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  Port Charles Transcript Thursday 1/2/03

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Alison: I'll call you when I get settled. I promise. 3E14C4A0.JPG

Rafe: Look, there's some kind of explanation for this. We just haven't found it yet.

Alison: Where? How? Huh? I mean, all those photos don't lie, Rafe. They're all right there.

Rafe: Please --

Alison: Don't, please. I'm so sorry. I can't do this. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. First, there's just too much. There's too much proof. I mean, first, the photo of your mother, and then the other picture of the locket. Now the old photo of my father and your mother. I mean, honestly, did Caleb do it all?

Rafe: Yes! Yes, he did!

Alison: Ok, how?

Rafe: I don't know! I don't know how yet, but I'm going to find out. We can find out together. You are not my sister. 3E14C4D9.JPG

Alison: I know, I can't be your wife.

Rafe: I love you.

Alison: I know. No, Rafe, until you and I are positive that we are not -- then I just can't -- I can't see you anymore.

Jack: This is great. Livvie's gone, and now Caleb's going to come after Tess. But I'm not going to let that happen if my life depends on it.

Tess: Jack, where are you going? What's --

Jack: Nothing. Nothing's wrong.

Tess: Are you sure?

Jack: Yes, yes. Tess, the most important thing is keeping you safe.

Tess: Is that why you're packing? Are we going somewhere?

Jack: Yeah, maybe. Maybe. Yeah, maybe. 3E14C511.JPG

Tess: But, Jack, these -- these are Livvie's clothes. Why --

Jack: Yeah, Tess, that's the point. We have to make it look like Livvie's gone, Livvie left town.

Tess: But why?

Jack: Tess, if we're not smart about this, they're going to come to you, blaming you for Livvie's disappearance.

Tess: No, but I didn't do anything.

Jack: If they come to you and they ask you why Livvie left or what happened to Livvie, you have to tell them that she left town without saying a word to anybody -- to you, to me, to anybody.

Tess: No, but that's not true. She didn't just leave.

Jack: Tess, I know, I know. I -- I don't know where Livvie is. 3E14C532.JPG

Tess: She's here with me. Together.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Oh, my gosh. All right. Hide this. Ok, stay calm, stay cool. Let me handle this, ok?

Tess: No, but, Jack --

Jack: Tess, don't say a word, all right? Everything's fine. Everything's fine. Oh, Kevin, hey.

Kevin: Hi, Jack. Is Livvie here?

Jack: No.

Kevin: Oh, I heard she was staying with you.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, not anymore, though.

Kevin: Oh. All right. Well, guess I'll keep trying. You wouldn't have any idea where I might find her?

Jack: She isn't here. 3E14C555.JPG

Kevin: That's not what I asked -- Jack, she's right behind you.

Jack: Oh, Dr. Collins, that's -- that's not Livvie. That's --

Kevin: That's not --

Tess: I'm Tess.

Elizabeth: I am telling you the truth.

Caleb: Of course you are, my love. But I need to see it in your eyes. Look at me.

Elizabeth: Don't do that. You're scaring me.

Caleb: Just answer the question. Did you feed on anyone?

Elizabeth: I'm not hiding anything. I swear. I was just upset, Stephen. Why can't you understand that? Why wouldn't I be? You left me here alone on our wedding night. 3E14C590.JPG

Caleb: It couldn't be helped.

Elizabeth: I couldn't help myself. It was just some -- some fantasy that I couldn't control, almost, just because I wanted to get back at you.

Caleb: Is that the truth?

Elizabeth: Why would I lie to you?

Caleb: I don't know. Have I ever told you what a beautiful neck you have, sweetheart? The veins are so full, and your bones are so brittle. I'd hate to think you'd ever lie to me. You'd never lie to your husband, would you, sweetheart?

Alison: This can't be happening.

Alison: This feels so wrong. This feels so wrong. Oh, God, what am I going to do? I can't stay here. I don't know what to do. 3E14C609.JPG

Alison: No, please not your answering machine, mother. Mother, it's Alison. Could you call me as soon as you get this message? I need to talk to you right away, ok? Call me on my cell phone. My whole life is falling apart.

Reese: Cass, you're supposed to be in on four. What is the matter with you?

Cass: The problem is you're either crazy or you're reading your music upside down.

Joshua: Ok, that's enough, you two!

Cass: We both come in on two!

