Port Charles Transcript Monday 2/10/03

By Eric
proofread by Melissa

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Casey: Ricky, why do you have to be such a good kisser?

Ricky: Wow.

Casey: Yeah. Oh, I mean, come on! They never said anything about this in angel school! How am I supposed to be a good guardian and keep my hands off when I'm in love with the dude that I'm guarding, huh? No. No, there's t t to be a way Ricky and I can be together because it just -- it feels so good and we're just -- we're just so right. Oh, man, not the white light!

Ah! Did you really have to do that?

Ed: What do you think?

Casey: No.

Ed: No? What are you doing, Casey? I'm talking about your job. 3E482F47.JPG

Casey: Oh, come on, Ed. I haven't done anything wrong -- mostly.

Ed: What did we discuss before I sent you back down there?

Casey: That doing the nasty with Ricky is off-limits, but you saw, right? I wasn't even close to doing that.

Ed: At the rate you're going, you certainly will. You're supposed to be protecting Ricky, not falling in love with him.

Casey: But I am in love with him, Ed. You know I'm in love with him.

Ed: Right. And you were the one that convinced me that's what made you uniquely qualified to save his bacon.

Casey: Right.

Ed: We got a lot of problems down there, Casey, and it's getting worse. And if you can't separate your work from your feelings, you are going to earn a one-way ticket back to paradise. 3E482F7A.JPG

Rafe: Run it by me again.

Jack: Ok, Tess was there. She was right by my side and we were planning on getting out of town, and then the lights went off and then --

Rafe: She was gone.

Jack: Just like that.

Jamal: This town is crazy, I swear. People are disappearing, reappearing. This is --

Jack: Ok, Jamal, tell us something we don't know, ok?

Jamal: Well -- well --

Alison: Ok, wait, wait, wait, wait. When do you think that he took her?

Rafe: I don't know, but he's not going to hurt her. This is something else.

Jamal: Ok, meaning what?

Jack: Yeah, what?

Rafe: Meaning you block Caleb in one direction and he finds anher way through the door. 3E482F91.JPG

Lucy: Rafe. Hi.

Rafe: Hi, Lucy.

Lucy: I got a feeling you needed me here. Why am I here? You know, I was at the jail and I would've come sooner, but --

Rafe: You're a little late to the party.

Lucy: What does that mean?

Rafe: It's Tess -- Caleb's got her.

Lucy: Oh, my God.

Rafe: I think he's out for some serious payback.


Caleb: Vampires, all come and hear my commands. Come closer.

Ian: I must fight this. I must stay back.

Elizabeth: Boy. How did I get here?

Reese: Tell us, master, why do you call us? 3E482FB5.JPG

Caz: How do we serve you?

Caleb: Long have you suffered to hear my call. But on this night, your life in the shadows is ended, for tonight we feed. Tonight it's just us. But soon there'll be others in our tribe that will know this place.

Ian: Can't let it happen.

Caleb: You're free, my friends, to turn their souls,

feast and give this town its darkest hour. Turn them all, as many as you can.

Reese: Yes.

Caz: The feeding begins!

Ian: Can't let it happen.

Ian's voice: You're not going to lose me. Promise.

Lucy's voice: You promise?

Ian: Lucy -- I got to find her. 3E482FFB.JPG

Elizabeth: Oh, my God.

Caleb: Come closer and receive your commands. Come.

Tess: Stephen, no.

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Casey: Ed, please, you got to listen to me!

Ed: Sorry.

Casey: But why?

Ed: Because I know what you're going to say to me. When it was Rafe's turn up here, he had to -- he gave me every sob story, every excuse in the book.

Casey: Yeah, but that --

Ed: No, "but" nothing. Don't give me any "buts," and I don't need you telling me, "it's never going to happen again, Ed," because I'm telling you it's never going to happen again.

Casey: So -- you going to float me another pass? 3E483048.JPG

Ed: I haven't decided yet.

Casey: Come on, Ed.

Ed: You really love this guy?

Casey: Yeah.

Ed: And you're the best angel to protect him?

Casey: I am.

