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Elizabeth's voice: "Vampire symptoms are relieved when a vampire makes love with a slayer"? A slayer? Lucy and Ian.

Elizabeth: Alison loves Rafe -- I know that. It's just this doesn't count. I'm just having sex with my daughter's fiancÚ because it's the only way to save my life.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: That's all I'm doing, I'm just saving my life.

Jamal: What do you mean, Tess turned into Livvie?

Jack: Well, it's just like I said. Caleb gave her the music box and it was like a flick of a switch. 3E52BB5E.JPG

Rafe: What did she say?

Jack: Well, mostly stuff about Caleb, how much she wanted him.

Jamal: Ah, man. That's got to suck, dude. I'm sorry.

Rafe: What did you do? How'd you get her out of it?

Jack: Well, I closed the music box and then she went back to Tess, but, see, she didn't believe it.

Jamal: Oh, my God. This is like seriously off the charts, even for Port Charles. This is crazy, man.

Jack: Yeah, well, no matter how you turn it, Caleb's always after the girl I love.

Rafe: Hey, that doesn't matter. We're onto him, all right?

Jack: Oh, and that's supposed to take me feel better, Rafe? 3E52BB74.JPG

Rafe: No. You know what? Just smarter, ok, so let's see it. The music box, Jack.

Jack: Why?

Rafe: Because, you see, whoever controls that box controls the next time Livvie makes an appearance.

Jack: Yeah, well, we don't have to worry about that. I made sure Livvie's not coming back.

Jamal: Oh, come on now, big boy. What'd you do with the box?

Jack: I took a sledgehammer and beat it into a million pieces.

Rafe: That's not smart, Jack. Not smart at all.

Ricky: Marissa, what are you doing?

Casey: Hey, you're late.

Ricky: Yeah. I know. You sure took off the other day. 3E52BB98.JPG

Casey: Oh, well, yeah -- I told you I had someplace I had to be.

Ricky: Yeah -- someplace not near me.

Casey: What are you yakking about?

Ricky: You're flipping out. One minute, you got me in this lip lock, and the next minute you're all turning bipolar. I think this whole breakup with Jamal is hitting you harder than you realize.

Reese: I know Stephen's the man, but he's hardly ever here anymore and it's a real dis when we have to stand around like we've got nothing better to do.

Joshua: Well, the Stephen Clay Experience is more than just the sum of its parts. Everybody has to make a sacrifice for the music.

Caz: Oh, man, don't get me started on the music. Have you heard that latest one, that -- that "Newborn Heart"? Man, that's like Metallica trying to do Barry Manilow. 3E52BBC1.JPG

Reese: Yeah -- a sappy chick song. It's not what we do, Josh.

Joshua: Well, every artist needs to experiment with new forms.

Reese: Oh, yeah? Well, this form is about five feet tall and weighs as much as a drowned rat and goes by the name of Tess. I really don't know what he sees in her.

Caz: Boss, what's up?

Caleb: Wee going to be making some changes.

Reese: Oh, I can hardly wait.

Caleb: What was that, Reese?

Reese: I said "changes, great."

Caz: What, some more slow songs, man?

Caleb: No. We're getting rid of "Newborn Heart" -- it's not for us. None of that stuff is for us. 3E52BBE2.JPG

[Caz chuckles]

Caz: Man, I worship at your altar, Stephen. I mean, you had me worried with all of that -- you know, that bubble gum stuff, man.

Caleb: Those days are over.

Reese: They are?

Caleb: And I take full responsibility for ever getting them started. We are going to go back to remembering who we are. We're going to start playing rock 'n' roll again.

Caz: All right!

Caleb: Anybody got a problem with that?

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Alison: Mother --

Elizabeth: Well, Alison, just don't stand out there. Come in. Are you -- are you alone? 3E52BC1F.JPG

Alison: Well, yes, I'm alone.

Elizabeth: Well, obviously you are. You're -- no one's with you.

Alison: Are you ok?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Alison: Because I got your message and you said that you needed to talk to Rafe and he had something to do, so I said I would check on you.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I --

Alison: You were really starting to worry me.

Elizabeth: I -- I know. I'm just better now. I -- you shouldn't have bothered. I'm sorry.

Alison: Ooh, just like that? Well, what -- what was it?

Elizabeth: What? What was what?

Alison: Well, you said you needed to see Rafe. You had to see Rafe, so what was it? 3E52BC3D.JPG

Elizabeth: Oh, that, yeah -- just vampire stuff, you know? Just something a slayer would know.

Alison: Well, can I maybe help you?

Elizabeth: Well, truthfully, Alison, I don't -- I don't feel real comfortable with that.

