Port Charles Transcript Friday 2/21/03

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Caz: You came here for a fight, man, you got one.

Jamal: Man, why don't you mind your business. My beef is not with you, it's with ricky. So why don't you and me go handle this outside right now?

Ricky: Let's go right now, man.

Caz: Whoa, whoa, ricky's a part of the band now, man, so your beef is with me. Why don't we take it outside?

Jamal: Well, that's fine wi m me.

Caz: Say the word.

Jamal: Oh, yeah, ricky, and one more thing -- handled! Come on, let's go.

Reese: You are so going to wish you hadn't done that.

Alison: Rafe, it's alison. I'm still at my mother's hotel room. Can you please call me as soon as you get this message? Thanks. Love you. 3E56AFBD.JPG

Elizabeth: Alison, you can leave if you really want to. I can't blame you for being angry.

Alison: Angry? Why should I be angry, mother? Just because you tried to sleep with rafe?

Elizabeth: Well, just -- I know it's unforgivable.

Alison: I don't want to talk about this.

Elizabeth: I'm just desperate to be returned to normal again.

Alison: Please. We've already talked about this a thousand times.

Elizabet I just know that you're still upset.

Alison: Well, this isn't about you right now. I'm thinking about something else. I can't find rafe. I've called him a bunch of times and he's not calling me back. 3E56AFDB.JPG

Elizabeth: He didn't tell you where he was going?

Alison: No. But I think I know. I think he's gone after caleb, and he's going to do it tonight.

Lucy: Ok, jack should've called by now. Don't you think he should've actually called us by --

ian: He will.

Lucy: What if something's gone wrong? What if what we thought tess could do with caleb she can't do? What if it's not working?

Ian: Let's not go jumping to conclusions just yet.

Lucy: Right. Ok. I'm nervous. I mean, I'm not just a little nervous. I'm -- I'm a lot nervous. I've never done, really, this, I mean, actually thinking of killing the vampire. I mean, I've tried, but I'm -- 3E56B002.JPG

ian: Shh. You'll be fine.

Lucy: I want to be fine. I have to be fine -- for you.

Ian: Think we alleed a nice cup of tea. Why not?

Lucy: Ok.

Rafe: He's right, you know. You'll do great.

Lucy: Thanks, cousin. Are you ok? How are you holding up?

Rafe: Oh, yeah, great. Actually, I'm going to call alison real quick before we get out of here.

Lucy: You believe this might be the last time you talk to her, don't you?

Rafe: No.

Lucy: What if it is? You know, you can't ask to destroy caleb if it also means destroying you, too. 3E56B032.JPG

Rafe: We don't know that.

Lucy: All we know is that there is this balance in the universe, the good versus the evil. It's balanced because you're back, and that's why caleb's back.

Rafe: Ok, ok, just let's not think about that right now. We got a job to do, and that's all there is to it, all right? I'm going to make that call.

[Phone rings]

Lucy: That's got to be jack. It's jack.

Rafe: Hello? Hey, jack, how's it going? Uh-huh. Right. Ok. Ok, we're on our way.

Ian: Was that him?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, he's still watching tess work on caleb. 3E56B05A.JPG

Ian: Let's go.

Lucy: And? And what?

Rafe: And, well, he thinks she's getting through to him. We should meet him over by the overlook. He said to go there because they're on their way there.

Ian: Let's go!

Lucy: Fine -- no, wait, wait, wait, wait. You got to call alison. Shouldn't you call her?

Rafe: Um, there's no time for that now.

Ian: You ready?

Lucy: Yeah. Let's do it. Let's go kill us a vampire.

Kevin: Wonder where the fire is.

Caleb: What did you just say to me?

Tess: I said I love you. I do, stephen, in my own way. 3E56B0AD.JPG

Caleb: Even though you know who I am, what I am?

Tess: That's exactly why.

Caleb: I tried to get rid of you just to get to olivia. Why would you still have faith in me? Why do you keep coming back?

Tess: Because you created me.

Caleb: But I told you why.

Tess: No, I don't believe it was just to separate the good livvie from the bad. I think what you were trying to do was create someone who loved you for you.

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Caleb: What are you doing?

Tess: Stop hiding behind the water.

Caleb: Hiding?

Tess: I know what it does, stephen. It masks the real you. And the real you is who I'm trying to reach, who I want to know. This existence of yours, being a vampire -- I know and you know it's not what you wanted for yourself. It's not what you asked for. It was forced on you. 3E56B127.JPG

Caleb: I never should've told you that.

Tess: I'm glad you did. Look at me, stephen. I can see the pain in your face. You don't have to go on living like this. Come with me. Please? Let me help you.

