Port Charles Transcript Friday 2/14/03

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Tess: Ok, where are you, jack? You said you were coming home. It's our first valentine's together.

["Naked eyes" plays]

Tess: The music -- it's stephen's song. Where is it coming from?

Lucy: Ok, we need to go over one more time what we veve so far. Caleb's magic water suppresses the need to feed.

Ian: Along with the fangs.

Lucy: Right, but the water tends to muddy your brain just a little bit, huh?

Ian: That's putting it mildly.

Lucy: Yeah, but making love to a slayer -- which just happens to be me --

ian: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: Helps stop all those vampire urges, right? 3E4D754E.JPG

Ian: For a short while, anyway.

Lucy: Right, a short while. So, let's see here. My clinical diagnosis is I think we just have to have sex more often, if that's possible.

Ian: Be serious. Come on.

Lucy: No, I'm -- I am being serious. Come on. No, give me this. It's valentine's day, and I have a surprise for you.

Ian: Really? You've given me the best surprise, bringing danny over here. You can't keep doing this. What else you going to do?

Lucy: I have to keep doing it because I like making you happy. Besides, I feel it's my sworn duty to god and my country to help lift your spirits. I think you're going to like this a lot. 3E4D7570.JPG

Ian: Yeah?

Lucy: Yeah.

Ian: Speangng of surprises, be right back.

Lucy: Wait, wait -- no, where you going?

Lucy: Yeah, hi. Is this -- wait, no, unique gift agency? Yes, that's right. My name's lucy coe, and I -- I placed an order for tonight, and I'm just confirming. You do? Ok, yes. Taste of ireland. A taste of ireland.

Elizabeth: Oh -- oh, wait! Oh, my god, get away from me!

Joshua: Too rough for you?

Elizabeth: What are you doing? God.

Joshua: You seemed to be enjoying yourself. 3E4D759B.JPG

Elizabeth: Oh, my god, the last thing I want to do is enjoy that with you. Just the thought of it is repulsing.

Joshua: I have news for you, madam -- your options are limited. It's either me or nothing. That is unless you got some special little friend out there that I don't know about.

Jack: Cut me in, rafe. When the time comes, I want first shot at him.

Rafe: I'm sorry, jack, but it doesn't work that way. Caleb is a vampire. Lucy and I will take care of this.

Alison: Wait, are you -- are you saying that you're just going to kill him right in front of her?

Rafe: Well, it may be the only shot we have. 3E4D75C0.JPG

Jack: What, you don't agree with it?

Alison: No. I mean -- I mean, I'm just not a big fan of caleb'S. That's -- that's no secret. But using tess like this -- I mean, I just -- she doesn't have any clue, does she?

Jack: No, she doesn'T. But, alison, if we don't do it this way, caleb's going to have his way with her.

Alison: Right, just like he did with livvie.

Jack: Yeah, just like he did with livvie. Except this time I'm not going to let him do it to tess.

Alison: Right. What is this?

Jack: That's tess' valentine's gift.

Alison: Jack, this is a doll. You're treating her just like a child. 3E4D75E1.JPG

Jack: It has sentimental value to her.

Alison: Wait -- stop. Wait a second. You're trying to keep tess pure and innocent, just like you found her, and caleb wants her to be the livvie -- the evil livvie she used to be. She's neither one of them. You guys are pulling her apart, and you don't even realize it.

Caleb: Hey. I'I'm glad you could come.

Tess: Why did you call me here?

Caleb: Well, to be honest, I wrote you something. Because sometimes when I talk to you, the words don't always come out right. But it was important for me to let you know what you mean to me.

[Captioning made possible by abc, inc.] 3E4D7633.JPG

Ian: Happy valentins s day. It's a little corny because I didn't have the right frame. But I found it when I was -- when iasas a boy, so -- that's the irish symbol for luck, which is perfect because that's -- that's what you are to me.

Lucy: It's perfect. And you kept it all this time.

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: I love it. Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Ian: Who's that?

Lucy: Oh -- wait, no! No, you -- no, you stay. Watch this. Keep an -- don't move. This is your valentine's present from me, so don'momove. Don't move a muscle. It's right on time. Dr. Thornhart, may I present a taste of ireland. Oh. Um, who -- what -- what are you? 3E4D7663.JPG

Man: A taste of ireland.

[Irish music plays]

Lucy: Oh, my goodness. No --

man: [Irish accent] And to answer your question, ma'am, i am the lord of the dance!

Lucy: No, you're not. You're a -- um -- oh, my goodness. Oh, gosh -- ah! Oh -- wait a minute. You know what? Isis really wasn't what I had in -- wait. I don't think you should be doing -- wait -- no, no, no, no, no, no. No -- oh, no. No, no, no, no --

[Lucy screams]

Lucy: Oh, my god!

