Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 3/11/03

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[Classical music plays]

Ian: I don't know. I don't want to make the same made last time.

Lucy: Mmm.

Ian: And I thought I knew everything. I thought I had all the answers, and I was wrong, and I almost hurt you.

Lucy: You didn't. And I knew you wouldn't.

Ian: Being with me is a little like Russian roulette, isn't it?

Lucy: I'm not complaining at all. Do you think that Rafe's theory about the vampire spring, the hot springs -- could that be right? 3E6E6AAC.JPG

Ian: I don't know. I don't know if the water is the answer or not, but either way, we'll need a miracle

Lucy: We deserve a miracle. Especially you.

Ian: Try to t, but with Kevin back in the picture, you know --

Lucy: We're not going to let him find o that you're a vampire. We're not.

Ian: What if he doe it against you?

Lucy: He won't. He will not. Won't allow it.

Ian: They're all going to find out eventually.

Lucy: Yeah, maybe. But you know what I think we should do right now? I think we should forget all about our problems -- forget Caleb and Kevin and everybody. 3E6E6ACF.JPG

Ian: You think we can?

Lucy: I think we should try. Because, you know, there's this theory that if you forget about your problems just for a little bit, the answer just comes to you.

Ian: I've heard that.

Lucy: Have you?

Ian: Yeah.

Lucy: Wouldn't you be interested in putting it into practice?

Ian: I think so, yes, sure.

Lucy: Then I think you need to come over here.

Ian: Hmm.

[Rock music plays]

Joshua: Stop, stop, stop, stop. More energy, Garza. You're lagging behind the bass line.

Ricky: He keeps speeding up the tempo.

Caz: Oh, well, I'll slow it down for you, bro. Make it nice and easy. 3E6E6B08.JPG

Joshua: We don't do "nice and easy." This is rock 'n' roll. It's not dinner music.

Ricky: How's that? Is that better?

Joshua: That's much better, thank you very much.

Reese: Brilliant.

Caz: All right, man, you ripped it. You ripped it.

Joshua: Yeah, you're all wonderful. Ricky, since Stephen's not here, you can sing the lead on this. You sing it better than he does, anyway.

Caleb: Is that so?

Joshua: I didn't mean anything by that.

Caleb: Relax, Joshua. You're right. He does sing it better than me. We're not going to be working on any of the old stuff. I've written some new music. 3E6E6B31.JPG

Joshua: Wonderful.

Reese: Whatever.

Caz: Works for me.

Caleb: Between you and me, there's going to be a lot more changes around here.

Joshua: Such as?

Caleb: The name of the band. We'll no longer be known as Stephen clay experience.

Joshua: May I ask you why?

Caleb: Stephen clay isn't my name. From now on, we're going to be known as the experience, featuring Caleb Morley. It's time, Joshua. I'm taking my name back. It's time for the whole world to know who I really am.

[Jack groans]

Jack: Oh -- I guess it won't hurt if I have another.

Livvie: Jack, Jack, Jack. So you're giving up, huh? You're going to let Caleb win again? 3E6E6B90.JPG

Livvie: It's been a while, Jack.

Jack: Not long enough for me. Besides, you're not real. You're just a part of my hangover.

Livvie: Drowning your sorrows -- that's your answer?

Jack: No, I'm just drowning you out.

Livvie: Afraid you won't be able to drink me away this time, Jack.

Jack: Oh, Livvie, you'd be surprised how far away you are.

Livvie: And dear, sweet Tess -- is she far away, too?

Jack: She's getting there.

Livvie: You know, what happened to you, Jack? You used to be my hero, the one man I could count on when I had lost my way. 3E6E6BE9.JPG

Jack: A sucker's game.

Livvie: But we played it so many times.

Jack: Did you ever care? Did you ever give a damn?

Livvie: About you? Of course I did, Jack. I loved you.

Jack: Until the vampire got a hold of you, huh?

Livvie: I changed, and there wasn't anything you could do to stop that from happening.

Jack: You know what?

You can go down memory lane by yourself. But I'm over you. I'm over you.

Livvie: You know, what about Tess? Wasn't it your love that made Tess real?

Jack: Don't talk about her.

Livvie: You thought you had it, didn't you, Jack? Your happily ever after. Then everything fell apart again. 3E6E6C1A.JPG

Jack: Go to hell! Go to hell, Livvie.

