Port Charles Transcript Friday 3/28/03

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Lucy: You make it sound so final.

Ian:  No, it's just that every time you leave, I miss you a little more, that's all.

Lucy:  I will always love you.  Always.

(Knocking on door)

Kevin: Hey, you're home.  Just in time. Onion or olive?

Lucy:  Nothing.  No thank you.  Where's Christina?

Kevin:  Sound asleep and without an ounce of protest, I might add.  She really is a wonderful little girl.  We should be proud of our daughter.

Lucy: On second thought, I think I will have that drink.

Kevin: Hmm.

Lucy: I've got it. I'll get it.

Kevin: Looking a little piqued there, lucy. Breaking off with dr. Demented take it out of you?

Lucy: I think me just standing here is more than enough.

Kevin: Fair enough. We won't speak of what's-his-name ever again. Here's to you and me. Welcome home, mrs. Collins.

Ricky: Yo, I need to take five.

Joshua: No, you have to work harder.

Ricky: Joshua, we have been at this all night.

Joshua: There will come a time when you'll be called upon to give more. You have to be ready for the fight.

Ricky: Look, it's a concert, ok? You're talking like we're taking over the world.

Joshua: Do you ever want to be in the spotlight?

Ricky: I used to dream about it when I was a kid.

Joshua: And you always wanted to be a player?

Ricky: Yeah, I figured I had this certain charm, you know?

Joshua: Yeah, well, charm's a good thing -- has value -- but if you want to reach the top, you've got to be hungry, you've got to be driven.

Ricky: Look, I'm down with the fame thing. I want to be famous, all right, but I like to have a good time, too.

Joshua: And you know what? You got to fight for every crumb you could get. Otherwise, you'll be overlooked. You'll be standing lonely in the wings while somebody else is center stage in the spotlight.

Ricky: We are still talking about me, right?

Rafe: Ian.

Ian: I'm sorry, i should've called.

Rafe: No, it's ok. What's up?

Ian: It's time.

Rafe: Good, I couldn't agree more.

Alison: Hey, what's -- what's going on?

Rafe: Ian's ready to set the plan in motion.

Ian: We're taking all the vampires down to the hot spring and taking them for a swim.

Alison: And then they will be cured and defanged?

Ian: That's what we're hoping. It's the only thing that keeps me going.

Alison: Wait, I don't -- I don't like this. I don'T. Rafe?

Ian: You know, don't you?

Alison: I'm sorry, i do, but I just don't -- I don't want you dying trying to save all of us.

Ian: Well, you and rafe have a long, beautiful life ahead of you. It's going to be tough enough taking care of this guy. You don't want to do it in a world filled with vampires.

Alison: I just don't want you thinking that we gave up on you. So no matter what happens tonight, just know that we will find a way out of this, a cure or something, ok?

Ian: Yeah, maybe we will, but we've got a job to do. Come on.

Rafe: Ian's right. We have to focus.

Ian: After tonight, port charles will be free of all vampires once and for all.

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joshua: You do understand my position here, ricky, don't you? I mean, I'm paid to psych up the team.

Ricky: So that's why i'm getting this little pep talk?

Joshua: Yeah, I just want you to understand that the road to the top can be tough. You know, sometimes some rules have to be bent.

Ricky: All right. Hey, breaking the rules -- that's half the fun right there.

Joshua: You know, lines have to be drawn, sides taken. Certain people, they'll be sacrificed.

Ricky: Hey, whatever it takes to go the distance, I'm there.

Joshua: I knew i could count on you, ricky. You've got a killer instinct. You're going to go far in show business. Why don't you run off home and get some sleep.

Ricky: Cool. Hey, do you need me to help you lock up around here?

Joshua: No. No, it's not necessary.

Ricky: See you later then.

Joshua: See you.

[Door closes]

joshua: It's my turn now, caleb. I've waited my entire life for this moment. I am going to bring you down, and all your friendly neighborhood slayers with you.

