Port Charles Transcript Friday 3/14/03

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Jamal: Jack, would you hold on for a second and just talk to me?

Jack: Hey, will you give me a beer, Frank?

Jamal: Huh?

Frank: Look, I can't talk right now, ok? Jack, Jamal.

Jamal: Hey, what is up with you and Reese? Or have you forgotten she's a vampire?

Jack: Hey, nect.

Jamal: No, no, I know that. That's a good thing.

Jack: Jamal, I'm not buying with her.

Jamal: No, just trouble. I know that.

Jack: Get a life, man. Come on.

Jamal: Me? No, you need to get a life, ok, and stop throwing yours away because Tess kicked you to the curb. 3E725F2B.JPG

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on. You want to see how hurt I am hat? Watch and learn, big boy. Hey, am I blind, or are those the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen?

Jamal: Wow. Wow, wow, what a place, what a place, what a place. We got vampires, ex-vampires, guardian angels, all kicking it in the same spot like it's one big, happy family. I'm feeling a little out of place here.

Casey: Ho-ho-ho.

Jamal: What, you got a bad day in guardian angel land or something?

Casey: I am a supernatural disaster. That's what I am.

Jamal: Ok. Now what's up with you? 3E725F62.JPG

Casey: I had one job, Jamal, just one job. I screwed up. Man, now the big boss will probably take away my earthly privileges, yank me back upstairs --

Jamal: What's up?

Casey: Hey, Ricky.

Ricky: Did I hear you right? Does Jamal here know that you're a --

Casey: Angel? Yeah, go ahead, go ahead, say it loud and proud. You know what, everybody else on this planet probably knows anyway, with me and my big mouth that I just can't keep shut.

Joshua: Yeah, that's a good question. You've been quite the chatty little cherub, haven't you? If you're not careful, they just might clip your wings.

Jamal: Why don't we get out of here. 3E725F8A.JPG

Joshua: Before you go, you and I need to have a conversation since all the cards on the table. You know, light and shadow don't mix. You have a choice to make. You either ditch the angel or get the hell out of the band.

Elizabeth: Rafe, you maniac!

Rafe: What are you doing here?

Elizabeth: You scared me to death. I followed you. I knew you guys were up to something.

Ian: You nearly got yourself killed.

Elizabeth: This is it. This is the place that I saw when you played that music. What is it?

Ian: It's like a giant hot tub for vampires. What do you think? 3E725FAC.JPG

Elizabeth: That you know more than you're telling me. You guys broke into Caleb's place to get down here. What is going on?

Caleb: I'm not going to ask again. Let her go.

Tess: It's all right, Caleb.

Caleb: No, it isn't. Start talking.

Lucy: We just wanted to spend a little time with Tess.

Caleb: Like the time we spent together?

Lucy: I don't think you and i will have another evening like that, do you?

Alison: Look, we just wanted to have a little girls' night out. What's wrong with that?

Lucy: That's right. What, you can't let your girlfriend go out with her girl friends every once in a while? You have a problem with that? 3E725FCE.JPG

Caleb: I think you should go now, sweetheart.

Tess: Why?

Caleb: Because the ladies and I are going to discuss their manners.

Tess: But, Caleb --

Caleb: Just go.

Lucy: Ok, see, here's the thing -- I can't quite figure out how to destroy you. So in the meantime, we thought maybe we'd get Tess away from you and convince her what you really are -- a vicious, cruel animal.

Caleb: Well, why don't I just prove it to you.

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Jamal: You know, this is a private conversation, all right?

Joshua: Ok. Well, ricky, this could be our last conversation if you don't make a decision really quick. 3E726016.JPG

Ricky: Joshua, wait. Hold on.

Casey: Yo, Ricky, if you -- if you make the wrong choice, you could be losing your soul. You know, spend the rest of eternity roasting in the deepest pits of hell.

Ricky: Thanks. No pressure there.

Joshua: You know, you ambassadors of the light are just so poetic.

Casey: Yeah, well, you know what, you tall, dark, and evil bloodsucking monsters are always hunting for new recruits, aren't you?

Joshua: Our recruits usually know where to find us.

Jamal: Not if they know exactly who you are.

Joshua: Well, Ricky knows who we are, and he's known what we are for quite some time. Yes, Ricky?

Casey: He's right, Jamal. 3E726036.JPG

Joshua: So, what's it going to be, Ricky? The pearly gates or the rock 'n' roll hall of fame?

Casey: Ricky, I believe in you. Ok, you have a good heart. You'll make the right decision.

Jojoshua: We won't press our lifestyle on you, Ricky, not if it's not your thing. But if you want to fly with the angels, then you just can't play with the band.

Jamal: Ricky, don't listen to this guy.

Joshua: Fame, power, recognition, and the chance to play your music. Or else what do you want to do, be a chauffeur again? Drive around the sort of person that you might have become?

Casey: Think about it. Think about it, Ricky. Think about all you could be giving up. 3E72605E.JPG

Joshua: Oh, you might also want to think about what you just might receive.

Ricky: I'm staying with the band.

Jack: Hey.

Woman: Miss me?