Livvie: And it left you wondering, wondering, wondering what you did right, what you did wrong, what was never good enough. I think you want to know, Jack. I think you're dying to know why neither one of us wanted to settle for your simple little life. Why I didn't stay, why Tess didn't stay.

Jack: Doesn't matter now.

Livvie: Oh, yeah, of course it does. You want to know what he has that got to us and what you don't. You can taste it. His power, the life we chose -- you'll never have peace until you know, Jack, why you were never enough for the women you loved. 3E6E6C4D.JPG

Jack: No.

[Livvie laughs]

Ricky: Look at you. I thought you were gone for good -- back to heaven. I thought I would never see you again.

Casey: Ricky, we can't do this.

Ricky: Why not?

Casey: Be-- no, no, no, I'm not here on vacation, Ricky. I'm here on assignment.

Ricky: What? What? On an angel assignment?

Casey: Yeah. Yeah, that's right.

Ricky: So what, you know? You can't work all the time.

Casey: No, you don't understand.

Ricky: What's there to understand? You're back, and that's all that matters. 3E6E6C75.JPG

Casey: But there are rules. There are rules. That's why I got yanked back, ok?

Ricky: Yeah?

Casey: There's no kissing, no fooling around, no --

Ricky: What else?

Casey: No -- no, just stop. Stop. Stop it, ok? I can't -- I can't save you if you keep doing -- this.

Ricky: Save me? That's your angel assignment? You're a guardian angel? My guardian angel?

Casey: So -- big deal.

Ricky: I can't believe it. I have a guardian angel, and it's you, the girl that I love? This is so --

Casey: Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, no. Listen. Listen to me, ok? This is not some ordinary Goth rocked-out rock band that you're rolling with, ok? You're probably, like, the only person left in this town who doesn't know, but, honey, Caleb and his crew -- they really are vampires. 3E6E6CC0.JPG

Ricky: I know.

Casey: What?

Ricky: I have known for a long time. And you want to know something? I don't care.

Joshua: Stephen.

Caleb: Let me guess -- you hate the idea of changing the name of the band.

Joshua: I'm just curious as to why. The Stephen clay experience is a recognizable entity throughout the world. It sells millions of C.D.S. You're known everywhere you go. I don't think such a change is very good for business.

Caleb: Hmm. We're changing it anyway.

Joshua: Ok. Might I ask why the sudden decision?

Caleb: I'm tired of hiding behind someone else's name. I'm proud of who I am, and I want the whole world to know it. 3E6E6CF5.JPG

Joshua: Do you also want the whole world to know what you are?

Caleb: Let the vampire rumors float out there. It sells records. It's good for business.

Joshua: Hmm. Is it safe to say that this newfound confidence has been inspired by the latest lady love in your life?

Caleb: That's my business. Your business is to manage the band, look after my interests, and keep an eye on Elizabeth. How long have u been sleeping with her, anyway?

Joshua: That's a good way to keep an eye on her, isn't it?

Caleb: Just make sure she doesn't get hurt. I wouldn't want her to be mistreated.

Joshua: Of course. 3E6E6D1F.JPG

Caleb: Oh, and, Joshua -- it's my life. No matter how much you'd like to live it, they're my decisions to make. So if I want to change my name, I'll do it. If I don't want to hide in the shadows anymore, your job is to say, "go do it." Do we understand each other?

Joshua: Yes.

Caleb: Good.

Caleb: Hey, Jack. I've missed you.

Casey: You know that they're vampires, and you don't care?

Ricky: No. I'm in it for the music. A shot like this has always been my dream. You know that.

Casey: Are you crazy?

Ricky: Look, will you look at it this way? Before the vampires, I was a big, fat nothing, and now I have a platinum record, ok? They use me and I use them. 3E6E6DD6.JPG

Casey: And you could lose your life. Do you know that? The person who you are, the person who I love -- you have almost been turned, and Reese would have turned you into one, too, Ricky, if I hadn't -- never mind.

Ricky: Wait, wait, wait -- wait a second. That twister thing in the rehearsal hall -- that was you?

Casey: Saving your sorry ass. Yes, that was me. This is not a game, Ricky.

Ricky: I know what I'm doing.

Casey: Yeah? Well, you could've fooled me.

Ricky: Listen, all they are is a means to an end.

Casey: A means to an end?

