Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 6/11/03

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lulucy: I'm really fine. I'm -- I mean, I feel -- fine. I just need that transfusion -- ow!

nurse: Sorry.

Lucy: Oh, that's ok. I'll be good as new after that. come on.

Chris: I know, I know. We just want to wheel you in, check you out, you know, change the oil, ship you home in no time.

lucy: Right, because I just -- I don't -- it was weird. it was just a little confusion. I just got a little --

casey: Right, nothing to worry about.

Lucy: Yeah, see? She's the one who brought me in. she knows I was fine. I just got confused.

chris: And what about ian?

lucy: Please, chris, don't call him. I don't want to bother him. Please don't call him. I'm going to be in and out of here.

Casey: I'm going to be in the hallway. If you need anything, I'll just wait --

lucy: Could you kind of stick close?

casey: Yeah, I'll be right here.

Lucy: Ok, thanks.

casey: I wish. pick up, pick up, pick up.

[Phone rings]

Ian: Thornhart.

casey: Ian, hey, hey, hey, it's casey.

Ian: Slow down. What's wrong?

casey: I'm not too sure, but lucy's in the hospital.

ian: What happened? I'm on my way.

rafe: Yeah, well, there's nothing left for me to do here. All right, I got to get out of here. Later.

caleb: Going somewhere?

Rafe: Caleb.

caleb: What do you say you and I have a little chat first?

joshua: I want you to make sure the jet's ready on the runway, first for takeoff straight to paris.

Jamal: Understood.

Joshua: I don't want any delays. I want to be straight out of here and on my way to my delightful honeymoon.

Jamal: Ok. All is taken care of, joshua.

joshua: What? What? What? What's the laugh for?

jamal: What, nothing. It's just I -- I've never seen you like this before, that's all, ok? a little nervous, that's all.

joshua: This is not nervous. This is what's called anticipation. I have money, I have power, I have a ring that protects me. I have alison barrington. by the time we see the seine, she'll be my bride in every way.

alison: Oh, my god -- my wedding night. well, I had a wedding day once -- almost. god, that's such a long time ago. but it's now that counts. rafe, I know you can do this. I know you can.

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casey: The nurse said that you wanted to see me.

Lucy: Yeah. I have not received my transfusion yet, and I can't figure out what's taking so long.

Casey: Ok, ok. Well, did you ask the doctor?

Lucy: Chris has completely disappeared.

casey: You know, I think it's just because they're pretty busy.

lucy: Well, if there's someplace that I need to go -- I got to get out of here.

Casey: Oh, no, no, no, no. You're already here. Just be patient.

Lucy: I need to get out of here. I've got to go. I've got things to do.

Casey: Ok, you know, you just need to relax --

lucy: No, I can't because I'm all that's left. I'm it.

Casey: What do you mean? What do you mean, you're "all that's left"?

Lucy: Rafe's done. Rafe has completely thrown in the towel.

Casey: No. No way. That'll never last, ok? rafe will come around.

lucy: What are you talking about? You sound like you know something. Do you have some sort of angel inside information?

casey: Nothing that -- nothing that's for sure, but I'm holding on to hope, lucy. that's what I'm holding on to.

lucy: Right. Right.

ian: Hey.

Lucy: Hey. why are you here? I didn't mean for you to have to come here. How did -- how did you find out I am here?

Ian: I've got spies everywhere.

lucy: Spies? Spies, like, these little spies that wear haloanand anl wings? that kind of spies? I'm fine. I'm just fine.

ian: Yeah? Let me be the judge of that.

casey: You know what? I am going to look for chris. ok?

ian: Let me see.

Lucy: You tell him five minutes, tops, and then I'm out of here. You tell him that.

Casey: Ok.

Cycy: Ok.

Casey: Right.

Lucy: Ok.

ian: So, what happened, exactly?

lucy: Sorry. Sorry. I went to the elixir.

ian: You went to joshua's club?

lucy: I went to joshua's club because rafe was there and he was drinking. apparently he was drinking a lot, which he doesn't usually do, and you should've seen what went on. you should've heard what he was saying.

Ian: What'd he say?

Lucy: Stupid, stupid things. I got really upset with him. I got very mad at him.

Ian: You got mad at him?

lucy: Yes, I got mad at him.

Ian: That's a first.

Lucy: Yeah, well, it -- yeah, I was, and then he got mad at me and he got upset, so he left, and then I decided I was going to just get out of there, too.

ian: Yeah. Well, you know, americans drinking, get a little weird sometimes.

lucy: Then I saw you.

ian: You saw me?

Lucy: I mean, I thought I saw you.

ian: You saw someone who looked like me?

Lucy: No. I thought I really saw you.

ian: So you were hallucinating.

lucy: No, no, I wouldn't call it that. I mean, I certainly wasn't hallucinating. It wasn't that big of a deal. I just -- I got a little confused, that's all.

ian: That's all?

caleb: Don't tell me you're running away, because the fun's just starting.

rafe: You know, what I do or don't do is none of your business.

