Port Charles Transcript Thursday 3/13/03

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[Music plays] Caleb: I don't have the strength to lie anymore

[Caleb turns up volume]

Caleb: Spent my life taking all the wrong doors I think have the answers questions remain still here on the outside covered in pain so make a fire to light that shines through my window

Singers: I can see so clearly in your eyes

Caleb: Just a fire tonight then, oh, baby, let it go 3E710DC8.JPG

Singers: Need to feel you near me no more lies

Caleb: I was right, Tess. I created you for me.

Elizabeth: Hmm -- Joshua?

Joshua: Hmm, speaking? Hello.

Elizabeth: I swear I'd never hear these words leave my lips, but don't leave.

Joshua: I have things to do. So do you.

Elizabeth: Such as?

Joshua: Such as family.

Elizabeth: Oh, no. Because if I go to Alison's now, she'll slam the door in my face. She's so mad at me.

Joshua: Then you have to kiss and make up. I need you to find out exactly what they know and get back to me. Problem?

Elizabeth: No, I don't have a problem with it. I know what I have to do. 3E710E02.JPG

Alison: They deserve their miserable lives.

Lucy: Hey.

Alison: Hi.

Rafe: What's up?

Alison: Nothing. Just my mother never ceases to amaze me -- how low she can stoop on her journey to hell. And for the fact that Jack is sucking face with that vampire Reese. That's about I it.

Rafe: Whoa, whoa -- what are you talking about?

Alison: Nothing. I just --

Rafe: What was Jack doing with Reese?

Alison: I don't want to talk about it. I'm sick of it, I'm done. I want to talk about something else. Hi. What are you guys doing? What's going on here? 3E710E1E.JPG

Rafe: Well, Ian and Lucy --

Ian: We're looking at plans -- this is Caleb's loft right here.

Rafe: They went back to the spring, but the entrance was walled off by Caleb.

Alison: Wait, do you think he knows that we were there?

Lucy: No. If he knows -- maybe, but he's acting very casual about it, then.

Ian: What is this between this wall and right here? What is that?

Rafe: That's it. That's it. It's got to be.

Lucy: You are brilliant.

Rafe: Right, so now all we have to do is get inside Caleb's loft to the entrance.

Ian: Piece of cake, right?

Tess: Are you all right?

Caleb: I'm better than all right. 3E710E4C.JPG

Tess: You happy?

Caleb: Yeah, I'm happy. But I have to go to rehearsal.

Tess: Ok. I understand.

Caleb: Yeah?

Caleb: You'll be all right being here on your own?

Tess: It's your job. I'm proud of you.

Caleb: I'll be home as soon as I can.

Tess: Ok. I'll be right here waiting for you.

Caleb: Hey, Tess?

Tess: What?

Caleb: Eternity -- it's ours.

Tess: Eternity.

Casey: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah -- no, I'm down with all this. Yes, I got it -- keep the big bat occupied. Trust me, it'll be a piece of cake. It'll be a piece of -- cake. You know what? Actually, on the other hand, if by some wild something I happen to -- ahem -- screw up, you guys be careful, ok? Ok. Hmm. Later. 3E710EC0.JPG

Alison: Wait, wait.

Lucy: What?

Alison: Do you really think -- this is going to work, right? I mean, it is.

Lucy: Well, yeah, yeah. Yeah, sure. Because, you know what? I think Tess deep in her heart knows we would never, ever really hurt her.

Alison: Right. But she does have really good instincts. I mean, what if she guesses what we're up to?

Lucy: She won't. I swear, she won't. And I hate to admit this, but you probably already know from my past -- I have been a very skilled liar before, and I can do it again when I need to.

Alison: Yeah, sure, you can. 3E710EDE.JPG

Lucy: Ok, here goes nothing.

Alison: Ok. Ahem.

Tess: Caleb? He must have forgot something.

Alison: Hi, Tess.

Lucy: Hi.

Alison: Can we come in?

