Port Charles Transcript Monday 3/24/03

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Elizabeth: Oh. Just relax, Elizabeth, relax. You're not a vampire anymore, are you? Everything's ok. No fangs. They're not ever.

[Elizabeth gasps]

Elizabeth: Oh, God!

Joshua: I hope you're hungry, my dear, because I'm starving.

Elizabeth: No! No!

Ian's voice: We both know that eventually I will feed, and this nightmare's going to start all over again. You can't let this happen, Rafe. So when I'm the last vampire standing, you got to do the right thing. 

Ian: Dear God, how do I do this? How do I say goodbye?

Ian's voice: "Dear Lucy -- if there's one thing in this life I was sure of, it's that I would never love again. You say it drives you nuts sometimes because I always seem to be right. But this was one time you proved me wrong. And I've never been so glad to be wrong about anything."

Kevin: Picking up takeout for the boyfriend?

Lucy: This has nothing to do with you. Let me go.

Kevin: I don't think so, Lucy.

Lucy: I still have a restraining order against you.

Kevin: You know, you're right, and you should call the police. And then you can explain to them why you're stealing blood from a hospital. 3E7F8E7A.JPG

Lucy: You know why. Don't you have any sympathy or any compassion at all?

Kevin: Compassion? You are kidding, right? Where was your compassion?

Lucy: I did try to help you.

Kevin: Yeah -- right into a psych ward.

Lucy: Because you were sick. You are still sick --

Kevin: And this isn't? Lucy, you're raiding a blood bank because your vampire lover needs to feed.

Lucy: If you don't stay away from me, you're going to make an unplanned donation to this blood bank.

Kevin: Now, that's the Lucy I know and love -- feisty, feisty as ever. Except if I were you, you just might want to make nice with dear old Doc. 3E7F8EA2.JPG

Lucy: And why would I want to do that?

Kevin: Oh, I don't know. Maybe cause if this little caper of yours got out, then all of Port Charles would know that the good Dr. Thornhart is really a bloodsucking monster. And the girls -- oh. I don't even want to imagine how upset they'd be if they knew mommy was dating Dracula.

Lucy: You bastard.

Kevin: You really are beautiful when you're angry.

Lucy: What are you doing, Doc? He needs that blood!

Kevin: I know. I'm just going to make sure he has enough.

[Caleb plays "Naked Eyes"]

Caleb: Damn it. It's there. It's in my head. It's just not -- it's not coming to me. Something's missing. 3E7F8EDC.JPG

[Caleb plays "Naked Eyes"]

[Caleb stops playing]

Tess: You'll find it, Caleb, I know you will.

Caleb: Tess.

Livvie: Maybe I can help you fix it, my love.

Lucy: What are you doing?

Kevin: What does it look like? Ian's a big guy. I just want to make sure he has enough to quell his thirst or whatever it is.

Lucy: That's enough.

Kevin: You know, your attitude is overwhelming.

Lucy: You really are enjoying this, aren't you?

Kevin: Oh, yeah, immensely. The irony, staggering -- you leave crazy Kevin to take up with a vampire. An opera should be written about this. 3E7F8F35.JPG

Lucy: So how are you going to make me pay, then, for this transgression?

Kevin: I think you're already paying for it.

Lucy: I'm sure with more installments to come, huh? Please give me my bag.

Kevin: You know, lucky for you I was here, that I'm the one that came in. If it was somebody else, you and your boyfriend would be in big trouble right now.

Lucy: You were such a good man, and I loved you with all my heart.

Kevin: I'm still that man.

Lucy: No. You've become a selfish son of a bitch.

Kevin: You have a nice evening. And tell Ian I said

bon appetit. Don't worry, Lucy. Your secret's safe with me. 3E7F8F7B.JPG

Kevin: This is Dr. Collins. I'm on my way.

Tess: What's wrong, Caleb? You look troubled.

Livvie: Nothing I can't fix, right, baby?

Caleb: Tess. Oh, Tess. I know how much you love me.

Tess: More than anything.

Caleb: And that love is so pure and so beautiful. It's like nothing I've ever felt before.

Tess: Then why do your eyes look so sad?

Caleb: Because it's like the song -- it's not right. Nothing seems right.

Tess: You just -- you need some time, Caleb. You need me to help you remember who you really are.

Livvie: Don't listen to her. Everything about the two of you is wrong. 3E7F8FAE.JPG

Tess: That's not true. What we have is so special.

