Port Charles Transcript Friday 4/18/03

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(missed a little bit at the beginning)

Elizabeth: God, this whole thing is my fault.

Lucy: What?

Elizabeth: I mean, if i hadn't turned into a vampire in the first place, he wouldn't have the kind of power to even pull this off.

Lucy: You know, now's not really the time for blame. This is not the time. Focus.

Elizabeth: Lucy, I didn't have a choice. I mean, he -- I didn't know it was going to turn into this, so --

lucy: Hmm. I see. So what you've done is you've placed the blame on yourself for a minute, and then you absolved yourself of guilt the next minute. That's very quick, very clever. Come on.

Elizabeth: Lucy, I know that you never really liked me very much.

Lucy: True.

Elizabeth: But now I know why.

Lucy: Ok, I guess I'm going to have to stand here and let you tell me. Go ahead.

Elizabeth: We're very much alike, you know.

Lucy: Oh, my god, we are not.

Elizabeth: We are. It's a compliment. It's ok.

Lucy: Ew! This is going to be a long, long night. Come on.

Frank: So lucy's been like this for a while?

Ian: Hmm, ever since that -- that explosion down by the dock. I'm sure you heard about it.

Frank: Where all the vampires got cured? Yeah, I heard about it.

Ian: Really?

Frank: Yeah.

Ian: Because that wasn't on the news, you know. It wasn't about the vampires, just about the explosion.

Frank: Yeah, well, you -- you hear all sorts of rumors about caleb and whoever else.

Ian: That's port charles for you, right -- plenty of rumors. I mean, that's why lucy called you a vampire.

Frank: Yeah, right.

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Frank: She went too far this time.

Ian: I agree.

Frank: You've got your hands full with that one, you know that?

Ian: I know, I know.

Frank: What's in the bag?

Ian: Nothing. I'm going to go make a phone call. Why don't you, uh -- why don't you get us another round, ok?

Frank: Yeah.

[Dog barks]

ian: What are you doing?

Frank: I think what you're doing is the more interesting question.

Livvie: This pain -- it hurts so much.

Caleb: I know. I know. You just need to feed.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I'm a slayer. She can't feed on me.

Caleb: I know she can't feed on you.

Livvie: Ow! God, i can't take this, caleb!

Caleb: Listen, you got to fight your way through it, ok? Just -- I wish i could get to you.

Rafe: I could help her if you show me how to get out of here.

Caleb: I already told you there's no way out of here!

Rafe: All right, fine! Then i guess you're going to have to watch her suffer!

Caleb: You don't know what the pain is like!

Joshua: Ah, I love reunions.

Alison: Rafe!

Joshua: I hope you're all decent.

Alison: I didn't know if i'd ever see you alive again.

Rafe: You ok?

[Alison screams]

rafe: Hey, leave her alone!

Joshua: I'm afraid you can't be with your boyfriend, sweetheart. I have different cellmate for you.

[Alison screams]

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ian: Just getting some air.

Frank: Never would've guessed it. You're a vampire.

Ian: What are you talking about?

Frank: I know normal people don't hide in the alley, guzzling o-negative.

Ian: No one's supposed to know I'm --

frank: What, that you're the same as me?

Ian: You? So lucy was right.

Frank: Yeah, she was. You and lucy, huh? A vampire and a slayer? That doesn't make sense.

Ian: Opposites attract, I guess.

Frank: Does she know?

Ian: Yeah, she knows, and she's been -- she's been helping me fight this, but i get these urges, this hunger, and --

frank: Take you over a little more each day?

Ian: God, i hate it. I can't handle it.

Frank: Well, you'd better get used to it, pal.

Ian: Maybe you can help me.

Frank: Help you?

Ian: Help me fight -- fight this curse.

Frank: See, i'm not so sure that it is a curse.

Ian: What are you saying, you've come to terms with this? You've made your peace with it? How?

Frank: You just take the cards you're dealt and find the best in the situation.

Ian: "The best in the situation"? I can't even face myself in the mirror. I can't be a doctor, i can't be a good father.

