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lucy: No -- no, christina, listen to mommy. You have to go right to bed. Ok, fine. Grandma can read one more mousy story and then you go to bed. Yeah, ok, I love you, too, sweet pea. Sweet dreams. Ok, night-night.

[Lucy makes kissing sounds]

[Lucy sighs]

Ian: This is all wrong. You should be with your daughter.

Lucy: You're right, if these were normal circumstances, but these aren'T. You need me right here, right now, and this is where I want to be. So, this is where I belong.

Ian: Quite a combination, huh -- beauty and the beast.

Lucy: Yeah. You know, I am good for you in more ways than one. 3E42E96A.JPG

Ian: No question about that.

Lucy: No question. Ok, you got to listen to me because I have been doing some thinking. No, I didn't hurt myself. I'm fine. Ok. You are a brilliant man of science, and I am a vampire slayer. So, couldn't we somehow figure out a way to bottle whatever it is I have?

Ian: You mean, experiment on you?

Lucy: Yeah, yeah, it makes sense.

Ian: No, it doesn't make sense. Forget it.

Lucy: No, no, no, not "forget it." What if itust meant taking, like, a little sample of my blood. It wouldn't hurt me, and then maybe we could figure something out. Please, please? We can figure an answer yb 3E42E98B.JPG

ian: You're grasping at straws here.

Lucy: Maybe, but then I'll go ahead and grasp away, because if I can't help you, then that means I can't save you and I would lose you, and I couldn't live that way.

Tess: You're in so much pain, stephen. I can help.

Caleb: Stay away. It's too late for me.

Rafe: Hey.

Alison: Hi.

Rafe: Are you ok?

Alison: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I'm fine. We should really be sipping mai tais on the beach, though. Right now we should be married.

Rafe: Yeah, well, listen, we're going to get there, ok? We're just kind of taking the long way a little bit. 3E42E9D5.JPG

Alison: Yeah, the long way. We're watching some monitor so we can monitor a vampire for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just waiting to see if we can catch caleb's next move. And my mother -- my mother.

Rafe: How is she?

Alison: She's fine now. I gave her some sort of sleeping pill so she could get some rest, but --

rafe: Hmm. Talk about a bad day, huh?

Alison: I never, ever imagined that she would try and kill herself. I never, ever thought that.

Rafe: Yeah, the irony is, is she couldn't because she's cursed with eternal life. Hey, look at me.

Alison: Hmm?

Rafe: We will get him, all right? 3E42EA08.JPG

[Knock on door]

Jack: Rafe --

alison: Oh, god.

Jack: Oh, sorry, I -- I thought you were alone. Look, I need to talk to you about caleb.

Alison: Yeah, join the party.

Rafe: What's going on? Where'e's tess?

Jack: Downstairs with jamal. I can't leave her alone.

Alison: Why? What happened?

Jack: Caleb's playing mind games with tess. And if you don't help me, I think caleb's going to take her away from me.

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Ricky: Wow. Where'd that come from?

Casey: You were talking about casey -- my sister, casey, because, of course, I'm marissa. 3E42EA46.JPG

Ricky: I know who you are, mariss

casey: Yeah. And you were singing that beautiful tune that you wrote for both of us.

Ricky: You really think casey would have liked it?

Casey: She'd have been blown away that you still think of her, that you love her.

Ricky: She was something else. You know, your sister really knew ho light up a room.

Casey: She was lucky to have you.

Ricky: No, I was lucky to have her. But can we just get back here to what just happened between us?

Casey: The kiss. Yeah, you know, that's something that never really should have happened. 3E42EA6A.JPG

Ricky: Yeah, but it did.

Casey: I was just showing you my gratitude for the private concert.

Ricky: Marissa, that didn't feel much like a thank-you kiss. It felt more like a hello.

Casey: We -- we should just drop this, ricky.

Ricky: Something different about you, marissa -- the way you look at me, the way you're acting. Let's just drop the double talk and tell me right now what it is.

Tess: Jack's mad at me, I can feel it.

