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3E2C7FBB.JPGGail: Oh, Kevin. Oh --

Kevin: Hi, Gail.

Gail: Oh, I am so glad to find you. I was looking for you. Have you spoken to Lucy?

Kevin: No. We're having some problems right now.

Gail: Oh, right, I'm sorry. Yes, I -- I guess maybe that's why she needed a little time to get away.

Kevin: Away?

Gail: She went to a cabin outside of town, but she said she'd be back tonight and it's just getting so late, Kevin. 3E35BA49.JPG

Kevin: She's not home yet?

Gail: Uh-uh. Oh, she already planned to let the kids spend the night with Lee and me, but she said she would call us when she got home.

Kevin: Have you tried calling her?

Gail: Oh, yes. She left me the number of the cabin, but I can't get through. And I just now called the phone company, and the line is dead.

Kevin: Well, what about her cell phone?

Gail: That's still way out of range. It's just that I expected she'd be on her way home by now, so I'm kind of worried.

Kevin: Well, you're right, Gail. That's not like Lucy at all.

Gail: Kevin, look, she -- she left me this contact list of information, so I'll give it to you. I mean, I don't know -- what should we ?? 3E35BA78.JPG

Kevin: You go be with Lee and the girls. I'll call you as soon as I know.

Lucy: So, how are you feeling?

Ian: How do you think I'm feeling?

Lucy: Oh -- I don't know. I hope, good?

Ian: Great.

Lucy: Great?

Ian: Uh-huh.

Lucy: Really? You don't -- you don't feel any pain? Really? You're not hurting anywhere? You're not --

Ian: No. I'm not -- I don't feel any pain.

Lucy: You don't feel -- you don't at all?

Ian: No. I don't -- I feel like a new man, like I've never been bitten. 3E35BAA6.JPG

Lucy: How is that possible?

Ian: I don't know.

Elizabeth: Sorry, baby.

Alison: Oh, my God. You killed Joshua.

Tess: It's so beautiful.

Caleb: I was hoping you'd like it.

Tess: You did this for me? Why?

Caleb: I want to try and do something to make up for what I did to you, something that I thought you'd like.

Caleb: Will you join me, Tess?

Lucy: Oh, whoa, whoa.

Ian: What?

Lucy: Are you -- you're serious?

Ian: Uh-huh.

Lucy: You really feel good?

Ian: I feel normal. I -- there's no hunger, no pain, nothing. 3E35BB16.JPG

Lucy: Nothing? None of the symptoms? Nothing?

Ian: Not now, no. Not for the time being.

Lucy: Well, what -- hey, maybe that big bat Caleb died and that means you'll be free forever, that's why.

Ian: Yeah, well, we don't know. We can't -- we don't know that. We don't know what happened or how long it's going to last.

Lucy: Right. I don't care. I'm just glad, but it's got to mean something really good, doesn't it?

Ian: I think it's you.

Lucy: Me? No, no. Why? What, because I'm a slayer or -- you know what I think? I think it's you.

Ian: No.

Lucy: I do. No, because you put up such a brave, wonderful fight against all of this, so it's got to be you. 3E35BB3B.JPG

Ian: No --

Lucy: Yes.

Ian: It's you because it feels so good to be with you.

Lucy: Oh, Ian.

Ian: I don't want to think about the symptoms. I -- I just want to think about you. That's all.

Elizabeth: You must think I'm some kind of a monster. I am a monster. I killed him! I've been lying to you, Alison. I didn't want you to know that I'm --

Alison: I already know. I know you're a vampire. I've known for a while.

Elizabeth: How did you know?

Alison: Because of all the -- the strange way you've been acting, and that water -- you were disguising --

Elizabeth: I didn't want you to find out. I thought you were going to hate me. All I've ever wanted is just to be a mother. And now you're just going to be disgusted with me. You're going to be afraid of me. 3E35BB7D.JPG

Alison: No, I'm not. No, I'm not -- I'm not afraid of you. I want to help you.

Elizabeth: You can't help me, Alison don't you get it? You can't help me! If anything, you've got to get out of here. You just -- just go, ok? Get out!

Alison: No, no, no, I won't leave you. I promise.

Elizabeth: You have to get out of here, Alison. You've got to forget about me, ok? You've got to. If you don't, you're going to get hurt!

Alison: You won't hurt me, I promise you --

Elizabeth: I'm not your mother anymore! I killed someone! I killed him! 3E35BB9B.JPG

Alison: Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen -- I want you to listen to me. You did not kill this man. You did not kill him. You saved me.