Alison: Why not?

Elizabeth: It's just humiliating having my daughter see me like this. It's --

Alison: Mother, what are you talking about? I just helped you bury a body and I've seen your bloody fangs. I don't think there is anything in this world that you can't say to me.

Elizabeth: I -- I just don't know how I should be feeling, physically or emotionally, and Rafe's a slayer, and I'm just certain that -- that he's the only one that has what I need.


Jack: Look, I came home and Livvie was here instead of Tess, so I grabbed that music box and smashed it into a million pieces. What else am I supposed to do, huh?

Jamal: No one's blaming you.

Jack: It was a little upsetting.

Jamal: That's fine, no one's blaming you.

Rafe: All right, all right, all right, all right! Just get the music box, ok, whatever's left of it and we'll see if we can put it back together.

Jamal: I don't get why is music box is so important.

Rafe: Because that's the key to beating Caleb.

Jack: Oh, and how do you figure?

Rafe: We give him Livvie.

Jack: Oh, the hell we will, Rafe! 3E52BC7E.JPG

Jamal: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Jack, just listen. So you're saying we open up the box, Livvie strolls out, Caleb lets his guard down, and pow -- we got him?

Rafe: Yeah. Something like that. Now first off, I have to believe that Caleb doesn't know that the box works on Tess.

Jamal: Huh, well, that's kind of a big leap, considering he's the one that actually gave it to her.

Rafe: Yeah, but you know what? He wouldn't have let it out of his hands if he knew it would give him what he wanted.

Jack: Right, right, that makes sense because he would've taken her.

Rafe: And what Caleb wants more than anything else is Livvie. Now, the box is the key to controlling Livvie, and Livvie, I guess you could say, is the key to controlling Caleb. 3E52BC9C.JPG

Jamal: Right.

Rafe: Now, if we time this out right --

Jamal: Livvie appears when we say and we got ourselves one dead bat.

Rafe: Right. Dead, yeah.

Jamal: What, dude, something wrong?

Rafe: No -- if we succeed, the balance between good and evil will have shifted.

Jamal: You're damn right -- that's great!

Jack: Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?

Caleb's voice: When someone's sent back to earth from upstairs, like you were, downstairs gets to do likewise. Even Stephen, so to speak. So when you traded in your halo for the woman you love, let's just say I got a get-out-of-hell-free card. [Jamal claps] 3E52BCC4.JPG

Jamal: Rafe! Hey.

Jack: You were just talking about the balance between good and evil. What does that mean?

Rafe: Never mind. All that matters now is getting Caleb, all right?

Jamal: Ok, so, yeah, where is it, then?

Jack: Hey, it's out in the trash, the box --

Jamal: Well, all right --

Jack: It's out here. Come on. It must still be in here.

Jack: Oh, my God.

Rafe: What?

Jack: It's gone.

Alison: Well, I'm sorry that Rafe couldn't be here, but I'll let him know that you need him.

Elizabeth: Thank you. That's very generous.

Alison: Right. Well, that's the least I can do, seeing as though my mother is a vampire and my soon-to-be husband is a vampire slayer. It's so weird. You never really think that those words are going to come out of your mouth, you know? It's funny because you start to think back on, like, silly things and that section in the yearbook where they always say you're most likely to do something. I was always voted most likely to marry a doctor or host a cotillion or go to the spa and spend my weekdays getting seaweed wraps and that kind of stuff. I never actually thought that this would be a part of that category. Huh. 3E52BD8A.JPG

Elizabeth: You' handling it beautifully.

Alison: Thank you. I can't really answer any questions for you, but I could try and make this a little bit nicer. Why don't you let me get you out of here?

Elizabeth: Oh, I -- I'm just kind of tired.

Alison: No, I don't -- I don't mean, you know, right now, just for an hour. I mean for good. So why don't you let me go get you a -- a cute apartment or a -- let me help you find a cottage. We could decorate together. That would be fun.

Elizabeth: That'd be great. Let me just get my life and myself under control first and then we'll do that. I'd love that. 3E52BDAD.JPG

Alison: Ok. Well, you are drinking your water, aren't you?

Elizabeth: Oh, hmm -- mm-hmm, yeah.

Alison: Good, because that's the best way that Rafe says to control your symptoms.

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Alison: And I wasn't really going to tell you this right now until I knew for sure, but Rafe is working on a plan to end all of this.

Elizabeth: He is?

Alison: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: Well, what? How?

Alison: Well, I can't tell you that right now and please don't press me. I just -- I can't get into it. But if anybody can do this, it's Rafe. He's smart and he's brave and he is the most honorable man I know. 3E52BDCB.JPG

Elizabeth: You love him so much, don't you?

