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Ian: Give me that.

Elizabeth: I know that feeling, that hunger that just burns inside of you, that tears you to pieces so that you can't feel anything else. I've been there.

Ian: You like to see me suffer, is that it? That's how you get your kicks?

Elizabeth: This will take the pain away, and it's yours on one condition -- 3E1CADC2.JPG

Ian: Name it.

Elizabeth: You have to promise me not to come back here again. You just can't be showing up here being a reminder of our little indiscretion.

Ian: Give me the bottle!

Elizabeth: You're in no position to make demands. Now, make that promise or get out.

Ian: Give me the bottle, or I can't promise what your bloodsucking husband's going to find when he comes here tonight!

Joshua: Please don't do that. I'm nervous enough. Why can't you just use the door?

Caleb: How could you let that slayer in here? How could you let him rough up the crew?

Joshua: He was not exactly invited. I take it you ran into Rafe. 3E1CADF5.JPG

Caleb: I found him. Let's just say it has not been a great night.

Joshua: I'm listening.

Caleb: I went to the villa with Tess.

Joshua: Tess? How could --

Caleb: You sound surprised.

Joshua: No, it's not -- I'm not -- I'm not surprised. I thought Olivia was the one that you wanted.

Caleb: Something unforeseen has happened to Olivia. Somehow she's locked inside Tess, and I couldn't get her back.

Joshua: Good.

Caleb: No. I am in no mood for one of your lectures about how I should live my life. I will get her back.

Joshua: Fine. Take this. Save Olivia the trouble -- slit your own throat.

3E1CAE37.JPG Jack: Tess. Oh, my God, I was going out of my mind.

Tess: Just hold me, Jack, tight.

Jack: I thought you were gone.

Tess: I was, but I'm back now. See?

Kevin: I don't understand. How?

Jack: It's real easy. You obviously didn't kill her, not that you didn't try .

3E1CAE5B.JPGLucy: Jack, please. That's enough for now, ok? Tess, can you just tell us what happened?

Tess: Doesn't matter now.

Lucy: It does. It matters a lot to me. I need to know. Did you somehow fall in the water and then Kevin just leave you there? 

Kevin: I can --

Tess: You don't have to say anything because I forgive you.

Elizabeth: It's better, isn't it?

Ian: What's in this stuff?

Elizabeth: That's the mystery. Listen, I want you to take these with you, ok? You take these until I can figure out a way to get you some more, all right? But you've got to get out of here before Stephen comes back.

Ian: Oh. You bite me and turn me into this and then just push me out the door so I don't ruin your eveni?? Is that it?

Elizabeth: Listen, we'll -- we'll talk about this some other time, ok? But he's going to be back here any minute. You've got to go. 3E1CAEA6.JPG

Ian: Ah. This is wedding night. He hasn't shown up yet, which is how I got this little present in the first place.

Elizabeth: If you need me to say I'm sorry, believe me, I am. If there was any way that I could undo the fact that I did this to you, I would. But I can't.

Ian: Why are you so nervous? You're jumping out of your skin.

Elizabeth: Listen to me, Ian, please. You've got to leave now.

Ian: You got to explain something to me. You say you have this sweet deal with endless love and all that. Why are you frightened?

Elizabeth: God. Ok, I'm trying to protect you, all right?

Ian: From what? 3E1CAEC9.JPG

Elizabeth: From him! If Stephen finds out that I turned you into a vampire, he's going to kill us both.

Caleb: I don't want to hear another word about Olivia -- not a whisper.

Joshua: Fine. What do you want us to do, pack up the circus? You want to put the Stephen Clay Experience out of business? You tell me. You're the boss.

Caleb: We don't have to do anything. The band goes on, so does Stephen Clay.

Joshua: How, Caleb? The slayers know your true identity.

Caleb: Who cares? They can't hurt me. And every time they try to tell the world who I really am, they end up looking like idiots.

Joshua: Do you mind telling me what it is that you want? You have everything. You have fame, you have power, you have money. You have a beautiful woman who's willing to crawl through fire for you. 3E1CAF00.JPG

Caleb: Nothing matters except for Olivia. I've finally found my other half, my soul mate.

Joshua: If you had a soul. What if you can't bring Olivia back?

Caleb: Even purity can be corrupted.

Joshua: Even the strongest vampire can be destroyed.

Caleb: Get the band in here.

Joshua: They're licking each other's wounds. They're in no shape to play.

Caleb: I don't care how they feel! Just get them in here.

Caleb: See, Olivia? No one understands our passion. But the memories are seared on my heart, and I can't stop until I get you back.

Kevin: You forgive me? 3E1CAF3F.JPG

Tess: I can see the pain in you. That's why.