Joshua: Stop it!

Cass: Man --

Reese: But he was wrong, Josh.

Joshua: It doesn't matter. You were both supposed to have known the new song yesterday.

Man: Ah! Somebody stop that guy! 3E14C639.JPG

Joshua: What the hell --

Rafe: Who's next?

Joshua: You fool.

Rafe: How about you, Joshua? You think you got what it takes?

Joshua: Get out of here right now, Mr. Kovich, or else I'll --

Rafe: Or what?

Man: Boss, I'm sorry --

Joshua: Stay back, you idiot.

Rafe: You and your boss have messed with my life for long enough. But you know what? That wasn't your first bad idea.

Joshua: This is a big mistake.

Rafe: It's Caleb's. And this is the first installment in my payback plan.

Joshua: Cass, do your stuff. Take this trash out of here.

Cass: I'm getting tired of seeing this punk in our faces anyway.

Rafe: Oh, yeah? Well, your music gives me a headache. All right. Come on, vampires. Show me what you've got. 3E14C66B.JPG

Elizabeth: I married you because I thought you cared about me, because I thought we could me each other happy. And you love me, Stephen, don't you?

Caleb: I thought so.

Elizabeth: You thought so? What, was -- was I wrong about you? Is this what it's going to be like, like a repeat of my marriage with Malcolm? Because if it is, believe me, I would rather die than just be dismissed.

Caleb: I don't dismiss you!

Elizabeth: Could you imagine for a minute what it's like to be certain with every fiber in your body that you have found the love of your life, just to find them someday gone? They just leave you. They just leave everything. I know what that's like, Stephen, because it is exactly how I have felt for most of my life. And for me just to wake up over there and find you just gone -- 3E14C6B4.JPG

Caleb: I know how it feels better than you think. I'm sorry you feel so alone. Come here.

Caleb: What can I do to make things better?

Elizabeth: What you've -- I don't know what I am, what you've turned me into. I need to know, Stephen. There's things I need to know.

Caleb: What do you want to know? Hmm? Ask me anything.

Elizabeth: What I've become. You have turned me into something that I didn't know even existed, and I find myself hungry all the time and thirsty for everything, things that I don't even understand, things I can barely imagine.

Caleb: Hmm. I know all about the hunger and the desire that you can never satisfy. 3E14C70E.JPG

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Caleb: Yeah. I'm going to be there for you. I'm going to help you through every moment of your new life.

Elizabeth: Oh, promise me, Stephen. Promise me.

Caleb: Look at me. You never have to be alone. No one should ever be unloved.

Kevin: This is amazing. You look almost exactly like her. It's almost like you're not real. But you are.

Tess: She told me about you, too.

Kevin: Tess.

Tess: Just me.

Kevin: Uh -- I -- I'm sorry. I came here to try and find my daughter. Do you have any idea where she might be? 3E14C74A.JPG

Jack: Dr. Collins, we didn't want to be the ones to break the bad news to you, but Livvie's gone.

Kevin: Gone?

Jack: Yeah, I didn't want to say anything until I actually searched for her, but, you know, now that she thinks Caleb's back and it's really freaked her out and she decided to leave town.

Kevin: No, no. That wouldn't happen, Jack.

Jack: Well, I'm sorry, it did.

[Doorbell rings]

Jack: Just hold on. One second.

Officer: Jack Ramsey?

Jack: Yes. How can I help you?

Officer: It seems some Good Samaritan down by the docks found this in the water. It had Livvie Locke's I.D. with this address inside. Have you seen her? 3E14C77A.JPG

Kevin: My God, Livvie.

Jack: Hey, hey, what do you know. Look what the officer found. Hey, you were looking for this, right?

Officer: Of course. Ms. Locke, I didn't see you standing back there. I'm glad to see you're doing all right.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, we're doing just fine. We appreciate you stopping by, officer. Have a good day. Thank you.

Tess: But, Jack --

Kevin: He said they found Livvie's wallet, not Tess'. Now, I'm going to ask you one last time -- where is my daughter?

Jack: Like I said, Dr. Collins, she just took off.

Kevin: If you're going to lie to me, Jack, you better think it through better than that. There is no way that Livvie would leave without telling me and certainly not without her wallet! 3E14C81F.JPG

Jack: Hey, hey, this is Livvie we're talking about here. She does what she wants whenever she wants.

