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3E1F50BC.JPGLucy: So they all cracked?

Ian: Yep, they all cracked in the cold.

Lucy: Ok. You can get more, right?

Ian: Sure. I'll just go to the vampire store and pick some .

Lucy: Hey, it's going to be ok. I'll just drive you back down. We'll go back down and get some more. I'm just -- I'm going to clean this up. You don't want this sitting like this.

Ian: I'll get the car started.

Lucy: Ok. 3E31C5BA.JPG

[Lucy sighs]

Lucy: Great. This is -- this is great. Just perfect. Just what he needs. The one thing that keeps him completely able to function, and we don't have any more of it. Don't panic. Stay very calm. Everything's going to be fine. Ok. What? What is it?

Ian: The car won't start.

Lucy: What do you mean, it won't start?

Ian: Battery's dead.

Lucy: All right. Ok. That's ok. When I need help, I call for help, so I'm going to call for help. Don't worry. Hello? Hello? 3E31C5E3.JPG

Ian: What's wrong?

Lucy: Nothing. This phone just happens to be dead, but I have my cell pho..

Ian: Ah --

Lucy: It's ok, I have my cell phone. It'll be just fine. It's out of range. There's no signal.

Captain: What do you want?

Rafe: Well, it's simple. I want you to tell me everything you know about Joshua Temple, Stephen Clay, and Malcolm Barrington.

Captain: I don't know anything.

Rafe: Well, maybe if I call the polizia, that would jog your memory. They'd be very interested to know how you had me tied up in chains and then were going to shoot me.

Captain: Oh! 3E31C60F.JPG

[Speaking Italian]

Captain: What are you?

Rafe: I'm your worst nightmare, buddy. Now, we can do this the hard way, or we can do it the easy way. But either way, you're going to fill in the blanks.

Joshua: You two should have keep your pretty little noses out of this.

Alison: Ok, I don't know what you're talking about, but I want to know what you're doing here in my mother's room.

Joshua: Uh-uh-uh. That big wide-eyed thing might work wonders with your slayer, but you know what? It leaves me stone cold.

Alison: Mother? Mother! Mother!

Tess: I'm fine. I can walk all by myself, really. 3E31C637.JPG

Jack: No. They wouldn't let you walk out of the hospital, and you're not walking here.

Tess: That's because they say it was hospital policy.

Jack: Well, this is my policy. Besides, I like to carry you. It kind of makes up for not carrying you over the threshold on our wedding night. So, would you like me to cook you some dinner? Give you a massage?

Tess: I have a secret.

Jack: Oh.

Tess: I like it when you carry me, too. It makes me feel close to you.

Jack: Hey. You ok? 3E31C695.JPG

Tess: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Is there anything else you need?

Tess: Well, I would like it if you didn't worry about me so much. I don't think the hospital would have let me go if they didn't know I was ok.

Jack: I'm busted. It's just that I guess I realized how close I came to losing you.

Tess: You can't lose me because I haven't been lost since the day you found me.

Jack: Yeah, but --

Tess: Hey --

Jack: Caleb.

Tess: No. Listen, I told you, Caleb won't hurt me again.

Jack: After what he --

Tess: No. That was then, Jack, this is now. And you have to believe me when I tell you he is not going to hurt me. 3E31C6D1.JPG

Jack: Tess, I love you. I do believe you. When it comes to Caleb, I know him. I know how he operates, especially when he wants something.

Tess: Jack, remember when we were in the cave and when I got scared, you would tell me my favorite love story and I would feel better?

Jack: Do you want me to tell you a story?

Tess: No, it's my turn. I want to tell you my favorite love story.

Lucy: You're absolutely sure a bottle didn't just fall out in the trunk or anything?

Ian: I checked.

Lucy: Ok. So, what are we going to do?

Ian: We're not going to do anything. I'm going to hike down the mountain and get some help. 3E31C703.JPG

Lucy: No. No, you're not.