Tess: Caleb isn't here, and if you try and hurt him again --

Lucy: No, no, that's -- that's not why we're here. Actually, we're here to see you.

Alison: Yeah, we just sort of felt really bad about everything that happened before, you know?

Lucy: What we did before -- setting you up like that -- it was wrong, we know that.

Alison: Yeah, it was really wrong, and we just wanted to apologize to you.

Tess: Thank you.

Lucy: You're welcome. So, it's true, you're really living here with Caleb now? 3E710F09.JPG

Tess: Yeah. We love each other. It's meant to be, I know that.

Alison: Well, don't you still love Jack? I mean, you are his wife, Tess.

Tess: Jack doesn't love me.

Alison: And -- and you don't love him at all?

Tess: I think maybe you better go now.

Lucy: No, no. We didn't come here to judge you. That's not what we wanted to do. Jack is really our friend, too.

Alison: Yeah.

Lucy: And we feel terrible for him. Because he's feeling so badly, we just thought maybe you wanted a chance to set things right.

Tess: Jack sent you here?

Lucy: Well, yeah -- no, I just know that he would love to see you. You know, he's probably sitting at home right now deeply distressed and depressed, and he would love it if you would walk through that door. 3E710F38.JPG

Alison: At least just to see you and be able to say goodbye.

Lucy: Yeah.

Tess: He won't understand. He never did.

Lucy: But he might now. Isn't it at least worth a try? You got to try.

Tess: Ok.

Alison: Yeah?

Tess: Yeah, I'll try. I just want to write Caleb --

Lucy: No, you don't have to do that.

Alison: No --

Lucy: We're going to be right back.

Alison: Yeah.

Lucy: Caleb won't even know you're gone.

Alison: It won't take a second. You just get your coat, and we won't worry him, ok?

Tess: Ok.

Lucy: Ok. 3E710F51.JPG

Alison: Yeah, come on. It's ok. Come on.

Rafe: You still can't take your eyes off it, huh?

Ian: The more I stare at this, the more I think our answers are right here.

Rafe: I hope you're right.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I need to speak to Alison.

Rafe: She's not here.

Elizabeth: Well, I suppose she told you about me and Joshua.

Rafe: You and Joshua?

Elizabeth: Oh, she didn't tell you?

Rafe: Well, doesn't matter, it makes sense. What doesn't make sense is you have a daughter that wants to love you more than anything else in the world, and all you do is you keep letting her down. 3E710F7A.JPG

Elizabeth: Rafe, we all have our needs.

Rafe: Well, you know what? Alison doesn't need you right now, so --

Elizabeth: Huh. You building a house? Well, you know how it is, though, don't you, Ian?

Ian: Yeah, I do. Either fight or you give up. If you give up, there's nothing anyone can do for you.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but, you don't --

Ian: What? I have work to do. You should go.

Elizabeth: Ok. You will tell Alison that I was here, won't you, to ask her forgiveness?

Ian: First thing.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Rafe: This is unnatural. She's a vampire. I'm a slayer! 3E710FAF.JPG

Ian: You do know who you're talking to, Rafe?

Rafe: Yeah, right. Sorry.

[Phone rings]

Ian: Hello?

Lucy: Hey. We just picked up the package, and we're on the move. Coast is clear, so happy hunting. I love you.

Ian: I love you.

Rafe: All right, so, good to go?

Ian: Let's do it.

Ra: Yeah.

Ian: Now, what makes you so sure that Caleb's not going to come home when we're sneaking around his place?

Rafe: Don't worry about it. I got it covered.

Ian: Yeah? How is that?

Rafe: Let's just say we're going to get a little help from above. 3E710FD8.JPG

Caleb: Hey.

Casey: Hey, yourself. Working late, huh?

Caleb: Yeah. You know I like the dead of night. What are you doing here?

Casey: Oh, well, you know, my inspiration's been kind of on fade lately, huh?

Caleb: Yeah, I've noticed.

Casey: Right, so I just decided I'd hang out here and see what comes up. You know.

Caleb: Yeah, well, my inspiration's home, which is where I'm headed.

