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elizabeth: So, what else do you need here, huh? can I get you another pillow, or would you like something else to drink --

kevin: Just please give it a rest, elizabeth. You know damn well what I need.

elizabeth: I know. I know, and I know how painful it is. but the whole idea is to get you off joshua's drug. it's the only way that you're going to be --

kevin: Don't you think I know that? elizabeth, I must have had a half a dozen patients --

elizabeth: Don't use that tone of voice --

karen: Knock, knock.

Kevin: Karen, finally.

karen: Slow down, doctor. I have your dose right here, but it's not as much as you want.

Kevin: That's it? This is what you bring me? karen, you're supposed to be weaning me off this thing, not killing me.

karen: I know exactly what I'm doing, and so do you. it's a tough stage, but you're not dying.

elizabeth: Don't you think you're being b bit rigid, doctor?

Karen: Excuse me?

Elizabeth: I mean, all he's asking for is just a little boost, just this one time --

karen: Hold it right there. outside, now.

elizabeth: No, I'm staying here with kevin.

Karen: I said now.

elizabeth: Karen, I don't appreciate --

karen: And I don't appreciate you undermining my patient's recovery, and it's got to stop. leave his treatment to me and just get out of my way.

elizabeth: Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?

Karen: I'd love it.

Elizabeth: See, so you admit it. so all of this special attention is really just a coverup, right?

karen: A what?

Elizabeth: Oh -- come on. you want kevin all to yourself. you're hot for him, aren't you?

kevin: Just what I need, ladies. a litt s self-medication time.

livvie: Caleb, are you sure you're all right? you've been really quiet since we left --

caleb: I can't believe I just let rafe -- I can't believe I just let him get away like that.

livvie: Yeah, but it was kind of all my fault. if I hadn't gone into the elixir like that and bragged to frank like some stupid jerk that you had your powers back --

caleb: What's done is done.

Livvie: I know. I'm just trying to say I'm sorry.

Caleb: It doesn't matter.

Livvie: Well, it does to me. I just -- I wanted frank and everyone to pay proper respect to you, to me.

caleb: It's nice that you're proud, but --

livvie: But what?

caleb: Until I get that ring back, I'll always be looking over my shoulder. I've just been lucky so far.

livvie: I don't understand.

Caleb: Luck. lucky that joshua hasn't learned just how powerful the ring is or what it can really do.

alison: Rafe, where are you? Why aren't you here yet?

joshua: Alison. alison? hello? well, aren't you the brave girl, giving me the cold shoulder when I should be angry with you for trying to stl my ring. but since I'm a patient man and forgiving, I've given it some thought. and I'm willing to forgive you for all of your faults. so I've arranged for us to have tea together, so come, sit down and join me, and we'll have tea.

alison: No. actually, no, I don't -- I don't want any tea. ththink -- I think that I'm just going to go for --

joshua: Now, now, now --

alison: Ow!

Joshua: Now, now, now.

Alison: Ow, let go of me.

joshua: I don't think so.

alon: What did you just do to my arm?

joshua: You're not going anywhere tonight, my dear.

alison: What was that in your hand? Was that a needle?

Joshua: You're going to be ok. Just another couple of moments, you'll be fine.

alison: What did you just do to me?

Joshua: Just a little insurance. Just for me. just to make you a little more accommodating.

alison: You wish.

joshua: And to make sure you won't go back to your slayer boyfriend.

alison: I don't think so, joshua. you can't keep me away from rafe. not ever.

rafe: Ian, what the hell are you doing?

Ian: Lucy needs you.

Rafe: I told you I'll meet you.

Ian: I know what you told me. We're running out of time. She needs your blood. We tried everything else.

rafe: Ok, so you think slayer blood's the answer?

Ian: I don't know! But it makes sense. She fell in that pool of water, and she lost her slayer powers. If we can get them back somehow --

rafe: We can save her life.

Ian: Yeah. so, let's go.

rafe: All right. Of course I will help.

Ian: Then let's go! I need you now!

Rafe: I can'T. I promise you. I promise you lucy will get all the blood she needs. I can't do this now. I've got something I got to do.

Ian: Ok, ok. I'm sorry.

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alison: You just -- you just gave me something, didn't you? You just gave me some sort of a drug.

Joshua: Calm down. I'm just making sure that we live the life that I dreamed of.

Alison: Yes, that's right -- what you've dreamt. What about what I want?

Joshua: Forget about your dreams. We're going to do things my way. I told you that. You just have to accept it.

Alison: Accept it? what, you and your vampire family? Never.

joshua: Can't we talk about something a little more pleasant, alison?

Alison: No. and even if I had all of the time in the world, I wouldn't have time for this.

