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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 11/26/02

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Jack: A baby? I mean, you can't -- you can't be serious. 3DE3FD22.JPG

Tess: A baby, Jack. A real baby.

Jack: Do you even understand what that means? I mean, babies -- babies aren't like dolls.

Tess: I know. They come out of love, and I love you very much. You, too?

Jack: Of course. Of course I love you.

Tess: Then what I want is good.

Jack: Tess --

Tess: Jack, please, let's make a baby.

Livvie: You know, you scared me. I -- I didn't think anyone was around.

Joshua: Well, someone is around and he couldn't care less whether you're scared or not. You're trespassing.

Livvie: You look so familiar. 3DE3FD51.JPG

Joshua: Can I help you with something?

Livvie: Yes, um -- I guess you can. As a matter of fact, I'm here to see Stephen.

Joshua: Young lady, you're wasting your time and mine. Mr. Clay is not available.

Livvie: So when will he be?

Joshua: You know, at least 12 women have asked me the same question in the past 24 hours.

Livvie: Look, I'm not just some groupie.

Joshua: I know who you are.

Livvie: So then you are well aware that Stephen and I know each other. And if he's here, I would really like to speak with him.

Joshua: Tell me what you need with Stephen and I'll make sure he gets --

Livvie: Look, it's personal. 3DE3FD77.JPG

Joshua: I suggest you pack up your pretty little personal and you take it elsewhere. I'll let Stephen know that you've been here --

Livvie: Look, I am not going anywhere.

Joshua: You're making a mistake.

Livvie: I said I'm waiting here. I'm not going anywhere.

Joshua: I can see that.

Stephen's voice: I'm tired of living in the shadows all the time, and I want to be loved.

Joshua's voice: Beginning with Olivia?

Stephen's voice: Beginning with her.

Joshua's voice: She's betrayed you before. I'm afraid she'll betray you again.

Joshua: On second thought, I don't think you should go anywhere, either. 3DE3FD9F.JPG

Elizabeth: Oh.

Stephen: Well, Elizabeth, what a surprise.

Elizabeth: Sorry to barge in on you like this, but my bed was just so lonely without you.

Stephen: You're doing too much. After everything you've been through, you should really be back at the hotel resting.

Rafe: He's right, Elizabeth. I've never seen you look like this.

Alison: Or act like this.

Rafe: You look very pale. Doesn't she, Stephen?

Stephen: Perhaps a touch.

Rafe: No, she does. It's almost like, well, the blood is drained out of her face.

Stephen: So you're -- you're a doctor and a vampire slayer.

Ian: All right. How's my favorite patient? What's going on here? Did I walk in on something? 3DE3FDD1.JPG

Alison: No, you didn't. Everything's fine.

Rafe: Actually, it's a good thing you're here. Elizabeth isn't feeling very well.

Elizabeth: I'm fine.

Ian: Is that right? What's the matter with you?

Rafe: Well, I was hoping you could tell us that. Actually, I think we would all feel better if we knew what was making Elizabeth feel so strange. Right, Stephen?

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Joshua: Well, if you're going to wait, I have some time. Do you mind if I keep you company?

Livvie: So, exactly what is it you do for the Stephen Clay Experience?

Joshua: I am the manager. 3DE3FE1A.JPG

Livvie: That's why you look familiar. You're Joshua, aren't you? At the Halloween party, you asked me to dance?

Joshua: Right.

Livvie: For a second there, I -- I thought that maybe you were someone else.

Joshua: Were you disappointed when you discovered that I wasn't?

Livvie: No. Not at all, actually. I bet you and your band were pretty shocked when that guy jumped up onstage and told everyone that your frontman was a vampire.

Joshua: No, not at all. We enjoy the notoriety. Sales of our C.D. Jumped 11%.

Livvie: Yeah, well, I can understand why. I mean, I think it's all kind of cool. I actually like the idea of vampires. 3DE3FE49.JPG

Joshua: Really?

Livvie: Yeah, I was close to one once.

Joshua: Ah, now you are teasing me. Next you'll be telling me that you believe in angels.

