Port Charles Transcript Friday 1/10/03

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3E1F50BC.JPGLucy: Where have you been?

Kevin: Been out all night looking for Livvie.

Lucy: Any luck?

Kevin: Not a trace. Where are the girls?

Lucy: You just missed them. They went over to Gail's for a visit. She came and picked them up.

Kevin: I wouldn't have been much company, anyway.

Lucy: I'm sorry. I really wish there was something I could do.

Kevin: I think my daughter's dead, Lucy. What can anyone do?

Lucy: I think anyone might have called the police, gotten the professionals involved looking for her. But you didn't do that, because I think deep down you believe what Jack said -- that maybe she just took off. So instead -- 3E1F50E9.JPG

Kevin: I know what I did, Lucy.

Lucy: I don't think you do. I don't think you really realize what you did. Doc, you took Tess and you threw her in the river. You almost killed her.

Kevin: That was an accident and I believed that she killed my daughter! I was sick with grief! I didn't know what I was doing.

Lucy: Maybe that's it, see? That's -- that's the problem. You are not handling things very well right now.

Kevin: Meaning what?

Lucy: I think that maybe it's too soon. Maybe you shouldn't be here right now. Maybe you shouldn't have come back right now.

Kevin: A few hours sleep and I'll be as good as new. 3E1F5115.JPG

Lucy: No. No, not this time. No more excuses. I can't -- I -- I want you to go back to the hospital and get help and if you don't, then I'm leaving you.

Elizabeth: Oh. I'm sorry.

Ian: It's ok.

Elizabeth: No, I'm sorry. No, it's not. Nothing's ok. God, I never should have dragged you into this. I'm sorry. I was just so angry at Stephen for just taking off and leaving me. I just -- any woman would have felt like that.

Ian: You're not just any woman.

Elizabeth: I know. Not anymore. But these urges, these desires, they just get overwhelming and I -- Ian, that's why you've got to drink this water. It's the only thing that'll curb the necessity to feed. 3E1F5148.JPG

Ian: I can't do that. I near l lost a patient today. I can't focus on this stuff. I can't be a doctor, I can't be a father to my son. I can't do anything.

Elizabeth: I know, but the water is the only way to hide what you've become.

Ian: I don't want to hide! That's my point -- I want my life back.

Elizabeth: I want mine back, too. Don't you wish I could just wake up and see that this was all a bad dream? But, Ian, we can't. We can't get them back. Stephen took mine and I took yours, and we are what we are now. You're just going to have to accept that.

Ian: No! Never. 3E1F516B.JPG

Jack: In a few hours, I am going to be a married man.

[Woman screams]

Jack: My God.

Tess: Where's Jack?

Caleb: He's not here. But I'll be happy to keep you company till he gets back.

Tess: You shouldn't be here, Stephen.

Caleb: Oh. You don't like it? I did it for you.

Tess: Jack and I -- we're -- we're getting married.

Caleb: You and Jack? How sweet.

Tess: I love him.

Caleb: I'm sure you do. Olivia loves me, and I miss her.

Tess: I think you should go now.

Caleb: I'm sorry to ruin the party, Tess, but I'm staying. 3E1F51A7.JPG

Caleb: There will be no wedding tonight.

Kevin: Oh, I see, one strike and I'm out. Is that it?

Lucy: No. It's not one strike. It's over and over again. I've given you every chance. You know that. You --

Kevin: It's called a mistake, Lucy.

Lucy: There's been so many mistakes, but this one in particular is pretty big, don't you think? You almost killed somebody. And I don't -- I don't see any guilt, I don't see any remorse. I don't see anything anymore that resembles the man that I fell in love with.

Kevin: Oh oh oh, I see, you still miss your warm-and-fuzzy Doc. 3E1F51EF.JPG

Lucy: Yeah. I do so much. But he hasn't been here for such a long time. I don't -- I don't know who is here. Who are you? Who?

Kevin: A man who loves his wife, a man who's concerned about his missing daughter, and a man who occasionally makes an error in judgment but doesn't expect to be crucified for it every time he does. I've always been your rock, Lucy, the voice of reason. God forbid I fall short. God forbid I let my emotions get the better of me. What do you want me to say, that it'll never happen again?

