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Port Charles Transcript Monday 11/18/02

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Alison: Rafe and I are going to have such a happy, normal life together. Oh, and nobody will be able to take that away from us.3DD97117.JPG Not even Caleb.

[Knock on door]

Alison: Wow. That must be my husband-to-be, who forgot his key -- again. Hi!

Elizabeth: Alison --

Alison: Oh no, no.

Elizabeth: Alison, I know that you're upset about last night, but listen, I have to talk to you. It's important.

Alison: Go away, mother.

Elizabeth: No, not until you hear what I have to say. Stop being so stubborn. Come on, I'll go away afterwards if you don't -- just listen to me, Alison. Guess what. I think I may have found your sister. 3DD9714F.JPG

Marissa: Jamal, let me go!

Jamal: Would you just -- I had to get you out of there, ok? Now let's get you someplace safe and let's go, come on.

Marissa: No! You're acting like a lunatic. I'm not going to go anywhere with you.

Jamal: Look, would you just trust me on this? Ok, you have no idea of the danger you're in, Marissa.

Marissa: Oh, really? If you think for one second that I'm going to believe that Stephen Clay is this vampire you're talking about --

Jamal: Marissa, you know that it's not that crazy. Think of the whole reason why you came to Port Charles in the first place -- because you heard about all the crazy stuff that was happening here, ok? Now come on, you even asked me when we first met about vampires. You remember that? 3DD9716A.JPG

Marissa: Yeah, I remember that, and you said that I was nuts. Do you remember that?

Jamal: I lied. I lied.

Marissa: You lied?

Jamal: Marissa, come on. I lied, ok? Your friend -- this big rock star -- he is the big bat we were talking about.

Marissa: The big bat. Ok, right, Jamal. That explains why he loves soaking up the sun, why he puts garlic on everything he eats, why I've never seen one single fang on him ever. Jamal, this is ridiculous.

Jamal: This is not a joke. I am serious.

Marissa: No, I'm serious, too, ok? I know the guy.

Jamal: No, you don't.

Marissa: Whatever. I work with Stephen Clay every day, ok? 3DD97187.JPG

Jamal: Not anymore you don't.

Marissa: What?

Jamal: As of right now, you're out of the band.

Tess: Bad -- you're bad, Livvie.

Livvie: You don't even know me.

Tess: I know you.

Livvie: So, what do you want?

Tess: Stay away from Jack. You're bad for Jack.

Livvie: How would you know if I'm good or bad for him?

Tess: Because I love him.

Tess: Why laugh?

Livvie: Because you are not so pure and perfect, Tess.

Tess: What do you mean?

Livvie: Let's see. How do I put this? Ahem. It's a word I have a feeling Jack hasn't taught you yet, and I'll keep it to one simple word, and that word is "jealous." Sweet, perfect Tess is jealous.


Jack: You thought you could do it again, huh, Caleb? Well, you're wrong because I'm going to end this now.


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Alison: So you think that you've found my sister?

Elizabeth: I hope.

Alison: Oh. Where?

Elizabeth: Canada.

Alison: Canada?

Elizabeth: Yeah, your father years ago used to do a lot of business there, and apparently he was doing more than business there. There was a woman who he was seeing, and as it turns out, she had a child, a daughter.

Alison: And you think that that daughter might be --

Elizabeth: The math works out. It very well could be that Malcolm is the father. 3DD9720F.JPG

Alison: It could be, but it's not positive that it is.

Elizabeth: Well, I don't want to get your hopes up, but I have a really good feeling about this woman.

Alison: And you talked to her?

Elizabeth: On the phone. And she's very sincere. Alison, this could be the answer that you've been looking for.

Alison: Yeah, or maybe you just want it to be so bad so you can get your hands on the money.

Elizabeth: I'm not going to lie to you, the money is important, but, Alison, I know how much this means to you, and for that reason alone, I don't want to be mistaken. What, you don't believe me?

Alison: Well, mother, you've given me plenty of reasons in the past not to. 3DD97233.JPG

Elizabeth: I don't blame you at all. You have absolutely no reason to trust me.

Alison: Well, anyway -- ok.

Elizabeth: Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I found that out.

Alison: Ok.

Elizabeth: All right. Alison, I need to apologize. I need to apologize for losing my temper last night. It was just so important. I just want you to give Stephen a chance, that's all. He's such an amazing man.

Alison: Mother, you don't even know him. You just met him.

Elizabeth: Well, you don't know him, either.

Alison: Please, please, can we not go there?