Kevin: You know, I have to say, considering what you've been through, you look lovely. Maybe you're one of those people who just thrives under adversity.

Lucy: You st-- still make an excellent martini.

Kevin: I really do believe there's a chance for us, lucy. I mean, it's not like it hasn't been worse. Lucy?

Lucy: I was just trying to think of when it was worse.

Kevin: Well, you had me committed -- twice.

Lucy: You tried to kill me twice.

Kevin: Now, that would be considered as worse than having a drink together. But it's not like you haven't redeemed yourself along the way. I mean, you've bent over backwards at times to save me from myself.

Lucy: Because at the time, I truly, truly believed you were worth it.

Kevin: But not anymore?

Lucy: What -- what are you doing? What do you really want?

Kevin: What do I want? I'll tell you what i want. I'd like to see just a glimpse of the generosity that i used to see. Is that too much to ask?

Lucy: I need to check on christina.

Kevin: She's fine. She's asleep. Don't wake her up. You know, I'm trying to pinpoint just when you ran out of understanding.

Lucy: I don't know. I -- i think i've lost track of all of that. Can't it just be enough that i'm standing here right in front of you?

Kevin: Well, I'm beginning to think it's for all the wrong reasons.

Lucy: Blackmail would be the reason.

Kevin: That's a little harsh.

Lucy: You told me if i didn't come back in here and live with you that you would tell everyone about ian's condition and I would lose christina forever.

Kevin: Well, to be accurate, not just move back in but to be my wife, and all that that entails. I think we can give that our best shot, don't you?

Lucy: I am so tired. I am going to bed.

Kevin: I laid out your nightgown -- the red one i gave you for christmas.

Lucy: That is not what i mean.

Kevin: Fine, we don't have to make love until you want to. But I will be up in a little while to fall asleep next to you and then wake up tomorrow morning next to you. That is the beginning of normal for us, lucy.

Lucy: Normal. Of course. Normal.

Kevin: You used to love me. You'll remember how.

Joshua: There. All the little vampires are going to take a nice, hot bath, take a nice long dip in the bat soup to cleanse their souls. All except me, of course. I'm going to be the big bat, last bat standing.

Reese: What are you doing?

Joshua: Securing my future. There's going to be a lot of changes around here, ducky.

Ian: We can't let my circumstances distract us from what needs to be done.

Alison: Ian, please --

ian: I know, I know it's not easy, and I think it's lovely that you care, but we have a job to do.

Rafe: Ok. Now, caleb has been missing in action for a while now, but he's a key part of getting this plan taken care of. So what we're going to have to do is get his fellow vampires down to the hot spring, and once they're there and once he senses they're in trouble, that's going to draw him there.

Alison: So, what, that's like his own survival instinct or something?

Rafe: Yeah, exactly. And trust me, he will notice when they start losing their mojo.

Alison: Ok, so then what? You guys jump him and take him over and -- and we're all of a sudden supposed to say goodbye to caleb the vampire and hello to caleb the human?

Ian: Yeah. And once the last one's cured --

rafe: That's when the really hard part starts.

Ian: I'd do the same for you if the tables were turned, if you had to be the one eliminated.

Rafe: You'd find another way.

Ian: Then why don't you find one for me? But if you can't, if we can't, you're a slayer. Don't fight me on this.

Rafe: I'm never going to find peace with this.

Ian: It's the right thing to do. You have to kill me or put this whole town in danger.

Alison: You know, you can't just sit here and talk about you dying like it's no big deal. Come on, give me a break. What about lucy and daniel?

Ian: I'm not fit to be danny's father. You know that. And lucy, she deserves to be loved much better than this.

Alison: Wait a second. Lucy -- she doesn't know, does she?

Ian: And she won't know.

Alison: Ian, you're never going to tell her ever?