Jamal: Tess, he's just worried about you, that's all. Don't worry about it.

Tess: I told that stephen won't hurt me, that his -- that his powers can't touch me. What do you think, alison?

Jamal: Hey, ali. 3E42EA9E.JPG

Alison: Hi.

Jamal: What's up?

Alison: Just so you know, everything's fine between rafe and I.

Jamal: Oh, good. That's some good news. At least somebody's happy around here.

Alison: Rafe and jack want to talk to you upstairs.

Jamal: So, you two get acquainted and -- because I think tess needs some cheering up.

Alison: Yeah.

Jamal: You'll be fine.

Alison: What's the matter, ssss

tess: Oh. Jack is worried about stephen, that I'm in danger. And I told him that he's really kind -- he's really kind to me and I understand him.

Alison: Yeah. You know, my mother tried to hurt herself because of what stephen did to her, and she thought that he was really wonderful in the beginning, too. 3E42EAD6.JPG

Tess: I'm sorry about your mom, but she shouldn't have ever married stephen in the first place. I mean, she should have known that he still loves livvie.

Alison: Yeah, well, he, I mean, he's very attractive and he's charming and seductive, and he's also very deadly, tess.

Tess: And I'm the only one who also sees the good side of him.

Alison: You remind me so much of livvie -- she was always willing to see the good in people.

Tess: Stephen's not going to hurt me.

Alison: Sometimes he can make you think that you're the most important person in the world, right before he destroys you.

Jamal: You and ali -- your split was all part of some plan? 3E42EAFB.JPG

Rafe: Yeah, just trying to trap the head bat. We still are.

Jack: Some kind of setup you got here, rafe -- 24-hour vampire channel -- and it looks like somebody's in a bad mood.

[Caleb screams]

Caz: Man, what happened to your crib?

Caleb: What the hell are you doing he??

Reese: Well, you wanted us to come over to go over the concerscschedules.

Caz: All of the stuff that joshua used to do? Remember?

Caleb: Yeah. Well, I'm not in the mood.

Reese: Also there's something you should know about that annoying slayer.

Rafe: Damn, they moved out of camera range.

Jack: Can't you zoom in closer or something? 3E42EB24.JPG

Rafe: No. It doesn't work that way. If they move into the corners of the room, we lose them.

Reese: You better watch your back. The slayer's been all over town getting dirt on you.

Caleb: You're giving me advice on survival. That's sweet.

Caz: He's up to something. We can smell it.

Caleb: Then find out what it is and leave me alone!

Caz: Done.

Caleb: Sweetheart, what about "get out" don't you understand?

Reese: The slayer's not the only problem. There's ricky. He's a threat as long as he's not one of us. Either kick him out of the band or let me turn him. You promised me I could. 3E42EB4B.JPG

Caleb: Oh, ricky.

Rafe: Ok, ok. Got him back in sight.

Caleb: You don't do anything till I tell you. You stick to the plan and get out.

Rafe: What reese said to caleb -- the mike didn't pick it up.

Jack: So, what's the plan, rafe?

Jamal: Well, whatever it is, it looks like dude's about to explode.

Rafe: Yeah, or have an afternoon snack.

Jack: God, I just have to get tess away from caleb. She thinks he's some misunderstood lost soul.

Jamal: Well, that's because he's fronting, trying to impress her.

Rafe: Wait. Maybe that's it. Maybe that's how we get to caleb -- we show tess exactly what he is. 3E42EB6F.JPG

Jamal: How are you going to do that? It's not like caleb's just going to show her his nasty side.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, that's it, thas it.. I know a way that we can catch caleb at his own twisted little game.

Jack: Thanks for keeping tess company, but we kind of need to talk.

Alison: Oh, re, that's fine.

Jack: Yeah. Thanks.

Alison: Yeah.

Tess: Jack, everyone is mad at me about stephen, but you have to trust me.

Jack: Hey, I do, I do, all right, but we can't let caleb come between us. There's something you need to see. Will you come with me?

