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3E3EF4C9.JPGIan: Lucy! I can't fight this.

Kevin: Well, I hope you're not still thinking about Ian.

Lucy: No, that's not it. I just feel very badly that we left him stranded like that, that's all.

Kevin: He can take care of himself. Tonight let me take care of you. I'm sure we can get this all back, Lucy, because a love like ours never dies. Our love will get us through this the way it's gotten us through everything else. I forget something?

Lucy: No. No, you haven't. Everything's perfect. You thought of everything.

Kevin: That's because I want tonight to be perfect.

Lucy: Thank you.

Kevin: You know, Lucy, I think all we have to do is spend some time together, allow us to reconnect, and then we can build on what we already have. Because I think we can be even better than we were before. 3E3EF521.JPG

Lucy: Thank you for all of this.

Kevin: I have something else for you.

Lucy: Really? More surprises?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. Voila. Your favorite dress. And --

Jack: Hey, Rafe, it's me. Thanks for the heads-up, man. Yeah, nobody's safe when Caleb's angry. That's why I brought Tess to the Recovery Room because he won't come after her with people around. But I guess call me when you know something, all right? Thanks.

Tess: Thank you. Jack, what are we doing here?

Jack: Can't I take my beautiful wife out on a date?

Tess: Yeah. But by the way you rushed me out of the house, I kind of thought something was wrong. 3E3EF56A.JPG

Jack: Yeah, you're right. Something is wrong.

Tess: What is it?

Jack: We are married, and I haven't taken you out on an official date.

Tess: Oh. Ok. Do you -- do you really think it's important to take me out like this?

Jack: I think it's very important because I want to make you feel special -- special, safe, and loved -- because I love you more than anything.

Tess: I love you, too.

Waiter: Here's your champagne.

Jack: All right.

Waiter: Must be a special occasion.

Jack: Yes, it always is.

Tess: You ordered champagne?

[Cork pops] 3E3EF59E.JPG

Jack: Yes, I did.

[Tess laughs]

Jack: That's good right there. Now we are going to have a toast. And you grab a glass, hold it up. To my wife, to giving you happily ever after.

Tess: Mmm.

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Ian: The hunger's too strong.

[Ian groans]

Ian: Lucy -- help me.

Kevin: Oh, that's beautiful. You do remember this, right? You wore it on our wedding night after you tucked Christina into bed?

Lucy: I remember.

Kevin: You took my breath away just standing in front of me. You were so beautiful. 3E3EF649.JPG

Lucy: It -- it was a wonderful night.

Kevin: The happiest night of my life. You were finally my wife, I brought Christina to you, and then we made love until we fell asleep in each other's arms.

Kevin: I was kind of hoping you'd wear it again tonight.

Lucy: Well, I -- I sure would hate to let all that wonderful planning go to waste. You know, I --

Kevin: You know you're absolutely right? We don't want to waste a bit of this, especially the food.

Lucy: Thank you.

Kevin: I mean, after all, we really should make every moment count.

Lucy: Right. I bet you ordered my favorite foods, didn't you? 3E3EF67C.JPG

Kevin: [French accent] But of course.

Lucy: Oh, that looks good. Before we eat, though, I'd love to just take a peek at that -- that view one more time. It's so incredible.

Kevin: [Normal voice] Go right ahead.

Lucy: Oh.

Wow. The mountains. The woods over to the east and that clock tower across the street from the hotel. I love that clock tower. I've always really liked it.

Kevin: You know what would be better than looking at the view?

Lucy: What?

Kevin: Dancing in front of it.

[Lucy laughs]

Kevin: What is this? It's your cell phone.

Lucy: Doc -- oh! 3E3EF6B7.JPG

[Alison gasps]

Rafe: It's ok, it's ok.

Alison: Oh, Rafe, I was having this bad dream --

Rafe: Wait, wait --

Caleb: You know, that is illegal in 46 states -- locking lips with your brother.

Rafe: Just stay away from her.

Caleb: I wasn't going to bite her. Don't you think I knew you were going to show up?

Rafe: I don't care what you knew. Just stay away from Alison!

Caleb: Oh, you're just mad. You're just mad because you took the bait -- and in record time, I might add. So I guess there's no secrets between us anymore.

Rafe: No. I'm not Alison's brother. Of course, you knew that all along since you set it up. 3E3EF6D3.JPG

Elizabeth: You set up Alison and Rafe? You made them think that they were brother and sister?

