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Port Charles Transcript Monday 12/2/02

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Christina: Will daddy kiss me good night, too?

Lucy: Uh -- well, no, I don't think tonight. You know, he is away, still.

Christina: But he kissed me good night last night.

Lucy: Well, pumpkin, no, I don't think he did because he's not here.

Christina: But he was here, mommy. I saw him. I promise. He kissed me good night.

Lucy: Oh, ok. Ok, I believe you. But you know what I think this is about? I think this is you missing him, because I miss him so much, too. And sometimes when you miss somebody a lot, you dream about them, and maybe that's what this was -- just some happy dream.

Christina: But it wasn't a dream. 3DEBE643.JPG

Ian: Well, Christina, I have an idea.

Christina: What?

Ian: Why don't we go upstairs, and you can show me where you saw your daddy, ok?

Christina: Ok.

Lucy: Ok. Good idea. You don't really think -- do you?

Ian: No, I don't. But she does.

Lucy: Ok. Well, just -- I'll be waiting down here, I guess, right? Right?

Christina: I'll show you daddy's here. Then you'll believe me.

Lucy: Right. You know, I don't know what I'd do without you, and -- I just keep saying that, don't I?

Ian: It'll all be fine.

Lucy: Yeah. 3DEBE669.JPG

Ian: You ready? Let's go. We'll be back.

Lucy: I'll be here.

Woman: Alison?

Alison: Hi. Mrs. Ford?

Woman: Oh, please, call me Caroline.

Alison: Hi. This is my fiance, Rafe Kovich.

Caroline: Oh, nice to meet you.

Rafe: Good to meet you.

Alison: So, where's my sister?

Caroline: She's not here.

Alison: Excuse me?

Caroline: Well, I just thought it would be more comfortable if we all got to know each other first. I assumed you might want to know about my relationship with Malcolm, your father? Shannon's father.

Alison: Shannon? My sister's name is Shannon? 3DEBE68F.JPG

Caroline: Yes -- oh, I'm sorry. I brought a photo for you.

Alison: Oh, my God. She looks a lot like me.

Rafe: Yeah, she's very pretty.

Alison: Um -- does she know about me?

Caroline: Oh, she's really looking forward to meeting you.

Rafe: If you don't mind my asking, how'd you hear about this?

Caroline: Elizabeth -- Malcolm's wife -- she located me through some mutual friends in Toronto. Is your mother going to be here tonight?

Alison: Yes. She's on her way right now.

Elizabeth: What is wrong with me? Oh, Stephen. Oh. 3DEBE6BD.JPG

[Voicemail beeps]

Elizabeth: Oh, no. Stephen, it's me. I need you. It's happening again, that -- that feeling. I -- I don't know what to do. Just -- just call me. Please. Call me.

Stephen: I was hoping it wasn't true.

Joshua: What is it? Where are you going? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Livvie: Caleb -- no -- no, don't kill me. Please don't kill me.

Stephen: Livvie, it's all right. Why do you think I'd ever hurt you?

[Captioning made possible by abc, inc.] 3DEBE718.JPG

Lucy: Oh. Hey, so, wh -- I mean, any --

Ian: We looked everywhere, and there was no sign of Kevin. Isn't that right?

Christina: No, daddy's gone again.

Lucy: Oh. Ok, well, you know, I was just kind of worried because you guys were up there a very long time.

Ian: Well, we looked all around the upstairs and then we had a little chat, didn't we?

Lucy: Oh, really? You had a little chat, huh? What was your chat about?

Ian: We were just talking, you know, and I told her that sometimes when I want something badly enough, I dream of it being real. And then when I wake up in the morning, it feels like it really happened.

Christina: Is that what happened to me, mommy? 3DEBE73D.JPG

Lucy: Well, you know what, sweet pea? I think that is exactly -- exactly what happened to you. And you know what else? Sometimes when you want something so badly, you can make all those dreams come true. You can.

Ian: And sometimes mommies and daddies -- they have to go away for a while, you know? But there's this secret, magical place where you can be with them. But you're such a smart cookie, you already knew about that, didn't you?

Christina: No.

Ian: Yes, you did. Because you know how to get under your covers and close your eyes, and then you can see your dad.

Christina: I love you, Ian.

Ian: I love you. 3DEBE768.JPG

Lucy: Hey, you know what? You should be tuckered out by now. I think it's time to go upstairs and go to bed. Come on, come on, come on. Come on, I'll be right upstairs to tuck you in, ok? She does love you a lot, you know.

Ian: Yeah?

Lucy: Yeah.

Ian: What about her mother?

Lucy: I'm overwhelmed. Do you -- do you want to have that talk? You know, that I was talking about earlier? Do you want to have that talk now?