Alalison: Is there some new development or something? 3E42EC07.JPG

Rafe: Ok, just stay here. Jamal will fill you in, ok?

Alison: Ok. Be careful.

Jamal: Well, it's just you d megagain, spunky.

Alison: Yeah. I really hope that whatever you guys have cooked up for caleb really works.

Jamal: Yeah, so we can all have a shot at that nice, normal life we all want, right?

Alison: Yeah, yeah.

Jamal: Let's go. Let's get ready.

Case I'm really -- I'm really --

ricky: Yes?

Casey: Lonely. Yeah.

Ricky: Wh a about jamal?

Casey: Jamal -- we split.

Ricky: Ah, great. Great. This is just so wrong. You know, jamal is my friend.

Casey: Well, you know what? Over one, silly, little kiss, it's really nothing, ok? I just got carried away. All right, you were saying such sexy things and being so hot -- 3E42EC3B.JPG

ricky: No, no, no. Marissa, you just broke up with jamal. You can't go running around getting involved with somebody else. Did you say I was hot?

Casey: Off the eaking charts. No, but you're right. I'm -- I am still getting over jamal. And -- this should never happen. It will never happen again.

Ricky: Right.

Ian: You got to do me a favor. Can you not -- with -- can you not stand this close? You're distracting me with --

lucy: Oh. Ah.

Ian: You know.

Lucy: Well -- right. Sorry. It's just I wanted to see how my blood sample compared to yours. 3E42EC6E.JPG

Ian: Well, you're type o and that's a universal donor and it's mixing easily.

Lucy: Ok.

Ian: Yeah.

Lucy: Good, so that means there might be an answer, right? We could figure out something --

ian: Can you please -- I'm -- I can't --

: Oh, that?

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: All right, I'm going to leave you here to do your doctor thingy. And I'm going to be -- I'll be right over here waiting, sort of, anxiously.

[Lucy clicks her heels together, then whistles]

Lucy: So, anything yet? Find anything at all?

Ian: Huh.

Lucy: "Huh"? Huh -- what's "huh"? I mean, "huh" -- "huh" sounds kind of promisg,g, interesting, maybe something. What? 3E42EC95.JPG

Ian: When your blood mixes with mine, my platelet count goes up almost instantly.

Lucy: Ok. I'm not a doctor. You know, I did date this chemistry professor. He was a lot older -- I'm just trying to tell you I don't know what you're talking about. What does that mean?

Ian: What I'm saying is that when the blood mixes, my cells become normal. Then they stay that way for awhile before they become mutated.

Lucy: Ok. So in other words, what we need to do is keep your little cell guys from mutangng, right, and then that would create maybe possibly normal --

ian: Normal cells. Normal blood, normal me, normal life. 3E42ECB8.JPG

Lucy: Well, wouldn't that be fantastic and wonderful?

Ian: Yeah, but we're a long way from --

lucy: Yeah. No, I get that. I understand that. It's just that -- see, I know when you look in that microscope, you selilittle amazing, scientific swirly things. And when I look in there, I just see hope, and that's what I'm going to hold on to.

Ian: No, I do see hope, and I'm holding on to it right now.

Jamal: Well, I hope jack knows what he's doing because this band of vampires is pretty slick. They won marissa over.

Alison: What happened? He didn't bite here, did he?

Jamal: No, no, I just -- I just told her that it was either the great stephen clay or me, and she couldn't leave me fast enough. So -- well, whatever. 3E42ECEC.JPG

Alison: Oh. I'm sorry.

Jamal: No, it's cool. I mean, I thought I finally convinced her that she was hanging around a very undead crowd and she was supposed to quit the band, but it's like she had this personality transplant and she just completely blew me off.

Alison: Well, caleb probably got to her somehow.

Jamal: Yeah, yeah, must have. I don't know, it's like she's a completely different person. I'm really worried about her. And we have liftoff. Here we go.

Caleb: Whatever you're selling, I ain't buying. Get out.

Jack: Yeah. You know, tess kind of sensed you lost your edge, your bite.

