Port Charles Transcript Friday 4/25/03

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Jamal: There you are, ere you are. Ricky was on the verge of having a breakdown.

Ricky: Oh, please.

Mal: Yeah, you were.

Ricky: He's lying. But you are late. So is thhat you call borg?

[Jack whtles]

Reese: You're joking.

Jack: She looks grea

ricky: Yeah, whatever. All I know is there's somebody coming over to do pre-interview, all right, so we've got to play up this vampire thing to keep their interest.

Reese: Well, is that necessary?

Ricky: Yes, it's necessary.

Casey: Whs up for some hot coffee and some sugarcoated carbs, huh? 3EA9B03F.JPG

Caz: Girl, I only say thank you much.

Casey: There you go.

Jamal: Hey.

Casey: Hey.

Jamal: Why don't we ixnay on the isskay thing, you know?

Case dude, it was just a kiss, right?

Jamal: Right,ight, right. You know, we were feeling all pumped because of the band and everything and they were hot.

Casey: Yes, exactly, stuff happens.

Jamal: Stuff happens, exactly.

Casey: There you yeah.

Jal: I don't want you thinking I was trying to make some major movesn you, know what I'm saying?

Casey: Please, never even cssed my mind. And besides, jamal, u know what? You're really not as cute as you k you are. 3EA9B05C.JPG

Jamal: No, no, see, but I know you've been thinkingay one

casey: Oh.

Jamal: Yeah, I know that.

Y: You know, you know, you're right, I have, but there's actually a word for it. It's called nightmares. Ha!

Jamal: Huh. Yeah, good one. All right.

Casey: Oh, my god.

Casey: Did you see that?

Jamal: See what?

Casey: Nothing, nothing. Never mind. Excuse me.

Jamal: Whoa.

Lucy: Hey. What's -- what's going on?

Kevin: Uh-uh. 'S a work in progress.

Joshua: En't we all? I knew you were talented, but I had idea.

Kevin: Well, the show's over, so why don't you just tell me what's really on your mind? 3EA9B0A6.JPG

Joshua: You're a very unique man, dr. Collins. You know exactly what I , and yet you invite me into your home, no fear.

Kevin: Wh you've been where I have, you make fr your friend. So whyon't I just connect the dots for you. Soone made an offer on the recovery room for a lot more than it's worth.

Joshua: Well, that must make your father and his wife very happy.

Vin: The offer came through frank, who hasn't exactly been himself laly.

Joshua: Why do you suppose that is?

Kevin: He's been turned, courtesy of you. As a warning, if you're thinking of extending that same courtesy to me, I don't take orders very well. 3EA9B0D5.JPG

Joshua: Are you threatening me?

Kevin: I'm just saying.

Joshua: Forewarneds forearmed, thank you.

Kevin: Then our business here is done. I do hope you'll come again.

Joshua: You will take orders from me, dr. Collins.

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Jamal: Hey.

Ricky: Where's casey?

Jamal: I'm guessing taking care of some angel business.

Ricky: So what's the deal between the two of you?

Jamal: Oh, there's no deal.

Ricky: No deal?

Jamal: Uh-uh.

Ricky: Well, it looked like a deal to the rest of us.

Jamal: No, we're just hanging out, you know. I mean, casey, she's not my guardian angel, so it keeps things pretty simple for me. 3EA9B12C.JPG

Ricky: I never heard the words "casey" and "simple" used inc fore.

Jamal: Is there a problem?

Ricky: No, no problem.

Jamal: Ok, good, because the last that ve heard, you blew casey off. Ok, she ked you to choose between her and the sic, and you chose all of this. Ok, so now maybe she just wants to hang with somebody who's not all caught up in being a wannabe rock star or wannabe vampire or, I don't ow, wannabe anything else in life, you know what I'm saying?

Ricky: You sound a little jealous.

Mal: Yeah? You, too.

Woman: Ricky garza?

