some real time.

Casey: I -- I can't. I can't, not now.

Karen's voice: You're better than this, Ricky. I know you are.

Ricky: I wish I were, Karen. I wish I were.

Joshua: Now, that's much better. You're starting to see things the way they really are. Now, no more talk of Rafe.

Alison: No, no. No more talk of Rafe.

Joshua: It's just us. Just us now. Now we can concentrate on our life together. You're so beautiful. You're so very beautiful.

Alison: No! No.

Joshua: What?

Alison: I won't.

Joshua: What?

Alison: I won't. I can't do that.

Chris: Where do you think you're going?

Jamal: Where does it look like I'm going?

Chris: Hey, not in there!

Jamal: Get out of my --

Chris: Jamal --

Jamal: What are you guys doing?

Rafe: Where am I?

Lucy: Rafe?


Ian: She's seizing!

Chris: Get an airway open, I'll get the lorazepam.

Ian: We have to stop this transfer now. Chris! Run .

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Ian: Lucy?

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Rafe: Yeah, let's go.

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