Alison: With all of my heart. Why would you even ask me something like that?

Elizabeth: You know what? Tell him not to come.

Alison: Mother, you're driving me nuts! Do you want him to come or not come?

Elizabeth: No.

Alison: Stay, not --

Elizabeth: No. I don't need him. Um, I was just kind of nervous and I'm fine now.

Alison: Ok.

Elizabeth: You made everything fine. Ok?

Alison: Ok. Well, I'll just go and I'll call you later.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Alison: Ok? Bye. 3E52BDF8.JPG

Elizabeth: Bye, baby.

Alison: I love you.

Elizabeth: I love you, sweetie.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Elizabeth: Oh. Congratulations, Elizabeth. You do have a conscience after all.

Jamal: Uh -- now what?

Rafe: Well, it's not over. I mean, a music box -- it doesn't just disappear off the face of the earth. It's just waiting someplace for us to find it.

Jamal: Yeah, like in a million pieces.

Jack: Yes, everywhere. I blew it.

Rafe: No, look. You know, if the mic box could bring Livvie out, there's got to be some other way. We just got to figure it out.

Jack: You never give up, do you, Rafe, huh? 3E52BE20.JPG

Rafe: Yeah, I do, but then I get over it and get back to work.

Jamal: Ok, that's fine. Can I ask you one really stupid question?

Rafe: Yeah, go ahead.

Jamal: How many times does Caleb have to die before he really dies?

Jack: Yeah. I mean, we all thought Livvie killed Caleb.

Jamal: Yeah, and now he's back, bigger than life.

Rafe: Well, let me tell you, this time will be different because this time, he'll be killed by a slayer.

Jamal: Ok, so let's say we do this. What's the slayer routine?

Rafe: Well, first of all, it would be better if we actually had the music box.

Jack: We can keep looking, all right? 3E52BE3B.JPG

Rafe: Ok. And we're going to have to get Caleb off his water. This way, it'll make him more vulnerable. It'll break down his defenses and Tess can get to him and -- all right, Jack, we'll do everything to protect her, ok?

Jack: All right.

Jamal: Ok, ok, ok, good. So, we're going to cover every square inch of ground out there, looking for the box and everything because like the man said, it doesn't just get up and walk away, right?

Jack: Right, let's go. Let's go.

Jamal: Whoa. Hey.

Jack: Oh.

Alison: Hi.

Jamal: Hey, hi.

Jack: Hi.

Alison: What are you guys doing? 3E52BE5A.JPG

Jamal: Nothing.

Jack: Oh, not -- just chilling.

Rafe: Tess actually lost something really important of hers. We were going to help Jack find it.

Jamal: That's exactly it.

Jack: Yeah, it's probably in the woods or something.

Alison: Oh-oh, meaning you don't want to tell me what you're doing?

Rafe: We'll tell you when it's time, ok?

Alison: I'm not a spy. I don't agree with some of the plans that you're making, but I'm certainly not going to tell anyone.

Rafe: All right, all right, you're right. I'm sorry. Look, it's, you know, business as usual. We're just trying to find a way to knock off Caleb. 3E52BE71.JPG

Jack: Yeah, Alison, Tess is resting. Would you mind watching her?

Jamal: Yeah.

Jack: We'll be back shortly.

Alison: Yeah, I can do that. That's fine. But can I talk to Rafe alone before you guys go?

Jamal: Yeah, sure.

Alison: Right now.

Jack: Oh.

Alison: Thank you.

Jamal: Oh.

Jack: Oh, yeah, I see you want to be alone. Ok, Rafe, we'll be outside. Good luck.

Jamal: We'll be outside, baby.

Alison: Ok. Hi.

Rafe: Hi.

Alison: You guys are really bad liars, but I won't press the issue as long as you'll do me one small favor. 3E52BE92.JPG

Please, please, please, please, please, please?

Rafe: What kind of -- well, is it a bribe? Tell me more.

Alison: Hmm. Ok. I was wondering if you might go over and see my mother for a little bit.

Rafe: Ahem.

Alison: She's really freaking out and she's asking me all kinds of vampire questions and I really don't feel like I'm qualified to be answering those.

Rafe: What kind of vampire questions?

Alison: I don't know. She didn't really get into it, but she said that she wanted to see you.

Rafe: Now? You mean, like, right now?

Alison: Look, Rafe, we don't agree on everything, and first of all, starting with which part Tess should be playing against trapping Caleb, but we do agree on one thing, right? We want things to get back to normal, right? 3E52BEB7.JPG

Rafe: Right.

