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Port Charles Transcript Friday 11/15/02

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Livvie: I'm so scared, jack. I'm really, really scared.

Jack: I know, but we're not going to let caleb get us again, all right? We won't let him.

Livvie: But how are we going to --

jack: I -- I don't know, all right? But we're going to get caleb -- we're going to get rid of him for good this time, ok?

Announcer: Today the role of jamal woods is being played by izzy ossencolo.

Jamal: Yo, jack, anybody home?

Jack: Jamal, man, hey, you're back.

Jamal: Oh, my god.

Jack: Yeah.

Jamal: This is her? This is tess? 3DD57CAD.JPG

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Jamal, look, I --

jamal: Dude, you weren't kidding when you said she looked like livvie. I mean, she could be livvie.

Livvie: I am livvie, you idiot.

Jamal: Livvie? But I thought --

livvie: Yeah.

Jamal: Whwhat's going on here? Where's tess?

Livvie: You obviously have no idea what you've missed.

Jamal: What I've missed?

Livvie: Why don't you tell him, jack? Bring him up to speed on all the events in the past 24 hours -- the highlight being our good friend caleb is back, alive and well in port charles.

Stephen: No, you don't have to thank me. My fans have been very loyal, very patient. But now that they've seen who I am, this press conference -- it's my way of thanking them for their blind faith in the faceless man behind the stepheclclay experience. 3DD57CDC.JPG

Rafe: Ahem. Sorry, I got a little choked up.

Stephen: Why am I not surprised you're here?

Rafe: You know, like a bad penny, I guess.

Stephen: That about covers it. You got some questnsns for me, or maybe you're just here as a fan?

Rafe: I think you're missing a wallet.

Stephen: Would you excuse me for a minute? Thank you. You know, I've been looking for that.

Rafe: Well, then it's a good thing I found it, because you left it here in the restaurant last night. You might have dropped it or something.

Stephen: It's funny, I'm usually not so clumsy. Thank you for returning it. 3DD57D03.JPG

Rafe: Well, I know what it's like to lose one of those things. I mean, it's like your whole life is in there, right? Credit cards, driver's license, a whole bunch of personal identification numbers you just wouldn't want to get into the wrong hands. You don't know what kind of information somebody could dig up.

Stephen: I'll bet.

Rafe: You ok? You might need some more of those electrolytes you're always drinking.

Stephen: You know, vampire slayer, sometimes things aren't what they seem, but sometimes they are.

Rafe: Sometimes things are what they seem -- that's pretty good. It's kind of catchy. It could be your next hit song. 3DD57D28.JPG

Stephen: Maybe it will be. And if we win a grammy, I'll be sure to thank you for the inspiration.

Rafe: Oh, thank you.

Joshua: Ladies and gentlemen, members of the press, thank you very much for joining us this evening to document this long-awaited and much-anticipated event. We're going to usher in a new era in the life of one of rock's most famouanand yet most reclusive legends. The gossip, the speculation, all the rumors will be laid to rest for once and for all in just a few moments, when stephen clay's life becomes an open book.


Lucy: What -- what -- what did you just say to me?

Ian: I -- I said that tess was telling the truth. And she looked in my heart and she saw something that I didn't think was possible, that I didn't want to admit to you -- that I love you. 3DD57D61.JPG

Lucy: Of course you love me. I love you, too. We're friends -- best friends, and that's what you do when you're friends. You care very deeply for each other.

Ian: No, that's -- no. No. Let's not do this dance, not now. Please, this is really hard.

Lucy: I'm not sure what dance you're talking about.

Ian: I don't mean "I love you" in -- I mean I have fallen in love. I've fallen in love with you.

Lucy: Damn you. Damn you! Do you understand what you've done, now that you've said it? There's no turning back.

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Jamal: You saw him? You actually -- 3DD57DB4.JPG

jack: Yeah, yeah, yeah, jamal. Apparently, beinundead is not good enough for one lifetime.

Livvie: Only this time he's going by the name of stephen clay.

Jamal: What?

Jack: Yeah, stephen clay.

Livvie: You know, the rock star. That's who he's pretending to be.

Jamal: Oh, ok, you know what? Now I know you guys are whacked. Marissa and ricky have both seen this guy. They're in his band.

Jack: Jamal, marissa and ricky weren't here when the vampires were here. They don't know what he looks like.

Jamal: Oh, you know, this is crazy. This is just too crazy. 3DD57DCE.JPG

Livvie: Hey, you don't believe it? Well, why don't you take a look at this?

Joshua: So, without further ado, I give you your savior onstage, stephen clay and the stephen clay experience.


Livvie: Well, do you believe us now?

Jamal: How can this be happening?

Jack: I don't know, but there he is.

Livvie: Yeah, back and bigger than life.

Stephen: Firsofof all, I'd -- I'd like to thank you all for being here, and not just tonight, but from the beginning. Your love and support and devotion has inspired me beyond my wildest dreams. And it's brought us all to this moment. And now I'd like take the time to share this moment with the people that make the music possible. And that's my incredible band. Cass morrison on bass. 3DD57E02.JPG


Stephen: Reese black on guitar. And our very talented new drummer, ricky garza.