Elizabeth: Alison, he makes me happy. Can you understand that? He makes me feel more special and more wanted than I ever have in my entire life. There is no way that that man can be the monster that you and Rafe keep talking about. 3DD97264.JPG

Alison: That man -- please, I beg you, just move on to another subject.

[Elizabeth gasps]

Alison: What?

Elizabeth: Oh, look at this!

Alison: Why do you seem so surprised, you know I was engaged.

Elizabeth: I know, but this is the first time that I've seen it on your hand!

Alison: Well, that's because he just -- he just gave it to me today.

Elizabeth: You know, I saw that ring before I even knew who he was, or before I even knew it belonged to you.

Alison: That day in the Recovery Room?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm. Oh, he was so excited to give that to you. He was so nervous that you weren't going to like it, and I told him -- I said, "That is beautiful, and that lucky girl is going to love it." 3DD9728A.JPG

Alison: Yeah, I do love it. And, mother, I love Rafe.

Elizabeth: I know. When I first married your father, oh, how I loved that man. He was -- he was my life. At first --

Alison: I'm sorry that it didn't work out. I am.

Elizabeth: Well, ah, it happens all the time. You always think you're going to live happily ever after, and -- oh -- honey, not with you and Rafe. You and Rafe are going to make it. I know you will.

Jack: I'm going to kill you, Caleb!

Bodyguard: Get over there and don't move!

Second bodyguard: If either of you move, you're dead. 3DD972B3.JPG

Joshua: Are you ok?

Stephen: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Joshua: I think it's time you left.

Stephen: No. Not just yet.

Jack: I don't need your help. You missed --

Rafe: I didn't miss, Jack.

Jack: What do you mean, you didn't miss? You tried to save his life?

Rafe: I just had to stop you.

Jack: Stop me? Stop me? You're a slayer, Rafe. You know that that's Caleb. Oh, are you saying you believe this whole Stephen Clay act?

Rafe: Here, look at this. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It's a phone. Ok? It's a phone. Look at that. What do you see?

Jack: It's a picture of Caleb. Younger picture of Caleb. 3DD972D8.JPG

Rafe: Look at the name.

Jack: "Stephen Clay." So what?

Rafe: So that guy that you almost offed might actually be Stephen Clay, or so it seems.

Jack: Oh, so you're saying you believe this because of some stupid picture?

Rafe: No, no, what I'm telling you is --

jack: No, no, Rafe. It's Caleb. He can do anything, and changing his identity is nothing.

Rafe: Yeah, I know that. There's nothing that guy can do to prove to me that he's not Caleb.

Jack: Then why?

Rafe: Well, because we don't have any proof that he is Caleb. So you kill him and you are going to jail for the murder of Stephen Clay.

That is the way it would have gone down. I know that. Now listen to me. We're going to get him. Caleb is going down, but we have to be smart about this. Do you understand? 3DD972F7.JPG

Jack: Right.

Bodyguard: All right, guys, let's go.

Jack: Where are we going?

Bodyguard: You're dead meat.

Marissa: You are telling me that I am out of the band? Who the hell do you think you are, Jamal?

Jamal: Look, have you not been listening to a word that I've said? This guy is a bloodsucking vampire who sucks people's blood, ok?

Marissa: Oh, my God, you are the one who is not listen to me.

Jamal: No, no, no, and when he's really on, Marissa, he breaks their necks.

Marissa: Jamal, you don't know what you're talking about.

Jamal: Oh, I don't?

Marissa: No, you don't.

Jamal: How do you know for sure? How do you know? 3DD97399.JPG

Marissa: All right, ok. Answer me this, then -- the first time that you ever laid eyes on me, what was the first thing that went on in your head?

Jamal: Marissa, come on, we don't have time for this.

Marissa: No, we have all the time in the world for this. What was the first thing that crossed your mind?

Jamal: I thought you were Casey, ok? Fine. But what does that have to do with this?

Marissa: It has everything to do with this. I look exactly like Casey, but I was not her.

Jamal: And that proves what?

Marissa: Jamal, isn't it not possible that Stephen Clay might not be this Caleb guy you're talking about, just someone who looks like him? 3DD973BC.JPG

Jamal: I don't think that you want to stick around to find out, seriously.

Marissa: Whatever. Ok, you know what? I'm over this, Jamal. I'm out of here.

Jamal: Marissa, Marissa --

Marissa: Jamal, just stop it. Let go, ok? You know, I have to find Stephen, make sure that your stupid little stunt didn't cost me my gig.

Jamal: Marissa, I can't let you do that. I can't, Marissa.

