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Jamal: So, you sure he's not around?

Marissa: I called earlier. Reese said it's just the band practicing. Stephen is out of town.

Jamal: Ok, good, because I don't want him around when you drop the bad news. I don't want Caleb around you ever. You sure you're ok?

Marissa: Yeah. Yeah.

Jamal: Ok. Look, I know this is hard for you to give up and everything --

Marissa: It is, but you know what? It's -- you -- you are more important to me, and I trust you. So if you believe that Stephen is dangerous, then -- 3DDC144B.JPG

Jamal: Look, I just don't want anything happening to you. I don't. I love you.

Marissa: Me, too.

Jamal: My baby. Ricky. Ricky, Ricky. Sorry about what went down between us.

Ricky: "Between us"? You hit me, all right, and you know I can't hit you back because I'll go back to jail.

Jamal: Look, well, you don't know what you're getting into. That's why.

Ricky: Marissa, you know the rules -- no strangers allowed in rehearsal. So why don't you take off?

Marissa: Actually, Ricky, I'm not here to practice. I'm quitting the band.

Ian: So you came here to mend fences with Tess? 3DDC1479.JPG

Lucy: After everything you have said about her --

Livvie: I told you -- it's because I was so cruel to her, and that's why I came here to apologize. But the two of you have never told me what you're doing here. I mean, it's like you're joined at the hip.

Ian: Came to see Jack.

Lucy: I came to see Tess. Jack -- I came --

ian: Jack.

Lucy: He came to see Tess.

Livvie: Yeah. Seems like you got your lines crossed.

Ian: No, we don't.

Lucy: No --

Lucy: We came to see both of them. Anyway, that's not -- I got to call Jack. Couldn't get him earlier. Excuse me one second. 3DDC1498.JPG

Livvie: I hope he didn't go after Caleb. He's so protective.

Lucy: Livvie, jack is so protective of Tess.

Livvie: Yes, but I was talking about me, Lucy.

Lucy: Of course you were, Livvie.

Livvie: Jack knows how terrified I was the last time Caleb was here and he knows how scar I I am, so he's incredibly protective of me.

Rafe: Right, so -- so you think that maybe it was flying outside the radar? No, listen to me. I don't want to hear how advanced your technology is, ok? I just want to find them. I -- ok. So call me with any information you get.

Lucy: What? 3DDC14BC.JPG

Jack: What'd they say?

Lucy: What is going on? What is --

Rafe: They can't find the plane. There's no communication.

Ian: What plane? What are you talking about?

Jack: Caleb -- or Stephen -- whoever that guy is -- got on the Barrington jet with Alison and her mother.

Ian: What?

Lucy: Rafe, oh, my God.

Livvie: That is -- that's really terrible.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, and they think that -- that the plane --

Rafe: Went down! They think the plane went down.

Stephen: Elizabeth.

[Elizabeth moans]

Stephen: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Alison -- where's Alison? Oh, God. Oh, God, where is she? Oh -- oh, God, where's my baby? 3DDC14F5.JPG

Stephen: Easy.

Elizabeth: Alison --

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Ricky: Are you crazy? I can't believe you're buying into this.

Marissa: Ricky, yes, you know, and maybe you should, too.

Jamal: You weren't even around when Caleb was in town, Ricky. He almost destroyed all of us.

Ricky: Yeah, well, I've been doing a little research on this vampire business of yours.

Jamal: Oh, really? Yeah? And so what?

Ricky: Oh, so what?" So I went to the library, I checked out all the local newspapers, and guess what -- no vampires. No Caleb character.

Jamal: So -- we didn't want to freak everybody out, so we kept it amongst ourselves. 3DDC1536.JPG

Ricky: Oh.

Jamal: Simple as that. So what?

Ricky: But now you do? Now you want to freak people out?

Jamal: What is your point?

Marissa: Jamal was just trying to watch out for me, ok, Ricky?

Ricky: What about watching out for yourself, Marissa, huh? I don't believe this. You're not going to leave a band that you love so much.

Marissa: It's -- it's really not that important, really.

Ricky: Ah, that's a bunch of bull.

Jamal: Sometimes staying alive is a lot more important than some band.

Ricky: You really are nuts, aren't you?

Jamal: You think so?

Ricky: Yeah, I think so. You're afraid that she's going to become a star. 3DDC154E.JPG

Jamal: What?

