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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 11/19/02

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Ian: Jack, it's me. Open up. It's Ian. Jack.

Lucy: Hello? Hello.

Ian: Hi. 3DDAC2A7.JPG

Lucy: Hi. I guess we're going to be doing this. I guess we can't really just stay out of each other's lives, huh?

Ian: I guess not, no.

Lucy: No. Right. Um -- I'm good, and you're good, I hope.

Ian: Oh --

lucy: Yeah? It's weird that we just kind of ran into each other exactly at the same time.

Ian: Listen, I'm --

lucy: No, you're here to see Jack, and I'm here to see Jack. Well, obviously, you're at Jack's place, so you probably came to see Jack.

Ian: No, I came to see Tess.

Lucy: Tess is at your place, wasn't she?

Ian: Oh, yeah -- no, yeah, she was, and then she left, and I thought she'd be here, but it doesn't look like anyone's home. 3DDAC2CB.JPG

Lucy: Well, maybe we should -- you didn't knock loud -- they didn't hear you. I'll try.

[Lucy knocks on door]

Lucy: Hello! Yoo-hoo! Hello!

Ian: Jack. It's open.

Lucy: What do you you know? Hello? Anybody here? Hello?

Ian: Tess, are you home?

Lucy: I don't have a real good feeling about this.

[Tess knocks on trunk]

Tess: No. Livvie -- you're hurting me! Please. Livvie. Help me!

[Tess groans]

Tess: I'm scared. Please! 3DDAC2FA.JPG

[Tess cries]

Tess: No.

Livvie: Sorry, Tess. This world isn't big enough for the both of us.

Tess: No! Save me! Please!

Jack: So that's how it's going to be? We're going to be stuck here in jail while Caleb's out there doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Rafe: Well, we can't do anything anyway till we prove that Caleb's a vampire, especially because everybody thinks we're crazy.

Jack: Right. We have to prove it. I just don't like it.

Doree: Ok, guys, you know the drill. Come on, Jack.

Jack: Doree, what's going on? 3DDAC324.JPG

Doree: You get one call each. Make it count and make it quick.

Jack: Ok.

Doree: A couple of minutes or I have to cut you off.

Jack: Look, I'll call Chris and have him --

Rafe: No, no, no. Let me go first. Alison's got to be freaking out. She doesn't know if we're --

Jack: All right, go, go.

Doree: Two minutes, Mr. Kovich.

Rafe: Thanks.

Jack: Don't be long.

[Jack sighs]

Alison: What are you doing on this plane?

Stephen: Me? What are you doing here?

Alison: This is my family's jet, and you are trespassing.

Stephen: Well, I was invited for a nice overnight flight to Canada by -- 3DDAC33C.JPG

Alison: Mother?

Stephen: Elizabeth.

Alison: You didn't!

Elizabeth: Well -- guilty as charged, but --

Alison: How could you do something like this?

Elizabeth: The plane's already taken off. Well, I just thought it was a good opportunity for us to get to know each other better.

Alison: No, I know everyone very well, thank you, and that's why this plane is turning around right now.

Elizabeth: Oh, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Alison: Stop it. Get away from me.

Elizabeth: I have to take care of this.

Stephen: I know you will.

Elizabeth: Be right back. Alison --

Stephen: This wasn't what I had in mind when you talked about fun. 3DDAC357.JPG

[Phone rings]

Stephen: Alison's cell phone. Hello? Hello?

Rafe: Caleb? You bastard. What'd you do with Alison? Why do you have her phone?

Stephen: Oh, you'll have to speak up. These cellular connections --

Rafe: What have you done with her? If you do anything to hurt her or harm her, I swear --

Stephen: I'm sorry. Can you he m me now? Can you hear me now?

Rafe: If you lay one finger on her, I will kill you.

Stephen: Too bad, I can't hear you anymore.

[Stephen hangs up]

Rafe: Caleb? Caleb -- can you hear me? Caleb, I will kill you! Can you hear me? 3DDAC389.JPG

I will kill you!

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Ian: Well, there's no sign of them anywhere.

Lucy: Oh, and I -- they're not upstairs. I checked everywhere.

Ian: Tess came here after she left my house and probably just went to hang out with Jack and maybe they went somewhere.

Lucy: Yeah -- right. It's late. It's late, and they're probably going to show up any minute -- here.