Caleb: Yeah, but since I'm here and I'm asking --

rafe: I'm leaving town. Ok? You satisfied? Ok?

caleb: You're leaving town? Without alison?

rafe: Well, you know what? She's made her choice. So, it's out of my hands.

caleb: Oh. And you're ok with that? seeing your girl with someone like joshua?

rafe: Stop -- you know what? This is none of your business! Is none of your business. and, by the way, you got your powers back, didn't you? which means livvie got the antidote, right? right? Right?

Caleb: Yep.

Rafe: Ok, well, congratulations. Now can you go find someplace else to gloat?

Caleb: I came here to finish what we started, to put the team back together.

rafe: What team?

W were never a team.

caleb: We can finish off joshua and get alison back. It works out for both of us. so what do you say, slayer?

joshua: Is something wrong?

Jal: Is something wrong with what?

Joshua: With alison? Where is she? Why's she taking so long?

Jamal: I don't know. I'll go check on her.

Joshua: Well, that's a good idea. Go on.

Jamal: Yes, it is. you look great. you ok?

alison: I've been standing here for a really long time. I'm really trying to get enough courage to walk through the door --

jamal: And marry joshua.

Alison: No. I don't think I can do it. I can'T.

jamal: You don't have a choice. Ok? So just take a deep breath, ok? Walk through that door and say those sweet little words. all right?

alison: This isn't suppodd to happen. It's not supposed to be like this.

Jamal: We're just doing what we got to do, ok? so maybe you end up liking it in the end. or maybe it just won't be so bad. he's waiting.

Alison: I know!

jamal: Well, he doesn't wait well.

alison: No, not in this life.

jamal: So we'll just have to give him another one.

joshua: Well, jamal, where is she? jamal. Damn it, where it is alin?N?

casey: Lucy -- ok. hey, up there, it's me, casey, again. look, I know that there's a reason why I was the one who found lucy and I brought in here, ok? I don't know what's it about. I know there's a reason, all right? I know that there's --

casey: No. Oh, no.

lucy: Ian --

ian: One second.

lucy: No, no, not -- not one second. I dot rere about those numbers right now. I don't care about that. all I care about -- you. Are you ok? I need to ow if you're ok.

Ian: I'm fine.

Lucy: Fine? "Fine" as in --

ian: "Fine" as in I'm trying to find a way to control the hunger.

lucy: You would tell me -- I mean, if you had to feed on anybody, you'd tell me, right?

ian: Yes, I would.

lucy: Well, then, that's good. you got to give yourself credit for that, at least.

ian: Shh.

lucy: No, listen to me. It's important that younunderstand. It's good that you can do that.

ian: Let's talk about something else right now, ok?

Lucy: Okey-dokey, then, doctor, what do you want to talk about?

ian: When did you feel disoriented for the first time?

lucy: Hmm, let me see. I think it was when you first kissed me.

ian: No, I -- I -- come on.

lucy: I'm serious. I'm being very serious here. I'm feeling fine. I just would feel so much better after the transfusion.

ian: You haven't got one yet?

lucy: No. chris said he was going to come back, and all he did was take some of my blood and take off, and he hasn't come back.

ian: Is that right?

lucy: Yeah, and I want to get out of here. you know, I really want to go with danny. I just -- I lo h having him stay with us. I love it.

ian: Danny's in new york. You know that.

lucy: What?

ian: He's staying with tim. I mean, you know that he's been staying with tim ever since the vampire thing started over again.

lucy: With tim -- right. I know what you're doing. This is some sort of little test. well, it's not going to work because i know for a fact what your son looked like when I left him this morning, and he was blue. see, what happened was I tried to make those pancakes, you know, and I put too many blueberries, so his first bite, it was, like, all blue. And then by the time he finished eating -- head to toe completely -- you wouldn't even recognize your son. he's all blue now.

caleb: I don't like this an more than you do, but we are stronger if we take on joshua together.

rafe: We tried that, ok?

caleb: We also -- we also betrayed each other. I think we know better now. It'll take both of us. that was true then, and it's true now.

rafe: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- truth? Don't even talk to me about the truth. You wouldn't know it if it --

caleb: If it what? If it bit me? let me tell you something. This much I do know -- if you love alison at all, you'll put aside your differences and work with me instead of against me.

rafe: Oh, really? Why would I do that? I know the real reason you're here begging me now --

caleb: Begging.

Rafe: For my help is because neither you nor livvie can get anywhere near joshua as long as he has that ring, and that's what you really want, right? you want that stupid ring.

Caleb: That ring is mine. it's part of my heritage. and, yes, it protects joshua from me now, but it's been in my family for generations. that's why I have to have it back.

Rafe: You want it back because it gives you more power. So by all means, go ahead. go ahead. Go and g it. but just so you know, I wouldn't help you and livvie cross the street, all right? so get the hell out of my way. Ok. fine, if you don't want to do it, I'll do it for you, ok?

caleb: You want to play? let's play. now it's your turn again.

joshua: You are so divine. You are remarkable.

alison: I'm so glad you're pleased.

Joshua: Pleased? I can't find the words. that dress is breathtaking on you. I think anything you wear would be breathtaking -- even without clothes, quite frankly.

jamal: Joshua --

joshua: I think we'd rather exchange our vows privately. Close the door when you leave.