Frank: You just have to accept your life as you knew it is over.

Ian: You've made your peace with this? You're ok joining forces with someone like joshua?

Frank: Ok, you can stop now, ian.

Ian: Stop what?

Frank: This little game of comparing notes.

Ian: That's not what i'm doing. I'm asking --

frank: Hey, i am a vampire, ian, not an idiot. You're trying to find out where alison is. That's what you're up to, isn't it?

Elizabeth: Ow. Ow.

Lucy: Would you shush?

Elizabeth: Sorry. It's dark in here. I can't see.

Lucy: Yes, it is dark. When you break into somebody's place, it's supposed to be dark. Oh, yeah, wait a minute, wait a minute. Ah. Ok. Is that better?

Elizabeth: That's more productive, thank you.

Lucy: Great.

Lucy: Could we maybe perhaps just spread out a little bit?

Elizabeth: By all means.

Lucy: Thank you. So what is this place?

Elizabeth: It's joshua's little hideaway. It's where he conducts all of his personal business.

Lucy: "Personal --" oh, my gosh, you and -- ew!

Elizabeth: Just please, just please don't remind me, ok? I wasn't exactly myself. Believe me, when i think of that bastard --

lucy: Ok.

Elizabeth: With my little girl --

lucy: I know. Hey. Whoops. Don't think. Let's look.

Elizabeth: I know. I was just -- I was just hoping that we would find them here, that they would be here.

Lucy: Well, guess what -- they're not here. And that means joshua could be back any minute.

Elizabeth: I know, but I thought you said that ian and rafe already searched this place top to bottom.

Lucy: Yeah, they did. But you know what? Sometimes it takes a woman who actually slept with a man to know his innermost secrets. So come on, tell me, what do you think? Where does a creep like joshua keep all the skeletons in his closet hidden, huh? Come on.

Alison: Get your hands off of me.

Joshua: Oh, don't worry, he won't bite. You can't anymore, can you, caleb?

Caleb: Olivia needs to feed.

Joshua: I figured she would.

Caleb: What are you going to do?

Joshua: Absolutely nothing. She knows what it'll take to make the pain go away.

Livvie: I'll never give you this ring, you son of a --

joshua: Really? I don't know how you two gentlemen put up with such uncooperative mates.

Rafe: What are you planning on doing with us?

Joshua: I'm going to amuse myself. Come on, you have to see the humor in it -- your sweetheart locked up with your sworn enemy and slayer in a cell with a vampire? Now, let's face it, folks -- that's entertainment.

Livvie: Oh. Caleb, please, it hurts.

Joshua: What? You don't see the humor in it, either?

Caleb: Listen to me -- she's in agony. Now, i know you hate me --

joshua: That is an understatement. And this is a very painful way to go. I know the agony is excruciating. In fact, didn't you teach me that? Wasn't that one of the life's lessons that i learned in master caleb's class?

Caleb: Joshua --

joshua: Of course, she's rooming with a slayer. He could put her out of her misery.

Rafe: There's only one person here i want to put out.

Joshua: Well, the problem with that is you're in there and I'm out here.

Alison: Wait, he just wants to torture us. Don't even listen to him, ok? It's all right, it's all right.

Livvie: Oh. Please, it hurts. It hurts.

Caleb: I know. Damn you, joshua.

Joshua: What? Did I hear a "please"?

Caleb: Help her. Please.

Joshua: I want that ring.

Caleb: If she gives you the ring, you'll kill her.

Joshua: And if she doesn't? Well, you can see. Remember all those tests you were always putting me through?

Caleb: So, what, she's payback?

Joshua: I learned from the finest.

[Livvie groans]

livvie: Oh, caleb. It's like I'm on fire.

Caleb: Olivia --

joshua: All right. Let's make this more interesting. There is another way that she can feel better. Isn't that right, rafe?

Caleb: Vampires can't feed on a slayer.

Joshua: Oh, come on, people, let's use our imaginations, please.

Alison: Oh, my god.

