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Jack: All right. Let's see what the damage was. Yeah, they do have a lot of cash. Ok. So they have about -- it's about 3,000 in 50's and -- it's about a thousand -- a thousand for me. Ah, Joshua will never notice. He's loaded. Besides, I'm the one keeping the books.

Reese: What's that in your pocket, mortal?

Jack: Reese.

Reese: Up to no good, I see.

Jack: You know it.


Kevin: Come on, damn it. Ring!

Elizabeth: Kevin, guess what. I just talked to Alison. She's all right.

Kevin: As if I care.

Elizabeth: Everything's all right. No, listen, she didn't have time to give me details, tell me the whole thing, but she did sound a little bit odd, but the important thing is, is that she's all right. I just was on the phone with her for --

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You were on the telephone?

Elizabeth: Well, she left me a message to call her.

Kevin: I told you to stay off that line! I'm waiting for a call from Joshua or Frank, and now I have to try and get a hold of -- Karen! Karen, thank God.

Karen: Kevin, what's wrong? You sound --

Kevin: You know, I know that you're not Frank's keeper, but I really need to find that old boyfriend of yours.

Karen: Are you all right? Your voice, it's --

Kevin: Uh -- well, never mind that. I'm fine. Really. You -- you haven't seen Frank around, have you? Somewhere around G.H.?

Karen: No, I --

Kevin: Well, how about maybe on his E.M.T. shift somewhere? Anywhere?

Karen: Listen, I haven't seen him, all right? And I'm not exactly looking for him, either. You know that. Look, if it's about the drugs, if that's why you're looking for him --

Kevin: Look, doctor, I don't need another lecture, and I don't need another group talk-fest like you have in mind, so --

Karen: Kevin, wait. Let me help you, ok? Just calm down. Talk to me.

Kevin: I'm not in the mood, all right? Ugh.

Elizabeth: It's ok. It's ok, baby.

Kevin: I can't find Frank. My supplies ran out. I don't know what I'm going to do.


Ian: Answer me. Where's Lucy?

Caleb: Relax. Relax. They're here.

Ian: Relax?

Lucy: Ian? Ian?

Ian: Lucy?

Lucy: It's ok. I'm ok.

Ian: What happened? Is everything fine?

Lucy: Yeah, I'm fine. Can you just hold me?

Caleb: Do me a favor. Do not disappear on me like that again.

Livvie: I got it. I got the cure.

Caleb: What?

Livvie: Lucy gave me the antidote.

Ian: You gave it to her?

Lucy: I had to.

Ian: But if you --

Lucy: No, listen to me. You have to trust me on this, because it was the only way, ok?

Livvie: So all I have to do is drink this and my fangs won't be poisonous to you anymore.

Caleb: You can turn me back.

Livvie: Yeah, to yourself, Caleb Morley -- mmm -- the vampire. We did it, my love.

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Reese: So how much this time, Jack? Tell me.

Jack: About another thousand, and it's getting easier by the minute.

Reese: You really like this job, don't you?

Jack: I don't just like this job. I love this job. And now that I have a wad of cash and I'm off early --

Reese: Well, I have a surprise for you.

Jack: Oh, what kind of surprise?

Reese: Well, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, would it?

Jack: Well, then why don't me, you, and my surprise go out?

Reese: Out?

Jack: Yeah. Is that a problem?

Reese: Oh, I guess we could.

Jack: But --

Reese: Well, I --

Jack: No, I didn't --

Reese: Darling, I just thought I'd just give it to you here, but we -- just forget about it.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, no, no. I didn't mean to really go out --

Reese: No, it's too lame. It's kind of lame. It's lame, seriously.

Jack: Reese, look, stop. No, stop. Listen. Stop. Tell me what it is. I'm not moving till you tell me what it is.

Reese: Seriously, just forget about it.

Jack: Reese, I'm not moving till you tell me what it is. Hmm, plant it right here.

Reese: Are you sure?

Jack: I'm positive. Do I need to be dressed up for this or no clothes at all?