Ian: Yeah.

Lucy: Right.

Ian: Right, so we'll stay --

Lucy: So we can just wait, and I -- no, I'll wait. You can go.

Ian: Well, I guess we're both staying.

Lucy: Together here?

Ian: Yeah. No. Wait, that's not a good -- you know what? I' j just leave a note for young Jack --

3DDAC3D2.JPGlucy: Right, right -- Ian, wait, listen, listen, listen --

Ian: No, that's all right.

Lucy: No. You know what? Oh. Let's not do this. Let's wait. I mean, we're adults. If we want to wait -- you wait, I wait, we'll wait. We can do this together here. We'll wait.

Ian: Yeah. No problem.

Lucy: Right. Tess. When -- when did she -- she left your place when?

Ian: I don't know. I -- I don't, I -- we were in the middle of whatever we were in the middle of, and I didn't notice her leaving, but she was -- you know, she left, so -- 3DDAC402.JPG

lucy: Yeah. Do you think she maybe heard what we were in the middle of talking about, the you and me and all that other stuff?

Ian: I -- it could -- could be. That's possible, you know. Maybe she just wanted to give us some privacy. And anyway, I promised Jack that I would keep an eye on her. That's why I'm here.

Lucy: That -- that's why you're here.

Ian: Right.

Lucy: Right.

[Lucy sighs]

Lucy: I need to tell you about something, how it happened that we talked about that stuff, and you know how I appeared to be very clear and very cool with it all --

ian: With everything?

Lucy: Yeah, with everything. And I seemed ok with it then, right? Then. 3DDAC437.JPG

Ian: And now?

Lucy: No. I'm not -- no, because when one has their best friend tell them that they're in love with them, I'm not sure what one is supposed to do and, see, this one right here has absolutely no idea how to handle any this.

Elizabeth: Well, that settles that.

Stephen: What's up?

Elizabeth: Well, the pilot can't turn around right now. Apparently, there are some strong winds that we're heading into, so he's not going to be able to land until we get past --

Alison: Yes, but we will be landing at the next available airport. It won't be a minute too soon.

Stephen: Well, that's the way it's got to be, eh, that's good with me. 3DDAC462.JPG

Elizabeth: Me, too.

Stephen: Well, then we're all fine with it.

Alison: No, "fine" is not a odod description of what I'm feeling right now. There's a -- there's a missed call on my cell phone. Did you answer it, one of you?

Elizabeth: Well, I was in the cockpit with you.

Stephen: Well, I can't be too sure, but I think it was your fiance. Is there any nuts on this flight?

Alison: You answered my phone?

Stephen: I thought I was being helpful.

Alison: Are you crazy? You thought that I was mad at you before about being stuck on this flight. Wait until Rafe gets ahold of you. He's going to rip you apart. 3DDAC484.JPG

Stephen: Well, that's going to be kind of hard to do from his jail cell.

Alison: Whwhat are you talking about?

Stephen: Your fiance was arrested.

Alison: For what?

Stephen: For the attempted murder of yours truly.

Jack: All right, what'd they say? What's going on?

Rafe: I don't know. I don't know where they are. And I don't know why Caleb's there and I especially don't know why Caleb is talking on her phone, but I do know that Caleb's got Alison, so we have to find out where they are, Jack.

Jack: Slow down. Ok? I got ahold of Chris. He's going to come pick us up.

Rafe: And Caleb's got Alison! 3DDAC51D.JPG

Alison: So you're telling me that Rafe's in jail and you put him there?

Stephen: Well, he deserved it.

Alison: You lousy --

Elizabeth: Alison, just --

Stephen: No, Elizabeth, look, I -- I don't want any trouble with your daughter.

Alison: Is that why you put my fiance in jail?

Stephen: Well, after what he and his buddy Jack did --

Alison: Jack's now locked up, too?

Stephen: He barges into my press conference and out of nowhere tries to drive a stake into my heart.

Elizabeth: A stake? And Rafe was helping him?

Stephen: No, no. Actually, Rafe was too busy trying to shoot me with a loaded gun. Fortunately, he missed us both, but just barely. 3DDAC53B.JPG

Elizabeth: Did you hear what he's saying, Alison? They were trying to kill him. What, are those guys insane?

Alison: He wasn't trying to kill him.

Stephen: Really?

