Port Charles Transcript Monday 3/10/03

By Eric

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Elizabeth: So you finally got her back, Caleb. Your precious Olivia.

Caleb: Tess.

Elizabeth: Tess?

Caleb: You are so beautiful.

Elizabeth: Tess? She's the one? You bastard.

Caleb: That was amazing. You are amazing. Tess: No. It was you. You turned away from the dark side tonight. I wasn't making love to a vampire. I was making love to a man.


Lucy: I am right. I can feel something. Somebody's coming.

Ian: Who's there?

Lucy: Rafe? Oh, my God. Alison! Thank God it's you. 3E6D195F.JPG

Ian: How'd you find us?

Alison: Well, first, we --

Rafe: We followed the map. Like you did, apparently. What are you doing here?

Kevin: I drew the map, remember?

Rafe: This doesn't concern you.

Kevin: Well, I disagree. I think all of this concerns me.

Alison: Will somebody please tell me, where are all the screams coming from?

[Screaming stops]

Ian: I don't know.

Lucy: What is it? What are you -- what are you feeling?

Ian: I'm not sure, but I'm convinced there's some answers here.

Kevin: Well, I do love a mystery.



Rafe: Shh.

[Screaming stops]

Kevin: Wow. That is one neat trick.

Rafe: There's a lot of pain in here.

Ian: Pain and healing.

Lucy: What does that mean?

Ian: That's what I heard -- pain and healing.

Kevin: Real?? What I heard sounded like a cat fight.

Lucy: This doesn't involve you, doc.

Kevin: You're starting to call me "doc" again. You should watch those endearments.

Ian: You should watch your mouth before I close it for you.

Rafe: Ian, Ian, easy. And, you, you're not helping.

Kevin: Not helping what? It's still the million-dollar question. You all seem to know, but no one's sharing. 3E6D19E1.JPG

Lucy: Because, obviously, we do not trust you.

Kevin: Fair enough, but you're going to have to tell me anyway because I'm not going anywhere.

Rafe: Why?

Kevin: Why what?

Rafe: Why do you need to know?

Kevin: Haven't we covered this? Caleb took my daughter, Caleb destroyed my daughter, which means I want to get him as much as the rest of you. And that means if this place gives us the means to do it, then I want to know the truth about what this place could be.

Ian: We'll tell you what you need to know when you need to know it. How is that?

Kevin: Fine. You don't want to tell me, don't. But know you just let go of a loose cannon and you have no idea where I'll go from here. 3E6D1A08.JPG

Ian: I'll tell you where I'd like you to go.

Kevin: Ditto. But if I were you, I'd welcome me before I turn me away, because I saw something in those notes that the rest of you didn't. And that means I have my own connection to this place, like it or not, and that makes me valuable to the rest of you. And vice versa -- whether I like it or not. So what's the old saying? "Keep your friends close --"

Ian: "And your enemies closer."

Kevin: There's a reason those chestnuts endure.

Ian: We don't seem to have much of a choice here.

Kevin: No, you don't.

Alison: Ok. So now that we have that settled, what are all these freaky noises? 3E6D1A38.JPG

Lucy: If the legend is to be believed, these hot springs were healing pools. Revolutionary war soldiers would come to bathe their wounds and get healed here in these springs.

Kevin: Let me get this straight. You're saying that those screams are from the ghosts of the wounded?

Ian: We can only assume.

Alison: So then if what the legend says is true, water that fills this spring is actually healing water.

Rafe: No, don't touch it!

Elizabeth: The creep! I just can't believe that he'd go for that, what, the little urchin? That little urchin, Tess? Why? Why? Because he can't have the woman that he really wants, that's why. So what does he do? He goes for the next best thing? Look-alike? God, I'm so stupid! Can't believe he hasn't even missed me once, he hasn't thought of me, anything since this entire thing has ended. I just thought that -- God, to think that I could just get him back with this stupid little surprise. 3E6D1A7D.JPG

Joshua: Oops.

Elizabeth: What are you doing here? How long have you been here?

Joshua: Long enough to know that you have been a very naughty little girl.

Tess: You ok?

Caleb: I'm better than ok. I was just thinking.

Tess: About what?

Caleb: It's just -- it's been a long time since -- since I thought of myself as -- as a normal man.

Tess: You're not thinking that's a bad thing, are you?

Caleb: No. Not bad. Just different, surprised.

Tess: Surprised?

Caleb: I never thought I'd feel this way again.