Lucy: No. I wouldn't ask you that because you can't tell me that. It will happen again. So that's why I have to leave. I don't -- I don't want to go, Doc, but this is the only thing I can figure out to do. So let me -- I'm going to call the doctor. I'm going to tell him we're going to meet him at the hospital. 3E1F5224.JPG

Kevin: Well, you haven't heard one word I've said, have you?

Lucy: Please give me the phone back.

Kevin: Just tell me one thing, Lucy -- when did you become such an unfeeling, spiteful bitch?

Reese: Help! Help, somebody!

Jack: Hey, hey. Hey, hold on. Are you ok?

Reese: Please, please!

Jack: Hold on.

Reese: It hurts!

Jack: Ugh!

Tess: You can't stop me from getting married.

Caleb: No?

Tess: Jack's the man I love and we want to be together.

Caleb: Hmm. Jack's a good boy. Nice. But you know the only reason why he wants to marry you is to keep you away from me, right? What do you want, Tess? Ah, let me guess. You want the simple life. No surprises, no excitement. Just spend 40, 50 years together and grow old, then nothing. 3E1F526F.JPG

Tess: No, Stephen. It's everything. That's living.

Caleb: What about Olivia? Does she have any say in this since she's inside you?

Tess: She'll be happy, too.

Caleb: Well, I don't think so. Olivia won't be satisfied with some boring little life. I can almost hear her laughing right now.

Tess: Well, at least she's safe.

Caleb: Inside you, she might as well be dead. Olivia needs passion. She wants what I can give her -- eternal life. I -- I hate to say it, but you and Jack aren't enough for her.

Tess: Just stop it.

Caleb: It may take some time, but face it, Tess, you won't be able to control Olivia forever. 3E1F52A2.JPG

Tess: I will.

Caleb: Sooner or later, she'll be screaming to get out. And when that happens, I'll be there. I'll always be there.

Lucy: What did you just call me?

Kevin: You heard me. Interesting, though. Seems to be the only thing you did hear.

Lucy: I need to get out of here. You -- you can't do this, Doc. You know, you can't hold me prisoner. You're just out of control now.

Kevin: I'd just like to know where you plan to go.

Lucy: I don't know. I don't know. I'll figure it out. I -- I do know that if you want the girls and me to be your family and to love you, we can do that if you get help. I can't keep doing this, though. I can't keep coming home, wondering who I'm coming home to. I can't trust you anymore. I don't know you anymore. I can't live like this anymore! 3E1F535E.JPG

Kevin: So what you're saying is it's the funny farm or nothing, right?

Lucy: I'm so sorry.

Kevin: Well, don't be. And don't cry, Lucy. He'll be thrilled, after all.

Lucy: What?

Kevin: Ian Thornhart. We both know that's what this is really about.

Lucy: No, it is not.

Kevin: Of course it is, Lucy. Isn't that why your bags are already packed? What, is he out in his car, waiting for you so he can whisk you away?

Lucy: No! I have a little news flash for you, Doc. Do you know what you're doing? You're not driving me into his arms or anybody else's arms! You are just driving me away. 3E1F5388.JPG

Kevin: Did you two work out a signal, like flash the porch light if I start acting crazy?

Lucy: Oh --

Kevin: You know, that way he can run in and save you. You know how he loves to be the hero.

Lucy: Ok. Ok. You blame me all you want to. You blame Ian if want to, if that helps you. But it won't help you. You need to go to the hospital and get help. Please, Doc, for your sake do that, please.

[Door opens and slams]

Kevin: Well, give Ian my regards, since it's for my sake! She'll be back. She always comes back.

Ian: I'm going to fight this. The same way you should fight it for yourself, for Alison. 3E1F53D1.JPG

Elizabeth: I can't help you, Ian.

Ian: You can't or you won't?

Elizabeth: When I'm with you, you make sense. But then Stephen touches me, he just touches me or kisses me and all reason just goes out the window. I only feel alive when I'm with him. He loves me.

Ian: He loves you? Listen to yourself. This isn't love. This isn't even real.

Elizabeth: Well, whatever the hell it is, I want it, ok? I -- I want him. I have certain appetites now. And, Ian, you know what that hunger is. You understand.