Joshua: Speaking of time, what time is it, alison?

alison: I don't know.

Joshua: What time is it?

Alison: Why are you asking me that? Check your own watch.

Joshua: I just wondered. I thought, perhaps, it was time to take a little tea.

alison: I don't want any tea. I wouldn't do anything with you or for you. I wouldn't even give you the time of day.

joshua: You're not quite ready yet. soon, you will be.

alison: Oh, god.

joshua: I have all eternity, and pretty soon, you will have, too.

alison: What did you just give me? what did you just do to me?

Joshua: You feeling a little unsteady, my dear?

alison: I don't know what you gave to me, joshua. just let me go. stop it. Don't touch me.

Joshua: Here, here. let's try that one more time. There, there. is that a little better, my dear?

alison: No, I don't want this. I just want to go.

Joshua: You want to go where? Where do you want to go? You want to go home? you want to go home, alison? this is your home. this is your new home. this is our home. let's try that one more time, shall we? what time is it, alison?

livvie: So, you're the only one who knows how powerful the ring really is?

caleb: Its powers have grown over the years through each generation of my family.

livvie: And you're saying that whoever wears it is safe from more than just vampires. well, how much more?

caleb: Let's just say it's beyond your wildest dreams and then leave it at that.

livvie: You don't trust me.

caleb: Of course I do.

livvie: No, you -- you know what? I don't blame you. you gave me that ring to protect me, and I was supposed to keep it safe, and I didn'T. and now joshua has --

caleb: Stop. just stop. I gave you the ring to save your life. it was worth it.

livvie: Yeah, but if it wasn't fore e --

caleb: It's not about blame. it's about knowledge. if I tell you, you swear on your life you'll never tell anyone else about the ring's secrets?

livvie: Never, I swear.

caleb: It's part of my heritage, part of my destiny. but if joshua ever learns what power he holds when he wears the ring, I could never overpower him.

livvie: Why? What? what does the ring do?

caleb: If you know the way, it can grant the wishes of whoever wears it, making all of your dreams come true.

elizabeth: You want kevin.

Karen: I'm his doctor, elizabeth, that's all, and an old friend. I am not interested.

Elizabeth: Oh, please. I've seen --

karen: Listen to me. All I am trying to do is give kevin the help he needs. And you suggesting that I don't know how to treat his condition is not helping. it's plain, petty jealousy, and you've got to leave now.

elizabeth: No, you have no rig --

karen: Wrong. he's my patient, and you're not next of kin. I can have you thrown out.

elizabeth: You wouldn't dare.

karen: Want to try me?

karen: Sorry about that -- hey! Hey!

kevin: Just stay away, kan.N.

Karen: Ok, calm down!

Kevin: Look, I'll do better tomorrow, but for today I need this.

Karen: I'm sorry. I can't let you have --

kevin: No! I can't live like this.

Karen: Ok, fine.

Kevin: I can't take it.

Karen: Fine. You want more? Go ahead. Do it. Do it all. Ok. you want to end your life, just do it, kevin. isn't that what joshua wanted when he first started you on this drug?

kevin: I just need a little more.

Karen: Fine. What are you waiting for? You've already thrown your life away. Why don't you just go ahead and finish it?

kevin: Fine.

karen: Ok, but one thing you need to know. if you crash and burn this time, I won't be there to help you.

kevin: I won't need you, either.

karen: You'll be alone and afraid and your head spinning. You'll be calling out for somebody, anybody, but you know what? The people you loved won't be there for you. they'll have forgotten you, kevin, shut you out.

kevin: Ah, god! oh, god, what have I done? who the hell have I become?

ian: Ramsey, I need your help.

Chris: Just give me a second.

Ian: Now.

Chris: Hey.

Ian: It's about lucy.

chris: I just checked on her. There's no progress.

Ian: I know, but I've got a plan.

Chris: Ok, what is that?

Ian: Transfusion.

chris: No.

Ian: Slayer -- slayer blood this time.

chris: She's not responding to transfusions. What are the odds another one is going to make a difference?

Ian: Slayer blood is different, I hope.

chris: Yeah, that's great. Well, look, the only other slayer in town is rafe. We don't even know where he is, so --

ian: He's right there.

chris: No.

Ian: Don't ask.

chris: He's not just resting, is he?

Iaian: I gave him a little something.

Chris: A little something? A little something on the top of the head it looks like. all right, so what's your idea?

ian: Don't have time to explain right now. We can help lucy. Let's go.

alison: The time?

joshua: Go on.

Alison: It's -- it's time for you to realize what a pathetic excuse of a man you are. joshua, you're a lousy vampire.