Alison: Wait, no, please. Will you let him stay?

Joshua: Why? We don't need a witness for our ritual.

alison: I know, but ever since I was a little girl, I always imagined having friends and family there with me on my day. so if I could just have one friend -- please, for me?

joshua: All right, you come here and stay silent. alison -- so soft, so warm. and soon you'll be all mine.

[Music plays]

joshua: Come with me. Come with me.

joshua: From the first moment I saw you, I knew we would stand before this ritual flame together. you and I together will be nothing short of perfection. ambition meets submission, power meets charm and breeding. and with you and I together, nothing is outside of our reach. with our union this evening, and every other night, it will be the greatest thing this world has ever seen.

lucy: I bet that you were a lot like dan when you were that agebebecause you're still a very messy eater. You know that.

ian: Yeah, I know, I know. he pbably got that from me.

Lucy: Yeah. did you call him today?

ian: Did I call danny today?

lucy: No, not danny, tim. you know, tim -- the guy who's taking care of your son in new york?

ian: So -- so you know that danny's in new york. you know that.

lucy: Yeah. He's been there since the vampires came back. Of course I know that.

ian: And you're sure about that?

Lucy: Of course I'm sure about that. Why -- why are you acting like this? What's going on?

ian: I need to find chris and see what's going on with the test results.

lucy: Well, casey said she'd do tt.

Ian: I know, but I know his hiding places. It'll be faster.

lucy: But I don't want you to go --

ian: I won't be long.

Lucy: Ok.

casey: Are you all right, ian?

ian: Lucy -- she --

chris: Ian?

ian: She's losing touch with reality. She's in and out, and she -- and you're not surprised by that because you've got the test results.

chris: Yeah, the toxins in her bloodstream are building up. they're even stronger than before.

Ian: Ok, let's do a transfusion right now and --

chris: Yeah, well, that's an option, ian, but I don't know if --

ian: What? You don't know what? It's worked before, so let's do it again.

Chris: The results don't last, ian. one look at those numbers shows you that if we give her a transfusion, she's just going to need another one right away. we're all out of cards to play.

ian: What are you -- what are you saying? What, you know -- you don't know what you're saying because you don't even know what the problem is. So when I --

chris: No, no, I'm not saying it because I don't want to say it. all I know for sure is what those numbers are telling me.

casey: She's dying. lucy's dying, and there's nothing you can do.

ian: I --

[Lucy giggles]

lucy: Oh. I am so glad you came for a visit. I've missed you so much. oh, mommy's ssed you. you know, I bet you had fun at play group today, didn't you? you can tell me all about it. but I thought first we should go to the store and get you a nice, new dress. I was thinking purple, maybe. maybe pink, but everybody wears pink, don't you think? Purple looks so pretty with those beautiful eyes of your. would you like that? Like that?

[Lucy gileles]

rafe: No, I don't have time for this, ok?

Caleb: Make time. I'm not moving, and you can't do anything about it. we just established that.

Rafe: I swear --

caleb: You're not going anywhere, not until you agree to give this a shot.

joshua: Alison?

jamal: Ali?

alison: What? What?

[Music plays]

joshua: The vows, my sweet.

alison: Oh, right, the vows. Um -- I promise to always be loyal to you.

jouaua: And?

alison: And I promise to always live up to your expectations.

joshua: And?

alison: And what?

joshua: Maybe a couple of words, improvise a few sweet nothings just for me?

alison: Um -- joshua, I'm sorry, but this is not exactly the way that I thought my life would turn out. but I'm going to do the best that I can, and I'm going to try and accept the way that things have to be.

[Rafe groans]

rafe: All right! All right! ok, I will help you. all right, I'll do everyining I can. I'll give it my all. it's just -- not now, ok? I got something I got to take care of.

Caleb: What kind of something?

rafe: A very important kind. Let me go.

caleb: Just tell me what's going on.

rafe: No. You don't understand what you're doing by keeping me here.

caleb: Why don't you explain it, then?

rafe: Just let me go, all right? I got to get there. I'm late already.

caleb: For what? Who?

rafe: Alison, all right? I got to get to alison.

joshua: With this ring, I thee wed. and for as long as it lays on your finger, may it be a symbol of my commitment to this union and to you.

alison: Ok. are we finished? E e we done?

joshua: Put the ring on my finger.

alison: Oh, right. ok.

joshua: "With this ring, I thee wed."

alison: "With this ring, I thee wed" and use it as a symbol of our commitment to each other and to this union.

joshua: Good. very good.

alison: Now I know what I have to do.

joshua: Argh! you wretch!

Alison: Ow. Ouch.

Joshua: You wretch. You tried to steal this ring from my finger.

Alison: No, I didn'T.

Joshua: Now you're going to pay.

Alison: Ow.

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ian: I don't think we're going to do this transfusion.

Caleb: Alison's not the only thing that joshua has that doesn't belong to him. That ring on his finger is mine.

Joshua: This whole wedding -- just a sham. Just waiting for rafe to show up to kill me. Was that the plan?

alison: Ow.

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