Elizabeth: Of course there's no one else. Stephen is the only one. And as we both know, he's moved on. 3E4D7686.JPG

Joshua: Precisely. So I did stir something in you, didn't I?

Elizabeth: You certainly did -- utter disgust.

Joshua: I have no feelings, so you couldn't hurt them even if you tried. And just for the record, you wouldn't be my first choice in partner, either. But since we're allies and I want to take stephen's place and you want to bring mm down -- you haven't changed your mind about that, have you?

Elizabeth: I'm not backing out of the deal.

Joshua: So, since we're on the same path, there's no harm in giving into our urges just every now and again.

Elizabeth: You are such a pig.

Joshua: I'm a vampire, and so are you. Feeding is our nature. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Stephen and his magic water got you confused. There's nothing like the pleasure of a good feeding. So, why don't you just give in to ?? Go on. Why don't you give in to me? 3E4D76C1.JPG

Elizabeth: No. Noi'I'd rather starve.

Joshua: Come on, I can almost taste your desire. Give in to it.

Elizabeth: No. No. No, I'm not going to. Not now, not ever.

Joshua: But you will. You'll have to.

Jack: What, alison? So now I'm no better than caleb? Is that it?

Rafe: No, that's not what she meant.

Alison: No, that's exactly what I meant. Caleb is so obsessed with getting livvie back, and you'll do anything to get your sweet, innocent tess back.

Jack: Yeah, of course I will. She's my life.

Alison: She's t t a whole person, jack, and neither is livvie. You and caleb -- you're both trying so desperately just to hang on to your own versions of her, you're not giving her any chance to ever be complete. 3E4D76EE.JPG

Jack: Tess is a whole person just the way she is. And if we don't get caleb away from her, then he's going to corrupt her just like he did livvie.

Alison: Rafe, what do you think?

Rafe: I think, given the chance, caleb is going to turn tess into something we don't even recognize, ok? And if it were me, I'd do anything to stop that.

Caleb: That's it. That's -- that's "newborn heart."

Tess: That was beautiful. Thank you.

Caleb: It's my valentine's day present to you. Hey. I'm sorry. Did I -- did I do something to make you feel uncomfortable?

Tess: A little. 3E4D771B.JPG

Caleb: Why? I told you it wasn't a trick. It's just because it's the way you make me feel and -- and you helped me get there.

Tess: Me?

Caleb: Tess, I've made so many mistakes -- trying to replace olivia with livvie and then -- and then using you to try to reach her. I don't want to do that anymore. When I wrote the song, I was thinking about how you've ma me feel. And that's how you've made me feel -- like I've been reborn, like the whole world is open to me now and I'm not destined to repeat the same mistakes I made before. I owe you. This is yours.

lucy: Whoo! Stop --

man: Oh --

lucy: No, no, no -- 3E4D77D2.JPG

man: [Irish accent] You're a wild one, aren't you?

Lucy: No, I'm not. Wa yououo o stop. You need to cover yourself back up. Please stop.

Man: [Normal voice] But I was just getting started.

Lucy: I know, and you were doing a swell job, I swear. But you know what? This -- this is not really what I ordered. You see, what I really wanted was --

[Lucy turns off music]

Lucy: I wanted an irish dinner, not an irish stripper. What is that? "A taste of ireland." Yes -- "adult -- adult entertainers bring the spring back to your step with a touch of the old sod." No, you know what? 3E4D77EB.JPG

Ian: Maybe that'd be the fine print. You got to read that, you know.

Man: So, do you want me to stay --

lucy: Not funny. You're not funny. No, I don't want you to stay. I need you to go.

Man: But I haven't done the finale!

Lucy: You know what? And I'm sure it's lovely --

man: It's a big finish!

Lucy: At another time I would love to see it, but I don't --

man: You haven't seen my shamrock!

Lucy: Oh! I don't want to see your shamrock! Take your shamrock and go, please! Put your shirt on.

Man: But --

lucy: No, no, good-bye. Thank you very much. 3E4D77FF.JPG

Ian: Oh, yes.

Lucy: Uh-oh. Uh -- you know -- um -- this was supposed -- I mean, that -- it wasn't really what I bargained for, you know? It --

ian: Thank you.

Lucy: That -- "thank you"? "Thank you"? You're getting a big kick out of this, aren't you?

Ian: I thought it was wonderful.

Lucy: Yeah, well, let's see how wonderful you think it is when I actually have to cook dinner for you, because that was going to be our dinner for valentine's day. Now we have noininner, so laugh at that.

Ian: That's the point, isn't it -- laughter. It's been a while. 3E4D781D.JPG

Lucy: Yeah, it has, but I wanted tonight to be really special and romantic and --

ian: It was special and romantic -- mm-hmm -- and I love you for it. To be able to laugh at a time like this. Nothing against your cooking, but do you think maybe I can take you out for dinner somewhere nice?

