Port Charles Transcript Thursday 4/3/03

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Alison: When that hot spring blew up with you in it, I don't really know if "scared" is the right word to describe it.

Rafe: Hey, it's all in a day's work. Rafe, don't downplay it. I almost lost you.

Rafe: But you didn't. And let's not forget how brave you were, huh?

Alison: I don't know about that. But I can't believe that we actually got all of them down there, we got Reese, we got Caz. We even got Caleb. 3E8CBD27.JPG

Rafe: Yeah just washed all that evil right away. Score one for the slayers, huh?

Alison: You know what? It's kind of nice having my own vampire slayer.

Alison: Who just happens to be the very best kisser in the entire world.

Rafe: Ya know what I really want to do?

[Rafe whispers]

[Alison laughs]

Alison: Me, too. Me, too. But we have to wait. I think we should wait here, just for a little while.

Rafe: You go home, ok?

Alison: No.

Rafe: Take a hot bath.

Alison: No, I don't want to. I want to stay here with you. Please don't argue with me. I just want to stay here. 3E8CBD55.JPG

Rafe: Then -- then go upstairs and get some coffee, relax.

Alison: Ok.

Rafe: Why don't you just do that?

Alison: Ok, coffee I can get. But the war isn't over yet, you know.

Rafe: No. Yeah, you're right about that. We definitely might be in for a few more surprises.

Alison: I'm just so glad that Lucy escaped with only a few bumps and bruises.

Lucy: Hey. What's the matter with you? U u look like you've seen a ghost.

Casey: No, it's just been a really rough night.

Lucy: Oh, boy. Tell me about it.

Casey: You ok? Doctors check you out and everything? 3E8CBD7C.JPG

Lucy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, they just said it's one nasty bump to the head.

Casey: But you're staying here, right? I mean, more tests just to make sure you are ok?

Lucy: Well, Ian is driving me crazy. He's taken every test known to man. He keeps testing me. I'm fine, thanks. That was nice of you. Hey!

Mary: Lucy. You shouldn't be running around like this. Here, sit down.

Lucy: Why, do I -- I really look that bad?

Mary: No, but I stopped by your place and brough you a change of clothes.

Lucy: Oh, Mary, that's so nice. You didn't have to do that. 3E8CBD97.JPG

Mary: When I saw you come into that emergency room -- well, thank God it wasn't serious.

Lucy: Well, I think that's because I have such a darn hard head, huh?

Mary: Oh, thank God for that darn hard head.

Lucy: Thank you.

Mary: Oh. I got to go.

Lucy: Ok.

Mary: Oh, and there's an envelope here in the side --

Lucy: Oh, all right.

Mary: I thought you might need.

Lucy: Thanks so much. I'll see you a little later.

Mary: Take it easy.

Lucy: I will, I will. Ooh.

Lucy: Ian. "I love you." "Asked Rafe to kill me." Oh, my God. 3E8CBDC6.JPG

Ian: Hey. This all looks good. My letter.

Lucy: Your goodbye letter. This is so very thoughtful.

Ian: You're not supposed to get that until after everything was --

Lucy: Everything was what? Until all the vampires are dead and gone, including you? Were you going to do this? Were you really going to follow through with this, you and Rafe?

Ian: Yeah.

Livvie: I know you told me Caleb was dead. I just -- I can't accept it.

Joshua: You're in shock, that's all. Livvie, you have to face the facts.

Livvie: The fact is I want to see him so bad it hurts.

Joshua: And the slayers also want to murder us the way they murdered -- 3E8CBDFB.JPG

Livvie: No, stop saying that!

Joshua: I have to take care of you. That is what Caleb would have wanted.

Livvie: I just -- I think I'd feel it in my heart if he was really gone.

Joshua: You have to let yourself grieve.

Livvie: It's like he's out there somewhere, waiting for me. I just -- I can't accept that he's gone.

Rafe: Where are your powers now, Caleb? Now you're on my turf.

Lucy: You asked Rafe to kill you and he agreed?

Ian: Not at first, but then --

Lucy: Then what?

Ian: Then --

Lucy: Then what? I never thought you would ever just walk away from me. 3E8CBE52.JPG

Ian: That's what you think I did? No, I -- I have no choice. I'm one of them.

Lucy: No -- no, you're not one of them. You have a soul and you are good.

Ian: I don't know what I am anymore. That's what I --

Lucy: Oh, this is -- this is just perfect. My cousin, the traitor. Did you really agree to this? You agreed to kill him?

Rafe: I don't like the idea any more than you do.