Alison: If he wanted to kill you, he would. He doesn't miss.

Stephen: You must be very proud. Look , alison, I understand you trying to defend your fiance and all, but try putting yourself in my shoes.

Alison: No, thank you.

Stephen: Just -- for one moment, imagine what it might feel like just to be living your life, not wanting to bother anybody, and all of a sudden people start accusing you of being something that you're not. And then, to make matters worse, you couldn't prove you weren't who they said you were. 3DDAC55F.JPG

Elizabeth: I'd say that sounds familiar.

Alison: Mother?

Elizabeth: Alison, you know what it's like to be falsely accused. Honey, you were on trial for committing a murder that didn't even happen.

Alison: That's not the same thing.

Stephen: Hey, I resemble this Caleb guy. You know, I get that. But I don't know what I can do to prove to you that I'm not Caleb and I'm definitely not a vampire. I mean, if you have any ideas, please tell me and I will do it.

Alison: Ok, well, for starters, I want you to drop the charges against Rafe and Jack.

Elizabeth: Honey, he can't do that. If it's a criminal offense -- 3DDAC583.JPG

Stephen: Elizabeth -- please, if I may. Look, I meant it when I said I don't want any trouble, especially not with a member of your family. I -- I care about you too much. I just want to be left alone to make music.

Alison: So then you'll drop the charges?

Stephen: Yeah -- if you'll give me something in return.

Alison: What is that?

Stephen: Your word that you'll do everything you can to keep your fiance away from me. Just -- just leave me alone. Do you understand me?

Elizabeth: Alison? Yes, she does understand you, and she's going to do exactly that. You're going to put an end to this nonsense. 3DDAC5B3.JPG

Alison: Mother --

Elizabeth: Thank you, Stephen.

Stephen: Yes, operator, could I have the Port Charles Police Department, please?

Ian: Oh, Lucy, if I'd known that admitting to you how I feel about yowould make things so awkward --

Lucy: But you knew it. You knew this would happen.

Ian: No, I didn't.

Lucy: Yes, you did.

Ian: No, I didn't.

Lucy: You knew.

Ian: No, I didn't.

Lucy: Deep down, you did.

Ian: No, I did not. I didn't know you were going to react the way you did. I -- there was tension between us, unspoken words, and I --

Lucy: Well, yes -- yes, there was. I -- but you know how things are. I am -- I'm married. And you know how I feel about Kevin. So what did you think would happen? That I would just fly into your arms somehow? Just -- 3DDAC5E7.JPG

Ian: No. You explained all that. It's ok.

Lucy: Well, then -- yes, I did, so what did you really -- tell me, what did you really think would happen?

Ian: I don't know. I thought maybe, you know, on the day, you might say that you feel the same about me.

Lucy: Well -- no. No, we agreed to be friends. We're best friends, and that's --

Ian: Yes, but it's more than that.

Lucy: It -- it can't be. It can't be more. It can't be.

Ian: No, I heard you. I heard you the first time. What -- I thought we were these great friends. What happened to that? Why does it feel like right now, you'd rather be anywhere than here with me? What happened to our friendship? 3DDAC61B.JPG

Lucy: It's still there.

Ian: Yeah? But it's changed.

Lucy: Because it has to. It has to.

Ian: No, no, it doesn't. It doesn't. We're adults. I mean, you just said we're adults. This has all been a mistake. I thought I saw something, and I was wrong. That happens. But don't -- don't for a moment think that -- that you can't be safe with me.

Lucy: No, please -- please --

ian: No, you got -- no, no. I can't lose this friendship. From the bottom of my heart, that's all I got. Please know always that I will keep you safe, I promise you.

Lucy: Thank you. So I -- I guess, what are we going to do? We'll just learn to deal with it. We will learn to deal with us. 3DDAC65A.JPG

Ian: Yeah.

Lucy: Livvie!

Livvie: Oh, God. Lucy. Ian. You scared me.

Lucy: Yeah. I can see that. Exactly what are you up to here?

Doree: You're out, guys.

Rafe: What?

Jack: Really? Hey, Chris bailed us out?

Doree: Actually, Stephen Clay just called. He's dropped all charges.

Jack: Stephen Clay?

Doree: Don't ask. I'm just filling out the paperwork, and then you're free to go.

Jack: Yeah, thanks, thanks.