Elizabeth: I was just so scared. I thought he was going to kill you.

Alison: I know, I know. It's ok.

Elizabeth: I was just so scared.

Alison: I know, it's ok. Really. Ok, I was scared, too.

Elizabeth: Listen, Alison, I am still scared. It is not safe for you to be here because once Stephen finds out --

Alison: He's not going to find out.

Elizabeth: He will! 3E35BBB9.JPG

Alison: No, he won't!

Elizabeth: He has a way. He always knows.

Alison: Listen to me. We will find a way to deal with this together, you and me. I will not let you do this alone.

Caleb: I want to thank you for giving me a chance to tell you I'm sorry while you're awake.

Tess: I think I heard you even when my eyes were closed. And I do believe you are sorry.

Caleb: I shouldn't have tried so hard to reach Olivia. I don't want anything else to happen to you, Tess.

Tess: I know you don't. And you don't want anything to happen to Livvie, either.

Caleb: No, I don't.

Tess: You love her, Stephen, and she loved you. But you hurt each other with your love, and that's why I can't let her come out. That's why I have to keep her safe inside me, and that's why you have to let her go. 3E35BC00.JPG

Caleb: This is the place I wanted to share with you. I thought maybe when you see it, maybe you wouldn't think I'm so bad.

Tess: I don't think you're bad, Stephen. You just have to learn a better way to love.

Caleb: Beautiful, isn't it?

Tess: Yeah. All the lights in the city look like twinkling stars.

Caleb: And then there's all the stars above shining down.

Tess: It feels like everything's connected from up here, like everything's part of a whole.

Caleb: You see, those are the lights in the park.

Tess: And that's -- I see the boats on the river. I think -- I think my house is right down there. This is so beautiful. 3E35BCD5.JPG

Tess: Did you see that?

Caleb: What?

Tess: A star just fell out of the sky.

Caleb: You know what you get to do when you see a shooting star, right?

Tess: No.

Caleb: You get to make a wish. Go ahead, make a wish.

Caleb: I bet I know what you wished for.

Tess: What?

Caleb: For everyone to be happy.

Tess: I think everyone could be happy if they could see all the beauty the world has to offer. I mean, look at -- look at the moonlight on the water. It's so still and peaceful. Now the -- the lights going out in the houses. Looks like they're dancing. You must think I'm silly. 3E35BD16.JPG

Caleb: Why would I think that?

Tess: Because I'm still so surprised about so many things, things that everyone is used to.

Caleb: No. Actually, I -- I think it's kind of sweet how you look at the world with such wonderment.

Tess: Do you wish you could?

Caleb: Oh, I think it's a little late for me, Tess.

Tess: Doesn't have to be.

Caleb: Well, maybe you could help me -- help me see the world through your eyes.

Tess: That would be nice.

Tess: Thank you for this.

Caleb: It's been my pleasure. The stars do seem a little brighter already.

Tess: That's good.

Caleb: Oh -- would you -- would you like to go for a walk or something? 3E35BD69.JPG

Tess: Oh, no. I have to get home to Jack. Are you coming?

Caleb: No. You go ahead.

Tess: Thank you again.

Caleb: It's Olivia that you want. Not Tess. Olivia.

Ian: Hi.

Lucy: Hi. You have a lot of energy, you know?

Ian: I feel amazing. You feel amazing.

Lucy: You are amazing. You, you -- I -- I need to say something to you, ok?

Ian: Ok.

Lucy: You know how you said that you've been wanting me for a very long time?

Ian: Uh-huh.

Lucy: Um -- I -- I have been waiting you for a very, very long time, too. And now that we've, you know, done what we've done -- 3E35BDA6.JPG

Ian: Yeah.

Lucy: I mean, it's just so amazing, and I'm so happy because I hated seeing you in all that pain.

Ian: Well, I'm not in pain now. Not now. No, not at all.

Lucy: Really, are you sure? No -- no symptoms?

Ian: No no. And can I say something?

Lucy: Please.

Ian: I don't know what's more painful, my insides tearing out like that or not being able to be with you.

Lucy: I am so very, very glad.

Ian: Uh-huh.

Lucy: But you know what I think we need to do? We have to think about this. There is some reason this has happened and you say maybe it's me, but -- or us together. I don't know. I think we need to investigate this, at least figure out why it's happening. 3E35BDDD.JPG

Ian: Did you say something?