Jack: Tess, you did it. You did it.

Man: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. And where do you think you're going, pal?

Lucy: Ok, so they're not here yet.

Rafe: That's good. Gives me time to scope out the place, see where we should set up.

Ian: Hey. You're trembling.

Lucy: Yeah. It's -- it's just a little cold out, right? 3E56B17D.JPG

Ian: And a little scared, maybe?

Lucy: Maybe a lot scared. I mean, I just want so desperately for this to work out. I want to do the right thing and I want caleb to be gone.

Ian: But you're afraid you won't be able to do it?

Lucy: Yeah, yeah. No, I'm going to do it. I'm just anxious because I'm not sure what's going to happen. I don't understand the outcome here at all.

Ian: You know what's going to happen. You'll take care of it, caleb will be gone. Then you, me, and rafe will celebrate.

Lucy: Hope you're right.

Ian: Come on.

Rafe: Ok, I found a place. It's hidden, we still have a clear view of everything going on. Most importantly, you'll have a clear shot when the time is right, all right? 3E56B1AA.JPG

Lucy: Ok, that's great. Ok.

Ian: Here they come.

Rafe: Ok, it's go time.

Caleb: Should've known you'd bring me here.

Tess: Yeah, it feels like it's sort of our place -- way up high, away from the rest of the world. We can just relax and be ourselves. Thank you, stephen.

Caleb: For?

Tess: Trusting me enough to come.

Caleb: I can never say no to you.

Ian: Where the hell is jack with that music box?

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's the problem, fellas? I was checking out the place, heard there was a party.

Bodyguard: Right. And I suppose you're on the guest list, huh? 3E56B1E2.JPG

Jack: Well, not officially. Actually, I was just leaving. Seems pretty dead. See you, fellas.

Jamal: Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Jack: What's going on?

Jamal: Got a couple of ghouls coming after me.

Jack: What?

Caz: Why you running, man?

Jamal: Come on, man, come on.

Caz: It ain't over! You're going down, man!

Jamal: Get off me, ricky!


Elizabeth: Sweetheart, you don't have to worry about rafe. He's a slayer. He knows what he's doing. And besides, even if he could get rid of stephen -- caleb it'd be a wonderful thing for a lot of people.

Alison: Mother, I know it would mean a lot to you to have him gone, and I want him gone just as much as the next person -- 3E56B293.JPG

elizabeth: I know, but you're still concerned.

Alison: I know he's an experienced slayer -- I know that -- but he's also the man I love.

Elizabeth: I know, and think how wonderful your life will be with him if caleb were out of the picture forever.

Rafe: Alison. Alison!

Alison: My god, rafe, it is you. Wait. Rafe! Rafe! Rafe! Rafe!

Rafe: They sent me back! Whoo! They sent me back to be with you! Caleb is back because I'm back. Good and evil, they had to balance. They always will.

Elizabeth: Alison? Sweetie? Are you ok? You look like you just saw a ghost. 3E56B2CD.JPG

Alison: I'm fine.

Elizabeth: Are you sure?

Alison: Yeah. You're -- you're right, mother. Life with rafe, without caleb, really would be a miracle.

Officer: What's going on here? Whose party is this?

Caz: What seems to be the probm,m, officers?

Officer: We got a call things are getting out of hand.

Second officer: Something about a brawl?

Reese: We'd better make ourselves scarce.

Ricky: Yeah, I think you're right.

Casey: Ricky? Ricky, where are you, man? Don't tell me after all this he's still going to get turned.

Reese: That was quite a jab jamal gave you.

Ricky: Can you believe that guy? Yeah, maybe I had a couple of drinks, maybe I had a few too many, but when did I come on to marissa? 3E56B2FE.JPG

Reese: Why would you with me around?

Ricky: If that wasn't enough, then cazoeoes off on him, jack gets his lights punched out, and the cops show up. I mean, what's next?

Reese: I'll tell you what's next. Now that we're all alone finally, I'm going to give you your gift.

Ricky: What gift?

Reese: You know, like stephen says -- the gift that keeps on giving. I've been waiting so long.

Jamal: Hey. Hey. You ok?

Jack: Yeah.

Jamal: Man, I'm sorry about you getting all caug up in the mix, dude. That punch was meant for me.

Jack: Yeah, it was. I got to get to tess. I got to get to tess. 3E56B32A.JPG

Jamal: Tess? What --

jack: She's with caleb. I need my backpack.

Jamal: What's going on?

Jack: Jamal, I'll tell you later. I got to go, ok?

Jamal: All right. You all right?

Officer: Sorry, my friend.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Officer: You're not going anywhere.

Rafe: Come on, jack, where are you?