Ricky: That's it, isn't it?

Jamal: No, no, see, you need to get your head straight or you're going to be in some big-time trouble. Simple as that, all right?

Ricky: And then you're jealous to top it off.

Jamal: I'm jealous?

Ricky: That's why you're scaring her.

Marissa: Ok, ok, ok --

jamal: I'm jealous?

Ricky: Yeah, that's right --

Marissa: Calm down!

Jamal: If you don't get out of my face --

Marissa: Calm down!

Ricky: What you going to do --

Marissa: Ok, you guys, stop. Ricky -- ok, this is my decision. I want this. All right, Jamal, can you just -- I need to talk to him for a second. Thank you. 3DDC1564.JPG

Ricky: I'm glad you got permison from daddy.

Jamal: Oh --

Ricky: Marissa, I don't buy this about you wanting to quit.

Marissa: Well, it's true, ok? I don't want to be a part of something if Jamal thinks that it's going to be --

Ricky: "If Jamal thinks"? What about what you think, huh?

Marissa: We're a couple, Ricky. Ok, we make decisions together. That's just how it is.

Ricky: Yeah, and what happened to all that stuff you told me when I wanted to quit the band?

Marissa: That was different.

Ricky: No, it's not different. Open your eyes, Marissa. You're writing for one of the hottest bands in the country. I can't believe you want to give up a chance like that like I almost did. 3DDC1589.JPG

Marissa: Ricky, we never even knew what we were getting into, all right? Maybe you should just -- you should just reconsider this whole --

Ricky: "Reconsider"? "Reconsider"? No. No, I'm not going to reconsider. I really can't believe you're giving up something that you love like that.

Joshua: I see. Nothing? No? All right. Keep me informed. Thank you.

Marissa: Joshua, I have something --

Joshua: I have some bad news. As you all know, Stephen left town tonight.

Casper: Right.

Joshua: He was on the Barrington jet.

Jamal: What? 3DDC15B0.JPG

Joshua: That plane has since crashed.

Lucy: Alison has to be ok. She has to be ok.

Ian: What happened? What do they know?

Rafe: Nothing. They don't know anything. They said the plane just disappeared.

Ian: And which way was it headed?

Rafe: They said north through Canada, but they were on their way to Chicago because Alison and her mother got a lead on a sibling there.

Ian: How did Caleb end up on this plane?

Rafe: I don't know! Why haven't they called back? I got to find her.

Jack: Hey, Ian -- Ian, where's Tess?

Ian: I was going to ask you the same thing. 3DDC15CD.JPG

Jack: Me? I left her with you.

Ian: I know. She left my house, and I thought she'd come here.

Jack: Oh, my God.

Livvie's voice: Jack got a gift for you. It's right in here. You want to see?

[Tess screams]

Jack: Where the hell could she be? You were supposed to be watching her.


Tess: Help me, please. Please. Help me! Help me. Scared. Save me, Jack! Please!

Livvie: Ahem. I know none of us wants to think this, but if Tess is missing and Caleb does have Alison, isn't it possible that he has Tess, too? I mean, what if they were all on the plane? 3DDC1606.JPG

Rafe: Ok, what's your rescue unit doing? No, that's not enough, ok? Where'd the plane go off the radar? Well, give me the coordinates. Well, give me something! Because they might've survived, ok?

Elizabeth: Alison -- where is she?

Stephen: She's right over there. I pulled her out first. When I found her, she was -- she was pinned under some heavy debris.

Elizabeth: Oh, be alive. Please, baby, be alive. Be alive. Alison! Alison, no! Oh, God, no. No. No. Oh, this is all my fault. It's all my -- oh, baby, tell me this isn't happening. No, don't. I can't lose you. I can't. Oh, baby. Oh, baby -- shh -- you're -- you're alive. You're alive. Oh, thank God. 3DDC16CC.JPG


Ricky: Is Stephen ok? I mean, he was on --

Joshua: They haven't located the wreckage. There's no word of survivors.

Jamal: Ok, so who else was on the plane?

Joshua: I have no idea. I only know that Stephen was meeting Elizabeth.

Jamal: Elizabeth Barrington?

Joshua: That is correct.

Jamal: What about Alison, her daughter? Was she on the plane or what?

Joshua: I -- I don't know that.

Jamal: What do you mean?

Reese: Stephen can't be gone. He just can't.