Ian: I wrote her a letter. I said goodbye in my own way. I've made my peace with it, so leave me alone.

Alison: I just -- I don't know where you get the courage, that's all.

Ian: It's not courage, woman. It's a fear of doing the wrong thing.

Alison: Ok.

Ian: Let's get some vampires, come on.

Rafe: All right.

[Alison gasps]

alison: Mother.

Rafe: Hey, elizabeth. What are you up to now?

Kevin: I remember the day this was taken. We took the boat and went out on the lake. I remember i drew a charcoal of you. I'm going to have to remember to look for that.

Lucy: I stopped in to check on christina on my way up and she's -- she's so restless. She's not sleeping very well.

Kevin: You know kids -- they thrash around.

Lucy: Maybe. I think I need to stay with her tonight. It'd be better for her to sleep in there.

Kevin: Ok. Whatever makes you happy.

Lucy: Thank you. Good night.

Kevin: Aren't you going to kiss me good night?

Lucy: Victor, you have no idea. Oh, you have no idea.

Victor: It's all right.

Lucy: Thank you.

Victor: As long as you're safe. You're safe, you're safe now.

Lucy: Thank you.

Victor: It's all right. It's all right.

Elizabeth: Oh!

Rafe: Deal with it, all right? Sit down.

Alison: Who you spying for now?

Elizabeth: What?

Rafe: What are you trying to find out?

Elizabeth: I'm not spying.

Ian: Why were you lurking in the hallway?

Elizabeth: Because I was trying to get up enough nerve to come in here.

Alison: You're not even supposed to be in port charles.

Elizabeth: Well, I am.

Rafe: You never left, did you?

Elizabeth: I had to make sure that joshua wasn't going to come after me.

Alison: Oh, god, what did you do?

Elizabeth: I -- I had to tell him what i knew.

Rafe: About what?

Elizabeth: Please, please don't be mad at me. You have no idea how bad i feel.

Ian: What did you say to him?

Elizabeth: He knows about the hot springs and that we found it and -- and what you plan on doing with the rest of the vampires.

Alison: What is the matter with you? Don't you understand? Now he's going to go tell caleb.

Elizabeth: No, he won't. You see, he will not tell caleb. That's where you're wrong. He wants to be rid of caleb as much as you guys do.

Rafe: Why's that?

Elizabeth: Because he's tired of being second banana. He wants to be master of the vampire kingdom.

Reese: Is everything ok?

Joshua: Yeah, everything's fine with me. You don't seem so good. What's troubling you, cookie?

Reese: Everything's a bit weird, isn't it? Caleb's practically abandoned us.

Joshua: I think he's probably reprioritizing his life.

Reese: What, at our expense? The band, his friends?

Joshua: Some people don't value loyalty too highly, you know.

Reese: Yeah, well, I feel awful. I tried to feed and I couldn't.

Joshua: Really?

Reese: Yeah, and since then, I'm famished. The water's just not cutting it.

Joshua: You know, I sympathize with you. I've been there myself.

Reese: Caleb always knows how to make me feel better.

Joshua: Do you know what the truth is? What caleb knows, the rest of us have learned.

Reese: Why is it the men always leave?

Joshua: Not all men, sweetie. I'm still here. And I always will be. And I know how to make you feel better.

Lucy: If you find the charcoal drawing, I wish you would destroy that, too.

Kevin: You are a piece of work, getting my own father to plot against me.

Victor: Monk, I'm so sorry.

Kevin: Don't ever call me that again.

Lucy: Victor, this is not your son and this is not the man that i loved.

Kevin: You know what your problem is, lucy? No attention span. Someone's not perfect enough for you, you move along and ruin the next man's life. Well, at least christina still likes me.

Lucy: No, you're not going to do this. You're not going to use christina against me anymore.

Victor: No, I won't allow that.

Kevin: Oh, look -- my two best friends, deceit and betrayal.