Kevin: You killed my daughter and you forgive me? Well, I don't want your forgiveness or I don't want your little doe eyes staring up at me, either. From now on, just stay away from me!

Jack: Don't come near her again.

Kevin: No problem. Next time I'll leave it to the police. How's that?

Lucy: Doc, come on. You don't know what happened. You don't know for sure that Tess had something to do with Livvie's disappearance. You don't know that.

Kevin: I'm just following my instincts, Lucy. Isn't that what you taught me to do?

Tess: He's not really mad at me. He's mad at himself because he feels he let Livvie down.

Kevin: Oh, you're a mind reader now?

Tess: You don't have to be angry anymore. Livvie knows you love her, and she loves you, too.

Kevin: You know nothing about my daughter. You're just a cheap imitation.

Jack: I said that's enough.

Kevin: What good is your forgiveness anyway, when you're still walking and my daughter's dead? As far as I'm concerned, the wrong person died.

Lucy: Doc, come on, you're just upset. You don't mean that.

Kevin: I would trade Tess' life for Livvie's in a heartbeat.

Lucy: Oh, my God.

Jack: Come on. Let's go.

Tess: I'm sorry.

Jack: You stay away from her.

Kevin: What are you staring at?

Lucy: You. I see your face, you look like my husband, you sound like him, you have all his facial expressions and his gestures. You're supposed to be the man that I've loved for so very long. But I don't know you. Who are you?

Kevin: Ok, you think I was insensitive to Tess? Fine. I'll remember that the next time she kills someone I care about!

Lucy: You are not sure that is what happened.

Kevin: Give me another explanation, then.

Lucy: You give me proof that that's what did happen other than your hatred. Do you understand what you did, Doc? You're making one person's life more valuable than the other person. You're making them interchangeable somehow.

Kevin: She isn't even a person! She's not real!

Lucy: She is real, and she's good and she's fine. She's so good she just stood here and tried to comfort you while you were tearing her apart.

Kevin: Don't you get it? I can't look at her face and not see the face of the girl I'll never see again.

Lucy: But, Doc, see what you did for -- for Livvie? You let Tess fall into the water and you -- you didn't even reach out a hand and try and help her back out.

Kevin: That was an accident, Lucy.

Lucy: An accident? Don't you see? You didn't help her. A rational person would've tried to get her out of the water.

Kevin: Oh, ok. It all becomes clear. You think I'm crazy. Amazing how it always comes back to that.

Lucy: No. No, I -- I think -- Doc, come on. Maybe we just rushed your recovery a little too quickly. It's too soon. That's all I'm trying to say.

Kevin: You think I'm off my rocker? I don't care. I just lost my daughter.

Lucy: And I'm sorry, but I think you need to go back to that hospital before you hurt somebody else.

Ian: I'm not afraid of your husband.

Elizabeth: Then you're a fool. He's dangerous.

Ian: So why are you with him?

Elizabeth: It's complicated. He's complicated.

Ian: No, he's not complicated at all. He's a bloodsucking vampire who thrives on people's fear.

Elizabeth: Oh, you know, you don't understand, ok? He -- he's been very good to me. He reached out to me when I was at my lowest. He --

Ian: He took advantage of you. He turned you into whatever the hell you are now and left you to deal with it.

Elizabeth: No, no -- no, it was a gift.

Ian: A what? A gift? Look at you. Look where you are -- you're in this apartment, dark apartment drinking strange water just so you don't go out and hunt people down. That's not a gift. That's a curse. I don't fancy being younger than my own son one day or outliving all the people I care about. That's your gift. You can watch Alison grow into a fine young woman, have children, then she'll die, and then you can watch her children grow up and die and their children grow up and die --

Elizabeth: Ok, just stop it! All right, I know. I know that, I know you're right, but this isn't like some flu that we caught. It's permanent.

Ian: We don't know that. Maybe there's a way out, but I need your help. You're the only one who can get close to Stephen.

Elizabeth: Oh, no, no. I will not betray him. No, he'll kill me. He's already told me that.

Ian: Yeah? Well, I'd rather die than live like this. How about you?

Caleb: You two are a sorry pair.

Reese: Bloody slayer took us by surprise, boss.

Caleb: Well, that's what slayers do, don't they? But good vampires are ready for them.

Cass: Give us a break, man. Dude was taking no prisoners.

Ricky: Whoa. What happened here? You guys didn't party without me, did you?

Cass: Ow.

Reese: Yeah, this is one party you'll be glad you missed.

Cass: Yeah, dude. It got seriously crashed.

Ricky: Well, come on, man, let's crash back. Let's get these guys who did this to you.

Caleb: Shut up, Garza. Give me these.