Reese: I cooked for you.

Jack: You what?

Reese: I cooked for you.

Jack: You cooked? As in actual dinner?

Reese: Yeah, just forget about it. It's kind of silly. It's so not me.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, no. No, that's not what I -- that's not what I think at all. I don't think it's lame at all.

Reese: Really?

Jack: No.

Reese: Are you sure?

Jack: I think it's awesome. Bring it on.


Lucy: Why didn't you tell me about the fake antidote?

Ian: I'm trying to keep you safe. Is that so hard to understand?

Lucy: And I am so tired of all this.

Ian: I know. I know, but -- if Livvie uses that antidote and bites Caleb and she turns him back into a vampire -- you know how dangerous he is.

Lucy: I know. I know all of that. That's what I'm so tired of.

Ian: And why --

Lucy: Why? I'm tired of this. Look, you had to deceive me to keep me safe. I'm tired of making those kind of decisions. I'm tired of all this deception. I'm tired of all this danger. It's all just wrong. Oh, God.

Ian: I didn't deceive you. I was --

Lucy: You know what? I gave them the antidote because they would just keep coming after us over and over again. But that's not the real reason. Something suddenly hit me when Livvie was talking. I realized Rafe was right.

Ian: Rafe? Rafe was right about what?

Lucy: He was right about everything. He was right about the fact that Caleb and Livvie are a whole heck of a lot easier to deal with than Joshua and his entire vampire nation.

Ian: But if --

Lucy: Ok, wait. Listen. I gave the antidote because Caleb wants to get rid of Joshua just as much as we do. It's like I turned that vial over as kind of a means to an end.

Ian: A means to an end? You've lost me here. I am --

Lucy: Please. Caleb and Livvie would put everybody that we love in danger still trying to get to that. Meanwhile, Joshua had all the time in the world to recruit all the vampires in the world to get to us. So I did it to save everybody. Can't you understand that?

Ian: I don't know --

Lucy: The inevitable has to happen -- Caleb becomes a vampire again. He gets rid of Joshua. And then I don't care what happens, ok? Let fate take over. Whatever's going to happen is going to happen.


Livvie: We did it, Caleb. It's over -- the waiting, the wondering if O could ever bite you again.

Caleb: I'm not so sure.

Livvie: Yeah, but I've got the antidote.

Caleb: Maybe. Maybe not. We can't trust them. They already switched these vials on us once before.

Livvie: No, don't say that.

Caleb: Just give me one minute. Let me just think about this. What if this time they didn't switch it for something harmless like sugar water? What if this time the slayer switched it for something like poison?

Livvie: Well, it's not sugar water and it's not poison. I can tell you that.

Caleb: How do you know?

Livvie: Because I just drank it.


Kevin: Oh, just -- just get off me.

Elizabeth: No, listen. There has to be something else that can help you feel the way that Joshua's injection does.

Kevin: Well, there isn't, ok? Joshua made that concoction just for me -- for my needs, for my head. And now it's gone.

Elizabeth: Ok, what do you need? What do you need?

Kevin: Oh, just drop it, ok?

Elizabeth: No, I'm not going to drop it, because I'm sure that there is something else that you want, something else that you need.

Kevin: What are you doing?

Elizabeth: I want you to think about something else for a minute.

Kevin: Yeah -- no.

Elizabeth: Yes, yes. If you just take your mind --

Kevin: Elizabeth, you don't understand.

Elizabeth: I do understand, Kevin.

Kevin: Just stop, please.

Elizabeth: I know what it's like when you desperately --

Kevin: Will you stop it? I know what you were trying to do. I just -- look, it's not like I don't want you.

Elizabeth: That's what it feels like.

Kevin: Well, I'm sorry, but all I can think about right now is what I need. And right now I need my medicine.

Elizabeth: Ok, then you know what? Leave that to me, too, ok? If it's this drug that you need, I'll get it for you.

Kevin: It's not something that you can buy.

Elizabeth: I realize that. But I've been known to be very resourceful. I can be quite persistent.