Casper: No, no -- no way.

Ricky: Don't jump to any conclusions until we get all the information, all right?

Jamal: Alison's phone is not working. She couldn't have been on that plane. I can call him. 3DDC16EC.JPG

[Phone rings]

Rafe: Yeah?

Jamal: Rafe. Hey, what's up? It's Jamal. Hey, I heard about the -- the plane crash. Alison -- she wasn't on that plane, right? Right?

Rafe: Yeah, she was.

Jamal: Oh, no. Come on, dude.

Rafe: Don't worry, man. I'm going to find her. I'm not losing her.

Jamal: All right. What can I do?

Rafe: If there's anything, I'll have Jack call you, but I really got to go and make some calls right now, ok?

Jamal: Ok, look, just find her, ok? All right, bye.

Marissa: I'm sorry.

Livvie: Caleb wants to get back at all of us for what we did to him. He obviously kidnapped Alison to get back Rafe, and Tess -- 3DDC171F.JPG

Jack: Well, Tess had nothing to do with before!

Livvie: She is connected to some people now, and we all know her appearance had something to do --

Jack: Livvie, we've been through this. Tess has nothing to do with Caleb.

Livvie: Ok, Jack. Then why do you think he was talking about her on the tv, huh?

Rafe: He -- he thinks we tried to kill him. That's why he took her, all right? Hey. Hi, it's Rafe Kovich again.

Livvie: You tried to kill him?

Jack: It's a long story, ok?

Livvie: Jack, he had so many reasons to take her!

Jack: No, he doesn't! 3DDC1736.JPG

Livvie: Ok, then where is she, then? You think she just magically disappeared at exactly the same time?

Jack: You know what, Livvie? You don't know what you're talking -- just shut the hell up.

Ian: Hey -- I know this is hard to believe --

Jack: You don't know anything. You were supposed to be watching Tess! I trusted you!

Ian: I know.

Jack: What do you mean, "you know"? What the hell were you doing, then? What could be more important than keeping Tess safe?

Rafe: No. You know what? I don't give a damn about your F.A.A. Rules and regulations. That's not good enough, all -- 3DDC174E.JPG

Jack: Hey, hey. What's going on? What happened?

Rafe: I don't know. But you know what? I'm not going to wait around anymore. Lucy, do you have access to a helicopter?

Lucy: Why, yeah, I can rent one. I can get one if we -- wait a minute. What -- what do you think you're doing?

Rafe: I'm going to find Alison myself.

Elizabeth: Oh, you're alive. Thank God you're alive. Sweetheart, can you hear me? Can you hear me?

Alison: I'm sore.

Elizabeth: Oh, God.

Alison: My whole body's sore.

Elizabeth: Oh, baby when I thought I'd lost you -- oh, it's all my fault. 3DDC1774.JPG

[Alison cries]

Elizabeth: Show me. Show me where, sweetie. Show me where it hurts.

Alison: Ow!

Elizabeth: What is it?

Alison: Arm -- my arm hurts!

Elizabeth: It's ok. It's all right, honey. Going to take care of you, ok? Got it right here. Alison, everything's going to be all right. Here. That's all better, ok?

[Alison sobs]

Elizabeth: It's all better, baby. Oh, sweetie, come here.

[Alison cries]

Elizabeth: Oh. Alison, when I thought I lost you, my heart just left my body. I would've given anything to just have you be ok. And there was nothing I could do! 3DDC17A3.JPG

Alison: I'm ok. I'm ok.

Elizabeth: Oh, baby. What kind of mother abandons her child, leaves her little baby girl to grow up all alone without her mommy? What kind of woman wld do that? Alison, I have done everything wrong except for you. You are the only good thing that has ever come from me. You've turned into such a beautiful, wonderful young woman. Sweetheart, you are the woman that I wish I could have been. Oh, Alison, when that plane was going down, when I thought we wouldn't survive, every thought, every prayer was for you. And my prayers have been answered. Oh, thank God. Alison, baby, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry for failing you. I'm so sorry. So many times I wondered if I even had a heart, and now it's clear. You are my heart. You are my heart. 3DDC1810.JPG

Alison: I love you, mom. I've always loved you. I love you.


Lucy: Right. No, I understand what you're yiying. No one, absolutely --

Rafe: What -- what are they saying?

Lucy: Fine. Shh.