Livvie: Yeah, well, doesn't everyone? But I am more of a vampire type of girl. That's why I can't get my mind off of your boss.

Joshua: I'm not quite sure I understand.

Livvie: You see, Stephen looks exactly like the one I used to know. In fact, they're identical.

Joshua: Oh, please, not you, too.

Livv: No, no, listen, it gets -- it gets better, actually. There's actually a girl who showed up in town who looks exactly like me, and she just so happened to come at the exact same time Stephen did. 3DE3FE75.JPG

Joshua: Incredible. What an amazing coincidence.

Livvie: I think there might be a connection.

Joshua: Well, I'm sure you will investigate and investigate until you get all the answers.

Livvie: Oh, yeah, I plan on it, all right.

Joshua: I'm sure you do.

Ricky: Hey, Josh? Hey, I'm sorry I'm late, man.

Rafe: You do want to make sure she's all right, don't you, Stephen?

Stephen: Oh, I'm sure it's nothing serious.

Elizabeth: I'm fine.

Alison: You do look a little pale, mother, and Ian really is the best doctor.

Stephen: I'm sure Dr. Thornhart has a very busy schedule. Maybe we should -- 3DE3FE9E.JPG

Ian: No, no, it's all right. It's all right -- Stephen, is it?

Stephen: Yeah.

Ian: I have time.

Rafe: Great.

Ian: Yeah. Just got to move a few things around. Can I talk to you for a moment? Excuse us.

Alison: You'll see, mother. Ian is really, really an awesome doctor.

Elizabeth: I'm sure he is.

Stephen: You are feeling a little warm?

Elizabeth: I am.

Stephen: A little drink. If you're running a fever, maybe this will help cool you down a bit.

Elizabeth: Good. I'm dying of thirst.

Alison: Thank you, Stephen, for taking such good care of my mother. 3DE3FEC8.JPG

Stephen: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ian: Ok, out with it. Why is checking Elizabeth so important?

Rafe: I think maybe he's already turned her into a vampire. She's really showing the signs of someone that had just been bitten. Now, I don't have any proof and I'm not getting the feelings that I usually get when there are vampires --

Ian: You think if I examine her, then --

Rafe: Well, I'm not sure what will show up, but I do know that if Caleb -- Stephen, or whoever he is -- has bitten her, she won't let you draw blood. See, a vampire will do anything to stop you from taking it.

Ian: And if she won't let me draw blood , it would prove that, what? 3DE3FEE3.JPG

Rafe: Caleb's back.

Ian: It would also prove that Alison's mother is a vampire.


Jack: Look, Tess -- cover your baby. Don't get me wrong, I love babies. See?

Tess: Love.

Jack: Love, yeah. And we know that we love each other. And one of the most important things a couple needs to have is love when it comes to making a baby.

Tess: The most important thing.

Jack: But it's not all they're going to need.

Tess: Then we'll get it.

Jack: Um, yeah. Well, it's really -- it's not that easy. See, a baby -- a real baby -- needs to have a family. 3DE3FF9D.JPG

Tess: Well, we have a family. You, your brother, Chris, and -- and I have Livvie, and that's family.

Jack: But a real baby is -- is a huge, huge commitment, Tess. A really big commitment, and it really changes your entire life.

Tess: I don't understand.

Jack: Look, come here. When a baby comes into this world, it needs a family who not only loves each other but is also committed to each other. Do you know what being married means?

Tess: Yeah.

Jack: You do?

Tess: Ian, um, was married and then he had Danny.

Jack: Right. Danny. Exactly.

Tess: So?

Jack: Do you understand what I'm trying to say? 3DE3FFE8.JPG

Tess: I understand.

Jack: I'm glad.

Tess: We need to get married.

Joshua: What are you doing here?

Ricky: What am I doing here? Rehearsing. Tonight.

Joshua: Tomorrow night, remember?

Ricky: Oh, that's tomorrow night? Dude, I'm sorry. I can't keep it straight with all the partying and practicing.

