Port Charles Transcript Thursday 5/15/03

Provided by Suzanne

Livvie: When I was in the fourth grade, we were given this special assignment we had to do for father's day. We had to make something. And I just made up the most spectacular dad that a girl could ever have. I mean, he was kind and strong and smart and understanding and he didn't judge me. And he never let me down. He was you.

Kevin: You kept this all this time?

Livvie: Yeah. I mean, something deep down inside told me that I might need it someday. It says "world's greatest father."

Kevin: I'm your father. I don't care what you might've done or what you might not have done. You're my daughter and I will always love you.

Livvie: No matter what?

Kevin: No matter what. Oh, come here. Oh, honey.

Livvie's voice: All my life I wanted to know who my father was. And now you're here. And if there is still a chance that we can be close one day, I would like to have that chance.

Kevin: What have I done?

[Knock on door]


Elizabeth: Open this door. I know you're in there. Kevin, open it!


Livvie: Well? Come on, Rafe, did you or didn't you get the antidote? Yes or no?

Rafe: It's not as simple as that, Livvie. Ahem. I got into Joshua's head. I gave him a nightmare. I made him dream that you sank your poisonous fangs into his neck.

Livvie: And he -- he panicked and ran to the antidote, right?

Rafe: Yes, yes, he panicked. No, he didn't run

Livvie: What?

Rafe: There is no antidote. I'm sorry we were wrong about that.

Livvie: So my fangs are poisonous to Caleb. If I -- if I bite him, he'll die and -- and there's no cure. Rafe, please, you have to help me fix this. Please? Please?

Rafe: I'm sorry.

Livvie: God, no! This can't be true.


Joshua: Who's there?

Frank: Almost there.

Amanda: How much further, for pity's sake?

Joshua: Ah, tonight's honored guest. Thank you so much, Mrs. Barrington, for coming.

Alison: Barrington? Oh, my God. That's my nana.

Caleb: You're not going anywhere.

Alison: That is my grandmother. I have to get out there.

Caleb: Do you want him to hear you?

Alison: [Muffled] get your hands off --

Caleb: You are going to get yourself killed. Do you under-- ow!

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