Lucy: Why didn't you come to me and talk to me about it? Why didn't you talk him out of it?

Rafe: Talk him -- have you ever tried to talk this guy out of anything? 3E8CBE6F.JPG

Lucy: He's your friend and he is -- he's the man that I love, and you were actually going to drive a stake through his heart?

Ian: If you're going to be angry with anyone, be angry with me. I wouldn't take no for an answer.

Lucy: Fine, I'll be angry with you, because we talked about this. We agreed we would try to have a future. And then you just go and decide to do this?

Ian: I want you to have a normal life. Is that so bad?

Lucy: That's what you want? Then you stay and you fight for us.

Ian: I don't know what I would do to you. I don't know. 3E8CBE8F.JPG

Lucy: I know you would not hurt me.

Ian: Yeah.

Can't talk about this. We need to find Joshua. We need to focus on that.

Rafe: Yeah, he's right. None of us are safe. And by the way, we can add one more name to the list -- Livvie.

Lucy: Oh, Livvie is safe. She's inside Tess.

Rafe: Nope. She's back. Seems Caleb got what he wanted. And before we got to him, he turned Livvie into his little vampire queen.

Livvie: You got to help me find Caleb.

Joshua: I have someone working on that. At least that way we'll find the remains, and then --

Livvie: No, no, he may have been hurt, but he's not dead, and he needs me. 3E8CBEB4.JPG

Joshua: No, I don't want you to get your hopes up. I told you, the slayers lured --

Livvie: No. He may have been tricked by them, but he -- no, he couldn't have been -- he couldn't have been tricked by them and he would have gotten a message to me.

Joshua: Livvie, he fought very hard for his life. You would have been proud of him.

[Phone rings]

Joshua: Yes.

Man: He's alive.

Joshua: What? No.

Livvie: What? What is it? Is it Caleb?

Joshua: Oh, my dear. Yes, I am -- I am so sorry.

Livvie: He's really gone? 3E8CBEDF.JPG

Joshua: That was the final confirmation.

Livvie: Why do I still feel his presence?

Joshua: That's because you loved him so much. His spirit will always be with you.

Livvie: No. No, isn't there some spell we can conjure up to bring him back?

Joshua: I'm so sorry. I don't have that sort of power.

Livvie: He's gone. But we just found each other again, and he's gone.

Joshua: You have to calm down. Here. Drink that.

Joshua: Good girl.

[Monitor beeps]

Chris: B.P.'S 110/74.

Colleen: Got a second unit of blood. 3E8CBF1B.JPG

Chris: Good, let's get it started.

Caleb: Get away from me.

Chris: Sorry, pal. No can do.

Colleen: He's down two grams of hemoglobin. I'll get a second C.B.C. As soon as this unit's in.

Chris: All right, let me know the test results as soon as you get them.

Colleen: Ok, great.

Chris: And keep an eye out for any signs of internal bleeding, too.

Colleen: Yeah. This will make you feel better.

Chris: Well -- Caleb Morley. They tell me that you had your wings clipped. You know something? Not that I really care much whether you live or die, but, see, unfortunately, I took this oath, so -- 3E8CBF46.JPG

Caleb: I don't want it to be like this.

Chris: Oh, that. Well, you see, your blood-sucking days are over. Now you're just an ordinary joe like the rest of us.

Caleb: I won't ever be ordinary.

Colleen: What's he talking about?

Chris: Oh, you know these rock stars.

[Caleb groans]

Chris: Call security. What do you think you're doing?

Caleb: I have to get out of here.

Chris: Hurry up! Security!

[Caleb screams]

Alison: Hey, Casey, I want to thank you for all your help out there. You know, it really helps having an angel on your side. 3E8CBFF9.JPG

Casey: You know me -- always down to kick some vampire booty.

Alison: I can't believe we finally defanged Caleb. I never, ever thought that I would see this day.

Casey: Yeah, the big bat has finally crashed and burned.

Alison: Mm-hmm. I only wish that his evil sidekick didn't slip through our fingers.

Casey: Yeah. Joshua is a really lucky vampire.

Alison: Mm-hmm. Well, I'm just -- I'm glad that we all survived.

Casey: Right -- Ian, you, Rafe, Lucy, and -- she did take that pretty bad spill, but she's ok now. Right?

Rafe: We can't let Livvie get to Caleb. She'll turn him the first chance she gets. 3E8CC020.JPG

Ian: We'll be right back where we started.

Rafe: Which is why we have to destroy every last vampire.

Lucy: Except Ian.