Tess: I want you to feel this way always.

Caleb: With you, anything seems possible. 3E6D1ACB.JPG

Tess: It is. You know that now.

Caleb: Yes, I do. Lightly fried...

Elizabeth: Go to hell, Joshua. I'm in no mood for your games.

Joshua: I am going nowhere, and this is no game. No, no, no. You and I had an agreement, do you remember? You were going to spy on Alison and Rafe and come back to me with the information on what their plans were for master Caleb Morley. Now, what I gather from your little burlesque tirade, you did do some snooping, but you were going to take the information and the goods and deliver them into the ear of the wrong bloody vampire.

Elizabeth: Well, believe me, I will never make that mistake again. 3E6D1B80.JPG

Joshua: You really are upset, aren't you?

Elizabeth: That was a very astute observation there, Sherlock.

Joshua: Well, I'm very sorry. I'm sorry you had to see him -- ugh -- with Tess of all bloody people.

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah, I bet you are.

Joshua: Well, don't make me say it, but I told you so.

Elizabeth: You did, didn't you? You're right. Is that what you want to hear, Joshua? You're right, ok? He used me. He -- he never loved me, and he never will. He manipulated me and he made a fool of me. And then to top it off, he turned me into just some walking freak of nature that can never even die. Oh, no, I get to live with this lousy curse forever. It's just a -- eternity of just lonely misery, so -- 3E6D1BBC.JPG

Elizabeth: You know what? I'm finished. I am finished. I am not shedding one tear for that miserable S.O.B. If he wants to play around with that little mouse of his, then he is welcomed to it. Hope he has fun as long as that lasts.

Joshua: Don't tell me you're giving up.

Elizabeth: Oh, I'm not giving up. Joshua, I never give up. I am a survivor, like that silly song says. Oh, no, I'm going to fight this. I'm going to fight this with everything that I've got and more.

Joshua: That's my girl. I knew you had it in you.

Elizabeth: Oh, you haven't seen anything ye I'm going to help you nail the carcass of that bloodsucking bat to the wall, partner. 3E6D1BF8.JPG

Alison: Rafe, why can't I touch it? I mean, if what Lucy said is true, then this water's healing. It's good.

Rafe: That's the legend. We don't really know what's in there.

Lucy: Rafe's right, not to mention the fact this is Caleb's property.

Rafe: I think we need to get out of here, the sooner the better.

Ian: I'm not leaving without getting some answers.

Kevin: Believe it or not, I'm with him. I mean, we've come this far.

Rafe: Ok, guys, this spring -- it's not going anywhere. And whatever it is, we know one thing about it -- it's been here for centuries. So we can come back another time. 3E6D1C13.JPG

Kevin: Ok. See you.

Rafe: All right, Kevin, you want to be on the inside? Let me give you a little information. We got here tonight by following Elizabeth.

Ian: What, you played the music for her?

Alison: Yeah.

Ian: And what?

Alison: She got very agitated. She obviously saw something as we followed her here.

Rafe: Straight to Caleb.

Lucy: But -- wait! Caleb knows we are all here?

Rafe: No, no. I'm sure if he knew, we would have heard from him by now. But I don't feel like trusting Elizabeth to keep her mouth shut, ok?

Ian: We shouldn't be here. We should get out of here. 3E6D1C2E.JPG

Lucy: Right. Wait -- whoa, whoa. What could be so wrong if we just try to take a little sample of the water -- without touching it -- back with us.

Ian: Take it back to the lab?

Lucy: Yeah.

Ian: Why not?

Alison: Well, here, put it -- put it in this.

Ian: Perfect.

Rafe: Wait a minute. You ok?

Ian: I'm fine. Let's get out of here.

Kevin: Your place, Ian?

Alison: This keeps getting crazier and crazier.

Lucy: Yeah, it's pretty wacky, isn't it?

Alison: Tell me something. Is it hard having Kevin hanging around like this?

Lucy: What do you think? This whole thing doesn't wreak of easiness. 3E6D1C64.JPG

Alison: Does he know, I mean, about --

Lucy: No. Kevin does not know about Ian. He can never know. None of us can let him know. Do you understand that?

Alison: Ok, yes, ok. Are you feeling the same bad vibes that Rafe is feeling here?

Lucy: Yeah, I think I'm probably feeling exactly what Rafe is feeling. I just can't put my finger on it. I do know we got to get out of here, but this is not going to be the last time we visit this place.