Caleb: That's your side of it. 3E42ED16.JPG

Jack: Well, news flash -- livvie's not coming back as long as tess is with me.

Caleb: Really? Well, then I guess it's just time to get rid of you.

Lucy: So, what -- what -- what do you do now?

Ian: Hmm? Oh -- we got to keep experimenting till we figure this out.

Lucy: Riright, which you do because you never give up, ever, which is very, very lucky for me.

Ian: I tell you what's lucky for me. I wouldn't want to be without you.

Lucy: I -- this is weird timing, but I need to tell you something. I mean, I need to say it to you. I'm going to say something, ok?

Ian: Say what? 3E42EE01.JPG

Lucy: You know how over the past few weeks and month you've been pretty honest and straightforward and sort of put yourself out on the line about telling me how you feel about me?

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: So I just figured, you know, I probably should go ahead and tell you how I feel about you.

Ian: Ok.

Lucy: Ok. I love you.

Ian: What?

Lucy: You just want me to say it again, don't you?

Ian: Oh, yeah.

Lucy: Ok. I love you very much because of who you are and what you stand for, and for how you make me feel and because you are the man I cannot ever see myself live without. Ok, so, aren't you supposed to jump in here? Like, say something back, you know, or respond? 3E42EE48.JPG

Ian: Uh-uh.

Lucy: I wanted to tell you this for a long time. I've been carrying you around in here for so long, and I just -- I didn't know what to do with it. You know, I didn't know what to do with you. Should I go, like, up on a roof and scream it out to the whole town, or should I just whisper it in your ear? But I couldn't because I guess I was afraid.

Ian: Afraid of what?

Lucy: You. Feeling the way I do. And how happy you make me, and -- and afraid because you are my very best friend and I just can't lose you.

Ian: Hmm.

Lucy: What I'm trying to tell you is if I have to slay all the vampires in the world, if I have to give a ttttle blood or walk over hot coals or run through fire for you just to save you, I would do that. 3E42EE75.JPG

Ian: You've already saved me in more ways than one. Anyoyou're not going to lose me. I promise.

Lucy: Promise?

Casey: I can't do this. I can'T.

Ricky: Hey, hey, hey, hey. How do you think I feel, huh? You look exactly like casey, and then you start touching me and kissing me just like she did.

Casey: Oh, I freaked you out, right? I'm sorry. I freaked you out!

Ricky: Yeah, so what you freaked me out? Well, I don't want it to stop.

Casey: I -- I got to -- I got to go, ok?

Ricky: No, marissa --

casey: I'll see you. I got to go.

Ricky: Man. For a second there it felt like I actually had casey back in my arms. Back to reality. 3E42EEC9.JPG

Casey: Oh, stupid, stupid, stupid! God!

[Casey sighs]

Casey: Why do you got to go and blow it like that, casey? Why not just wear a shirt that says, "Yo, I'm a dead girl posing as her sister"? Oh -- ok. Ok. You just -- just got to resist, girl, ok? Because your feelings for ricky will just get in the way of your mission. But this really sucks!


Casey: Yeah, right back at you! Huh!

Alison: They're fighting, rafe. You got to hurry up. Jack's getting the worst of it.

Jamal: Come on, man. 3E42EEF5.JPG

Jack: Stay away from tess.

Caleb: "Stay away from tess." You know, jack, you forget you're only alive because of me. But now I think it's time to turn you into a little pile of dust again.

Rafe: Yeah, alison, it's fine. We got it covered, all right?

Tess: Why are we barging into stephen's place like this? I thought we were coming to talk.

Rafe: Here's the thing -- I don't think there's a lot of talking going on inhehere. And I don't care what he promised you, but it's time for you toeeee that stephen will never change.

Tess: No, stephen!

On the next "port charles: Surrender" -- 3E42EFB8.JPG

rafe: Look at him -- see, that's the real stephen clay -- the vampire caleb morley.

Tess: Stephen.

Kevin: I have no loving feelings for you at all.

Lucy: Really?

Kevin: But I'm not finished with you, lucy. Not by a long shot.

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