Port Charles Transcript Thursday 3/27/03

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Ian's voice: You have a job to do, slayer.

Rafe: Ian --

Ian: You promised me! When it's time, you will kill the last vampire.

Caleb: And I'll be there on the other side when you open your eyes. And then we'll be unstoppable.

Ian: Your heart's going crazy. Are you all right? 3E838539.JPG

Lucy: Yeah. Yeah. I'm always all right as long as I'm with you.

Ian: If there's ever a time when I'm not here --

lucy: Shh. Shh. Don't say that. Don't -- don't say that.

Ian: I just want you to know how much happiness you brought to my life. I do love you.

Ian: You -- you were going to tell me something earlier. What was it?

Lucy: Oh -- I can't remember. I -- it was just I -- I ran into Kevin today.

Ian: Oh. And what?

Lucy: And he was -- he was talking about Christina.

Ian: It's none of my business, but I don't think he should really be with her, you know? Not alone, anyway. 3E838575.JPG

Lucy: I know. You're right. I was thinking the same thing. You do know that I would do anything in my power -- anything -- to protect her. You know that, right?

Ian: Is she ok?

Lucy: Yeah, she's fine. Do you know how much I love you?

Ian: What is it?

Lucy: It's just -- have you ever had a moment in time where you just want to stop the clock, and you would save that moment, that's all you'd have and you'd be ok? Just -- now.

Ian: Now.

Alison: Come on, stop, please. I've waited long enough. What are you thinking?

Rafe: What you said about Tess being a good influence on Caleb. 3E8385BA.JPG

Alison: Yeah? What about it?

Rafe: Well, what if Tess isn't with Caleb anymore? I mean, at could explain this bad feeling I've been getting.

Alison: Do you think that maybe something has happened to her?

Rafe: Yes.

Alison: You don't really think that -- that he would hurt her, do you? You don't think that Caleb would actually hurt her, because then he couldn't get to Livvie. You don't think that he -- he brought back Livvie, do you?

Rafe: That would account for the change I've been feeling, and Caleb does get his power from Livvie.

Alison: Which means if those two are teaming up --

Rafe: We could be facing a pretty unholy alliance.

Caleb: Welcome home, sweetheart. 3E838611.JPG

Livvie: Everything's the same -- yet different.

Caleb: It's better.

Livvie: Oh. Were the silks always this soft? My skin so electric? And your eyes -- God, are they always so seductive? I've -- I have all these new sensations coursing through my body. Caleb, I fought so hard to get back to you. I'm so sorry I ever betrayed you.

Caleb: That was the past. Our new life starts today, this very moment.

Livvie: I see myself in your eyes. I'm just like you now. That's what I want. I want -- I want to be just like you. Please teach me. Teach me to be just like you.

Ian: This is almost perfect.

[Phone rings]

Ian: Don't get that.

Lucy: I have to.

Ian: Stay here.

Lucy: No, I -- I wish I could, but I -- I need to get that. Hello?

Kevin: You know, I'm sitting here all alone. So, what's wrong with this picture?

Lucy: Yes, of course, you're right.

Kevin: You haven't told him yet.

Lucy: Yes, I did, and I will -- I will be there.

Kevin: I can't wait to see you, Lucy. I can't wait to have my wife home where she belongs.

Lucy: I understand.

Ian: Who was it?

Lucy: Um -- it was Gail. She said that she thinks Christina might be coming down with the flu. I -- I should go. 3E83876E.JPG

Ian: I'll get her bed ready.

Lucy: No -- um -- I -- I feel like I can't move her -- maybe if she's getting a fever or something.

Ian: What, you're staying there tonight? Of course you are. Well, that's it, then.

Lucy: You make it sound so final.

Ian: No, it's just every time you leave, I miss you a little more, that's all.

Lucy: I will always love you. Always.

Ian: Goodbye, Lucy.

Alison: Sure is quiet tonight.

Rafe: Yeah. And dark as hell.

Alison: Well, morning will come soon. You know what they always say about morning -- it always chases away all the dark shadows. And we have all the good guys on our side. You know, we've got you and me and Ian and Lucy. Oh. 3E8387D5.JPG

Rafe: Let's hear it for the good guys.

Alison: Yeah.

[Livvie giggles]

Livvie: Every nerve in my body is on fire. I've never felt such power before.

Caleb: Each day, every night will be like this.

Livvie: I don't know where to start. I mean, there's so much I want to do and I want to see.

Caleb: All I want --

Livvie: You saved me, Caleb. I was lost, but now I'm where I belong.

Caleb: It's not about anyone else anymore. Not from my past, not Livvie or Tess. It's about you, Olivia. My present and my future. The woman you are meant to be.


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