Jack: Now, what do you think?

Reese: Hey, mort, what's going on?

Woman: I thought you said your name was Jack.

Reese: Why don't you lose the bimbo so we can hang out.

Woman: Hey, you --

Reese: Don't even start with me, all right? This one's off-limits.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'll tell you who's on and off-limits. And as you can see, I have a date. I'll catch you later.

Reese: Yeah. Whatever. 3E72608F.JPG

Jack: Yeah, whatever. Now, where were we?

Reese: Ugh.

Frank: What can I get you?

Reese: I'll have a bloody mary.

Rafe: First time we shared plans with you, you took them straight to Caleb. Then Alison finds you sucking face with Joshua? I wouldn't trust you for the time of day.

Elizabeth: Fine. Then don't tell me anything at all. I'll just go tell Joshua.

Rafe: You see? That's what I'm saying. You'd do that, wouldn't you?

Elizabeth: Not if you tell me the truth. Tell me what is really going on here, or I will go back to him. It's your choice. 3E7260B5.JPG

Ian: She's kind of got us.

Rafe: Yeah, I hear you. And Alison would probably get pretty ticked if I took this stake and stuck it through your heart, huh?

Ian: Hmm. So there's only one more thing to do, isn't there?

Rafe: Yeah, that's right.

Ian: Excuse me.

Elizabeth: What? No! No! Put me down! Oh -- let go of me!

Lucy: You're not going to hurt us.

Caleb: Oh, really?

Lucy: Really. Why don't you just let Alison go, ok? Just you and me.

Caleb: And then what?

Lucy: Then we'll pick up where we left off. You sort of poofed out of there, didn't you, and disappeared. 3E7260D5.JPG

Caleb: I wouldn't count on that happening this time. I thought I told you to leave.

Tess: Not until you let them go.

Caleb: I'm tired of looking over my shoulder and seeing their faces, and I am sick of the games they play.

Tess: I'm still asking you to walk away.

Caleb: They're like little gnats. The only way to stop them is to catch them and crush them.

Lucy: Alison, I want you to run. Get out of here now! Go!

Alison: No, I won't leave you! I won't leave you!

Caleb: Then I get two birds with one stone.

Tess: No, no. You are not someone who destroys anymore. You said that I made you different. Prove to me that you've changed and let them go, please. 3E7260FF.JPG

Caleb: Don't you understand? The only way this stops is if I stop it.

Tess: The man that I love doesn't kill. The man that I love is better than that.

Caleb: They are trying to tear us apart.

Tess: Don't you see? I'm yours. Nothing they say could ever take me away from you. Please, don't waste your time with them. Come on. Let's go. Just come with me. Please.

Alison: Lucy. My God. Ok. I'm going to be ok just as soon as my legs stop shaking.

Lucy: No, you're going to be fine. We got to find Rafe and we have to find Ian and tell them Caleb might be on -- let's go. 3E72613E.JPG

[Car doors close]

[Car engine starts]

Joshua: You made the right decision, Garza. Congratulations.

Casey: Yeah, Ricky. Don't be packing any sweaters, though. Hell's a little toasty.

Joshua: I think you need some time with your fashion consultant.

Casey: Shut up.

Joshua: I'll give you a couple of minutes.

Jamal: Tell me---- please, tell me you have a plan.

Casey: Yeah. Yeah, sure he's got a plan. You got a plan to die!

Ricky: So what? You know what? Everybody's got to die sometime, but not everybody gets a chance to live. You know, I've been a nobody my whole life, and I am -- I am the drummer of the hottest rock 'n' roll band in the world. I got something good going and I can't give that up! 3E7261E6.JPG

Jamal: Something good? Dude, you are tripping. Something good?

Casey: Exactly. Earth to Garza. Do you really think -- these are vampires. Do you honestly believe they're not going to turn you into an honorary one? Huh? If you do, then you're just as crazy as them.

Ricky: You know what, that's chance that I'm willing to take. Casey, I'm just telling Joshua what he wants to hear. When I'm done getting what I need from this gig, then I split.

Casey: You want to scam the devil, huh? Do you have any idea what you're risking?

Ricky: My eternal soul. I know. I know the drill. You keep telling me the drill. 3E726208.JPG

Casey: Yeah, you are trading in your whole life, Ricky -- your whole life for a lousy 15 minutes of fame.

15 minutes.

Ricky: Yeah, I know, which I've never had before.

Casey: Oh --

Ricky: Hey, hey, here don't go getting your halo all in a knot. I'll be fine.

Casey: No. No, you won't.

Jack: I like the way you move, Tiffany.

Woman: Tammy.

Jack: Yeah, whatever.

Tammy: Why don't we go someplace --

Jack: What, a little more intimate?

Tammy: Yeah. You read my mind.

Tess: Why have you brought me here? 3E72623E.JPG

Caleb: I just want you to be somewhere safe. Are you all right? What did they do to you?

Tess: Lucy and Alison -- they tried to trick me, that's all. But they would never hurt me.

Caleb: I can't stand the thought of anyone hurting you. I guess that's why I lost control.