Lucy: Really?

Ian: Yeah.

Lucy: Could I maybe put on a really pretty dress?

Ian: Ok.

Lucy: Yeah?

Ian: Will you help me pick out something?

Lucy: I'd love to.

Ian: Have to go try it on before we go.

Lucy: You know what I love? 3E4D7840.JPG

Ian: Huh?

Lucy: I love this taste of ireland.

Ian: Yeah?

Lucy: Yeah.

Ian: I hope you're hungry.

Lucy: I'm hungry.

Ian: Come on.

Lucy: Let's change before we go.

Ian: Yeah.

Jack: Tess is my wife. Don't you think I want to give her the best life possible?

Alison: By using her to get to caleb?

Jack: Look, this is the hardest thing I've ever had the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Alison: Then why are you doing it?

Rafe: Bottom line -- we got to send caleb back to hell where he belongs.

Alison: That's fine, but what if this plan backfires and someone gets hurt, namely tess? 3E4D785A.JPG

Jack: I better go.

Rafe: Yeah, sure.

Jack: Look, alison --

alison: Jack, what you're doing is wrong.

Jack: Well, then, I guess we'll just have to disagree. I'll be in touch.

[Door slams]

Tess: What was that for?

Caleb: It's to thank you for everything you've done for me.

Tess: You don't have to thank me. I want to help.

Caleb: I got something else for you.

Tess: What is it?

Caleb: It's --

tess: Oh, stephen.

Caleb: It's a music box. It's something that olivia was very, very fond of.

["Caleb's music" plays]

Tess: It's nice. 3E4D78A0.JPG

Caleb: Hmm. Maybe when you listen to it, it'll bring you closer to livvie and maybe closer to me.

Tess: I -- I really think I should go now, stephen. It's getting late, and jack will wonder where I am.

Caleb: Good night, tess.

Tess: You know, stephen, just because you can't have livvie back doesn't mean you'll never love again.

Caleb: Don't worry about me, tess. I'll find love again.

Elizabeth: Ian, are you home? Oh, boy. I need to talk to you. Not talk, exactly. More like save me from a fate worse than death.

Oh. Well, wherever you are, I hope you get back soon. Ooh, I need you. 3E4D79B0.JPG

Elizabeth: Ian, where are you? Oh, you -- you need me. We're going to make each other feel so much better. "Vampire symptoms are relieved when a vampire makes love with a slayer."

Elizabeth: A slayer. Lucy and ian.

Ian: You should've seen the look on youracace when that overgrown leprechaun started stripping for you.

Lucy: I know. You know, I thought for a minute if I didn't stop him, he was going to darn well show me his --

ian: His lucky chmsms. I didn't want to see that.

Lucy: Not a pretty sight.

Ian: But it felt good to laugh again, didn't it?

Lucy: Yeah, it really does.

Ian: First time in a long time that things were almost -- 3E4D79E8.JPG

lucy: Sort of maybe almost normal?

Ian: Yeah. So let's hold on to that, ok?

Lucy: Ok, it's a deal.

Waiter: The gentleman at the bar sent this over as a valentine's gift r e two of you.

Lucy: Oh. That's very thoughtful. Who --

ian: Who is it?

Alison: I love pink roses. I'm upset with you! I don't want to be mad at you, but I'm frustrated and I'm -- I'm scared.

Rafe: Me, too, all right. Bubut don't you think we've spent enough time apart because of caleb?

Alison: Yes, we've spent way too much time apart.

Rafe: I'm just saying that just for now, tonight, valentine's day, the first of a hundred more that I want to spend with you, don't you think it could -- it could just be us? 3E4D7A27.JPG

Alison: You're lucky that this feels so good.

Rafe: Yeah, it does. It feels great. Tonight, you and me are all that matters. You know, sometimes we -- we are alison: I know.

Rafe: So let's agree, let's promise each other that we will talk, ok?

As work it out, all right?

Alison: Ok. Promise. I'm still not happy with you, rafe kovich.

Rafe: We,, I guess thatusust means I'm going to have to work extra hard et y the.

Caleb: You always found your way back to me. I know you will again. Just a matter of time.

Tess: I want tonight to be special. Ok, the candles are lit. Whwhat next? The card. "Dear jack -- the day I found you is the day I discovered love." 3E4D7A98.JPG

Tess" "you're my family, my heart."

["Caleb's music" plays]

Tess: "Happy valentine's day, my love. May we always be together."

[Door opens]

Jack: Tess?

Tess: Welcome home, jack.

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Livvie: You miss me, babe? God, it feels good to be out in the open again.

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