Casey: What?

Caleb: The place is yours, make a masterpiece.

Casey: Wait, wait, you can't go!

Caleb: "Can't"?

Casey: No! Not yet. I -- 3E710FFC.JPG

Caleb: Why not?

Casey: Because -- lyrics. Yeah, you got to look at these -- these -- here. The lyrics that I -- I did, and I need your feedback, boss, like, right now. Well, while I'm in the mood -- creative mood. Right?

Caleb: All right, a quick read. Real quick. Hmm.

Casey: "Hmm" what? "Hmm" -- "hmm" good?

Caleb: "Hmm" I'm speechless.

Casey: For real? That good?

Caleb: These are the worst you've ever written, and that's saying something.

Casey: Yeah, tell me how you really feel.

Caleb: You know something? Ever since you changed your look, your work has just -- 3E71102C.JPG

Casey: Yeah, yeah, I -- I got it.

Caleb: It's almost as if you are a totally different person.

Casey: Well, right now I wish I was.

Caleb: Yeah, I bet you do. Something hasn't been right with you for a while, Marissa, and I want to know why.

Casey: Why?

Caleb: Mm-hmm. Why don't you try and explain that to me, hmm?

Tess: Where are we going?

Lucy: You know where. We told you where we're headed.

Tess: No, this isn't the way to Jack's.

Lucy: Yeah, it is. It's just a different route. You've probably never gone this way before.

Alison: Yeah, it's shortcut. 3E7110D1.JPG

Tess: No. No, we're heading away from the river. This is the way out of town.

Lucy: No.

Alison: No.

Lucy: No, it's not.

Alison: Yeah, it's -- you're probably just turned around.

Lucy: Yeah -- you know, that happens to me all the time, I get turned around.

Alison: I know. Me, too.

Tess: No. No, not to me. This is another trick. Stop the car.

Alison: No, listen, Tess --

Tess: No, now, right now!

Alison: All right.

Lucy: All right. We -- we lied -- we lied to you. We lied --

Tess: Again.

Alison: Listen, we had no choice, ok?

Lucy: Yes, again, I'm sorry. 3E7110EB.JPG

Tess: No, no, not again. Sorry again -- please -- turn around. I want to go back. Stop the car.

Lucy: We can't go back, Tess. You need to give us a little more time.

Tess: You have to right now.

Alison: It's for your own good. We promise we wouldn't lie.

Tess: No, please. Please, let me out of the car.

Lucy: Let go of the wheel.

Tess: No, help me!

[Tires screech]

Ian: Ok.

Rafe: What are you doing? Where'd you get that?

Ian: Victor. I guess that's what they give you when you work for the government for a while. Let's see if I can work this out.

[Beeping] 3E711115.JPG

Ian: Thank you, victor.

Rafe: That's right. Thank you, victor.

Ian: This is the way.

Ian: So this is it. That's the spot we're looking for.

Rafe: Now we just got to see what kind of skeletons Caleb's got hiding in his closet here.


Ian: Will you look at that. It's the main water supply.

Rafe: Yeah. Now we just got to find where he hid the entrance to the hot spring.

[Phone rings]

Joshua: Speak.

Elizabeth: It's me. Ian and Rafe just broke into Caleb's loft.

Joshua: To do what?

Elizabeth: Well, if I knew that already, I would leave.

Joshua: Then why don't you hang up the phone and find out? 3E711163.JPG

Caleb: Go ahead. Because I know you're not the girl I hired -- the talented one?

Casey: Ho! That's a cheap shot. See, I got talents! I --

Caleb: Not songwriting talents. Shall I repeat the question for you?

Casey: Ok. Ok, fine, you caught me. I'm from the planet Eclipson, and I have taken over the body of the human that was once known as Marisa..

Caleb: Why are you trying to keep me here?

Casey: Man. Are you on something paranoid maximus? I mean, jeez. You bust me for not working enough for you. Here I am busting my butt off, and you get all over me for being, like, I don't know, weird. Getting all suspicious and what -- 3E711195.JPG

Caleb: Last chance.