Ian: Come on, Lucy, please --

Lucy: No. We can do it. We can destroy Livvie and Joshua and anything else in this town that sprouts fangs. But we are not -- we're going to come up with plan B. It's that simple.

Ian: There is no plan B.

Lucy: Yes, there will be a plan B because we're going to find a plan B. Right? Right? Right, Rafe? Ok, fine. You two just stand there and be the strong, silent types. But you get staked over my dead body. 3E8CC048.JPG

[Glass breaks]

Joshua: There you are. You need to get some rest. You really are very attractive.

Joshua: That ring will be mine, as will you. Sweet dreams.

Caleb: Don't cry, my love. I'm here.

Livvie: They all left you for dead. But I knew you survived.

Caleb: I'll always find my way back to you.

Livvie: I never gave up hope. I -- I felt your presence in my heart and in my blood.

Caleb: They tried to kill me, but I had something more powerful than all their weapons -- your love.

Livvie: And it brought -- it brought you back to me.

Caleb: I'll never leave you again. 3E8CC0A6.JPG

Livvie: I've missed you so much. I want you so much.

Caleb: I'll never leave again, I promise.

Livvie: I love you.

Caleb: I love you.

Livvie: Forever. I love you.

Livvie's voice: I love you. I love you. Love you --

Caleb: You're here.

Livvie: You knew I'd come for you. Nobody could keep us apart.

Caleb: Come -- come closer. I want to feel your body next to mine.

Livvie: You feel so good. I've missed your touch.

Caleb: Everything will feel better now that you're next to me.

Livvie: Let me make you whole again, just like you did for me. Let me bring you back to eternal life. 3E8CC11E.JPG

Caleb: I need to get to you. You're the only one that can make me whole again.

Lucy: No answer, huh? You're not going to say anything? What does that mean, you're both going to still stick to the stupid pact of yours?

Rafe: Ok, we have to stay focused. We have to take one step at a time. And the first step is you -- you need to be getting some rest.

Lucy: Don't change the subject. What I need is for you to understand something. If you're going to go after Joshua and Livvie and it means anything happens to him -- if he has to die -- then I have just become their own best personal bodyguard. I will not let those suckers die. I won't. 3E8CC1F5.JPG

Rafe: You wouldn't do that -- go against your slayer's code.

Lucy: You watch me. Every time the two of you show up to do something to Livvie and Joshua, I'll be there, I'll mess up your plans. And you know what? Maybe I'll just stick right beside his side. I won't let him out of my sight. Do you understand, Rafe? If you want to get him, you'll have to go through me first.

Ian: Hey -- nobody wants this. But we're going to have to face reality. If we want Port Charles to be safe, every vampire has to die.

Lucy: You -- you can ask me anything. You know that I will do anything for you. But I'm incapable of helping someone hurt you or kill you. I can't do it. Don't ask me because I won't do it. I won't do it. I won't. 3E8CC223.JPG

Ian: It's ok. It's ok.

Chris: Sorry to interrupt, but we've got some problems.

Rafe: Is it Caleb?

Chris: Yeah. You thought he was testy as a vampire, you should see him as a human.

Ian: What happened?

Chris: Well, apparently he prefers his old method of getting his blood.

Ian: You gave him a transfusion?

Chris: We tried. Guy went ballistic. He's not too keen on the idea of being a mere mortal.

Ian: So he's sedated now, then?

Chris: Yeah, up to his eyeballs.

Ian: He's out?

Chris: Mm-hmm, yeah. Just to be safe, I put security on him, so -- 3E8CC248.JPG

Rafe: No, no, no security. I'll handle it. Yeah, got to stay by Caleb, make sure Livvie doesn't get to him. I'll see you guys later.

Ian: Let me take you home, get some rest.

Lucy: No. No, no.

Ian: Look at me. I love you.

Lucy: Not going to work. You can't try and butter me up. It's not going to work.

Ian: I'm European. I got the accent and everything. Come on.

Lucy: I love you. I'm just so angry at you.

Ian: I know.

Lucy: I want to throw things. I want to trash this place. I should be breaking things -- actually, I can't because I'm too dizzy. I think it's because you kiss so good. 3E8CC283.JPG

Ian: Sure, that's part of it. Maybe the explosion has something to do with it -- shook you up a wee bit.

Lucy: No. Come on. What shook me up is this letter.

Ian: Let me take you home so you can get some rest.

Livvie: Caleb. Caleb. You're calling me. I can feel it. If you're out there, I'll find you. I'll find you.

Caleb: Olivia. Olivia. If I can just get to the door --

Caleb: You again.

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