Joshua: Yes. You got it, princess. All livvie has to do to feel better is to sleep with a slayer.

Caleb: Bastard.

Joshua: Oh, come on, all the name-calling in the world will not solve your problems. If rafe sleeps with livvie, she'll get instant relief. Your enemy can save your girlfriend's life.

Caleb: Forget it.

Joshua: Whatever. I'm going to leave you four to sort this out. You might even kill each other in the process.

ian: I'm fighting this. Why can't you?

Frank: There's nothing to fight. I'm on the winning team for a change. And if you're smart, you'll realize that.

Ian: Joshua's team isn't going to win a bloody thing. Now, where is alison?

Frank: He didn't tell me.

Ian: And you're ok with that?

Frank: I had a job to do and I did it.

Ian: You did your job. You're a good boy. Now, bring her back here.

Frank: Don't be such a hero, ian. You won't win this one.

[Phone rings]

frank: Yeah, this is frank.

Joshua: Where are you?

Frank: I'm tying up loose ends.

Joshua: Then wrap it up. I have a new assignment for you.

Lucy: So did you find anything?

Elizabeth: No, nothing here.


lucy: Oh, my goodness! Elizabeth, what do you want to do, send a telegram that we're in here?

Elizabeth: Just chill. Stop talking to me like I'm some kind of an idiot. Is that what you think?

Lucy: Uh, you know, at this point, i don't think you want to know what I think about you.

Elizabeth: Look, I know that you hate me because I turned ian, but it's just --

lucy: Listen, I don't hate you. I think you are a self-absorbed, narcissistic, train wreck of a human being, but, hey, i don't hate you.

Elizabeth: You know, it's true.

Lucy: Oh -- I'm sorry, ok, I'm sorry. Listen, a lot of us did a lot of crazy things since caleb flew into town, ok?

Elizabeth: Yeah, but I married him. The gift that keeps on giving.

Lucy: Don't do this, elizabeth. Elizabeth --

elizabeth: You know, lucy, whatever you think of me, I love my daughter. I would give my life for her.

Lucy: I know. I know that. I get it. I know.

Elizabeth: And I know that i have let her down time and time again, but I keep trying, ok? I'm trying to be a better person. I may never get that chance.

Lucy: You will. You'll get that chance, I promise you. We will get alison back and you'll get the chance, ok, I promise. Don't lose it now. Stay with me.

Elizabeth: Why does he keep these handkerchiefs?

Lucy: Elizabeth --

elizabeth: God, i found something.

Lucy: Really? What? What is that?

Elizabeth: My god. I must say, he has excellent taste.

Lucy: No, he doesn't. He doesn't have excellent taste. You know what these are? These are -- vampire wedding rings. Oh, my god. The question is, who does our charming little bat plan on marrying?

Livvie: Is what joshua said true? If i sleep with a slayer --

rafe: Your symptoms will vanish. I didn't even know until recently. I don't know how joshua did. Unless -- you. You knew?

Caleb: There's a few things we don't like to share with our enemies.

Rafe: Oh, that's great. That's great, caleb. Just add a little more spice to his little game, huh?

Alison: Listen, I think he's just trying to play mind games with us, that's it.

Livvie: I only want you.

Caleb: I know.

Alison: Livvie, don't you even think --

livvie: Stop it! I'm not! I'd rather be in pain than -- than be with anyone else.

Caleb: Hey. Hey. Look, you listen to me, all right? I will find a way to get to you. I will find a way to get to you.

Alison: I just can't even believe this. I can't even believe this situation. When they dragged you out of here, i didn't know what was going to happen to you. I had no -- I started thinking all these bad thoughts.

Rafe: I know, I know. It's ok, it's ok. Now, what did joshua do to you? Why are you wearing that dress?

Alison: I don't know, he just -- he made me put it on.

Rafe: What did he do? Did he hurt you?

Alison: No, he just wanted to make it look like we were on some date or something and he wanted to know about me. He was asking all kinds of personal questions.

Rafe: So how did this happen? How did this happen? You were supposed to be safe at lucy'S.