Alison: Ok. Well, could you at least please go over and talk to my mother, just ease her mind, answer some questions for her? Please? It would mean a lot to me. She's really upset. Please?

Rafe: Look, I -- I can't say no to you.

Alison: Thank you. I love that about you.

[Caleb's music plays]

[Rock music plays]

Caleb: Hey.

[Music stops]

Caleb: That's a new riff you guys are playing. And these lyrics in the second verse -- somebody want to tell me where they came from?

Ricky: Guilty as charged.

Caleb: Why'd you do that?

Ricky: Because it makes it better. Look, you want to change them, go ahead. 3E52BEF9.JPG

Caz: Or you could just fire his butt.


Ricky: Shut up.

Caleb: Well, what do you know? The lights are on and somebody is home. I like it, Garza.

Ricky: Actually, Marissa did most of the work.

Casey: No -- no, I --

Ricky: No, no, no, no, no -- you did, all right? I'll give credit where credit is due.

Caleb: Either way, you guys got it there. Go ahead and play it out.

Ricky: All right. One, two, three, four --

[Rock music plays]

[Music stops]

Caleb: That's good, guys. Take five. Garza, take a look at the break. I think the drums are fighting the bass. 3E52BF23.JPG

Reese: Hey, Stephen? I know how you hate it when I bug you about this, but about --

Caleb: Garza, right?

Reese: Well, yeah.

Caleb: You still want to turn him? Knock yourself out. Make him one of us. Don't forget to enjoy yourself.

Elizabeth: You know what your problem is, Elizabeth -- you are being too unselfish. Oh. What am I going to do now? I've given away my only opportunity.

[Knock on door]

Rafe: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Hi, Rafe. I wasn't expecting you.

Rafe: Really? Alison said you needed me.

Elizabeth: I do. I do, indeed. Come in. 3E52C029.JPG

Joshua: Elizabeth, pick up the phone. Elizabeth, I need you now.

Reese: So, drummer boy, it looks like you made big points today.

Ricky: Yeah, well, it's still early.

Reese: When the boss man gives his stamp of approval, it's something to celebrate. Ricky Garza -- full-fledged member of the experience. What do you say?

Ricky: Are you asking me out?

Reese: Why not? We're having a big blowout, everyone's coming. I say we go together.

Ricky: Sounds great. Yeah.

Reese: It will be a night to remember. I promise.

Casey: Don't go.

Ricky: What do you care? 3E52C055.JPG

Casey: Look, I care, ok? You can do a whole lot better than that little skank.

Ricky: Hey, stop it, ok? Reese happens to be very talented --

Casey: Oh --

Ricky: And she's not crazy like some other people.

Casey: Look, I'm not crazy about this, ok? I have a really bad feeling.

Ricky: You're just determined to ruin my good time, aren't you?

Casey: Ok, you know what? Tell you what -- I will go with you to this party.

Ricky: No. I don't break my dates, I don't go changing my mind every five minutes, and it's a bad idea. Sorry. Bye.

Kevin's voice: Come on, Caleb. The longer you live among us, the more like us you become. You're becoming human. 3E52C07C.JPG

[Caleb's music plays]

[Music stops]

Reese: I got myself a really yummy drummer.

Caleb: Well, I like my band to be happy.

Reese: Can I show you how grateful I am?

Caleb: Oh, I think I see how grateful you are. But I think I'd like to taste it.

Reese: Oh.

Caleb: Right here --

Reese: Ooh.

Caleb: And right here. I almost forgot what sensational skin you have.

Reese: I'm always first with you, Stephen.

Caleb: I know.

Reese: Now.

Caleb: Say "please."

Reese: Please.

Jamal: Oh, you know, I don't like leaving Alison out of the loop. 3E52C0BC.JPG

Jack: I know, but we have to do what we have to do. All right? And I really don't think she's onboard, so --

Jamal: Yeah. Look, it's not here, man. It's not here.

Jack: But where is it?

Jamal: I don't know. I mean, we're fighting vampires, dude. For all I know, it could be in hell.

Alison: I swear I've seen that someplace before.

Tess: Jack said he was throwing it away, but I guess he changed his mind. It's pretty, isn't it? Listen.

[Music box plays]

Alison: It's very lovely. Where did you get it?

Livvie: That is none of your business, bitch.

3E52C0F0.JPG On the next "Port Charles: Surrender" --

Livvie: You're the one who doesn't recognize someone you used to call your so-called best friend once upon a time.

Alison: Livvie?

Elizabeth: You can kill me or you can have sex with me.

Lucy: Ian, what do you want me to do for you right at this --

[Lucy screams]

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