Ricky: Yeah, yeah, I'm ricky. Hey, h y, hey. We have been looking forward to this. Come in, come in. Let me introduce you to the band. Guys. Caz here, he plays some bass. 3EA9B158.JPG

Caz: How you doing? Pleasure.

Woman: Nice to meet you.

Ricky: The wonderful reese, our lead guitist.

Man: Pleasure.

Ricky: And back there, that's jack and jamal, friends of ours.

Woman: Gentlemen.

Jamal: Llo.

Woman: Hey, I see you guys got a nice setup here.

Ricky: Yeah, yeah. We like it, right?

Caz: Yeah.

Ricky: Y,ou want us to play something for you?

Woman: Sure, soon as stephen gets here.

Ricky: Oh, stephen's not coming.

Woman: Oh. Well, then I'll just come back tomorrow.

Ricky: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, hey, come here, come here, come here. No, no, no, no. Look, we've got this three-piece thing going. It's so intense, let me tell you. We're playing this gig in town. I mean, it's off the hook. 3EA9B17A.JPG

Woman: Look, that's great, but I'm here for the nce. Have him call me.

Jack: Well, you're going to have a long wait because hen clay isn't coming back.

Lucy: Sorry, I -- I just -- I must havbeen having a really bad dream. You startled me.

Ian: Well, I didn't mean to do that, but I didn't want to leave without sayingoodbye. I've got to go to the hospital.

Lucy: Why do you have to go to the hospital?

Ian: Old patient of mine has been readmitted and they want me to, you know -- how are you feeling? You all right?

Lucy: Yeah. I just keep thinking that maybe rafe's right, you know? Do you think it is possible that, you know, the way e hot springs took away the vampire's powers, maybe -- maybe that's what it's doing to me, taking away my slayer powers. 3EA9B1A8.JPG

Ian: I don't know, maybe.

Cy: You know, I lived my life not knowing that I was a er or had any of these powers, right, and I do like helping people by protecting them, but if I lost those powers, I think I could have a life, I'd be ok. But I don't want to lose the magic that helps you.

Ian: Well, the good thing about having me around is you don't have to take all th world's problems on your shoulders, you know.

Lucy: Oh, right, I keep forgetting that's your job. All right. As long as I know that making love to you helps you, then I'll -- I'll try not to w rry.

Ian: You're a very generous woman. 3EA9B1CD.JPG

Lucy: Thank you.

Ian: Come here.

[Knock on door

lucy: Uh-uh, uh-uh. If wm,ey

n'T. I got -

case lucy? Lucyit's me, casey. Can you hear me? Are you there? Hey, guys. Hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Ian: Hello, casey.

Casey: Wow, this is a pretty cool place you got here.

Lucy hi.

Sey: You -- you look pretty good.

Lucy than

ian: All right, I have an appointment. Give me a kiss. Is there anything you need while I'm out?

Lucy: Chocolate?

Ian: Chocolate? 3EA9B1F7.JPG

Lucy: Lots.

Ian: I'll take re of it ok.

Ian: Ve my phone with m if you need me.

Lucy: Ok, good.

Ian: Case see you.

Casey: Oh, later, ian.

Lucy: . Is thenything d do foyou,erha Oh. Classifieds. Artme yeah, I was looking for a place to live and I remembered that you own, like, lots of stuff, and I figured lucy -- lucy could help me.

Cy: That's what you figured, huh?

Casey: Yeah? Why, does it sound weird?

Lucy: Yeah, it sounds weird, but that's ok. See, you know, you probably don't know this about me --

casey: H? 3EA9B222.JPG

Lucy: I kn about angels.

What about them?

Lucy: You know, that they exi. That tre here,e, her me here. I am so glad you are here, and my home is open to you anytii omise.

Casey: Thank you.

lu ng for pame:Of ge, igre ok? Ling ok?

Cyu ngatse styo, ia socoer 'Sbiish Y. They worry a lot. Seso y'rok everyt's oI'm swl. I'mine. I'm relyoo

cay: That's a big fat lie. You arso dea

Ian: Ramsey! 3EA9B2D6.JPG

Chris: Thornhart. Ngre thda ia I ne F.Oe

ian: N a ne thi Net sty.