Lucy: Maybe we should investigate all that later. What do you want to do?

Ian: Um -- why don't we take a shower? Yeah?

Lucy: I'll meet you in there.

Ian: Ok.

Lucy: Ok. I'll be right there.

Lucy: Who could that be?

Lucy: Coming.

Caleb: You were just this part of Olivia I had to get rid of. I never gave you a second thought, Tess. Amazing. All right, focus. Focus. Don't forget about what's going on the other half of the world.

Elizabeth: Can we hide him? There's no way.

Alison: We need to get rid of this body. Listen to me --

3E35BE27.JPGElizabeth: He's going to question me! He's going to want to know!

Alison: Shh! You cannot go back to Port Charles, and you cannot talk to Stephen anymore.

Elizabeth: I can't hide from him. He's going to find me.

Alison: Ok, fine. Fine, fine, fine, fine.

Elizabeth: I'm going to have to face him, ok?

Alison: Ok. Yeah, you're right. You will. But you have to be very, very, very careful, and you have to pretend like you don't know where Joshua is. Can you do that?

Elizabeth: Of course I can.

Alison: Can you? You need to go back to Stephen and break all ties with him and tell him you want out of this marriage and stay away from him for good. 3E35BE4D.JPG

Elizabeth: Yeah. I'll tell him that I want out. Lord knows he's given me enough reasons to leave him.

Alison: Hey, we -- listen to me. We -- I'm sorry, we really will get through this, ok? But first, we need to get rid of that body.

[Phone rings]

Elizabeth: Oh, my God, it's his cell phone.

Alison: Hey, just wait.

Alison: It's him.

Elizabeth: Oh, God.

Alison: We're just going to let it ring, ok? We're not going to answer it.

Elizabeth: He's going to find out eventually.

Alison: We need to get rid of the body. We're going to make it look like Joshua just vanished.

[Ring] 3E35BE7C.JPG

Alison: Now, come on, we can do this.

Caleb: It's not like you to avoid my calls, Joshua. What could be more important than me?

Kevin: Well, thank god you're all right, Lucy. Gail told me that you came up here, and then when she couldn't get ahold of you, she asked me to --

Lucy: Right -- sorry. I apologize. I -- I had no idea I was worrying everybody. I'm sorry I had everybody concerned. I came up and my car won't start, and I don't know if this phone's been hooked up. My cell phone doesn't work up here, so --

Kevin: Well, then I'm glad I came up to check. We didn't know you were stranded. 3E35BF4D.JPG

Lucy: I -- I was just going to take a shower. The water's running up there.

Kevin: Go ahead, I can wait.

Lucy: Uh -- you know, actually, I was planning on just hiking out in the morning -- you know, leaving then, if that's ok.

Kevin: You know, Lucy, I know things aren't exactly perfect between us right now, but Gail and Lee and the girls would all feel a lot better if you came home tonight. So would I.

Lucy: Well -- Doc, I -- you know, I --

Kevin: I'm not trying to pull anything. I feel bad enough about how things have been lately. But let's not let us get in the way of the kids.

Lucy: Ok. I'll -- I'll go down with you. Let me just get my boots on and turn the water off -- 3E35BF7D.JPG

Kevin: Sure, of course.

Lucy: And maybe you could get some other groceries -- I don't want them to go to waste -- take them back to the car?

Kevin: Yeah, ok.

Lucy: Ok. Great, thanks. I'll get everything and be right out.

Lucy: I'll be right there.

Kevin: Ok.

Ian: Hey, the water's getting cold. What -- what are you doing? You're dressed. What's going on? I was going to carry you in there.

Lucy: Kevin's here. I -- I need to -- I need to go with him, I guess. What are you doing?

Ian: I'm going to deal with this --

Lucy: Ian -- 3E35BFA7.JPG

Ian: Once and for all. Kevin?

Jack: Tess.

Tess: I love you, Jack.

Alison: So if we take the car out here and pull it around right here, we won't really have to move him that far.

Elizabeth: Ok, that's good. We're just going to have to find something to move him in, though.

Alison: I know, but it's still really early, so I don't think that we should move him until later. There's a chance that somebody might see him.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but we just can't leave him laying on the floor like this.

Alison: Well, for right now, we at least need to get him out of sight.

Elizabeth: Ok, let's -- let's move him in the bathroom. 3E35BFEC.JPG

Alison: No, no, not the bathroom. The armoire.

Alison: All right.

Caleb: Elizabeth, open up. It's me.

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