Ian: No, what I understand is that you don't want to fight this and -- ugh! 3E1F53FC.JPG

Elizabeth: Oh God. God, just drink this. You don't have to suffer like that.

Ian: God, it's so hot in here. I can't breathe. Open a window or something.

Elizabeth: I can take away your pain. Ok? Is that better?

Ian: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Listen to me -- I can make you forget all your worries. I can ease that hunger. I can give you exactly what you want. Ok?

Jack: Slide your foot back.

Reese: Oh!

Jack: All right, stay still, stay still. All right, there. All right. Miss, you ok? 3E1F543E.JPG

Reese: I'm not sure. I feel a bit dizzy and, God, my leg really, really hurts.

Jack: It's a good thing I was walking by.

Reese: Yeah. Lucky, wasn't it?

Caleb: You know, I just thought of something.

Tess: What?

Caleb: If you let Olivia come out and see me, I could make two of you again. That way you and Jack could have your happy little life and I could have mine.

Tess: No.

Caleb: Oh, it seems fair to me.

Tess: Stay away from me.

Caleb: Is that what you really want? For me to stay away from you, Olivia?

Tess: I'm Tess. 3E1F546F.JPG

Caleb: I'm not talking to you. Do you remember the hunger we shared, Olivia?

Tess: I don't have to listen to you. Livvie doesn't have to listen to you.

Caleb: Olivia's never forgotten my touch, my kiss. She craves me the way I crave her, we're bound together for eternity.

Tess: Will you please go away?

Caleb: Not until you let me play a song that I wrote just for you.

[Caleb plays guitar]

Tess: Where -- where's Jack? I want Jack.

Caleb: You know what this song's called?

Tess: What?

Caleb: It's called "Surrender."

3E1F5567.JPGKevin: I should apologize to Lucy. Or at least feel terrible for what I've done. But strangely enough, I don't. Ah. Guilt. It's so -- boring. Oh, and so were you, Doc. So here's to you, Lucy, and here's to us. And here's to you, Ian.

Ian: I can't do this. I won't do it. Stay away from me.

Elizabeth: Listen, at first, I fought it, too, but you'll feel so much better.

Ian: I won't do this. I can't do it.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, nobody will know, ok? Listen, listen, it'll be our secret, something we do in the dark. 3E1F55BB.JPG

Ian: I'll know.

Elizabeth: But it's so good, so satisfying. Ian, I know you want it. I know.

Ian: I won't let you turn me into an animal.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no. Just a tiny bite, ok? Just a tiny bite. Just take it. Take me.

Ian: I'm leaving.

Elizabeth: No, I can taste your desire. I can taste it. It's so sweet. It's so sweet. Don't you just get tired of fighting the good fight? Don't you just get tired of being so noble? Just don't you long to give in to the craving?

Lucy: Rafe? Rafe, hey, it's me. Rafe?

Lucy: Ian? What in the world -- oh, my God. Ian, no. No.

3E1F5625.JPGReese: I can't move my leg. I don't think it's broken, though. So much for a nice healthy evening jog.

Jack: Right, right, right. Look, I left my cell phone at my place, but wait here. I'm going to run and get some help.

Reese: Oh, no, no, please, could you just stay just for a little bit, just -- just till I feel a bit better, please?

Jack: Ok, ok. Just for a few minutes.

Reese: That's all the time I'll need.

Caleb: Don't be afraid. It's just a song. It won't bite you.

Tess: You're trying to get to Livvie through your music. But I won't let you.

Caleb: We both love her, don't we? 3E1F564C.JPG

Tess: But your love is bad for her, Stephen.

Caleb: Why don't you let Olivia decide? Listen to the words, the vow I made when I made you mine. Listen to your heart, the love you have inside you. The love I have for you and only you.

Caleb: That's it. Now I feel you close, Olivia. This song -- all my songs -- are for you.

On the next "Port Charles: Surrender" --

Lucy: We are getting out of here. Come on.

Tess: Maybe you made me for another reason. 3E1F572E.JPG

Caleb: Why?

Tess: To help you.

Elizabeth: I still have what you need, Ian. You can't fight this hunger.

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