Kevin: Yeah, so I've heard.

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: Frank! Oh, thank God.

Elizabeth: Oh, wait. No, don't --

Kevin: Please.

Karen: I'm sorry, Kevin. You sounded wound up when I talked to you, and I -- Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hello, doctor.

Kevin: Look, Karen, unless you've brought something for me, this is really a bad time.

Karen: Yeah, I see that.


Jack: It looks incredible.

Reese: But you haven't even tasted it yet.

Jack: Ah, yeah, right.

Reese: Mmm.

Jack: Ok, what are you doing? Is this one of those secret taste tests?

Reese: No. Just promise me that you'll be honest and tell me the truth, because I can handle it.

Jack: Ok, you're not going to give me some of that bangers and mash stuff, huh?

Reese: No.

Jack: Please. Ok.

Reese: And it's not bubble and squeak or fish and chips.

Jack: Whew.

Reese: We do have more than three kinds of recipes in England, you know.

Jack: Mmm.

Reese: Ok.

Jack: Mmm, it smells good.

Reese: All right, just please, just be honest.

Jack: Ok, I'll be honest, but I'm starving. Come on.

Reese: Ok. Ahem. Ok. There you go. All in.

Jack: Oh.

Reese: What's that supposed to mean? "Oh"?

Jack: Oh -- oh.

Reese: Yes. What I was afraid of.

Jack: No -- no, no, no, no. This is really, really good.

Reese: Seriously?

Jack: No, I mean it. Where'd you buy it?

Reese: "Buy it." You jerk. I told you not to --

Jack: Hey, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It's delicious.

Reese: Really?

Jack: Yeah and you know what else?

Reese: What?

Jack: I think you're really special.


Ian: We've helped create another vampire.

Lucy: Re-create.

Ian: Re-create, ok. Another monster just like --

Lucy: No. You are not a monster, and I don't want to hear that out of your mouth again. You are having trouble controlling some urges, that's all. You haven't bitten anybody. You haven't turned anybody.

Ian: But I dream about it.

Lucy: Dream about what?

Ian: Uh -- about biting you. About biting your neck.

Lucy: Ok, fine. It's just a dream, a dream. That's all.

Ian: No, it's not. It's what I want. It's -- do you remember when I poured you a glass of wine and I dropped it? Do you remember that?

Lucy: Yes, of course I remember that.

Ian: Well, I -- I didn't see white wine. I saw blood. And -- and when I watch you sleeping, I --

Lucy: You're just -- you're watching over me to take care of me. That's what that is.

Ian: No! I fantasize about your neck, what it would be like to bite you, to feel you.

Lucy: Ok, but you haven't done anything, though. It doesn't have to be like that, because you haven't done anything. You haven't bitten anybody, and we can go back to like it was, where you can control it. We can fight this. We can. It's just like from the beginning.

Ian: It's different now.

Lucy: It doesn't have to be. It doesn't have to be.

Ian: When I make love to you, what if I can't stop myself? Hmm? What if I hurt you? What if -- what if I turn you?

Lucy: Ok. All right, listen to me. Just -- why don't you tell me, just what it's like for you. What happens to you when you have those feelings. Tell me.

Ian: I -- I'm --

Lucy: No, come on. Try.

Ian: You can't be this close to me, please. I think you smell too good. I -- I --

Lucy: Ok. Ok, what else?

Ian: I want to hold you in my arms. I want to kiss you, and I want to hold you and touch you. That's what I want.

Lucy: Ok. All right, then. If that's what you want, then that's what I want.

Ian: Please -- please --

Lucy: And if you love me and I love you, then we can.

Ian: No, we can't, because if I --

Lucy: I don't want to stop. I don't. You can't. Don't -- don't stop.

Ian: I -- I -- I ca--

Lucy: You can't what? You can't make love to me? Is that it? You can't? Listen to me. You won't hurt me.

Ian: Hmm.

Lucy: I will show you that it's ok. Let me, please.


Caleb: Ah, sweetheart. You never should have drank from that vial.

