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Rafe: Guess that's what happens when you get stuck in a vampire's head for too long. Ok. Time for the next move -- get Livvie's antidote. All right, Joshua. Rest that aching head of yours.

Joshua: Oh, this headache. Why won't this go away? There is so much paperwork. I need help with this paperwork. More lawyers -- as if anybody would ever know the difference. What? Oh -- this is excruciating.

[Knock on door]

Joshua: Ugh -- not so loud, I hear you.


Joshua: I hear you.

Frank: It's Frank.

Joshua: I know who it is. Come in.

Frank: It's locked.

Joshua: What is it? If it's bad news, I don't want to hear it.

Frank: Then I'll come back later.

Joshua: No, it's all right. I have a killer headache. What is it?

Frank: Jamal Woods.

Joshua: What about him?

Frank: I just caught him trying to burn down the club.

Joshua: And you stopped him?

Frank: Of course I did.

Joshua: And you brought me his head on a platter?

Frank: I would have. But our friend the guardian angel got in the way.

Joshua: Little Casey again.

Frank: She's becoming a major distraction.

Joshua: I will deal with the angel. What else?

Frank: I want you to know it wasn't me who killed Alison.

Joshua: I'm aware of that.

Frank: I do everything I can to take care of business, Joshua, but I can't be everywhere at once.

Joshua: If I have a problem with your work, I will speak to you about it. Anything else?

Frank: I thought you would be happy to know that your guest is on the way.

Joshua: Excellent. Open the gates.

Frank: Anybody I know?

Joshua: Uh -- yes, Franklin, it's someone that you know quite well.

Frank: Who?

Joshua: Oh. That would spoil the surprise.


Alison: Hi. Yes, I need a cab, please. This is Alison Barrington. Oh, no, you probably don't really care who I am. Sorry.


Alison: What was that? No, nothing. I'm sorry, I wasn't talking to you. Ok, I am -- I'm on foot I'm walking. I'm on route 28. I'm just north of the city, and I'm a couple -- a couple of miles past the exit for Somerset Plains. If you could send a car right away, that'd be great. Thank you. I'm just on foot, so I'm going to keep walking until you drive up, ok? Ok, thanks. Bye.


Alison: Who's there? Look, I know somebody's there. Stop messing with me. Ok, Alison, you need to stay focused. That's right. Nobody's there. Rafe, I will get to you even if I have to walk to you. I don't care.

[Alison gas]

Alison: Oh, God.

Caleb: Going somewhere?

Alison: You.


Kevin: Better?

Livvie: I know this must disgust you.

Kevin: You know, honey, you don't have to be embarrassed in front of me. Things are what they are.

Livvie: Thanks for understanding. I owe you everything, dad.

Kevin: Well, what are fathers for?

Livvie: I just -- I just wish I could be a better daughter.

Kevin: Honey, don't do that.

Livvie: No, dad, please, let me say this. You're just -- you're always there for me and you're coming through for me. I wish I could do the same for you.

Kevin: You're my daughter. You're my flesh and blood. There's nothing in the world I wouldn't sacrifice for you.

Livvie: Well, I love you. Daddy, I mean that.

Kevin: I know you do.

Livvie: Gosh, this feels so good in your arms. I feel so safe. I wish I could be here forever.

Kevin: Oh, you can.

Livvie: No, daddy, I can't. I got to go. I got to get to Caleb.

Kevin: You're leaving?

Livvie: Yeah. You understand, don't you?

Kevin: Understand? Uh, what?

Jamal: Where's Livvie, your psychopath daughter?

Kevin: Actually, I have no idea, Jamal. I'm looking for her myself.

Jamal: So you know what she did.

Kevin: I know about Alison, yes.

Jamal: That's all you got to tell me.

Kevin: I'm sorry?

Jamal: What, you're sorry? That bloodsucker you call a daughter killed her. She murdered her in cold blood and you're sorry? I'm going to tell you one thing, she's not going to get away with it. She has to pay for what she's done.

Kevin: I couldn't agree more.

Livvie: I'll call you later. Ok?

Kevin: No. Livvie, wait.

Livvie: What?

Kevin: You can't go right now.

Livvie: I can't?

Kevin: No. I mean, come on, Livvie -- after all the trouble I went to to get you that blood, can't you just stay and give your father a little quality time?

Livvie: Daddy, I can't now. I just explained to you.

Kevin: Well, you can't go. Not right now.

Livvie: I don't understand.

Kevin: Well, then I'll explain it. You cannot leave here.

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Caleb: Do you have a death wish or something?

Alison: Hey, why don't you just go back to the cave and write another little ditty, ok?

Caleb: I can't. I can't because I'm out here chasing someone who's supposed to be dead, which is exactly how you're going to end up if you keep doing this.

Alison: Are you finished? Are you?

Caleb: What? Let me ask you -- do you think I like doing this? You think I like this?

Alison: Hey, I don't care if you do or not. And if you don't, then just leave me alone because, see that? Those lights? There's my cab.

Caleb: Hey, you know what? Listen to me.

Alison: Oh, oh.