Marissa: Ricky!

Stephen: Last but not least, I want to introduce you to an amazing young woman. She wrote "the gift." And somehow her words have captured the essence of who I really am -- the real stephen clay. And that's marissa leong.


Woman: Whoo!

Man: Yeah.

Jamal: Marissa. My god, she has no idea what she's gotten herself into.

Jack: Whoa, whoa -- where are you going, man?

Jamal: I got to get out of here! I got to go warn her! 3DD57E2A.JPG

Livvie: Yes, you'd better hurry, jamal. Because destroying love is what caleb does best. We all know that.

Reporter: Stephen, you say that you want to reveal to us and to the world who you really are. And after all this time, we're very anxious to know. So tell us -- who is stephen clay?

Stephen: I'm actually a very simple man. Everything I'm about is right there in the music.

Reporter: So you're telling us everything we need to know about you, other than what you look like, is contained in your lyrics?

Stephen: Well, maybe not everything. What I had for breakfast is not very profound. 3DD57E4C.JPG


Reporter: Seriously, you did come here to take questions.

Stephen: Take them, yes.

Reporter: Good.

Stephen: Whether or not I answer them depends on the question.


Victor: Rafe. I'm sorry I'm late. I had a terrible time getting through all those people. It's as if they're lined up to see the pope.

Rafe: Yeah, well, like the pope, stephen is into his adoring throng.

Victor: Anyway, you'll be happy to hear I got you what you want.

Rafe: Victor, that's a phone.

Victor: Capable of receiving pictures over the internet. It's so advanced, it's not even onhehe market yet. 3DD57E6B.JPG

Rafe: It's incredible.

Victor: No, it's very simple. Do you realize with the pace of modern technology, in 20 years, we're all going to be wearing personal computers like wristwatches. We'll be able to program buying airline tickets online or adjusting V.C.R.'S thousands of miles --

rafe: Victor -- victor, this is all very interesting, but get back to the phone.

Victor: My guys are on the case.


Victor: They're actually happy to be helping us because they think there may be a security tie-in. If anyone has ever taken a photograph anywhere of the real stephen clay, we'll find it. When we do, you'll have it, and it'll come over that telephone wherever you are. 3DD57E8E.JPG

Rafe: And once I prove that stephen clay is actually caleb morley, I can do my job.

Victor: Which would be what exactly?

Lucy: Why, ian? Why are you doing this?

Ian: Because we both know it's there. You can't be that surprised by it.

Lucy: No, I guess not. I guess I kind of thought -- I don't know, maybe it was just a crazy idea that if I stopped you from saying it out loud, we could just pretend it wasn't there and it would just go away.

Ian: Is that what you want? Doouou want this to go away? You want me to go away?

Lucy: No, I -- no, I don't want you to go away. I -- I -- I don't know what I want right now or anymore. I'm very confused. 3DD57F49.JPG

Ian: I am, too. And --

lucy: You -- you are my best friend. I think I trust you more than anybody in the whole world. I know I need you more than anybody in the whole world. And, oh, my god, it would be so easy to be with you. So easy. Especially now, since I'm so alone and lonely, and you are -- and you are so right that there is something between us. I have no idea what we should call what is between us. I couldn't define it, but I admit it is definitely there. But I'm married to the man that I waited for my whole life. And I made him a promise, for better or for worse. And even though right now is more worse than I ever dreamed possible, I have to honor that promise. I have -- I've got to say this to you, and I need you to hear it. If kevin were here rhtht now, I would choose him. If he comes back, I would have to choose him. So no matter how much I feel for -- it will always be him. 3DD57FB5.JPG

Reporter: Mr. Clay, you say that you're a simple man. Exactly what does that mean?

Stephen: Just that. I'm no different than any of you. And I love and I laugh and I hurt like -- like everybody in this room, like everybody out there watching.

Livvie: Come on, don't believe him, his lies. They're all lies.

Caleb: You can either fortt olivia and join me, or -- or you'll die. She gave herself to me because she wanted me.

Livvie: It's caleb I love. I'm -- I'm marrying caleb.

Caleb: It's a sin to come between a man and his wife! She told you who she wants. Now get out! Tonight, I purge you of jack once and for all! 3DD57FE4.JPG

Livvie: No, jack!

Caleb: Tell him how you cried out my name.

Jack: I said stop!

Caleb: Aah! Tonight, I filet a man from top to bottom -- rip jack limb from limb. I wanted more than your heart, olivia. I wanted your soul. Going somewhere? I don't think so.

Jack: I can't let you win, caleb. Not this time.

Reporter: Mr. Clay, can you tell us where you're from?

Stephen: Everywhere -- nowhere. All that matters now is I'm here, that I've found a home in port charles.

Rafe: Why would he choose port charles? 3DD58011.JPG

Reporter: And why port charles, of all places?

Stephen: Maybe it chose me. I don't know. I just like the people, the town, the feeling that you get here, the sensththat you can find your dreams in a place like this.