Livvie: Yeah, well, whatever it is, if it's the real thing --

Caleb: You can't trust it, though. You feel ok?

Livvie: Yeah.

Caleb: Yeah? Then again, I've always lived by my instincts, the same instincts you trusted when you swallowed whatever is in that vial. You took the chance.

Livvie: Yeah -- for us.

Caleb: I'm ready. I'm willing to take the chance.

Livvie: But --

Caleb: Do it, Olivia.

Livvie: Are you sure?

Caleb: Just do it. Just do it.

Livvie: Ok.


Jack: This is amazing. It's unbelievable.

Reese: You're such a liar. Just tell the truth.

Jack: No, no, no. I'm serious. It's really, really good. Ok, it's real good. Can I please have some more?

Reese: Promise you'll be a good boy.

Jack: I promise I will be a real, real good boy. You know, after all, you are a real good lover, and you are a real good singer. And now that I find out that you're a great cook --

Reese: Dream on, Jack Ramsey.

Jack: What? Oh, you don't believe me?

Reese: You are such a liar.


Elizabeth: I don't mean to be rude, Karen, but --

Kevin: Look, just tell me you found Frank, Karen. Where is my supply?

Karen: Kevin, calm down. I don't know where Frank is.

Kevin: Well, what about the lab tests? You had to have it analyzed so you know exactly what Joshua put into it, right?

Karen: I'm sorry. I don't.

Kevin: Don't you have any good news?

Karen: Look, I just came by because you just sounded so --

Kevin: So pathetic? Well, sympathy isn't what I need right now.

Elizabeth: Karen, if you really can't do anything, it probably would be a better idea to leave.

Karen: You know, I didn't say I couldn't help at all.

Kevin: What? What? What is that? You brought me something?

Karen: Ok, this is not a substitute, ok? It'll calm you down. It'll take the edge off.

Kevin: Just give me -- give me that! This is it? This is what you bring me?

Karen: Look, will you relax? I know it won't do the trick. It's not like Joshua's special concoction, but at least --

Kevin: No, but nothing! Karen, I know you want me to get off this stuff, but I can't. Not tonight. It's too strong. It's too powerful.

Karen: Too good, you mean. Come on, Kevin. You're talking to an expert ex-pill popper -- one you counseled, remember? Don't you think I know better? You can't get off of this stuff just like that. You have to have more.

Kevin: More? Then you mean to help? You'll get some?

Elizabeth: No, wait a minute. You have to get this from Joshua. How do you plan on doing that? He's not even returning Kevin's calls. Why would he take yours?

Kevin: She's right. Karen, you're going to have to go to Frank.

Karen: No, I can't. Not Frank.

Kevin: Oh, come on, Karen. He'll listen to you.

Karen: Kevin, we parted on not so such good terms, all right? I can't just go talk to him and --

Kevin: Karen, please. Tell me that you'll do this for me. I'm dying here. I need this from you.

Karen: All right. I'll get you what you need, but just enough to get you off of what Joshua's been giving you.

Kevin: Thank you. Thank you, Karen. Thank you. Thank you.

Karen: This isn't going to be easy.


Ian: I've missed you.

Lucy: Well, I'm here. Always will be.


Livvie: After all this time, finally we're here together.

Caleb: Olivia --


Lucy: I need you so much.


Livvie: Don't stop.

Caleb: It's our time, Olivia. It's finally come.


Ian: Your skin -- you feel so --

Lucy: You, too.

Ian: I want -- I want to --


Caleb: Now, Olivia. Do it now.

Livvie: There's no going back.

Caleb: Forever and ever.


Lucy: Don't stop. I want you to make love to me.

Ian: Ugh --

Lucy: What? What is it? You all right? You ok?

Ian: I can't.

Lucy: You can't go! Ian, please don't --

Ian: I can't.

Lucy: Ian, don't just leave! Ian?


Caleb: That's it, my love. Feast. Bring me back. Give me back my powers. Feed on me. Feed. Ah!

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