Lucy: Victor, thank you. I didn't think you were going to come.

Victor: Sweetheart --

lucy: I know what this is costing you. I am so sorry.

Victor: No, you're family, you're family. I'd do anything to protect you.

Kevin: The man who turned his back on both of his sons suddenly finds a warm and cuddly place in his heart for his family.

Lucy: You're not going to do that. You are not going to make him feel guilty for helping me, and you're not going to mess with me or the girls anymore. Now, i want you to tell me, where are they?

Kevin: What are you ranting about now?

Lucy: The pictures and the tape! I want them! You cannot blackmail people to love you, kevin. It doesn't work that way. You have to earn it and you have to have a heart, and you don'T.

Kevin: That's good -- a lecture on love from you.

Victor: Lucy, it's ok, it's ok.

Lucy: No, it's not ok.

Victor: It's going to be ok.

Lucy: It's not ever going to be ok. I got to go. I got to get out of here. You're going to take christina, right?

Victor: Someplace she'll be safe, I promise you.

Lucy: Ok, I've told her a million things, just trying to explain, and I've kissed her a thousand times.

Victor: She'll be fine, she'll be fine.

Lucy: Her suitcase is under the bed and -- victor, thank you. This is a lot bigger than -- I can explain everything later, ok? I love you.

Victor: I love you.

Lucy: Ok.

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where the hell do you think you're going? You going to leave me here like this?

Lucy: I am going to leave you all alone by yourself because that's what you deserve. You've earned this!

[Door closes]

joshua: Mmm.

Reese: Mmm.

Joshua: Feel better?

Reese: Thanks, josh. That's exactly what I needed.

Joshua: Oh, well, you can always count on me, pussy cat. You know, the pleasure was all mine, truly. You look kind of sleepy.

Reese: Oh, I'm afraid you took it all out of me.

Joshua: Well, you tuck in your wings and have a little kip.

Reese: Oh, that'd be lovely.

Joshua: Hope you enjoyed that, reese. That's your last supper. It's over for the two of us. And a shame. But quite simply, by the time I'm finished, there just won't be any room for you.

Rafe: Joshua wants to overthrow caleb? What, is he crazy?

Elizabeth: No, he's power-hungry.

Alison: I can't even believe i trusted you. How long did it take you to warn us?

Elizabeth: Listen, alison, I feel horrible about this, but he is terrifying. He wanted me to leave the country.

Rafe: But you didn't go?

Elizabeth: You have no idea how deathly afraid of this man i am.

Alison: So once again, all you care about is saving yourself.

Elizabeth: This is really unfair. Ok, I'm here, aren't i? I took my life in my hands to come and tell you this. I think a little appreciation would be more appropriate.

Alison: Gee. Thanks, mom.

Elizabeth: I risk everything for you, and what do I get? The back of your hand.

Rafe: Don't look at me. As far as I'm concerned, you're getting off light.

Elizabeth: I should've just run off and let you all hang. You certainly don't deserve me.

Ian: Truer words were never spoken.

Alison: She belongs there. Now, where were we?

Rafe: Ok, we got to figure out some way that joshua can't use the information he knows.

Ian: Well, that's easy -- I'll find him, drag him to the hot spring, and throw him in.

Rafe: Yeah, wait a second. I think I got a better way.

Ian: Yeah, what's that?

Rafe: You kill him.

Ian: I what?

Rafe: Well, that's the goal, right? The goal is to get rid of joshua and save you, right?

Ian: Yeah.

Rafe: Well, that's what we do. You bite him. You make him bleed until he dies, all right? You feed on him.

Ian: I'm not biting anybody.

Rafe: You told me to find another way. Well, this is your other way. You feed on him, he dies, and then we can put you in the spring and save you, all right?

Alison: Lucy. Hi. We -- we didn't hear you come in.

Lucy: Rafe's right, you know. If it means saving your life, you have no choice. You have to kill joshua.

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