Marissa: Jamal --

Jamal: No, I can't let you go back there.

Marissa: This is ridiculous. You cant make me stay here forever and keep me away from Stephen.

Jamal: Want to bet? Marissa -- Marissa -- stop, Marissa -- 3DD973DA.JPG

Marissa: Jamal, get out of my way.

Jamal: Marissa, stop, ok? No, I'm not getting out of your way, ok? I'm not going to let this guy turn you into a bloodsucking monster, ok, and take your life away from you. I'm not going to let him do that.

Marissa: This is my life, ok? My life has nothing to do with you.

Jamal: Yes, it does.

Marissa: Jamal, stop it!

Jamal: It has everything to do with me, because I love you, Marissa. Damn!

Livvie: That's what you are, Tess. Jealous.

Tess: No. I'm Tess.

Livvie: No. Tess, you are hopeless. "Jealous" means -- it means that you want something that someone else has, and you will do just about anything to get it. 3DD973FE.JPG

Tess: Mean. You sound mean.

Livvie: And you sound stupid. Do you know Jack feels sorry for you? He took you off the street like some mangy dog.

Tess: You always hurt Jack. Please -- go away.

Livvie: No, see, Tess, I don't have to go anywhere because I need Jack, and Jack needs me. We need each other more than ever now. He just can't see that because of you.

Tess: Jack will make you go away.

Livvie: Make me go away? Yeah. Yeah, you're -- I guess he will. You know you're right, Tess. Jack doesn't -- God, he doesn't need me because every time I come back into his life, I hurt him, just like you said, and that's not right. See, Jack saved me once, too, and not that long ago, and -- well, at least he tried to save me. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I don't blame you for loving Jack. He's a really great guy, and he deserves to be happy. And as much as it hurts to admit this, I -- I really think he could be happy with you. What I'm trying to say, Tess, is I am sorry I underestimated you. I see that now. And I will never make that mistake again. I promise. 3DD97464.JPG

Alison: Well, thank you for wishing us well.

Elizabeth: I just want the best of everything for you, Alison. I hope one day you'll believe that.

[Phone rings]

Alison: Excuse me.


Alison: Ok. Hello? Yes, this is Malcolm Barrington's daughter. Are you sure? Yes, absolutely. Can you give me your address? Do you have a pen? Uh-huh. Just a second. Ok. Ok. And that -- ok. Thank you so much for calling. Yes, I will see you tonight. Ok. Bye. 3DD97495.JPG

Elizabeth: What was that about?

Alison: That was the woman from Canada. She said that my father was the father of her daughter.

Elizabeth: See? I knew it.

Alison: She said that she had letters and things from him.

Elizabeth: Oh, honey. I'm so happy for you.

Alison: I have a sister. I have a real-life sissy. Oh, my God. I said that I would come out there and meet her tonight.

Elizabeth: Ok, I'm going to go with you

Alison: No. No, you don't have to do that. I can only imagine what that would be like --

Elizabeth: To meet the woman who had a child with my husband? Look, Alison, I have to meet her. I have to know what drew him to her, what it was that I could never give him. 3DD974C1.JPG

Alison: Ok. So I will call the crew and make sure that it's ready, and the plane's ready and everything, and we'll see if we can't just take the Barrington jet.

Elizabeth: So we'll leave right away?

Alison: Yeah, I guess we will. But first, I need to call Rafe and let him know. His voicemail. Rafe, it's Alison. I need to talk to you right away, so can you call me back? Where are you?

Stephen: So you actually tried to kill me with -- wh,h, what, a silver bullet?

Rafe: If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead. What I did was stop Jack from making a big mistake, that's all. 3DD974E6.JPG

Stephen: This guy tried to drive a stake through my heart. What, are you insane?

Jack: I know who you are, Caleb.

Rafe: Jack, Jack, Jack --

Jack: You can't fool me. I know who you are. I'll finish you off. You won't be coming back. I'm going to kill you!

Stephen: You two are both seriously out of your heads.

Rafe: Ok, ok, you know what? Maybe you'd understand if you had a picture of Caleb Morley.

Stephen: Understand what? That I look like an imaginary vampire?

Rafe: I know it sounds bizarre, ok? Yeah, it is bizarre, so maybe we made a mistake, ok? 3DD974FE.JPG

Stephen: No, a mistake is when you wear brown shoes with a black suit. That's a mistake. Trying to stab a stake through my heart -- that's attempted murder.

Rafe: But I stopped it before anybody got hurt, all right? That's what happened. So you know what they say -- no harm, no foul. Why don't you tell your goons to let us go, and we'll just be on our merry way, all right?