Chris: Eshie have D.N.A. T,iz loes rloe limi 'st.

Ri d noia thsa but worse.

S e


Ian: Haloss.Thoug thteon h?

Ian: Who idt was lu?

Ris: Didn't have .

Cy wait a min I'nodeloowalive,o at areal ca no

ah lucy: , Yoar angel

ifengme do fl sothin

cay: Yoha

wasusa figu of ee l yno e lng. 3EA9B30E.JPG

Lucy: Al?Cay: S.

I E.F I'm so lyingi think yoar soding sething.

Case , look, we d't hacss to sideinformation. And you know wha tol yothh, t only that I gooat is owisngel g, so -

lu: Oh

the truth iyou' not reallyoong for aaparent?

Casey ca o it jt I'vetting stcthau' notlly on top of your gam youw? Yeah?

Lucy: Yeah, I -- ft, you kno? Don't ink ve any game left at all. See, I've been rea of confuf re disuyoow fe l syewers.

I I fthadoft You st can't give , ok? You'o st keep trying. 3EA9B343.JPG

Ghr. I'm not a quitter.Wa to ca anu vita and you just do somethinuntil you st get your groove bac ght?

Lucy: Right. Welli'm ying all that. But you know tho l ger tht you inn and recharge ?

Lui ne

chalfac meI enou a I cne re, give me yo han e urd.


Cy W. That is so amazing.

Woman: Stephen clayisn't coming back? Why?

Y: Whoa, hey, hey, hey. Would yoexse u r a nutel:I'll ler

rick what a you doing? Whu ste nd is? 3EA9B380.JPG

Ja use, ricky, whenouedt,as o ne, ri ?

Ck you'd erot blt, jack.

Jack: Don't worry, ricky. Hey. Jack ramsey. Pleasure meeting you.

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Jack: So we both know that the rumors about stephen clay and the band are out, right?

Woman: Sure.

Jack: Well, the way I see is we have a group of exotic musicians who kind ohaveom odd habits, like the need to taste red liquid, sleeping ding the day, and -- well, I could gon about the wholic thing, but you know what I'm lking about, right?

Woman: Vampires?

: Well, this group has a need to protect thontman, almost to the point where their life nds on it. Although, for e longest me none ehim. 3EA9B3B8.JPG

Got ig Ja's pblde in coffin day d ntby night.Unss ss seb a stake through his heart. Budon't kni ven' seen him.

You gs?

Ck nome. Ese: Disaeared. Jack: Ye.

Woma I'llit where is he? Jack: Look, I'm not tv producer, nor do I plan to be, but the way I see it, ere's your story.

Woman: Le it.

Ricky: I knew you would.

Woman: All right, but wait a minuteguys. Mean, off the record, what's the real de I mean, we all know there are no vampires.

Kevin: You bastard. You bit me! 3EA9B3E8.JPG

Joshua: Good heavens, no. Yod fe much be if I had. How are you feelg, a

vin: Quite well.

Joshua: I didn't do anytng to you. Ou understand?

Kevin: Yes. Yes, jo:Fo your information, d r tu

bec I agree th your self-assessment. You're much too pigheaded to be

of e aterni however, I do have a rpose for you. For quitsome time w, I've had the visions in my , but up until now, I didn't quite undstand that they coulde realized.

Kevin: Where do I fit in?

Joshua: You will make a physical manifestation of these visions, and that way, I can constantly nd myself of my goals. 3EA9B422.JPG

Kevin: I should be flatte

joshua: Indeed. I've seen fine art all or the world, I've studied the masters, I've actually been among some of them, and it's very rare to find someone who can actually recognize and portray how beautiful the darkness of life is.

Kevin: When all you see is darkness, it takes on a beauty of its own.