Caleb: Listen to me. We went to a lot of trouble to set all this up, and you're going to go out there and blow it the first chance you get? Is that what you're telling me?

Alison: Get your hands off me. What do you care anyway? You're going to get your little antidote for your stupid little fangs, and you and Livvie can feed off each other forever -- that's nasty.

Caleb: No, that's right. That's exactly right, and you know what? You pretending to be dead was part of the deal.

Alison: Well, the deal's obviously changed, hasn't it? Because I think that Rafe is in trouble and I'm not going to take your word for it that he's not.

Caleb: Ugh. You know, I should've just let Joshua kill you.

Alison: He's not going to.

Caleb: Why? Why, because you said so? Come on, please, stop causing trouble. Just come on back.

Alison: Ha-ha! There's a good one -- me causing trouble? Listen, I'll tell you something -- everyone in this town is in trouble because of you. You started everything, and I had to hide in the first place because of you. Your old pal, Joshua? Well, I don't think that he would even exist as a vampire if it weren't for you, and he wouldn't be trying to get me to be his bride. And all my friends and family at home -- they wouldn't be crying their eyes out because I was dead. And Rafe -- he would be back with me, safe and sound where he belongs.

[Car approaches]

Alison: There's my cab. I got to go.

Caleb: Hey --

Alison: Oh, God.

Caleb: You're going to do this no matter what I say, aren't you?

Alison: Yes, I am. I need to get to Rafe. You can either stay or you can come with me if you want, but I need to find him.


Rafe: Alison, I'm back! Everything worked out. I got into Joshua's dream. I got -- got the antidote for Livvie. Alison?


Livvie: If there's something you need to say, of course, dad, I'm right here. What did you want to talk about?

Kevin: You know I love you. I love you very much. You know that, don't you?

Livvie: Yeah. I -- I hope so. I -- I think so. What -- are you ok?

Kevin: I'm fine. I'm fine. Why do you keep asking me that?

Livvie: I don't -- I don't know, dad. You just seem a little --

Kevin: What?

Livvie: Spacey.

Kevin: Well, I guess I can't help remembering.

Livvie: Remembering what??

Kevin: All the memories we don't have. Our relationship's still pretty new, you know? But it's strong. It's close. We've been through a lot just in the last few years.

Livvie: That's true, yeah.

Kevin: I never got to hold you as a baby. It's one of the biggest regrets of my life.

Livvie: I know. Me, too, daddy, but --

Kevin: You know what experts say? And as one, I'm obligated to agree with them, but it's that it's the formative years, the youngest years that are the most important. And I missed that. And I'm really sorry for that. I'm really so sorry.

Livvie: Daddy, you don't -- you don't have to worry. We're together now and I love you.

Kevin: I feel close to you, Livvie. I feel so close to you. There's no one in the world more important to me.

Livvie: Well, that means a lot to me. I've waited so long to hear that. That coming out of your mouth is like a dream come true.

Kevin: Yes! And that's what makes this so hard.

Livvie: What?

Kevin: What I have to do. You've been a bad girl, Livvie. You misbehaved.

Livvie: What? Daddy, what's going on?

Kevin: You killed Alison and you have to be punished for that. Do you understand?

Livvie: No, dad, are you crazy? What is going on with you?

Kevin: This is my job. I have no choice in this. This is my job. I'm the parent. I have to show the child the difference between right and wrong!

Livvie: No. No, stay away from me!

Kevin: You did this to Alison, and so now I have to do this to you. Don't you see? There's no way I can let you get away with that. As far as allergies go,

Livvie: Daddy, what is it? What's happening to you?

Kevin: Daddy's very upset with you.

Livvie: No, no, this isn't you, dad. Something's happening.

Kevin: Bad, bad girl.

Livvie: Joshua's got you under some type of a spell or something. Dad, please, you have to --

Kevin: Livvie --

Livvie: You have to trust me and lie down.

Kevin: You're a murderer.

Livvie: No, trust me, daddy. You have to lie down and get some rest. I will be back.

Kevin: No! No! You're not leaving!

Livvie: I have to go, dad!

Kevin: Nothing is wrong with me! Livvie, you need help, and I have to be the one to help you. Now, trust your father. Your father loves you more than anything.

Livvie: Stay back.

Kevin: I love you with all my heart, so just know that what I do, I do for your own good.

Livvie: No.

[Livvie hisses]

Kevin: Now look what you've done. You can't bite a relative. See?


Kevin: Now all you've done is -- is make me hurt and sad and angry.

Livvie: Aah!

Kevin: Livvie? Run! Run, Livvie, run! Go!


Rafe: There's no sign of struggle, no Alison, and no Caleb. Damn you. Caleb! I trusted you. We had a deal, and now all you did was stab me in the back. You son of a --


Alison: Rafe.

Caleb: Hey.

Alison: What?

Caleb: Quiet. Are you crazy?

Alison: Well, there's no sign of him anywhere. What else am I supposed to do?

Caleb: That doesn't mean Joshua's not here. Use your head.

Alison: Don't give me that. He came here to get inside Joshua's head.

Caleb: Come on --

Alison: No. I just know he's gotten caught. I know it.