Stephen: I don't think so.

Rafe: I'll talk to Jack. Jack, you'll never do this again, right, ok? Is that good enough? Come on.

Stephen: You know, when you showed up at my concert and you jumped up on stage yelling that I was a vampire, I thought it was kind of funny. And then when we went out to dinner the other night, and you kept asking those inane questions, I was mildly amused. But look at me, boys. I ain't laughing anymore. You tried to kill me. And now you're going to pay for it. 3DD975DD.JPG

Marissa: You -- you what?

Jamal: Look, I don't know how it happened, ok, because falling in love was the last thing that was on my mind, and then you showed up. Look, but it's true. Look, I love you, ok? Look, and I would do anything I have to do to protect you and keep you safe. Ok, I know I'm asking a lot to ask you to walk away from a chance of a lifetime, but I'm scared to death what'll happen if you don't. Say something. Anything.

Marissa: It's over, Jamal.

Jamal: What?

Marissa: I mean with the band. It's over.

Jamal: Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure?

Marissa: Yeah. 3DD9760F.JPG

Jamal: Yeah? Thank you. Oh, God, thank you.

Marissa: Anything. And just in case you're wondering -- I love you, too.

Livvie: Jack and I were talking about you tonight, Tess. Did you know that he loves you, too?

Tess: I know.

Livvie: Yeah, um, I was wondering if you knew what a gift is.

Tess: Gift?

Livvie: Yeah. A gift -- it's -- it's something special you give to someone when you want them to know that you care about them. And guess what. Jack got a gift for you. Uh uh. It's right in here. You want to see? Come on. It's ok. Jack really wants you to have it. I mean, in fact, if you don't go and look inside this trunk here, I really think that it would hurt Jack, and I know you wouldn't want to hurt Jack the way I did, now, would you? No. No, I didn't think so. So come on. Come on, let's -- let's see what special thing he's got for you in here. 3DD97661.JPG

Tess: Oh!

Livvie: I hope you like your present, Tess.

[Tess pounds on trunk]

Livvie: I know I do.

[Tess cries]

Rafe: Where are you going? No, would you come back here? I'm talking to you! What the hell were you thinking?

Jack: What the hell was I thinking? I was thinking that I was going to kill that bastard before he gets to somebody I care about.

Rafe: He hasn't done anything to anybody yet.

Jack: Oh, so we just wait until he does, Rafe? Hello, come on, you're the slayer.

Rafe: Yeah, I'm -- look, Jack, this guy has come back differently this time. Ok, he's Stephen Clay, right? Millions of people think this guy is Stephen Clay. They love his music. They want his autograph. 3DD9768B.JPG

Jack: But we both know that he's Caleb.

Rafe: Do you have proof? Huh? Do you? I am telling you, this guy -- he's playing a game, and it's a very clever game, and the only way we're going to beat him is if we play a better one.

Jack: And what if we don't? There's only one way to kill Caleb, and if you hadn't interfered --

Rafe: If I hadn't interfered, you'd be in jail for the murder of Stephen Clay. And Caleb -- he would have just found some other way to be reborn!

Jack: Oh. Ok, Rafe, what do we do now?

Rafe: I'd say we just relax because obviously we've got a lot of time to think about it. 3DD976B6.JPG

Jack: I mean, what if Caleb's out there closing in on someone we know, we care about, while we're sitting here in jail?

Alison: I cannot believe that I am just a plane ride away from meeting my new sister. My God, I hope that Rafe got the message, you know? I hope he gets here in time.

Elizabeth: Alison, there's something that I have to tell you.

Alison: Well, I told him to hurry up and get here a.s.a.p, that we would be leaving soon, so --

pilot: Ms. Barrington, I've just been warned of storm heading in. If we want to reach Canada tonight, we're going to have to leave now.

Alison: He's going to miss it. He's not going to be able to come. 3DD976D8.JPG

Elizabeth: Well, you can call him just as soon as we land.

Alison: Oh, Rafe, you are here. I was so worried that you might -- what the hell are you doing here?

Stephen: I'm sorry to disappoint you. Your -- your fiancÚ, it seems, won't be able to make it.

Pilot: We're cleared for takeoff, folks. Fasten your seat belts.

Alison: No, wait! Stop this plane!

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Livvie: You just scared me.

Lucy: Yeah, I can see that. What are you up to here? 3DD97792.JPG

Stephen: Alison's cell phone.

Rafe: Caleb, if you lay one finger on her, I will kill you.

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