Joshua: You got to get it together, Ricky. This is a job, this is not a hobby.

Ricky: I said I was sorry.

Joshua: All right, I heard you. Now leave.

Ricky: Fine. You want me to leave? God, chill out. Livvie. Hey. 3DE4000B.JPG

Livvie: Hi, Ricky.

Ricky: Long time no see. This your first time here? You come to see where we make the magic?

Livvie: I'm waiting for Stephen.

Ricky: Well, you know, Joshua here is a very busy man. Why don't you come get a bite to eat with me?

Joshua: That won't be necessary. I'm sure if you go out there, you'll find some fellow parasite who will be willing to keep you company.

Ricky: You know what, Joshua? Why don't you let the lady decide?

Joshua: Judging by the expression on her face, I think she's already made her decision.

Livvie: Bye, ricky.

Ricky: Fine. Suit yourself. I'm sorry I interrupted. 3DE4002F.JPG

Livvie: What was that all about?

Joshua: I'm afraid rock 'n' roll has gone to little drummer boy's head.

Livvie: Well, I thank you very much for getting rid of him. That was very kind of you.

Joshua: Well, then, you were telling me your theory on --

Livvie: Vampires.

Joshua: Yes. Well, I was rather enjoying that. I'd like to continue.

Livvie: My favorite subject.

Joshua: If you don't think I'm as presumptuous as Ricky was, perhaps we could continue over dinner.

Ian: How you feeling now?

Elizabeth: Better. So much better. Thank you.

Ian: Hmm.

Elizabeth: I am so sorry about the way that I was acting. That fever just had me doing the strangest things. 3DE40063.JPG

Ian: Well, your temperature is fine now.

Elizabeth: Good. I guess I just needed a little water and some rest, huh? Hope I didn't embarrass Stephen too much.

Alison: Oh, I'm sure you didn't. You know, he's a rock star.

Ian: Stephen -- you know, I can't look at the boy without seeing Caleb Morley.

Alison: I know what you mean, Ian. I mean, I thought the same thing up until the crash. But I was really hurt and so was mother, and he really helped us. I mean, he helped stop my bleeding, and if it were Caleb, I'm not so sure that he would've --

Ian: Right. Right, right. So no doubts about Stephen, then? 3DE40084.JPG

Alison: I think he's just a really nice guy.

Ian: Hmm. Well, so far so good.

Elizabeth: So we're finished?

Ian: Almost. Just one more thing that'll just take a sec.

Elizabeth: What's that?

Ian: I'm going to draw your blood.

Elizabeth: My blood??

Ian: Yeah. You don't have a problem with that, do you?

Stephen: Excuse me. Sorry.

Lisa: That's him. That's Stephen Clay.

Rafe: Well. It must be a tough life -- you know, being stared at wherever you go.

Stephen: Pretty ironic coming from the guy that does nothing but.

Rafe: You know what, you can keep up this whole Stephen Clay thing for as long as you want. The thing is I know you're Caleb and 's's going to come out soon. You're going to make a mistake. 3DE400B3.JPG

Stephen: Tell you what, Rafe. Let's pretend you're right.

Rafe: Ok.

Stephen: Let's say I am Caleb the vampire, and this crazy girl destroyed me with a stake.

Rafe: Right. Ok. Well, then I'd say we weren't pretending.

Stephen: So if I'm dead, how'd I get back here, back on earth?

Rafe: I don't know.

Stephen: Better yet, if a stake through the heart didn't kill me, what makes you think anything can?

Jack we -- we can't get married.

Tess: Why?

Jack: Well, I mean, we just met a few weeks ago. And it's ok, but we're just kind of getting to know each other, and -- and I really just don't think that either one of us is ready yet. 3DE40198.JPG

Tess: Because I'm not as smart as you.

Jack: No, no, no. No, Tess, you're very smart. You're very smart. And I think it's just maybe I have a little more experience when it comes to dating and, you know, going on dates.

Tess: Dates?

Jack: Yeah, um -- Tess, I don't know. I -- I just think we need to -- to wait before we start talking about making a baby.