Alison: You have gone after my entire family! You turned my mother into a vampire, and you killed my father!

Elizabeth: You killed Malcolm?

Caleb: Now, I know you'd like to blame me for all your little family problems --

Rafe: Save it, Caleb. No more pretending.

Caleb: No more pretending? Well, then, why don't you tell me what happened to Joshua.

Rafe: I didn't do anything to Joshua. I told you that.

Caleb: Is that right? Is that your story, too, Alison? You know nothing about Joshua's disappearance? 3E3EF6F3.JPG

Rafe: You leave her alone.

Elizabeth: They didn't do anything. I killed Joshua.


Jack: You know what? I am going to take you out on more dates and stop staying at home so much.

Tess: But I like home.

Jack: Fair enough. But next time I think I'm going

make it a little more fancy.

Tess: Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh. I don't need fancy.

Jack: I don't think you need any more champagne.

[Tess giggles]

Jack: What?

Tess: Can you hear it?

Jack: The music?

Tess: Yeah. Gosh, I love the way it sounds. 3E3EF7A1.JPG

Jack: Well, then, excuse me, ma'am. May I have this dance?

Tess: Yes. Oh -- oops.

[Tess giggles]

Tess: Oh, Jack, you make me so happy. And I love dancing and being in your arms. And I love music a - --

[Song ends]

Tess: Wait. I don't want to stop dancing.

[Jack chuckles]

[Tess laughs]

Jack: Then we don't have to. Come over here. We'll pick another song on the jukebox.

Tess: Jukebox?

Jack: Yes. Ok, this is a jukebox.

Tess: Ok. How does it work? 3E3EF7CE.JPG

Jack: You put quarters in right there --

Tess: Uh-huh?

Jack: Ok, and you see the songs? That's all these songs. Ok, you pick a song --

Tess: Uh-huh?

Jack: And the numbers out to the side you press right here.

Tess: Ok. Ok. Quarter.

Jack: There you go. Right there.

[Tess giggles]

Tess: Ok. All right. Oh, I know what I want. I know what I want. I know what I want. Um, A-3. 3. Ok. Ok. I did it.

[Music plays]

Jack: Yeah. 3E3EF7F2.JPG

Tess: I did it.

Jack: Wait. Wait a sec. Why -- why did you pick this song?

Tess: Because I like it.

Jack: But this was Livvie's favorite song.

Tess: Hmm, really? Now it's mine, too.

Kevin: Calling Dr. Feel good to come to the rescue? Oh, it must've been hell, Lucy, to say how much you loved the view, the wine --

Lucy: No.

Kevin: Me.

Lucy: No, Doc, that's not it.

Kevin: And all I wanted to do was make you happy.

Lucy: But I've tried to tell you over and over again the truth. You just don't want to listen.

Kevin: And I've heard you over and over again, Lucy. I've changed. But you won't give yourself the chance to see that the changes are for the better. 3E3EF81F.JPG

Lucy: But I've given you all the chances in the world. I asked you, I begged you, just go get help!

Kevin: I don't need help. I need time with my wife, and all I wanted was one night.

Lucy: So you just -- you kidnap me.

Kevin: I'm your husband! Is it really that bad to be around me?

Lucy: Do you understand? Do you think this is a way a husband should act and treat his wife?

Kevin: Why, because I won't give up on us?

Lucy: Doc, don't you see? You're not you. The Doc I fell in love with wouldn't do this. He'd never dream of this. Because you're scaring me --

Kevin: You know what, Lucy?

Lucy: You're scaring -- 3E3EF846.JPG

Kevin: Maybe I've changed, but you're the one ruining everything. And I won't let you throw away 10 years. I'll fight you until you see how wrong you are.

Lucy: It can't work. It can't change my mind. Come on, Doc.

You love me like you say you do, then let me just walk out the door now. You know -- you know deep down this is not right. Please, just let me go.

Lucy: Oh!

Kevin: You're not going anywhere.

Caleb: You killed Joshua?

Alison: Don't.

Elizabeth: There's no reason to hide it, Alison.

Caleb: What happened?

Elizabeth: He was attacking Alison. He was going to kill her. 3E3EF885.JPG

Caleb: So, what, you killed him instead?

Elizabeth: I did what any mother would've done.

Caleb: Most mothers don't have fangs.

Alison: This is all your fault. You turned her into a vampire, and she was just trying to protect me.

Caleb: Oh, you did a bad, bad thing, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I'd do it again. He got exactly what he deserved.