Ricky: Yes. Look, I'm looking to make something bigger out of it, and I already have. And it could be bigger and better. I can feel it. 3E6E6E07.JPG

Casey: No, no. The only road that this can lead you to is nowhere. All right? Fine. If that's your big plan to make it to the top, then you know what? Count me out because I don't want to see you destroy yourself. I'm out.

Ricky: Casey, wait.

Caleb: You looking for trouble, Jack?

Jack: No. What I'm here for is none of your business.

Caleb: My property, my business.

Jack: Get out of my way.

Caleb: Whew. You're drunk, Jack. Why don't you take this someplace else?

Jack: Not until I get what I came here for. 3E6E6E28.JPG

Caleb: Well, if that's me, I'm in too good a mood to hurt anything today. But if you push it --

Jack: Oh, what, huh?

Caz: Hey, boss -- this just came for you.

Caleb: Tell you what. Forget about what I said. Stay as long as you like. I'm feeling generous.

Jack: Guess what -- no more complications.

Reese: Hmm. I like the sound of that.

Jack: Let's go.

[Classical music plays]

Ian: That was quite the distraction.

Lucy: Sorry about your clothes.

Ian: That's ok. They'll dry.

Lucy: See? Now, don't you feel a lot better? 3E6E6E72.JPG

Ian: I feel great.

Lucy: Really? That's what you're supposed to do -- just lay back and relax, forget about your problems.

Ian: I thought that's what we were doing. We're going to have to snap out of this and get back to reality.

Lucy: I know, I know. We will -- in a minute. Come on. Come on, lay back. Close your eyes.

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: Just feel the warm water roll all over your body. Listen to the music, and just relax. Come on. You can do it. You know, I always do this when I have a problem that I just can't seem to work through. I get in the tub, I light the candles, and I run the bath, and I listen to music. One time I had this problem with my perfume company, and, sure enough, it came right to me as I was relaxing in the tub. It just came to me. Close your eyes. 3E6E6EA7.JPG

Ian: Yeah, that's what I'm doing.

Lucy: No, you got to close your eyes and relax. Come on. Try it. Close them. Think about the music and the way the water touches your skin. You'll be a whole new person.

Ian: I love the way your mind works.

Lucy: You do?

Ian: You did it.

Lucy: Thanks. What? I did what?

Ian: You solved it -- the puzzle.

Lucy: The puzzle -- I solved the -- what puzzle?

Ian: With Caleb, the music -- if -- we have to listen to the music and sit in water -- the healing pool.

Lucy: Ok. 3E6E6EC6.JPG

Ian: We have to let it soak while we're listening to the music.

Lucy: Wait a minute. You're saying let the music fill your mind while you're soaking in water?

Ian: Not just any music. It has to be Caleb's music while you're sitting in the healing pool.

Lucy: So you can let it restore you and bring you new life.

Ian: Yeah. Might be the answer.

Ricky: Would you just wait? Get over here. You wouldn't let me finish. Ok. When I was by myself, yeah, it was about the music. I had to break out of the pack, to do something for myself, do something that I love. It was my only dream that I had left, and I didn't want to lose that -- not after I lost you. 3E6E6FAF.JPG

Casey: I understand that. I really understand that, Ricky, but you --

Ricky: But -- but now -- now you're back. And having you here makes all the difference in the world.

Casey: And I hope it makes you change your mind.

Ricky: If it does -- if I look into your eyes right now and I agree to play it safe, what does that do to us? What happens when you do your job? Think about it.

Casey: I guess I have to go somewhere else. Another assignment?

Ricky: Right. But as long as I keep walking into trouble, you got to have my back, right?

Casey: Yeah.

Ricky: That's the way I get my dream -- all of it -- the music and the girl. Especially the girl. 3E6E6FF7.JPG

Ricky: I'm going to walk back in there, all right? But it's sure nice to know that somebody's got my back.

Casey: I always got your back, rock star.

Lucy: Ok, you have the music, right?

Ian: Yeah.

Lucy: This is going to work, right?

Ian: Of course it's going to work. The entrance is gone.

Lucy: Are we sure? We're positive we're in the right place?

Ian: No, this is it. This is -- it was right here.

Lucy: What are we going to do? What --

Tess: You're home.

Caleb: You look beautiful.

Tess: Thank you.

Caleb: You did all this? 3E6E703C.JPG

Tess: Of course.

Caleb: Come here.

Reese: You couldn't wait till we got home, could you?

Jack: No.

Reese: Oh, Jack.

Jack: Do it, Reese. Make me one of you. Bite me.

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