Ian: Why not? What are you -- I don't have a choice.

Lucy: You always have a choice. Besides, you can't just leave me up here alone without any help. I mean, without you, I -- I don't want to be without you.

Ian: Oh, it's hardly roughing it. You've got almost a full box of chocolates. I think you're going to be fine.

Lucy: No, I wouldn't be fine. See? That just goes to show you how much you don't know about me yet.

Ian: What do you suggest we do?

Lucy: I suggest we just spend the night here. 3E31C71A.JPG

Ian: No, we're not.

Lucy: Yeah, it's ok. I'll get you through tonight.

Ian: No, we're not. I'm afraid -- I'm --

Lucy: I know you're afraid, but it's ok. I -- I am fine with it. You can't bite me, and I know you won't hurt me. And we'll wait till the sun comes up, and then we can see where we're going, it'll be warmer, and then we'll just hike down the mountain together.

Ian: Hiking down together? I'm glad you brought your hiking boots. That'll be fun.

Lucy: You know, you would be surprised what I can do in these boots. Come on, we can do this.

Ian: You're a wonder, Lucy.

Lucy: All right. It's a good idea. See? You're just uncomfortable because you hate it that I keep having these good ideas, right? Hey, it's going to be ok. 3E31C741.JPG

Ian: I don't know if I can get through this.

Lucy: I'm going to get you through this. I swear to you I will.

Lucy: I -- well, you know, I don't cook. I make a mean sandwich, though.

Ian: Tuna sandwich? I don't think it's going to do it.

Lucy: Yeah, hey, it -- look, dolphin-free. It's --

Ian: Oh. Good.

Lucy: I know you're not thinking about anything like that. I was just trying to do something to help with the hunger.

Ian: What I'm hungry for doesn't come in a can.

Lucy: There has to be something we can do. I bet you have some cards around here. We can play poker. I'm kind of good at -- Scrabble! Look at this. You have Scrabble. I love this game. It's the one game I'm pretty good at. 3E31C7E4.JPG

Ian: Maybe I should put my hand in the fire. It's going to make me forget that my insides are feeling like I'm -- like I'm being torn to shreds.

Lucy: Tell me something I can do, anything. Just -- I want to do something.

Ian: I've got to say something while I still can.

Lucy: No. You don't have to say anything to --

Ian: No, I do have to, I do. When Eve died, I thought that was it. I didn't think I could love again. I didn't think there could be a woman could make me feel that way. And -- you got to promise me something.

Lucy: Ok, I -- I promise you anything. 3E31C812.JPG

Ian: Whatever happens tonight, whatever I say and do or think to do, please remember I'm the man who only wants the best for you. Oh. But if things get too bad, you got to promise that you'll run and not turn back. And I promise that -- that I will remember you as the woman that allowed me to love again. That's --

Lucy: No. Listen to me. Don't do that. Don't pull away from me. Let me love again.

Alison: Mother? Wake up. What did you do to her?

Joshua: She drinks too much.

Alison: No. First my father, and now my mother. I know you did something to her. What did you give her? 3E31C867.JPG

Joshua: Uh-uh-uh. Now, you are skating on thin ice, you and your slayer. Small-time version of Nick and Nora Charles. And now you're making such wild accusations.

Alison: These are not wild accusations at all. You and Caleb killed my father, and we'll prove it.

Joshua: You would have been much happier if you'd stayed home. And much more alive, might I add.

Alison: I'm not afraid of you, Joshua. You're a nobody. You're a nothing. You couldn't even blow your own nose if Stephen weren't to give you the tissue.

Joshua: How disappointing. I was so looking forward to having you as my friend. And now it's all got to end this way.


Rafe: Now, listen to me, Dante. Now that you've seen what I'm capable of, you need to start talking. So tell me how you met Malcolm Barrington. And was it Stephen or Joshua who came to you about arranging his murder?

Dante: I can't.

Rafe: See, now, that's the last thing I want to hear.