Alison: No matter what you've done to her, she is still my mother and you can't take that away from her.

Caleb: Oh, that's -- that's very touching, "Laverne", but Elizabeth knew what would happen if she bit someone. Now you've done it. I told you I'd have to hurt you.

Rafe: You'll have to go through me first, vampire. 3E3EF8A7.JPG

Caleb: No deed goes unpunished.

Alison: No, no!

[Song ends]

Tess: Hey -- you ok?

Jack: Yeah. It's just a little strange -- you know, of all the songs you pick, you pick the one that Livvie would've picked.

Tess: Are you mad at me?

Jack: No. Of course not.

Chris: Jack.

Tess: Chris!

Chris: Tess.

Tess: Hi.

Chris: How are you?

Jack: Hey.

Tess: We're a family now.

Chris: I know, I heard. Jack told me. Congratulations.

Tess: Thanks.

Jack: Thanks. So, Tess, why don't you go pick out another song? Any one you want. 3E3EF989.JPG

Tess: Ok. You have to come over for dinner now.

Chris: Ok, I will.

Tess: Ok?

Chris: I promise.

[Tess laughs]

Tess: Can I have some more quarters?

Jack: You bet. Here. There's four.

Tess: Thank you.

Chris: Can I talk to you a sec?

Jack: Yeah. So, what's wrong?

[Music plays]

Chris: When Tess was brought to the hospital, they -- they ran a bunch of tests on her. I intercepted the results, you know, so no one would find out that she doesn't have any D.N.A.

Jack: Yeah, well, to me Tess is real, Chris. 3E3EF9AE.JPG

Chris: Well, that's good, because these show that she now has D.N.A.

Jack: What?

Chris: She's a normal girl.

Alison: Get away from her.

Rafe: Leave her alone!

Caleb: What? Can't a man kiss his wife?

Alison: She told you it was over.

Caleb: Elizabeth, you are full of surprises. You killed Joshua. That was a -- that was a bold move.

Rafe: It's time for you to go.

Caleb: And you knew the consequences and still you told me? I didn't think you had it in you.

Rafe: Get out!

Caleb: You know, you need to find a way for him to release his tension. 3E3EF9D9.JPG

Alison: Just get out of here, please. Just leave us all alone.

Caleb: But we've gotten so close. Getting all this stuff out in the open -- I know I feel better. Ciao.

Alison: Are you ok?

Elizabeth: I -- I just -- I just need some air.

Elizabeth's voice: Stephen, it's happening again -- that -- that feeling. I don't know what to do.

Caleb's voice: Sweet Elizabeth, how I wish it didn't have to be like this. Go look at yourself.

Elizabeth's voice: Oh no!

No! What have you done to me?

Caleb: Sometimes you just have to do things.

Ian's voice: What? 3E3EFA21.JPG

Elizabeth's voice: I can the smell the blood in your veins.

[Ian groans]

[Elizabeth hisses]

[Joshua screams]

Joshua's voice: You murdered me, and you don't deserve to live.

Alison: I hope she's ok.

Rafe: He-- hey, hey -- what about you? You ok?

Alison: At least we don't -- we don't have to hide anymore. I can't stand not being able to touch you or hold you or -- now we're together. We're actually free to be together. Rafe, what's wrong?

Rafe: Well, it's just that this particular battle is over, but now that Caleb knows --

Alison: I'll be ok.

Rafe: I'm his opponent. There's no telling what he's going to do next to get to me. 3E3EFA5E.JPG

Alison: We're together now. And you and me can do anything if we're together.

Rafe: Yeah.

Alison: Yeah.

Rafe: You're right.

Alison: Ok.

Rafe: You are so right.

Lucy: Let go of me!

Kevin: Why? What's the rush? In a hurry to get back to lover boy?

Lucy: This has nothing to do with Ian.

Kevin: Good. Then you won't mind staying here with me.

Lucy: I'm not going to be a prisoner, Doc. I won't be --

Kevin: You are not going to cuddle up to Ian! You are my wife!

Lucy: Let me go!

Kevin: I will never let you go, Lucy. 3E3EFA83.JPG

Lucy: -

Kevin: No more Ian. It's just you and me now.

Lucy: Let me go --

[Lucy screams]

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Elizabeth: I just can't do it. I want to be with you, Stephen.

Lucy: Ian -- Ian, don't. Listen to me. If you hurt him, there's no going back! Ian! Look at me -- don't.

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