Ian: I got to pull an all-nighter at the hospital.

Lucy: Oh. Ok, then. Then we're on for breakfast and we can talk then. 3DEBE794.JPG

Ian: Let me ask you --

lucy: What?

Iaian: Am I going to like this talk?

Lucy: I hope so.

Ian: I'll see you tomorrow.

Lucy: Right.

Rafe: Ok, listen to me. I know how much you want this to be true, but let's just make sure it is, ok?

Alison: Ok. Well, I'm going to go call my mother and see what's taking her so long because she should really be here by now. Ok?

Rafe: Ok.

Caroline: If you have any questions --

Rafe: Oh, no. No. You're very good at answering questions. But just so you know, I'm here for Alison, and the thing is that she's had a very tough time lately. As you know, her father died, and she barely knew him to begin with, and -- and, well, it turns out all the family money's gone. 3DEBE7D3.JPG

Caroline: My husband and I are very comfortable. I'm here for my daughter. Alison's part of her family. That's why I'm here, Mr. Kovich.

Alison: I got her voicemail again. Do you think maybe we could get Shannon on the phone? Or do you think it's too late in the evening to do that?

Elizabeth: What are you doing here?

Alison: Mother -- hi. I'm really glad that you're here. This is the woman from Canada that we were on our way to see. This is the mother of my sister.

Elizabeth: No, Alison, it's not. I told you not to come here.

Caroline: I'm sure it's very difficult for your mother to face your father's mistress. Perhaps I should come back some other time. 3DEBE802.JPG

Rafe: What's going on here?

Elizabeth: Alison, that girl in that picture -- that is not your sister. This woman is a fake. This whole thing is a lie.

Stephen: It's all right. Just -- just calm down, ok?

Livvie: I know what I saw. I saw your eyes and your fangs.

Stephen: Fangs? Joshua, do I have fangs?

Joshua: Not that I'm aware of.

Stephen: And if I did, where are they now?

Livvie: No, I know what I saw.

Stephen: And when was that, Livvie? You -- you seemed pretty distracted when I arrived. I don't know you that well, but Joshua here is usually a little more discreet.

Joshua: It was probably alcohol. I shouldn't drink. 3DEBE836.JPG

Livvie: I am not drunk and I am not on drugs, and you know that, Caleb.

Stephen: "Caleb" again. I guess in your eyes, I'll always be him. Look, I'm sorry to break up this beautiful evening, but I do need to talk to Joshua. It's very important.

Livvie: Did you forget that I know all of your tricks?

Stephen: I suggest you seek some professional help. Joshua?

Joshua: Let me explain --

Stephen: Don't you ever lay a hand on her again.

[Phone rings]

Lucy: Hello?

Ian: Hey. I didn't wake you, did I?

Lucy: Um -- no. No, actually, I was just -- I -- what are you doing? How did you get so lucky to get that late shift at the hospital? 3DEBE8F6.JPG

Ian: Karen's out of town. She's visiting her mother. How's Christina doing?

Lucy: She fell asleep the minute her head hit the pillow. Thank you. You really helped out a lot.

Ian: Well, I'm glad to hear it.

Lucy: So --

ian: I -- I just wanted to hear your voice, that's all.

Lucy: I'm very glad. I'm glad you called.

Ian: All right, look, sweet dreams, Lucy.

Lucy: Yeah. So, I'll see you -- I mean, we're going to talk tomorrow, right? Right. Ok. Bye.

Lucy: What am I doing? I'm leading Ian on, makinghim actually think we have a chance, that we could actually be together. It's not going to happen, is it? It's not, because I love my husband. And no matter what Kevin and I have had happen to us, we've always come through, and Ian just deserves so much better. Ok, so, that's what I'll tell him tomorrow. I'll just tell him flat out that's what it is. I cannot possibly feel like this. I cannot possibly be in love with two men. I can't. I won't. I just -- I just won't. I won't, won't. I won't. 3DEBE972.JPG

Caroline: You're going to pay for this trip, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: You'll get your money. Just get out.

Alison: Wait a second. Are you telling me that you set this up? Why would you do something like this? Please, don't tell me this is about the money. Please don't -- of course it is, because you don't get any until I find my brother or sister.

Rafe: Ok, let's get out of here.

Alison: No, wait, wait, wait, wait. I have to know one thing from you. When we were outside at that crash site, when we shared that moment -- was that a lie, too?

Elizabeth: Alison, no, that -- I set this up before the plane crash, ok? And I tried to stop . I just couldn't. 3DEBE998.JPG

Alison: Yeah, I'm sure you tried real hard.

Rafe: This stunt of yours almost killed Alison.