Kevin: All right, what about you?

Kevin: What is this? Jack, what is going on? That's her suitcase, and that's her shirt!

Jack: Ok, so what? Maybe she left the suitcase behind. She got in a hurry. I --

Kevin: You put that all together just by yourself?

Jack: You know, I think you should leave now.

Kevin: Tess, you know something, don't you? You know something! Now, where is my daughter?

Jack: Take your hands off of her!

Tess: Don't hurt him. 3E14C840.JPG

Jack: If you touch her again, I won't ask you to leave, I'll throw you out of here.

Tess: Please don't hurt him.

Jack: I don't want to hurt him, but I want you to leave now.

Kevin: Since we're issuing warnings, you better pray that Livvie's all right.

Tess: He's hurting. He's hurting -

Jack: No, Tess, Tess, you can't go after him.

Tess: No, but he loves Livvie. I can help him.

Jack: No, Tess, listen to me, you have to let it go. Livvie is gone.

Tess: No --

Jack: It's just me and you, together.

Tess: Jack, but it hurts so much to lie!

Jack: Hey, just come here. 3E14C866.JPG

Tess: No, no! I want to be alone.

Jack: Tess --

Elizabeth: You do love me, don't you? A little?

Caleb: Shh. A little.

Elizabeth: You know exactly how to touch me.

Caleb: Always.

Elizabeth: Oh. Oh, Stephen.

Please. Oh.

Caleb: Oh, God.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Caleb: Oh, your skin is so beautiful, and your body is so alive.

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah.

Caleb: I will make you happy.

Elizabeth: I want you, Stephen.

Caleb: I know what you want. I know what you want. I understand the hunger -- so pure, so pure when you follow the beat of your heart, that breath that is so deep side. 3E14C8A0.JPG

Elizabeth: Oh, yes. Yes. Oh. Oh.

Caleb: Are you ready? Can you handle what I give in our world, in our bed?

Elizabeth: Yes, Stephen. Yes.

Caleb: Then sleep, Elizabeth. Sleep, my love. Tonight, I can't give you what you need.

Caleb's voice: I'll get it all back, everything they took from me, because I promised you the world, Olivia.

Caleb: We both want what we can't have. But be patient with me, my love, and you'll have a good life. And me -- I'll have everything that I want.

[Cass groans]

Rafe: What was that you were saying, Joshua, about taking out the trash? 3E14C8F3.JPG

Joshua: That's very impressive.

Rafe: Looks like I got one more piece to go.

Reese: Oh, come on, sexy. That's no way to talk to a girl, is it? You're not going to hurt me, as well, are you?

Rafe: It depends. Are you really all girl?

Reese: How about I show you what a nice girl like me can do to a pretty boy like you?

Rafe: Why don't you do that. So what about it, Joshua? Is this the best Caleb has to offer -- you and these weak-ass creeps? Come on! I'm not even breaking a sweat.

Joshua: Stephen will not be pleased.

Rafe: Well, good. So you can tell Mr. Clay that I'm just getting started and when I'm done, the son of a bitch will have lost everything. 3E14C9E3.JPG

Alison: Our wedding should have been so beautiful. But now this is nothing more than a -- a white dress that I will never wear.

Jack: Ok, ok, ok, Jack. Just calm down, all right? Just calm down. I can't keep her prisoner here forever. But I also can't deny the one question I haven't asked her -- what did happen to Livvie? Could she have done something to her?

Jack: No, Tess couldn't hurt anyone. She's a gift to the whole world. I love you.

Kevin: Tess?

Tess: Hello.

Kevin: Thought I'd find you here.

Tess: I come to see her. I come to see Livvie.

Kevin: Tess, you know something about my daughter, don't you? I could see it on your face at Jack's. Now, tell me what happened. 3E14CA3C.JPG

Tess: We were here and we were together by the -- the water, and then --

Kevin: She's dead, isn't she?

Tess: She fell in. We -- we both did, and she never came up.

Kevin: So it's true. You killed her.

Caleb: You are so beautiful when you sleep, everything a man would want, even a man like me. And yet --

[Caleb sniffs]

Caleb: Slayer.

Rafe: I thought that would get your attention, Caleb.

On the next "Port Charles" --

Kevin: Where is my daughter?

Tess: She's inside me.

Rafe: Show me what you got.

Ian: You want me? Ok, let's do that.

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