Rafe: Cell phone, man. Maybe Alison called, left a message.

Jack: This is definitely Caleb playing the whole cat and mouse game with us again. 3DDAC681.JPG

Rafe: Please, please, please, please leave a message, please. She's -- there's a message.

Jack: Well, wh -- what'd she say? What? What?

Rafe: She got a lead from Elizabeth about the missing sibling.

Jack: But I thought --

Rafe: She's on the Barrington jet on the way there.

Jack: But I thought that Caleb -- I -- I --

Rafe: She always takes her cell phone with her, Jack. Which means that she's trapped on a plane with that monster.

Elizabeth: Alison, are you going to thank him? Don't turn away from me. He did exactly what you asked him to do.

Stephen: It's all right, Elizabeth. 3DDAC6B2.JPG

Elizabeth: Well, if she's not going to thank you, I will. Thank you, Stephen, for dropping the charges against Rafe and Jack. I know that my daughter knows that you didn't have to do that, but it was extremely generous of you to forgive them for all of these terrible things that everyone has done.

Stephen: It's ok, really. I just want a little peace and quiet, a chance to create good music, and spend more time with you.

Elizabeth: And that's what you're going to get, if I have anything to do with it.


Elizabeth: What was that?

Stephen: Relax -- just a little turbulence.

Alison: It must be the storm that the pilot was talking about. 3DDAC6D8.JPG

Pilot: Folks, the wind has gotten a little rougher than I'd like. I'll see if I can turn us around before this gets too out of hand.

Elizabeth: Oh, God.

Stephen: This guy's probably a pro. He's probably been through weather that's, like, a thousand times worse.

Elizabeth: I don't care how many times he's flown through this, this is not normal.

Alison: It's getting worse.

Elizabeth: Alison, hold on. It's going to be ok. It'll be all right. Oh!

Alison: Oh, my God.

Ian: Come on, Livvie, out with it.

Lucy: Yeah, I don't want an excuse. And don't try to stall, just tell us. What are you doing here? 3DDAC7A7.JPG

Livvie: Would you both just cut it out? I mean, I could ask you the same question. What are you guys doing here?

Lucy: Well, we don't happen to be covered in dirt, standing there looking guilty. We're not a mess like that.

Ian: What's going on?

Livvie: What's going on? How could you even ask me that?

Lucy: Well -- look at you. You're all sweaty, and you're -- you're -- you're shaking. Are you ok? What is going on?

Livvie: Ok? No, Lucy, how could I be? I am still so freaked out about Caleb being here. I mean, now that he's back, I feel like I've got to look over my shoulder everywhere I go. And -- and when I was coming here, I -- I tripped and I fell and I got a little dirty. 3DDAC7CF.JPG

Ian: Go on.

Livvie: And it's just all been so terrifying, seeing him again.

Lucy: Really? Has he actually tried to come after you in any way?

Livvie: No. No, at least not yet, but I just -- I keep thinking about how much I've lost and -- and how much I've changed since the first time Caleb's been back. My -- my whole life has changed. He's wrecked everything.

Ian: So you came to Jack's house?

Livvie: I thought I could try to at least make good with the things I can change, and I guess I decided I would start with Tess. I just -- I thought I could make some peace with her.

Lucy: Make peace with Tess, huh? 3DDAC7FC.JPG

Livvie: Yeah, I've been really awful to her, and I just thought --

Ian: You thought what?

Livvie: Oh, God, I don't know. I just -- I mean, I thought she'd be here. I wonder where she could be.

Tess: Livvie --

[Tess knocks on trunk]

Tess: Please. Help me.


Tess: Please.

Rafe: Ok, this is air traffic control, right? Ok, and every plane up in the air -- you have on your radar? Ok, ok, I'm just looking for one. It's the Barrington jet. Alison Barrington and Elizabeth Barrington. And the -- wait, you had it? What are you saying? 3DDAC827.JPG

Jack: What? What is it, Rafe?

Rafe: No, I'm sorry, that can't be right. Please -- please, just -- no, I'm sorry, just check again. Please, thank you.

Jack: Rafe, what's happening?

Rafe: It dropped off the radar, and they lost it.

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Marissa: I'm quitting the band.

Jack: You were supposed to be watching Tess! What could be more important than keeping Tess safe?

Elizabeth: Tell me this isn't happening. No, don't! I can't lose you.

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