Casey: Ok. Ok, look, I -- I'm just trying to hold on to this gig here, Stephen, ok? I don't know what you want from me. What do you want from me? I'll do it. What do you want?

Caleb: Something's not right. I'm -- I'm out of here.

Casey: Sorry, sucker.

Ian: I can't see anything. Let's get out of here. What are you doing?

Rafe: Just wait a second.

Ian: What?

Rafe: There it is.

Ian: Ok. Here we go. Let me just grab something. Let's go.

Rafe: What are you doing with that? 3E711288.JPG

Ian: My favorite tunes, my favorite hot spring.

Rafe: No, wait.

Ian: What?

Rafe: You sure you want to go through with this?

Ian: I'm not going to spend my life as a vampire. If there's a chance to break this curse, I'm going to take it.

Rafe: Ok, then, let's go, if you're sure.

Ian: I'm sure.

Caleb: Somebody's been keeping secrets.

Casey: Who? Who, me?

Caleb: Batting for that other team, huh?

Casey: And what team would that be, Stephen?

Caleb: Oh, I'd recognize their cheap brand of special effects anywhere. So, where is Marissa?

Casey: My sister is safe. 3E7112BE.JPG

Caleb: Sister?

Casey: Yeah, somewhere where you won't ever find her.

Caleb: Mm-hmm. So -- you got a name, angel?

Casey: Yeah. Casey.

Caleb: Well, Casey, you got a couple pretty good tricks.

Casey: Yeah, and I know how to use them, too.

Caleb: Just barely. I'll bet it's Casey's first time at bat.

Casey: Ha! Right, right. You think this is my first time down here. Ha!

Caleb: How could you send someone so green to take me on? What were you thinking about?

Casey: Hey, you know what? I may be green. But you know what? You're still here, so I guess that means I'm doing something right, right? 3E7112E7.JPG

Caleb: You could say that, but you wouldn't be right.

Casey: Uh-oh.

Caleb: It's been fun, though. Oh. And by the way, guess who's out of the band starting right now.

Casey: Uh-oh, big time.

Tess: I said no, get away!

Alison: Wait! Wait! Stop!

Lucy: Please --

Tess: I won't let you use me again.

Alison: We're not just going to stand by and let Caleb ruin all of our lives.

Tess: Not mine.

Alison: You have to understand that.

Lucy: No, you need to listen to me. You're wrong. He is ruining your life. You are married to Jack. You're supposed to be with Jack.

Tess: No, don't you understand? He doesn't love me anymore. He doesn't want me. My life is with Caleb now. 3E711311.JPG

Alison: No, he made you believe that.

Lucy: You got to listen to us. You have to try.

Tess: No, that's enough. Stop it. Stop it. If you don't take me home, I'm going to walk.

Lucy: No! You can't do that. You'd freeze to death.

Tess: Stop.

Lucy: Listen to me. Just give us a little more time.

Tess: No, let me go! Please!

Lucy: Tess, please!

Alison: Tess, listen --

Tess: No! Stop --

Caleb: Take your hands off her!

Lucy: Caleb.

Caleb: Now, slayer.

Rafe: Are you sure you want to go through with this?

Ian: If taking a dip in this water will end my vampire days, then, yes. 3E711336.JPG

Rafe: Yeah, but what if it doesn't? We still don't know -- what if it goes the other way? We don't know exactly what it's going to do.

Ian: It's a chance we'll have to take.

[Footsteps] Did you hear that?

Rafe: No. No, this place must be just giving you the creeps. It's doing the same for me.

Ian: It's quite a setup he's got here, right, with the pool and everything? It's nice.

Rafe: Yeah, for a dead guy, sure knows how to live.

[Elizabeth gasps]

Elizabeth: Oh, oh -- no!

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Lucy: We thought maybe we'd get Tess away from you and convince her what you really are -- a vicious, cruel animal.

Caleb: Well, why don't I just prove it to you?

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