Dante: I'm afraid.

Rafe: Did they say -- they said they'd kill you?

Dante: My family.

Rafe: Well, you know, there are options.

Dante: What options?

Rafe: Well, just listen to me for a second. You can tell me what I need to know, and then you can take your family and just go far away and never break the law again. 3E31C8B5.JPG

Dante: No. What if --

Rafe: Your cohorts will never know where you and your family are, and they'll never know where I got the information. I will do my best to ensure that. Or, you know, you can continue on the path you're on, and we all know where that leads, right, Dante? So, come on, what do you say?

Tess: Once upon a time in an enchanted forest far away, there lived a girl. And she was terribly lonely and she didn't even know it.

Jack: Ok, hold on one second. How did she not know it?

Tess: Because she knew almost nothing about anything. Until one day a prince came along.

Jack: Oh, wow. A real prince, huh? 3E31C8EB.JPG

Tess: Mm-hmm. A real -- a real prince. And this smart and beautiful and amazing man fell right into the heart of her world, and he brought all these gifts with him.

Jack: What kind of gifts?

Tess: Well, he brought her words and friendship and the stars at night. And you know what else he brought her? He brought her promises made of kisses.

Jack: What else?

Tess: Oh, let's see. He brought her smiles and chocolate ice cream --

Jack: Ooh.

Tess: Which soon became her favorite. And he taught her high-fives and Thanksgiving and leaves that turned yellow and gold. But there was a problem because she didn't have anything to give him except for her love. 3E31C933.JPG

Jack: And she definitely gave that to him.

Tess: She gave him huge buckets of love because he was the kindest, sweetest prince in the whole entire world, who believed in his heart and went after what was right.

Jack: Well, that seems too good to be true.

Tess: It is -- it's true. It's so true that she even married him.

Jack: Then what happened?

Tess: They lived happily ever after. I mean, isn't that how stories are supposed to end?

Jack: I hope that's true.

Tess: Then that's how it will be.

Caleb: Sweet Tess, this is all for you.

Ian: Think about this. 3E31CA59.JPG

Lucy: I don't need to think about this. What if you're right? What if all we'll ever have is right now, tonight? I don't want to live with that regret.

Ian: So beautiful.

Singer: We should be right here, get through all this fear one of these days, 'cause when it comes around, we should be right here, one of these days, this could be heaven, this could be heaven

Singer: Living for the part, giving from the heart, now and forever, but if we let it wait too long, what we have is gone, memory only, this could be heaven. Maybe we can start a life today, this could be heaven, love instead of throwing it all away, this could be heaven, whoever thought we would get this far? Trying for all these years, the thought that we would fade away was more than I could bear, I would do anything if you would stay, if you'd stay.

3E31CAFD.JPGRafe: So this is it.

Dante: Yeah.

Rafe: Then go. Take your wife and bambinos -- take them someplace far away from here, all right?

Dante: I will.

Rafe: Ok.

Dante: What about you?

Rafe: Me? I'm about to get the proof I need so I can finally be with the woman I love. That's all I really wanted. I'll never forget your help.


Dante: Buona fortuna.

Rafe: Hey, Dante. Keep them safe, ok? And every day tell them you love them. Because, really, at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

Joshua: Of course, there is one way you can still get out of this. 3E31CB35.JPG

Alison: I would rather be dead.

Joshua: Oh, you have that to look forward to. You know, I've turned prettier heads than yours.

Alison: Don't think for a second, Joshua, that you're going to get away with this.

Joshua: No. But I'll have my way with you, and then I'll kill you. Wham, bam, p.s., she's dead. And your slayer isn't even here to save you.

Alison: No, but he did give me a message that he wanted me to give to you.

Joshua: Ah!

[Alison screams]

Alison: No! Get away from me!

[Elizabeth hisses]

[Joshua screams]

3E31CB6D.JPGCaleb: Hello, Tess. I'm glad you came.

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Alison: All right.

Singer: Surrender

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