Tess: You can do this, stephen.

Caleb: Do what?

Tess: Be the man you were meant to be, that you want to be. All you have to do is look inside and find him again, the young man who was turned against his will.

Caleb: I need some water. 3E56B353.JPG

Tess: What you need is to let yourself feel. Let yourself be open to what's real. You can't do that while that stuff is in your system.

Caleb: I can't do this, tess. I can'T.

Tess: Yes, you can. Please, stephen, try and connect to that place de inside your heart and your soul that's longing for a different life, longing to live a normal human existence.

Caleb: I'm not human! So just stop it with that.

Tess: Stephen --

caleb: I shouldn't even have come here with you. Thisasas a mistake.

Tess: It's not a mistake. It's what was meant to be, trust me.

Ian: He's starting to crack.

Rafe: That's the idea. 3E56B38C.JPG

Lucy: Right, but we still need jack. For him to be completely vulnerable, we need e music box and we need livvie.

Tess: There's nothing to be scared of, stephen. Remember what I told you. This -- what's happening right now -- is why you created me. It's what you've always wanted -- to be loved, to be good.

Caleb: What I want -- what I want is olivia back.

Tess: Don't say that.

Caleb: I don't want to be good and I don't want to be healed. All I want is her love.

Tess: That's just what you think, but if you do as s say and look inside --

caleb: Why don't you look inside you, tess? Look inside and find that person lost inside you. 3E56B3BD.JPG

Tess: No.

Caleb: You say you want to give me what I want? That's it. Bring her back to me.

Tess: No. Never.

Ian: We got to do something fast.

Lucy: This isn't turning out to be as easy as I thought, huh? Not after all.

Rafe: Come on, jack. Come on.

Kevin: Well, well. What have we here?

Mama keeps whites

bright like the sunshine

Officer: You have the right to remain silent! Any statements you make --

jamal: [Slurred speech] Whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Officer: Step aside, sir.

Jamal: But he's not drunk, sir. 3E56B494.JPG

Officer: Oh, no?

Jamal: You want to see drunk? The band members are drunk. They're drunk and they're belligerent and they're -- but I'm not trying to rat anybody --

[Jamal retches]

Jamal: I'm going to get going. Where -- my keys.

Officer: You think you're driving?

Jamal: I just want to go home.

Officer: The only place you're going is e e drunk tank.

Jamal: What are you doing? Wait. Come on. Let me go! Mama!

Ricky: I mean, in a way, it's kind of cool. All this -- the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. I finally feel like I'm part of it. 3E56B4C3.JPG

Reese: And you're about to feel that way even more.

Casey: Oh, my god.

Elizabeth: Sweetie, you just get some rest. Everything's going to be ok.

Rafe: Alison, we did it. We killed caleb. He's gone.

Alison: We did it! Oh, it's over. It's finally over! What?

Rafe: I -- I have some bad news, too.

Alison: There's no bad news. Caleb is gone! Caleb's gone!

Rafe: Listen, because caleb is gone, I have to go, too.

Alison: What?

Rafe: Yeah. I explained this to you. The balance of good and evil --

alison: No.

Rafe: Yes.

Alison: No. 3E56B4FC.JPG

Rafe: Alison -- listen to me, I'm sorry.

Alison: No, no.

Rafe: I'm sorry.

Alison: Rafe, don't leave me.

Rafe: I have to go.

Alison: Don'T. Don't leave me.

Rafe: I have to leave you.

Alison: Please? Rafe, don'T. Don't go! You told me you wouldn't go! No, rafe, don'T. No, don't do it. Don't kill caleb.

Caleb: Give me olivia, tess.

Tess: Or you'll what? You can't hurt me, stephen, and I won't let you hurt livvie.

Ian: We got to do something.

Rafe: Don'T. You go out there now, caleb will know this was all a setup. No telling what he'll do to tess then. 3E56B526.JPG

Lucy: We can't do nothing. I'm -- I'm going to take a shot.

Rafe: No, no, no, no. Not yet. We got to wait till he's vulnerable. It's not the right time.

Ian: There isn't going to be a right time without jack and that bloody music box.

Tess: Why don't you just tell the truth, stephen? Say what's really in your heart. You did it once before. You can do it again. You can have everything you've always wanted -- a life -- a real life.

Caleb: What do I got to do to get this through to you? The only thing in this heart is darknes e except for olivia. She was my light, and she's all that I --

[Caleb's music plays]

Ian: Do you hear that? That's jack. Jack's here. 3E56B555.JPG

Caleb: That music.

Livvie: Caleb, my love. Finally.

Caleb: Olivia? Olivia?

Rafe: Now.

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Caleb: They used you to get to me.

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