Rafe: What are they saying?

Lucy: Ok, listen to me. I will reserve that helicopter and we'll just wait until it gets better. Thank you.

Rafe: What's wrong? What's the problem?

Lucy: Apparently the weather's the problem.

Rafe: I don't care about the weather.

Lucy: I know. I don't care about it, either, but -- but they do. There is not a pilot that will take a helicopter up in this weather. 3DDC18E4.JPG

Rafe: Did you tell them that we'd pay them anything?

Lucy: Yes, of course I told them that, but there's some sort of liability issues involved.

Ian: I'll do it.

Lucy: What?

Ian: I know how to fly a helicopter. I'll do it.

Rafe: Great.

Lucy: No, wait. Since when do you know how to fly a helicopter?

Ian: Africa.

Rafe: Good enough for me. I trust you. Come on.

Lucy: No, no, no --

jack: Rafe, hey --

lucy: Wait a minute. Have you ever taken a helicopter up in a storm like this, this kind of weather?

Ian: I've seen worse.

Lucy: But -- there is not one other pilot that wants to go up -- 3DDC18FF.JPG

Rafe: All right, come on, let's go.

Jack: I'm coming, too!

Rafe: We got to find Alison before it's too late!

Ian: Where we leaving from?

Lucy: Are you sure you're -- you're ok with this?

Ian: Yeah.

Lucy: G.H.'S helipad.

Ian: Perfect. I'll call colleen, tell her to watch Danny a little longer, and we'll get medical supplies there.

Lucy: Right.

Livvie: I'll just wait here for Tess in case she shows up.

Ah. Let's see -- Alison -- check. Caleb -- check. Tess -- check. There is justice in this world.

Joshua: I'm going to issue a press release. We're going to postpone all recordings and all appearances of the Stephen Clay Experience until we have word on Stephen. 3DDC1947.JPG

Ricky: No.

Joshua: Excuse me?

Ricky: We can't put the band on hold.

Joshua: What are you talking about?

Ricky: That'd be like giving up on Stephen and everybody else.

Joshua: What are you suggesting?

Ricky: We keep rehearsing like we planned, and we record the stuff that we planned.

Joshua: That is not possible. Not without Stephen.

Ricky: We do it as if Stephen were here. So then when he gets here, we'll be ready for him. What do you guys think?

Reese: Josh, that's exactly what Stephen would want.

Casper: Like nothing can get to him.

Reese: Because it can't. He can't and he won't be gone. 3DDC196C.JPG

Casper: Good call.

Ricky: Thanks, man.

Marissa: I know how scared you are, ok? But, honey, you can't think the worst. All right, Rafe -- Rafe is going to find her. He's going to find her. Ok?

Jamal: I hope you're right. Ali's on a plane with Caleb right now that they can't find.

Elizabeth: Come on, Alison, stay awake. You can't go to sleep here on me, baby. You got to stay awake! Come on! Come on, you'll be all right. Do you think she has a concussion? She's so cold.

Stephen: Here.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Stephen: Here you go. 3DDC1992.JPG

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Stephen: She's going to be ok. We are getting out of this.

Elizabeth: Oh, it should not take a plane crash to make me realize how much I love my daughter.

Stephen: You both get a second chance. That's all that matters now.

Elizabeth: I'm so scared. I'm so glad you're here. What do we do now? Do you think the pilot can help us get some help?

Stephen: The pilot didn't survive. Listen, I pulled the radio. It's damaged, but I think I can get it going. Listen to me. I am not going to let anything happen to you or Alison.

Elizabeth: I have to find my suitcase. I've got a heavier coat in there. She needs something more than this. She's so cold. 3DDC19C5.JPG

Stephen: That's good. I'll try to get the radio going. Hey -- don't worry. I'll watch Alison. I'll make sure she's doing ok.

Elizabeth: Thank you. Thank you.

Stepn: Be careful.

Alison: Mom?

Alison: Where's my mother?

Stephen: She went to find something to keep you warm.

Stephen: Well, looks like it's just you and me.

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Livvie: Stop it.

Tess' voice: Livvie --

Livvie: Just stop it.

Lucy: I can't let you guys go up in a helicopter. It's too dangerous.

Rafe: Dangerous is being stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a hungry vampire. 3DDC1AA9.JPG

Stephen: There is something I want from you, Alison.

Alison: I knew it.

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