Elizabeth: Alison, just, please, listen to me. You kn, this all changed once that plane crashed. Alison, it took almost losing you to know what it means to be your mother.

Alison: My God! Out at that crash site, when we shared those moments, you gave me some words -- some words that I've been waiting my whole life to hear. You told me you loved me. I have been waiting my whole life for that. And now you've -- you've ruined this. You've ruined everything between us.

Elizabeth: Sorry, I'm not well right now. 3DEBE9C0.JPG

Rafe: No, you're not.

Elizabeth: No, I mean it. I'm sick.

Rafe: Yeah, I know you are.

Alison: I need some air.

Rafe: I'm going to come with you.

Alison: No, please, Rafe. Please, I just need some air.

Elizabeth: No, wait, Alison -- I --

Rafe: Hey -- no, this ends now.

[Joshua coughs]

Stephen: There, there, there, there. There you go. Did I make myself clear?

Joshua: Why didn't you let me explain? I was trying to protect you.

Stephen: Oh, by taking Olivia to bed?

Joshua: I don't know what happened. Things got out of control. I -- maybe she drugged me. 3DEBE9E3.JPG

Stephen: Of course she drugged you. Don't you understand? She is one of us, Joshua. Don't ever underestimate her. The last time I fell for her charms, she drove a stake through my heart.

Joshua: I was trying to stop her before she could get another shot at you.

Stephen: Do I have to remind you who's running this show here? Shall I snap your neck and drain every drop of blood from your body to make my point? Hey. I know you're only trying to look out for me. I told you, I love being Stephen Clay. A rock star is the next best thing to being a vampire, and I have it all. Relax. 3DEBEA15.JPG

Stepnen: Hello. No one's keeping you. Can I ask -- why'd you come here tonight?

Livvie: To unmask you, find out why you're here and what you want from me.

Stephen: By sleeping with my manager?

Livvie: Yeah, whatever it takes.

Stephen: My, my. You are a resourceful girl, aren't you?

Livvie: And then there's Tess. You sent my double here to take over my life?

Stephen: Dracula's not good enough for you? Now I'm Dr. Frankenstein, as well? This Caleb -- he must've done some number on you for you to fall this far from your rocker. 3DEBEA3D.JPG

Livvie: I know it's you, Caleb. And I know how to prove it.

Alison: How could she do this to me? Why did I let her back in my life?

Rafe: Now, Elizabeth, you need to leave town. Your daughter's better off without you.

Elizabeth: I know I keep hurting Alison. And you -- you have every reason to hate me. But I need you to help me, Rafe. You could talk to her.

Rafe: You know what? Let me get you a glass of water.

Rafe: Oh!

[Elizabeth gasps]

Rafe: Ah! Ah. 3DEBEB26.JPG

Elizabeth: Look what you've done. You're bleeding.

[Lucy sighs]

Lucy: I love my husband. I love Kevin. I'm -- I love Kevin. No, I -- I love my husband. I -- I love him.

(Lucy dreaming,...)

Ian: I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be standing in your husband's house, knowing how hard you're trying to be faithful to the man you married.

Lucy: I -- I know -- I'm not sure that Doc is the man that I married, not anymore.

Ian: He'll come back to you. That's what you want, isn't it?

Lucy: Yes, yes.

Ian: Then I should go.

Lucy: Yeah. Ian? Wait. I -- I'm not sure that doc is ever going to get better. And I don't know if the man that I married is ever, ever going to come back to me. But I do know this isn't fair to you. Knowing how you feel about me -- it's not fair to keep stringing you on like this. 3DEBEB70.JPG

Ian: What do you want, lucy?

Lucy: I don't know. ---- I don't know. I love Kevin. But I love you. And I love every single thing about you.

Ian: Then let me make you happy. Let me make both of us happy tonight.

Stephen: Not bad.

Livvie: You bastard.

Stephen: I'm sorry, Livvie, but groupies just carry too much baggage. Aw. What's the matter? Didn't I pass the Caleb test?

Livvie: Why are you doing this to me, Caleb? I already told you I'm sorry. I know I hurt you.

Stephen: I thought vampires couldn't be hurt.

Livvie: This one loved me, and I betrayed him. 3DEBEBCB.JPG

Stephen: Poor Caleb. Poor Livvie. But poor Stephen's got a lot of work to do, so I have to cut this evening short. I think you know the way out.

Livvie: I'm not wrong. I know I'm not wrong.

Stephen: Olivia --

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Jack: I need to protect Tess. I might need you to break the rules.

Elizabeth: Does it hurt?

Rafe: Oh, a little bit. You wouldn't mind helping me out, would you?

Lucy: Christina was right. She said you came into her room and you kissed her good night.

Kevin: I kissed you, too.

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