Tess: There was no real harm done.

Caleb: I never wanted you to see me so angry, so close to doing harm.

Tess: But you stopped yourself. You were tempted to turn to your old ways, but you didn't.

Caleb: But everybody keeps trying to poison your mind. They keep telling you what a monster I am. 3E726271.JPG

Tess: Let them talk. I know what's in my heart. I exist because of you, and you -- your very soul exists because of me.

Caleb: No one can ever take that away from us.

Tess: We know who we are and how good we are together. Let me show you how much you mean to me.

Elizabeth: Ow! No, you can't do this to me. Come on, stop it!

Ian: Sorry.

Elizabeth: Don't. You know, I can still scream for help.

Rafe: Oh, yeah. Thanks for reminding me. Here you go.

Elizabeth: Ah! Uh-uh!

[Elizabeth garbles]

Rafe: All right, you know what? We will be back soon. I promise. All right. 3E7262AB.JPG

Lucy: They've got to be somewhere. Look around --

Ian: What are you guys doing here?

Lucy: Hey. Hi. Well, it's kind of a long story. Caleb found us with Tess. He got really mad and spooky, and he sort of kissed us and kissed us off, and went poof and vanished.

Alison: Which means we have a vampire on the loose, and he's not happy at all.

Rafe: Ok, then we'd better work fast.

Lucy: Yeah.

[Elizabeth garbles]

Kevin: What the hell's going on here?

Elizabeth: I don't know. That's what I was trying to find out, and this is what I get for my troubles. Could you please untie me? 3E7262C8.JPG

Lucy: Did you try? Did you go in yet?

Ian: Not yet, no. I've had a bit of a distraction.

Rafe: Alison, your mother showed up.

Alison: What? Where is she?

Rafe: I'll explain later. There's not time.

Ian: Caleb could be here any minute.

Lucy: Oh, right.

Rafe: Yeah, so guess if you're going into the spring, it's now or never.

Ian: Now, then.

Lucy: Wait, wait. Are you absolutely, positively sure that it's safe? I --

Ian: I want to be with you as a man, not a vampire.

Kevin: Oh!

Alison: Oh, God. 3E7262E7.JPG

Kevin: Oh, that's beautiful. That explains everything. A vampire? Well, Lucy, you always were a sucker for a hard-luck case.

Ian: Stay out if it, Kevin.

Kevin: And you thought I was the crazy one in this marriage?

Lucy: Oh, Kevin, please, just go. I will explain everything to you later. Just -- listen, go. Please.

Ian: Maybe I'll explain something to you

Alison: No, Ian!

Rafe: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Alison: No, Ian! Ian! Mother!

Joshua: I would like to speak to you, Elizabeth. I don't want to leave any more messages on your machine, so please call me back. I'm losing patience.

Frank: Now, are you here to order a drink or admire the decor? 3E7263C0.JPG

Joshua: Well, thank you. I'll have a glass of red wine.

Frank: There you go.

Joshua: That should be a 10. You may keep the change.

Frank: Whatever you say.

Joshua: Good boy, Frankie. You just passed the first test.

Ricky: Can't you understand why I'm doing this? Why I want the best of both worlds?

Casey: All I understand is that you are being a self-centered jerk, Ricky Garza. That's all you're being.

Ricky: But you love me anyway, right?

Casey: This isn't funny. You think this is funny? You just bought yourself a one-way ticket to hell, do you realize that? Do you understand?

Ricky: Not -- not if you save me. 3E7263F9.JPG

Casey: No, I don't think so. I don't think so. You going to let me do all the heavy lifting? Are you getting some kind of rush having both sides fight over you? Is that what it is, Ricky?

Ricky: Oh, will you cut me some slack?

Joshua: Ok. Did you two reach a decision?

Ricky: Yeah, yeah, we're cool.

Casey: Yeah. You want him? Keep him.

Joshua: Ok, Ricky, how about the limo outside? Would you like a ride to the studio?

Ricky: Sure.

Jamal: Hey, it's all right. You tried.

Casey: The rules say I can only show them a way. The rest they got to follow with their heart. Only I guess it wasn't in Ricky's heart. I lost him, Jamal. 3E72645B.JPG

Reese: Well, well. Doesn't this look nice and cozy. Not for long.

[Trashes Jack's house]

Reese: Yeah!

Reese: Whoo! Yeah! Ah, let's see.

Tess: I'm so happy. I was right. I knew I could change your ways.

Caleb: I love you, Tess. I want you. I want to please you. I want to set you free.

[Tess screams]

Lucy: Oh, my God!

Alison: Mother! Mother!

Caleb's voice: Sweet Elizabeth, how I wish it didn't have to be like this.

Elizabeth's voice: My girl.

Alison's voice: No! Get away from me!

[Elizabeth hisses]

Alison: Mother? Mother! Mother -- Rafe, Rafe, save her! Do something, please! 3E7264D8.JPG

Ian: Elizabeth?

Lucy: Ian, no! Oh, my God! What's happening?

Alison: Rafe? She's dead. She's dead. Oh, God.

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Rafe: Whatever happens is not your fault.

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