Livvie: No, what you have is a fantasy, her fantasy. All she wants is to turn you into something you're not. She doesn't love you for who you are. What you are is strong and passionate, a powerful man who knows what he wants and stops at nothing till he gets it. And that is the man I love. The real man.

Caleb: I love you, Olivia. But as I recall, you could never quite decide whether you wanted to love me or destroy me.

Tess: Caleb, my love. You have had so much hurt and pain and betrayal. But -- but our love, what you and I have together, is what heals you, so it's right. 3E7F8FF1.JPG

Caleb: No. No, it's not right. It's not right with either one of you. It's just like the song -- there's something missing.

Livvie: Yes, that's me, Caleb, it's me. I'm what you want. I'm -- I'm what you need, what you -- what you've always needed.

Tess: No, she's evil. She just wants to hold you back.

Livvie: No, I'm trying to bring you back and love you for who you really are.

Caleb: No! What -- I don't want either -- just go away! Both of you, go away!

[Caleb repeats the first five notes of "Naked Eyes"]

Tess' voice: Caleb, don't turn away.

Livvie's voice: Caleb, come back to me. 3E7F902E.JPG

Tess' voice: It's me that you want.

Livvie's voice: You must not deny who you are.

Tess' voice: Caleb.

Livvie's voice: Don't let her change you.

Tess' voice: Caleb.

Livvie's voice: Caleb, come back to me.

Tess' voice: It's me that you want. Don't let her come between us.

Livvie's voice: You must not deny who you are.

Tess' voice: Caleb.

Livvie's voice: Caleb.

Tess' voice: Caleb.

Livvie's voice: Caleb.

Caleb: Agh! Ugh!

Elizabeth: Stay away from me. Just stay away from me.

Joshua: Why, what are you going to do? You going to tell Caleb?

Elizabeth: Yes, I will! I'm going to tell him everything. 3E7F90C2.JPG

Joshua: No, you're not. I've been giving that some thought. You're not going to tell anybody anything.

Elizabeth: Why don't you just leave me alone? Why don't you good feed on somebody else?

Joshua: Because I don't find anybody else tasty, only you.

Elizabeth: No. Please, leave me alone.

Joshua: No, aren't you hungry? I know I am. You've got to be hungry. Let's do what comes naturally -- feeding, it's just like breathing.

Elizabeth: No, I can't! I can't.

Joshua: What do you mean, you can't? Why can't you? Why can't you? 3E7F90DA.JPG

Elizabeth: Because I'm not a vampire anymore.

Joshua: You're not a vampire anymore? So it's true.

Elizabeth: You knew?

Joshua: Yes, I knew, as soon as you told me about the healing pool. Why didn't you tell me you took a little dip?

Elizabeth: Please. Please, just let me go.

Joshua: What other secrets -- what other secrets are you keeping from me?

Elizabeth: Nothing. Nothing. I told you everything.

Joshua: What other secrets? You're a liar. Liar. Liar.

Elizabeth: Rafe -- Rafe -- Lucy --

Joshua: Rafe and Lucy? Yes. Rafe and Lucy?

Elizabeth: They have a -- 3E7F90FF.JPG

[Elizabeth coughs]

Elizabeth: They have a plan.

Joshua: They have a plan? That's better. Rafe and Lucy have a plan?

Elizabeth: They're going to wipe out all the vampires. They're going to throw each and every one into the healing pool. They're not going to stop until they've cured everyone..

Joshua: Really?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Joshua: Really? Well. That's very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

Ian's voice: "I hope you can understand why I've done this, and how hard it was for me, knowing I would leave you and Danny -- the two most precious things in my life. God knows, if there'd been any other way --" 3E7F9133.JPG

[Key turns in lock]

Lucy: So, did you miss me?

Ian: I always miss you. What were you doing?

Lucy: A little shopping.

Ian: Shopping, is it? Did you get me a new cape?

Lucy: Yeah. Very funny. Wasn't that kind of shopping.

Ian: What's in the bag, Lucy?

Lucy: Something for you. Something for us. Something you're not going to like.

Ian: It's blood, isn't it? I can smell it.

Lucy: Please do not get angry with me.

Ian: Where did you get it?

Lucy: At the blood bank at General Hospital.