Joshua: Take it easy, Stephen.

Caleb: No. You know what? If you ask me, I've been too easy on everybody so far. Have you forgotten who we are? We're the Stephen Clay Experience. Let's start acting like it. Now, are we here to play, or what?

Ricky: Let's do it.

Caleb: Ready?

Ricky: Yeah, let's go. One, two, three --

Caleb: Stop! Hey, if we're going to play, let's play! Do it again.

Ricky: One, two, three --

Caleb: Finish what you started, boy and don't leave 'em sleepin' I put out the call,...

Jack: Are you hungry? Do you need anything?

Tess: Just you.

Jack: Yeah. Look, I -- I know this is difficult, but I -- I have to ask you about him, about Caleb. You were with him tonight, weren't you?

Tess: He -- he was the one who pulled me from the water, and then he took me to his beautiful home.

Jack: The villa?

Tess: What did you call it?

Jack: Caleb's villa. I still have nightmares about that place. He -- he didn't hurt you, did he?

Tess: No. He wants Livvie and he's upset that I'm not her. He tried to find her but I wouldn't tell him.

Jack: Well, you're here with me and you're safe. And you're all mine.

Tess: Show me.

Caleb: You're still calling. I'm the dream you keep reliving, time's slipping and it's taking toll. I'm the gift that keeps on giving, feel my fire burning in your soul,... ugh!

Kevin: I'm not going back to that hospital, Lucy.

Lucy: I -- I just think that it would be good for you. It's --

Kevin: If it's so great, you go. I should've expected this.

Lucy: Expected what?

Kevin: All your compassion. Come on, Lucy. You wrote my daughter off a long time ago.

Lucy: No, I didn't. You know that we've had our differences. I mean, Livvie and I don't see eye to eye on everything, but she is your daughter --

Kevin: Oh, just admit it. You're glad she's gone.

Lucy: How can you say that? Where are you going with that? What does that mean?

Kevin: You think I wouldn't notice, Lucy? All the times you came to me and said, "Doc, Livvie's bad news"? I'm surprised you didn't try to ship her off to some institution the way you did with me and the way you're trying to do again right now.

Lucy: That is so not fair. It's not -- Livvie did bad things. She hurt a lot of people. She did some horrible things. But never, ever would I want her dead. And if you don't know that, then you don't even know what kind of person I am at all.

Kevin: If you're going to dismiss my feelings as the ramblings of a crazy man, just go. I'll mourn my daughter in peace, thank you very much.

Lucy: Ok, listen, how about this? How about we do this together? How about we try and figure out what happened to Livvie together? No arguing, no pointing fingers, just try and work it out together? Talk to me, talk to me. Just turn around and let's talk about this. Doc? Ok, fine. Consider me gone.

Tess: I feel safe with you.

Jack: Well, I promise to keep him away from you, whatever it takes.

Tess: It's ok because he can't hurt me, remember?

Jack: Tess, I -- I wish it were that simple. But you look just like the woman he loved, and he's not going to stop coming after you. Not unless I stop him first.

Elizabeth: Well, I want out, too.

Ian: Not enough to take any chances, though.

Elizabeth: No, it's just when I'm away from him, I can think clearly. I know that you're right. But as soon as he's -- he's here with me and he's so good to me, just -- nothing else matters. Ian, I am not strong enough to go up against Stephen.

Ian: So you'd rather spend the rest of eternity like this, hoping no one finds your secret?

Elizabeth: No, I would love to have my life back. It wasn't a bed of roses, but at least it was my life.

Ian: Good. Then take it back. Do it for Alison. Be a mother she can be proud of.

Elizabeth: Ok. You -- you've got to go. I'm sorry. I'll try. No, no, no, no, you've got to go out the back door so nobody can see you.

Ian: I'm not giving up without a fight, and I don't care who goes down with me.

Elizabeth: Oh. Oh, Stephen. Oh, my love. My God, I missed you so much.

Caleb: I'm sorry. I just had some work to do.

Elizabeth: Mmm.

(Caleb sniffs)

Caleb: Something's not right here.

Elizabeth: I'll tell you -- I'll tell you what's not right. It's not right that I am sitting here all by myself on my honeymoon, feeling so incredibly sexy. Oh.

Caleb: Yeah, that's not right. I'll just get a little drink to keep my energy up.

Elizabeth: No, no. No. No. No. Not tonight. Not this time. Stephen, this time you're going to take me. Take me.

Oh. I'll always be here for you, Stephen. Always.

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Elizabeth: I love him so much.

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Ricky: Who appointed you God anyway? Why don't you just back off and leave her alone.

Jack: Will you marry me? Will you be my wife?

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