Joshua: Exactly, dr. Collins. You will take what's inside my head and put it on the canvas. This is a very fine start. But what I want will be much, much grander. Do you think you can handle that, dr. Collins?

Woman: All right, guys, we can give it a shot.

Jack: Well, are they or aren't they? She sure looks like one. 3EA9B502.JPG

Reese: Care to find out?

Woman:For thcame.

Ricky: The stephen clay perience.

Ca yeah, yeah.

Woman: I'll call you guys

set up intervie.

Ricky: Soun good.

Josh: Am I missing something?

Ricky: Joshua. Joshua temple. He manages the experiee.

Joshua yes, do. Are you discussing the television project?

Woman: Mm-hmm. Jack came up with a illiant idea. That vampire thing is a great hook.

Joshua: Rely?

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Joshua: Well, actually, it's not jack's place to discuss such things. Come over here. Let's clear this u 3EA9B525.JPG

ricky: Look, don't worry about joshua, all right? I'll handle him. Up the intervie, all right?

Joshua quite the trepeneu aret we?

Jack: Well, someone has to be. You'veeen ssing in action.

Joshua: Oh, I'm not. Now I'm ba and your services are done with. You can leave.

Jack: Maybe you should check with the band first.

Joshua: Maybe you should beat a hasty retreat, young man, while you still can.

Ricky: All right, hey, I thi I saved it, all right? We're still on with or without stephen clay.

Joshua: I run things around here now -- did you forget that? -- Not stephen cy, and I want you both to stop pushing, do you understand me? 3EA9B541.JPG

Jack: Is that a threat?

Joshua: I woul waste my time threatening I'm getting all my ducks in a row, ready fo the big show.

[Mozart "requiem" plays]

[Lucy sighs]

Lucy: That is so cool.

Ca ittty dope, right?

Lucy: It's amazing. I could feel all that power from your hand going into my hand and goimyrm and all the way down my spine. At is so awesome. Thank you very much.

Casey: I'm just hoping it helps, ok?I know it n't fix you fix yo but maybe I can help you find some power to help fight it, right?

Lucy: Yeah, I will take any help I can get. In the meantime, were you really -- I mean, do you kind of need to find an apartment? 3EA9B580.JPG

Casey: Yeah, but that's not why I came here. Know that, I know tha but I just got this great idea. See, I have this lite guthouse out back in my ya. Robably could use an angel's touch.

Casey: Oh, no, I don'know.

Lucy: No, come on, I would love to have you, an angel, living in my backyard.

Casey: Well, I'd better, you know, check first.

Lucy: Check. I would love -- please check, please? Come on.

Casey: Ok.

Lucy: All right, and thank ou.

Casey: Ok.

Lucy: Thks. Ta.

Jamal: Y.

Casey: Oh. 3EA9B59A.JPG

Jamal: What's up?

Casey: What's up, jamal? What are you doing here?, Eeingwhat's up with you. How's lucy?

Casey: She's fine. How'd you -- how'd you know I wahere?

Jamal: Oh, because I knew you'd be worried about her, you know, you.

Casey: Did you follow me here or -- whoa, what makes you even think I'd be worried about lucy.

Jamal: No, I didn't follow you here, and because you've been talking about her with this worried look on your face, so figured -

case ye know, I know. This is why I don't play poker, ok? Ok, you and -- we've been walking, and you've just offered to buy me a br, yeah. 3EA9B5BD.JPG


Casey: Ok, a malt.

Jamal: Chocolate or vanilla? Choose.

Casey: Hmm.

Lucy: Ok. I will dump this. Wh in the rld is thi oh, my god. Ian. He's been -- he's been drinking that. That means I can't help M. He was lying. I can't helpim anymore. I'm not helping him.

Chris: You owe me big for this one.

Ian: I don't know why I'm worried about this. It's just a simple case of anea last week. Certainly manageable, right?

Chris: I see we agree on the results.

Ian: How is this possible? She -- she's being poisoned by her own blood. 3EA9B5FC.JPG

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