Ed: Mm-hmm. And you learned your lesson?

Casey: Yes.

Ed: And you're going to do your job.

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Ed: You're going to separate your feelings from your work, right?

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Ed: Mm-hmm. And you're going to be good from now on, right? Have I got it all?

Casey: Yeah, yeah, maybe I --

Ed: That's what you're going to tell me, right?

Casey: Well, maybe I was --

Ed: "Maybe" -- nothing maybe. Stop with the "maybes." 3E483067.JPG

Casey: But -- but what am I supposed to do, Ed?

Ed: Oh, Casey. I know the score. Everyone who's ever been a parent knows the score. And even though Rafe and Alison got back together again, it wasn't easy. It was hell, and Rafe broke every rule in the book.

Casey: Oh, but, see, that's just it, Ed, because, see, the rules here -- the rules are just --

Ed: Stop.

Casey: But I'm just telling --

Ed: Don't! Don't you dare tell me the one about the rules being messed up.

Casey: Can I say something now?

Ed: What?

Casey: Ok, listen, boss. Ok, it's no surprise to me that I'm a screw up, ok, because that's what I am, that's what I have always been. But -- what I don't understand is, are you really going to punish my friends in Port Charles because of it? 3E4830A1.JPG

Lucy: All right, so if Caleb really does have Tess, then --

Rafe: Tess could be anywhere that Caleb can go.

Lucy: Right.

Alison: Well, what about maybe his apartment?

Jamal: Or the park or the river or, I mean, anywhere.

Jack: We can't cover the whole town. We don't have --

Jamal: But we can start, can't we? I'll check the park, all right?

Lucy: Yeah, and maybe his apartment, ok?

Jamal: Yeah, ok.

Alison: Look, Jamal, you got to be careful.

Lucy: Be really very careful.

Rafe: You know, here's the deal, guys -- even with all of us looking, there's about a thousand different places Caleb could be. 3E4830B8.JPG

Lucy: I know. I know.

Ian: Lucy!

Rafe: Ian.

Lucy: Oh, Ian, where have you been? I've been so worried about you. Are you ok?

Rafe: Ian --

Lucy: I was at the jail --

Rafe: What happened to you?

Lucy: He's ok. He's fine.

Ian: There's no time to explain -- Caleb is calling out the vampires.

Lucy: What?

Rafe: He what? When?

Ian: Tonight! He's going to let them loose in Port Charles.

Alison: Wait -- what do you mean "let them loose"?

Ian: He's summoning his whole family, "turn them, as many as you can," he said.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- did he tell you that? Did you get that close? 3E4830CD.JPG

Alison: Yeah, how did you get that close?

Ian: It doesn't matter how. If we don't stop him, he's going to let them loose, and I --

Rafe: You mean, including you, right?

Lucy: Rafe --

Rafe: I mean, that is how you got so close --

Lucy: Rafe, please!

Alison: What?

Jack: Just because he managed --

Rafe: No, he didn't just manage, Jack. Go ahead, Ian. Tell everybody -- when did you become a vampire?

Lucy: Rafe, don't do this, not in front of Kack and Alison.

Jack: Oh, tell us this a bad joke, please.

Alison: That's not true. You're not being serious, are you? 3E4830E2.JPG

Lucy: Let me just explain.

Ian: It's ok.

Lucy: It's not ok.

Ian: Yes, it is. I'm not going to hide, not after tonight. You're right. I'm one of them.


Caleb: Tonight you're free until dawn. Drink the blood of all you can find. Kill who you must, but turn all the rest and once you've drank your fill -- Tess,...

Tess: I heard your call.

Reese: What is she doing here?

Tess: Stop the hunt while you still can, Stephen -- all of this.

Caleb: Tess, you shouldn't be here.

Tess: You can't do this. I won't let you. 3E483108.JPG

Reese: Let me take her out, boss.

Caz: Just say the word, man.

Caleb: Silence.

Tess: This isn't who you want to be, Stephen. This isn't who you are. I've seen your true heart, your true goodness.

Caleb: Please go.

Tess: It's not too late to turn back. Stephen, please don't. Let me help you.