Caleb: Look, no slayer even comes close to your boy, all right? He's got more lives than a junkyard cat.

Alison: Do you really believe that, or are you just trying to shut me up again?

Caleb: Hey, look, if I couldn't figure out a way to get rid of Rafe, there's no way an amateur like Joshua is going to.

Alison: So then where is he, hmm?

Caleb: Where is he?

Alison: Hmm?

Caleb: He's right where I told you he'd be -- he's back in the catacombs wondering where the hell you are.

Alison: So you think that maybe --

Caleb: I think maybe we should get the hell out of here while we still can.

Alison: Wait. Yeah, you are right. Come on, let's go. Come on!

Frank: So when is this guest of yours due to arrive?

Joshua: Any minute now.

Frank: Joshua, you want me to wait outside and greet the car when they get here?

Joshua: Now you're thinking, frank. Go on. Go.

Joshua: There's somebody or something here. I can smell it.


Joshua: And you're right. This is very bad. Livvie is your daughter, and you must do your duty as a father and you must deal with her.

Kevin: Deal with her?

Joshua: Harshly.

Kevin: You're right. Livvie has to be dealt with.

Joshua: Now you get the picture. Livvie must pay for what she has done.

Kevin: .. No, no, no, no, no!


Livvie: I can't believe it. My own father -- his eyes were empty. He wanted to, I know he did.

Rafe: Livvie.

Livvie: God, Rafe.

Rafe: It's ok, it's ok. It's me. It's all right.

Livvie: No, you don't understand. He was going to kill me. You don't understand. He was crazy.

Rafe: You know what? Slow down. Tell me -- what happened?

Livvie: My father, Kevin. I ran out and I got away, but I don't know -- I'm afraid he might be after me still.

Rafe: Livvie, you're a vampire. You could throw your father through a wall if you wanted to. I mean, you could just disappear before he even touched you.

Livvie: Yeah, I'm sorry, Rafe. This is a little new to me. I wasn't expecting my own father to come after and try and kill me.

Rafe: Ok. You know what? Kevin -- he's the one who took Caleb's ring away from you, so I -- I know you hate this, but you're never going to be able to trust your father again.

Livvie: No, you don't -- you don't understand. He stopped.

Rafe: What?

Livvie: He was -- he was so crazy, but he -- he told me to run, and it was like some light clicked in his head and he was my dad again.

Rafe: Ok, ok, wait a second. Do you think Joshua turned him?

Livvie: No. No, I don't suspect that at all, but somehow he's under his control.

Rafe: Ok. Yeah, you're right. It's probably some kind of exotic drug. I mean, your father, he's already enough of a loose cannon. Joshua would never trust him with fangs, you know?

Livvie: Yeah, that's comforting.

Rafe: I'm sorry, but it's true.

Livvie: They all think I did it, you know.

Rafe: Did what? Think you did what? What are you talking about?

Livvie: Killed Alison. Jamal came after me. And where are they, anyway?

Rafe: Alison and Caleb? Good question.

Livvie: I thought they were supposed to be with you.

Rafe: Yeah, well, obviously, they're not, huh?

Livvie: What, are you trying to say that Caleb took her or something?

Rafe: Oh, no, no, no, no, I'm not saying that at all. I mean, Caleb -- I mean, he's much too nice of a guy to do something like that, right?

Livvie: Come on, Rafe. That doesn't make any sense. Maybe somebody was close to finding them or something. Maybe they're out looking for us.

Rafe: Hmm. Maybe, yeah.

Livvie: Anyway, did it work? Did you get into Joshua's dream? Were you able to get to him?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, I -- I got to him, all right.

Livvie: Ok, so where is it?

Rafe: "It"?

Livvie: Yes, "it." You said that the plan worked, so, come on, give me.

Rafe: Give you?

Livvie: Come on, Rafe, don't play stupid. The antidote. Did you or didn't you get it for me?


Joshua: I know there's somebody there.

Caleb: Don't say a word. Dot t even breathe.

Joshua: Come out. Come out.

[Car horn honks]

Joshua: Ah. Company's here.

Caleb: Shh.

Joshua: Right on time. New arrival's at last here. A new recruit is just a heartbeat away. I just love it when things go according to plan. It's time to dance with the next partner on my list. Oh, Franklin, is that my honored guest arriving?

Frank: They just came through the gate.

Joshua: Good work. Now, be sure to close the gates behind them. I have a sense there's an unwanted guest on the grounds. Do you understand, Frank?

Frank: Understood.


Frank: Good evening, ma'am. It's nice to have you here. Thanks for coming. May I?

Amanda: Thank you. You certainly may. You look familiar.

Frank: Frank Scanlon.

Amanda: Oh, yes, from the hospital. Frank, it's nice to see you again.

Frank: Nice to see you, Mrs. Barrington. Mr. Temple is waiting for you inside.

Amanda: Oh.

Frank: Right this way.

Amanda: Lead on, Macduff. I understand it's going to be quite an interesting evening.


Joshua: As someday it should happen that a victim must be found I've got a little list I've got a little list of society offenders who might well live underground who never shall be missed who never shall be missed

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