Alison: I know! I know, we were, but then frank showed up and we didn't know that he was one of them until it was too late.

Rafe: That must mean that joshua and his crew are growing stronger.

Caleb: Hey. Hey. Stay with me, sweetheart, all right? You got to fight the pain.

Livvie: I'm trying.

Caleb: This is all my fault. If i never would've turned you, you -- you wouldn't be in this pain.

Livvie: No. No, I would've never had the chance to be with you forever. If you could just hold me in your hands, it would make it bearable.

Caleb: Then imagine my hand in yours, touching your skin, bringing you nothing but pleasure.

Livvie: Caleb? I'm scared. Am i going to die?

Caleb: I won't let you. I won't let you. Olivia? I love you. And I -- I can't bear the thought of you being with --

livvie: I know. I know.

Caleb: Do what you have to do to save yourself.

Frank: I'll take care of it, sir, right away.

Ian: Was that joshua?

Frank: Don't be a fool, ian. You're in over your head on this one. Stay out of this.

Ian: Can't do that.

Frank: Then get out of my way.

Ian: What happened to you? We were friends.

Frank: Apparently, not anymore.

Ian: Do the right thing and help alison.

Frank: Don't you get it, thornhart? I am tired of doing the right thing. Where's it gotten me? I've been in trouble for a long time and you never noticed. You sat in my bar night after night and never saw what was happening to me.

Ian: You're right. I'm sorry. What can i do now?

Frank: Just don't pretend you feel my pain and get out of my way.

Ian: I can't do that, frank. We're going to have a problem. Because I'm not leaving before you tell me where alison is.

Frank: I said get out of my way, ian.

Ian: What are you going to do, kill me?

Frank: If i have to.

Ian: Oh, frank, frank, frank. We've been friends for a long time. It's going to end like this? You don't have the chops for this. I've been a vampire a lot longer than you.

Frank: I'm warning you, thornhart.

Ian: Go ahead.

[Frank yells]

[dog barks]

ian: I have no quarrel with you. I want joshua.

Lucy: Are you as creeped-out by this as i am?

Elizabeth: I'm confused. You know, he's talked about destruction and killing, but he never once mentioned any kind of a marriage. Something -- something is very wrong here.

Lucy: Yeah. You are so right something's really wrong. Wait a minute. You know, we found pictures that joshua had taken of alison and of livvie. That must mean that one of those lucky ladies is going to get a swell marriage proposal, huh?

Elizabeth: Oh, no, he will marry alison over my dead body.

Lucy: Oh, don't say that. Don't even think it. He would probably enjoy that.

Elizabeth: Oh, my god, what if he's -- what if he's already bitten her? What -- what if he turned her?

Lucy: It's ok, elizabeth. Stay with me, stay with me. We're going to go find rafe and he's going to help us get to the bottom --

[key turns in lock]

elizabeth: It's joshua.

Lucy: Hide. Hide.

[Door closes]

joshua: What the hell are you doing here?

Elizabeth: You are such -- such a darling. When were you going to tell me?

Joshua: Tell you what?

Elizabeth: Oh, come on, don't deny it. I know you were going to surprise me. You were going to ask me to marry you.

Joshua: Are you crazy?

Elizabeth: Oh, the answer is yes. Oh, yes, of course i will. I will. I will.

Rafe: Livvie, we can't do this.

Livvie: I don't want to die.

Caleb: Come to me, olivia. Take my blood. Take it.

Caleb: I told you i'd take care of you. Joshua can't touch us.

Alison: Rafe, is that ok?

Rafe: Yeah, it's fine. She can't turn him by feeding that way.

Alison: Oh, my god. Well, good, because the alternative, you know, you getting together with livvie, was --

rafe: Was not an option.

Alison: No. What are we going to do? How are we going to get out of here?

Rafe: I don't know. If i still had my powers, I would break down these bars and carry you right out of here.

Alison: What do we do?

Rafe: We'll find a way. All right? We'll find a way.

Alison: Ok.

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Elizabeth: I came back to town because of you.

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Frank: If i have to.

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