Tess: We can wait.

Jack: Are you sure you're ok? It's a good thing. It's not a bad thing.

Tess: Only tired.

Jack: Well, you just need to get some rest. Your bed is ready, so --

Tess: My -- my bed? Aren't we going to sleep together? 3DE401CB.JPG

Jack: You know, Tess, sometimes when people sleep together in the same bed, a lot of times other stuff happens.

Tess: Like hugging?

Jack: Yeah, like hugging.

Tess: Good, because I like hugging.

Jack: Come here. Let me hold you.

Jack: It's really hard not to be with you, Tess -- to

really be with you.

Ian's voice: According to these tests, she doesn't have any D.N.A.

Jack's voice: What does that mean?

Ian's voice: If these tests are correct, then Tess isn't human.

Jack: You seem so real to me, Tess. You feel so real. I want so bad for you to be real. 3DE40209.JPG

Livvie: You're asking me to dinner -- just the two of us?

Joshua: Too presumptuous?

Livvie: I accept.

Joshua: You know, you're an extraordinary girl.

Livvie: You have no idea.

Joshua: So, dinner tomorrow night, then?

Livvie: Thanksgiving.

Joshua: I'd forgotten. You probably want to spend that with your family.

Livvie: No, actually. Not this year. I would be happy to spend it with you.

Joshua: All right. Dinner tomorrow. A date that will last in infamy.

Livvie: If we're lucky.

Joshua: Till then.

Livvie: You'll tell me everything I need to know about Caleb, Joshua, even if I have to sleep with you to get to him. God knows I have done a lot worse. 3DE4024E.JPG

Joshua: You were wrong, Caleb. Livvie's a threat to all of us. The only way is to kill her.

Rafe: I have spent my entire existence making sure that creatures of the night like you are destroyed. But here's the thing -- there is always a flaw. So, my friend, you have to have a weakness.

Stephen: Well, since I'm not a vampire, you got nothing to worry about, do you?

Colleen: Excuse me, Rafe -- oh. Mr. Clay, you're still here.

Stephen: Colleen, right?

Colleen: You remembered.

Rafe: Is there a message?

Colleen: Oh -- Dr. Thornhart is through examining Mrs. Barrington, so you can see her now.

Stephen: Thank you. 3DE4027C.JPG

Colleen: Yeah.

Stephen: To be continued?

Rafe: Yeah, whatever. After you.

Alison: And we still need to figure out all the catering and everything -- oh, my dress.

Elizabeth: I know. We got to get busy because we don't have much time.

Stephen: How are we feeling?

Elizabeth: Oh.

Stephen: All recovered?

Elizabeth: Good enough to keep my daughter busy with a million-and-one wedding plans.

Rafe: Any news?

Ian: Everything checked out fine.

Stephen: That's wonderful.

Ian: Apart from the fact that she's slightly anemic, which was probably because of the shock of the accident, she is perfect.

Stephen: Oh, that's my girl. 3DE402A4.JPG

Rafe: What, so she let you draw her blood?

Ian: Didn't even flinch.

Rafe: I don't get it.

Ian: Sometimes a duck is just a duck.

Stephen: See? I told you the water would make you feel better.

Elizabeth: Better enough to want you back in my room, back in my bed right now. Sweetie, I have to go. Give your mother a kiss.

Alison: Ok. I'll call you later.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Stephen: Thank you for suggesting to check Elizabeth so thoroughly.

Rafe: Yeah. Sure. Any time.

[Door closes]

Alison: Rafe, whether you like it or not, Stephen is my mother's boyfriend. And he extended his hand to you, and you cannot treat him like that. 3DE402DC.JPG

Stephen: It wasn't a good idea for you to come here.

Elizabeth: But I wanted you, Stephen. I needed you so bad. I needed you like I've never need anyone before. Oh, please, don't be mad. Oh.

Stephen: Oh, I'm not angry, sweetheart. Not with you.

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Serena: Mom, what's going on?

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Marissa: Jack, you got to get in here right now!

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