Joshua: Careful.

alison: Careful, why? You afraid -- you might actulyly drug me again?

joshua: Your will is strong. So is your passion. But pretty soon, you will be mine.

Alison: No, never. Never, ever. my heart belongs with rafe, and it always will.

joshua: No, you're wrong about that.

Alison: Why? do you have some master plan for me? because I know you would've already turned me by now.

Joshua: No, there are other ways, alison.

alison: You going to torture me for the rest of my life?

Joshua: No. I'd just like to get on with my life. I'd like to get on with our lives, our mutual lives.

Alison: Right.

joshua: Try to be civil. I've been a gentleman. I haven't tried to turn you. I haven't forced you to sleep with me, have I? you have to say something about that, now. now, why don't you come and sit down and join me politely for some tea. you didn't answer my question, alison. What time is it? go on. You're almost there. What time is it, alison?

alison: Never. never. no, never. I'm not doing this. Look, if you want the time, then why don't you check it yourself?

joshua: Oh, look. I think you dropped this. yes, you did. you dropped this just as you were about to tell me thtitime. dear alison, what time is it?

Alison: It's -- it's time for --

joshua: Look again. look again. You're aost ready.

livvie: Why, if you've had the ring all this time and it's held all this power and you can grant any wishes, did all those awful things happen to you? To me? why couldn't we be together?

caleb: I used the ring's power unwisely.

Livvie: How?

caleb: You know the old saying "be careful what you wish for"? I wanted you so badly that I took all your goodness away.

livvie: Guess you got yourisish.

caleb: But I didn't consider the consequences.

livvie: The ring had ruined you and destroyed the both of us.

caleb: I told you it could be a dangerous thing. you have to know precisely how to use it.

livvie: And when and where and why.

caleb: If you lose sight of what you want or you ignore the consueuences, that ring ring can mean more harm than good. For the first time in my life, I know exactly what I want.

Livvie: With all the power the ring held, you still gave it away. You gave it to me when I was in danger.

caleb: I had to protect you.

livvie: You trusted me with your legacy. you gave up all of your powers to keep me safe, and it worked, because I would be dead right now.

caleb: But the ring saved your life.

livvie: I had no idea the sacrifice you had made for me.

Caleb: Shh. for us, olivia. for us.

elizabeth: Wait a minute. Doctor or not, she can't tell me what to do. Kevin needs me here -- how could he? oh, I can't believe she's already --

chris: Oh! Excuse me. Hey, it's chris.

elizabeth: Just move! jeez!

chris: What? what was that? a head case. great legs, though.

kevin: I don't get it, karen. I should have known better.

Karen: Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. Your mind isn't your own right now.

kevin: I know how detox works. I should have the willpower. all I know is that I want more and more and more. why can't I just stop?

karen: It's the drug, kevin. joshua knows exactly what he's doing. he's made it so strong, it's robbed you of your own free will.

kevin: I should know how to deal with i

karen: But you can'T. there's a good reason why.

kevin: What do you mean?

karen: I've analyzed it -- the last vial that frank gave me -- and it's more potent than the one before and the one before that. It seems to be getting stronger, more refined.

[Kevin chuckles]

kevin: So if joshua doesn't get me with his fangs, he gets me with this.

Karen: Look, I know you're feeling out of control right now, but you got to stick with it, all right? it's the best way, t only way.

kevin: I honestly don't know what the best way is anymore. I need your help, karen. I put all my trust in you.

livvie: How did I get so lucky? I love you so much.

caleb: I love you.

livvie: I love you. and I promise I will do whatever it takes to get that ring back.

caleb: I'm counting on it.

livvie: I have never felt love like this my entire life.

caleb: We're even because I've never loved you more.

livvie: We're going to get the ring. and then we'll have all the power. so much power.

chris: Ian. Ian! Come on, we're all set.

ian: Let's hurry up.

chris: Hey, does lucy even know about all this?

Ian: No. but seeing her cousin will give her hope, and that's all we got.

Chris: Wait a minute, wait a minute. whatever you gave him, he's fighting it. Are you sure he's up for this?

Ian: Just take over and get him prepped. I don't really care what he was doing this evening. This is more important now.

chris: My bet is this is not what he had planned.

joshua: Stop fighting it. your watch -- what time does it say?

alison: Watch -- it's time.

joshua: Go on. stop fighting it, alison. tell me, what time is it?

alison: It's time -- it's time for tea.

joshua: You've got it. a little longer than expected, but that wasn't so bad, was it?

alison: Joshua, it's time for tea.

joshua: Good. then I suggest you -- you sit down and you pour me some.

joshua: A nice, strong cup of tea with alison. my beautiful, charming, and newly obedient alison. and this is just the beginning.

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