Caleb: Tess --

Reese: That's it. Let me take care of this meddling bitch!

Caleb: I said stop!

Reese: Stephen!

Caleb: Don't touch her. No one will ever hurt her.

Ed: So now, I'm going to get the guilt trip, huh?

Casey: Well, you saw. It's true. They need me down there. 3E4831A9.JPG

Ed: They need you to focus down there, and I need you to remember who you are.

Casey: Ed, ever since I died, all I've ever really wanted was to be a real guardian angel. And then when I got sent back to Port Charles to protect Marissa and then, Ricky, too, man, Ed, I was psyched. It's like a dream come true.

Ed: So you came down and you got ideas in your head, and they changed.

Casey: Yeah. I -- I kind of always knew you'd end up busting me for something down the line eventually and actually, to tell you the truth, I was -- I was kind of nervous about it.

Ed: Funny -- you didn't act like it.

Casey: Well, see, here's the thing -- all this time, all this time, I've never really been sure if I do have what it takes to be a good guardian. But lately -- lately, Ed, I've been thinking. 3E4831E4.JPG

Ed: Thinking what?

Casey: I haven't even been in Port Charles for one month, one month yet, and I've already saved Marissa's life, Jamal's life, and even before I was a guardian, Ricky's.

Ed: What's your point?

Casey: So I think, personally, that's a pretty darn good track record for a funky, messed-up guardian -- in training, mind you. Don't you think?

Ed: Maybe. But it's your job, and it doesn't mean you're good enough at it yet to stay.

Casey: Look, I know I'm not your daughter and there's no way I will ever be as good an angel as your son. But I'm trying. I'm trying real hard, ok, Ed, to learn as much as I can, to do some really good stuff. Now, are you going to really stop me now, right when I'm starting to figure it all out? 3E483228.JPG

Jack: Ok, you mean it's true --

Ian: Yes. I'm a vampire, yes.

Jack: Unbelievable.

Alison: Oh, my God.

Rafe: Was it Caleb? Did he turn you?

Ian: No.

Jack: Then who? Who did? Who could've --

Lucy: No, Jack, no.

Ian: I'll answer all your questions later. Let's deal with Caleb right now.

Rafe: He's right. We have to stop Caleb and his brood tonight or the whole town is lost. Where's the last time you saw him?

Ian: Clearing in the woods.

Jack: Was Tess there?

Ian: No. And you better pray that she's not with him. 3E483246.JPG

Lucy: What are you saying? What does that mean?

Ian: If she's with him, she'll be the first one he turns.

Jack: Ok. Then I've got to go find her before she gets hurt.

Rafe: Come on.

Reese: You can't protect her, Stephen. She doesn't belong.

Caleb: Have you forgotten who I am? Have you forgotten your place in this family?

Reese: Ok.

Caleb: Tess, why are you here?

Tess: You brought me here.

Caleb: No.

Tess: I heard your call, Stephen.


Caleb: Why would I call you, Tess? Why would I force myself to see that look in your eye now that you know what I am, to be reminded of that look on your face when I was so close to killing Jack? 3E483278.JPG

Tess: That's exactly why you wanted me and why you let me hear your call.

Caleb: To do what?

Tess: To stop you.


Tess: Stephen, you don't -- you don't want to hurt people, you want to be helped. You told me you were ready to find the good inside, remember?

Caleb: Yes.

Tess: I'm still willing to help you find that goodness. All you have to do is answer me. Are you a man who wants to go on living this dark and soulless existence or are you the man you told me about, the one who was turned so young, the one who longs to find the good, to find a soul deep inside? What is it, Stephen? The darkness or the light? Which path will you choose? 3E48335C.JPG


Tess: What did you decide, Stephen -- good or evil?

Caleb: My answer is you. I choose you. My family, back to the shadows. The feast is no more. Go away!

Elizabeth: How does she do that? How does she control him like that?

Reese: That chick has Stephen completely sprung.

Caz: Just drop it, Reese. He's the boss. There's nothing we can do.

Reese: Nothing, huh?