Alison: Ok. Ok, come on.

Lucy: Rafe?

Rafe: Yeah?

Alison: Come on.

Rafe: Yeah, let's go.

Singer: I don't want to call my friends they might wake me from this dream and I can't leave this bed risk forgetting all that's been oh, I am what I am I'll do what I want but I can't hide I won't go 3E6D1CC3.JPG

Caleb: I want you.

Singer: I won't sleep

Caleb: I want all of you.

Singer: I can't breathe

Singers: Until you're resting here with me I won't leave I can't hide I cannot be

Singer: Until you're resting here

Singers: I won't go I won't sleep I cannot breathe

Singer: Until you're resting here with me

Elizabeth: So I told Alison and Rafe that I wanted to help them, that I wanted to be involved with whatever it was that they were doing to get Caleb.

Joshua: How did they respond?

Elizabeth: Well, I can't say they trust me --

Joshua: No surprises there. Go on. 3E6D1DA3.JPG

Elizabeth: But I did manipulate them into letting me in on one of their little secrets.

Joshua: Oh. You are good. You are so good.

Elizabeth: So Rafe had me listen to the first five notes -- the first fives notes of Caleb's song "naked eyes."

Joshua: That's your revelation?

Elizabeth: Would you let me finish? He wanted to know how it would sound to a vampire.

Joshua: That's interesting.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I really didn't know what it had to do with anything, but I listened. And it was so strange because these five notes being played over and over again conjured up this -- this picture. 3E6D1DCB.JPG

Josh: Picture of what?

Elizabeth: I don't exactly know. It was this -- this icy paradise, but with a spring running through it, a hot spring with this steam coming up off of it.

Joshua: Sounds lovely.

Elizabeth: It was breathtaking. But the most amazing thing was that I actually felt drawn to this, like I was actually supposed to go there. So what I'm thinking is if we can actually find this place this spring, we're going to have something up on Caleb.

Joshua: Then that's what we have to do. We have to find out where it is. We have to find out where it is and find out what it means to him. 3E6D1DFB.JPG

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm. How it all fits together, because it has to.

Joshua: Very clever of you to manipulate Rafe into giving you that information.

Elizabeth: What is that supposed to mean?

Joshua: I think it's information he already has, and he only wanted you to confirm it. He knows where this place is. You have to find out where it is.

Elizabeth: Exactly.

Joshua: It means more spying on Alison. Are you up for it?

Elizabeth: Anything that brings pain and suffering to Caleb Morley is fair game for me. What? What is so funny?

Joshua: I just -- I find it very amusing how enthusiastic you are about working for me, a little arrogant, insignificant, little paid help, little servant, little -- "Joshua, you carry my bags," little -- 3E6D1E29.JPG

Elizabeth: Well, it's all still true. I just realized that -- I don't know, maybe -- maybe we need each other.

Joshua: Ping -- finally the light goes on.

Joshua: You and I are going to bring Caleb Morley to his knees, and love won't have a thing to do with it.

Elizabeth: Not a thing.

Kevin: Well, this is quite a little setup you have here. It looks like standard general hospital issue to me. Retirement gift?

Lucy: We are borrowing the equipment.

Kevin: I'm sure Alan will appreciate that -- you know, vampire research being a pet cause of his and all. What's this?

Rafe: That's the water that keeps the vampire urges in check. We got some of Caleb's. 3E6D1E93.JPG

Kevin: What will they think of next?

Lucy: Can we just let Ian focus on his work, please?

Ian: Actually, I think I'm coming up with something.

Alison: What? What is it?

Ian: Tell you in a minute.

Lucy: What -- what is that? What are you doing now?

Ian: I'm using the water from the healing spring and mixing it with what Chris came up with during his experiment. And I think that's it.

Alison: What? What is it?

Lucy: What?

Ian: That's the formula. That's what Caleb's been using in his water. That's how he's been doing it this whole time.

Kevin: You mean, the vampires don't feed because of what's in this bottle? 3E6D1EAD.JPG

Lucy: Ok. All right, so, we've got it. We found Caleb's secret stash. What does that mean? What do we do with this now?

Rafe: Legend says that this water was used to heal, right? It almost made people feel reborn.

Lucy: Ok. Yeah? So, what?

Rafe: So Caleb -- he made a special cocktail out of it, using Chris' special formula to hide the vampire urges to feed, among other things. But what if you left out that special ingredient? What if this spring water could -- could cure a vampire completely?

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