Ian: Tell me you didn't do it. Please tell me you didn't do this. 3E7F9164.JPG

Lucy: I did do it. I did because this -- this is it. The hot spring will cure you, but you have to drink this blood first. It's the only way, and you know that.

Ian: We don't know that.

Lucy: We know it's a chance. That's what Rafe said -- it's a very, very good chance.

Ian: What are you asking me? You asking me to drink blood?

Lucy: I know you're scared. I'm scared. Maybe this is going to be one of the hardest things you ever have to do. But you have to do it if you want a future, and you have to do it to get your life back. Danny needs his father back. You have to be Danny's father again. 3E7F918E.JPG

Ian: Danny.

Lucy: He needs you. And I know you need him.

Ian: I want my life back.

Lucy: Ok, here. Ok.

Lucy: Please. We have to take this chance. It's the only one we've got.

Caleb: Nobody's here, you're just imagining things. All right. Time to work. Got to work. Why can't I get this? It's right there, it's right in front of you. The answer's right in front of you.

[Caleb plays "Naked Eyes"]

Caleb: No. This isn't happening.

[Caleb repeats the first five notes of "Naked Eyes"]

Caleb: God, that's it. That's it, that's the answer. 3E7F91F9.JPG

[Caleb stops playing]

Tess: Caleb? What's going on?

Caleb: Tess. I'm glad you're here. Come with me.

Tess: What -- wait. What are you so excited about?

Caleb: You're not going to believe it. Finally everything's clear. I know what I have to do now.

Joshua: Rafe and Lucy have a plan to destroy the vampires. They're going to cure them.

Elizabeth: Please -- please don't tell anyone.

Joshua: Oh, please, you spilled the beans so easily. You would spoon-feed your babies to the wolves just to save your tired old hide.

Elizabeth: You were choking me!

Joshua: There's just one thing I don't understand, Elizabeth. Why are you so happy to give it all up? You had it all. You had power. You had eternity. Don't you miss it? 3E7F92E0.JPG

Elizabeth: No. Being a vampire was always your thing. You're the one who wanted it, not me. I never asked for it. And I'm not going back to it, no matter what.

Joshua: Well, there's only one thing left I can do with you, dear, is kill --

Elizabeth: No, don't! Just -- God! Please, I promise I won't tell anybody anything, all right?

Joshua: Oh, please, will you relax? It was just a joke. It was just a little vampire humor.

Elizabeth: Oh, God.

Joshua: I'm not going to kill you. Not today, anyway. Here.

Elizabeth: What? What's that? 3E7F9302.JPG

Joshua: It's an airline ticket to Capri. You remember Capri? It's our special little place. Go there, stay there, behave yourself. Friends of mine will keep an eye on you. And if you should misbehave, Alison's here -- I shall pay her a visit.

Elizabeth: You promise me -- you can't do anything to Alison. Leave her alone.

Joshua: You know, your selective maternal instinct is so touching, Elizabeth. What's the matter? Why so sad, hmm? Haven't I given you want you want? Aren't I letting you live, albeit as a mortal? Only God only knows why anybody would want that.

Joshua: Thank you for the tip. 3E7F933B.JPG

Elizabeth: What are you going to do now? What are you going to do with what I told you?

Joshua: I haven't quite made up my mind. But when I do, you'll be the last to know.

Lucy: Can I, can I do something? Can I --

Ian: No.

Lucy: Help you in any way?

Ian: I have to do this alone.

Lucy: Are you sure?

Ian: Yeah, I'm sure.

Lucy: Ian -- you're doing the right thing, you know?

[Ian sighs]

Lucy: Just try to remember why you have to do it. You try to remember that.

Kevin: I have missed you so much, just bunches and bunches. But now you're here and I'm so glad. You know why? 3E7F939F.JPG

Christina: Why?

Kevin: Because we're going to surprise mommy!

Christina: How?

Kevin: How? Oh, well, you don't worry about that. You just let me take care of everything. Because daddy has it all figured out.

Tess: What's going on, Caleb? Where are you taking me?

Caleb: Don't you recognize it?

Tess: Oh, my God. This is where it all happened. It's where you separated me from Livvie. It's where you created me.

Caleb: It's where it all started, Tess.

Tess: Why are we here?

Caleb: I made a terrible mistake. And now I have to correct it. 3E7F93DA.JPG

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Caleb: I want you the way you were before -- I want Olivia.

Kevin: I know the truth about Ian being a vampire. I guess it's time for you to suffer some consequences.

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