Elizabeth: So he can't have his true love, Olivia. Now it's Tess in his sights.

[Elizabeth gasps]

Joshua: It's me. Yes, it's me. Surprised? You are surprised, aren't you? Settle down. Stop it, stop it. All right, that's better. 3E48339F.JPG

Elizabeth: What do you want? How are you here? I killed you.

Joshua: No, you screwed up like everything else, and now you are coming with me but quietly, ok? Quietly.

Casey: You will not regret this, Ed.

Ed: I already have. But you're a good kid, you mean well.

Casey: Yeah, I do. I do, I do, I do, I do, I do.

Ed: Oh --

Casey: I do. I promise.

Ed: And you don't warrant your job being taken away from you --

Casey: Yeah.

Ed: Not yet.

Casey: As long -- as long as I can go back, that's all I want. And I will make it up to you, I promise! 3E4833C6.JPG

Ed: You bet you will because your job is stil at risk.

Casey: Ok, just -- you just tell me what to do.

Ed: Ok. It's a serious situation. You got to be very careful. You got to keep your identity unknown, you got to keep your eye on the ball, ok?

Casey: Great.

Ed: Ok. Oh, one more thing.

Casey: You mean there's more?

Ed: Do me a favor, will you -- keep your eye on my son, ok?

Casey: You got it, boss.

Ed: Get out of here.

Jamal: Come on, Tess. I know I can find you. Just give me some kind of sign. What's that?

Jamal: Oh. Oh, hell, no. I know I just didn't see Marissa, not appear out of nowhere like that. Huh. That's it. That's it. Casey. 3E483411.JPG

Joshua: Whew!

Elizabeth: Where am I? Where is this place?

Joshua: Let's just say it's my little home away from home.

Elizabeth: Why did you bring me here?

Joshua: What, no "welcome back, Joshua"? "Oh, boy, Joshua, you've been missed"?

Elizabeth: Oh, God. No, this -- this cannot be happening. This -- this is impossible. I killed you. You're dead. This is just -- ok, this is just another one of those dreams where I see you and I hear your voice.

Joshua: Well, you just can't get me out of your mind, can you? You know what, my dear? You don't look so good. You'd probably love one of these. This has been quite a night for you, hasn't it? Just when you were so sure you'd gotten rid of me. 3E483449.JPG

Elizabeth: I was. I mean -- I mean, I am, but -- how can you be here?

Joshua: That doesn't really matter. Does it? The important thing is what am I going to do now?

Tess: I'm proud of you.

Caleb: It was the right thing to do, especially after what I nearly did to Jack.

Tess: Yeah. I hated you for that. I thought everything you had ever said to me was a lie.

Caleb: And now?

Tess: I see you are good. Well, at least you can be.

Caleb: Hmm. I'm sorry, Tess. You're going to have to forgive me.

Tess: Stephen, what are you -- Stephen?

Jack: Tess! 3E483481.JPG

Tess: Stephen -- Jack.

Jack: Are you ok?

Tess: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jack: Are you hurt?

Tess: No. I'm sorry I scared you, all of you.

Rafe: Where's Caleb?

Tess: I don't know.

Ian: The vampires, ceremony -- what happened here?

Tess: Um -- you don't have to worry. Everything's fine.

Lucy: Wait a minute. What do you mean, we don't have to worry? If Caleb let his band of vampires loose on the town --

Tess: They're gone.

Lucy: What?

Tess: They're gone. That's what I've been trying to tell you. You don't have to worry about anyone getting hurt. 3E483499.JPG

Ian: It can't be.

Rafe: Guys, no, she's right. I don't sense them anymore.

Tess: Stephen's called off the attack, the whole thing.

Caleb: Well, that was fun.

Tess' voice: You can't let them loose, Stephen. You don't really want to hurt people. You want to be helped. You told me you were ready to find the good inside, remember?

Caleb: Oh, you're a sweet girl, Tess. And now you think you have some kind of power over me. You think you can fix me, you can make me better. Well, if you think that, Tess, here's to you, my guardian angel.

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Caleb: Not just any girl, an amazing one.

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