Reporter: What about your love life got a main squeeze?

Stephen: Let's just say I don't think you can create music without having experienced a great love.

Livvie: He's talking about me.

Stephen: If you wanna walk babe, I will walk with you to the freak show we created if you really wanna do

jack: Oh, my god, what's he doing? No, no.

Tess: Jack -- 3DD5803A.JPG

jack: Tess, no!

Tess: Jack!

Jack: Can't let him touch you! No, tess. No, he's talking about tess.

Livvie: Jack, where are you going? Jack!

Joshua: I'm going to have to wind this down now. Stephen and the band have to get to rehearsal, and it's my job to get them there on time. Members of the pre a and all the fans who came down to see the band this evening, thank you very much. And to everybody at home, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you. Good night.

Stephen: Thank you.


Jamal: Marissa. Thank god you're still here. 3DD5805C.JPG

Marissa: Oh, gosh, I guess somebody missed me while he was gone.

Jamal: Baby, come on, I got to get you out of here.

Marissa: Wait -- no, no, no, I can't go --

jamal: No, I'll explain to you now. Let's go.

Marissa: Jamal, what are you talking abou

rafe: Ok. , "Transmitting photo." This is it, caleb. Any minute now, I'll see the man whose identity you've stolen. And your little game will be over.

Ian: It will always be kevin.

Lucy: I'm sorry, ian.

Ian: Oh, don't -- no. No, no. Uh-uh. I'm --

ian: You're an incredible woman. I know, the honorable thing is to say I'm sorry and, you know, I didn't mean what I said and to send you on your way. But I can't do that. I can'T. If I learned anything the past few years, it's that there are moments, very rare moments in our lives when we connect with someone. When we look in their eyes and we can see ourselves knowing happiness with them. That's whalolove is, you know, something that overcomes you, and there's no way in hell you're going to stop it. So you think you got to say something, you got to do something because you don't want that to go away, you know. You don't want this to be your last chance, and you -- 3DD58168.JPG

lucy: Ian --

ian: No, you --

lucy: Ian, but --

ian: You got to let me finish. Let me try, please. Because I saw -- I -- I know I'm not alone in this. I know you feel something, too. And I know you can't let yourself give in to it because you have to honor the vows you made to kevin. I understand that. I really do, and that's my point. That's what I've been struggling with this this whole time because I know it isn't fair. It isn't fair to kevin. It isn't fair to you because you're vulnerable, and you know what? It isn't fair to me because I'm vulnerable and I shouldn't feel this way about you, but I do. I did. I -- no, I -- I do. I -- but when you say "always," I -- I'm not in a place where I can talk about forever anymore because all forever really is to me are just a handful of memieies that I allowed myself to hold on to. But if all we take from this is one very rare moment -- well, I'll take that. I'll take that, and I will be contented. I can do that. I can -- I will do that. I will. I will. What I can't do is let you slip away without a fight. 3DD581D3.JPG

Lucy: You -- you have to. I -- I care so much about you that I cannot -- I am unable to hurt you. I won'T. I can'T.

Ian: I would take my chances, lucy. I'd take them in a minute.

Livvie: Jack, is that you?

[Tess hums "naked eyes"]

Livvie: Tess. What do you want? What is your problem? Stop humming that song. I said stop it, tess!

Tess: Bad. Bad livvie.

Rafe: Ok, come on, come on. What's taking so long?

Joshua: Judging from the way things went, I would say you're going to be bigger than we ever expected. 3DD58233.JPG

Stephen: Well, that was the point, wasn't it?

Marissa: Jamal, what do you think you're doing? Let me go.

Jamal: I know what I'm doing. It's you that doesn't have a clue.

Marissa: You know what? For the last time, what are you talking about?

Ricky: I'll tell you what he's talking about. He's talking about that vampire garbage.

Jamal: Garbage? Look, I'm not going to let what I saw happen to my friends happen to marissa.

Ricky: Yeah, well, I'm not going to let you ruin the chance of a lifetime for me or her over some stupid fantasy.

Jamal: I'm telling you what I know.

Ricky: I don't know what you've been smoking, all right -- 3DD5824D.JPG

marissa: You guys --

ricky: But marissa stays in the band. You're going to stay in --

jamal: The hell she does!

Marissa: Ricky!

Reese: Oh, my god!

Marissa: Jamal, what do you think you're doing?

Jamal: I'm sorry. I just --

marissa: What -- !

Jamal: I'll explain it to you later.

Marissa: Let me go! Jamal, put me down!

Rafe: I don't believe it. Could he really be stephen clay?

Jack: You're not getting her, caleb! You hear me? This ends right now!

 Stay tuned for scenes from the next "port charles: Naked eyes."

 On the next "port charles" -- 3DD58309.JPG

elizabeth: I think I may have found your sister.

Marissa: I work with stephen clay every day, ok?

Jamal: Not anymore, you don'T.

Marissa: What?

Jamal: As of right now, you're out of the band.

Livvie: Let's see what special thing he's got for you in here.

Singer: Naked eyes

tess: Aah!

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