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Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 11/13/02

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Stephen: Dinner?

Rafe: You said you were hungry, right?

Stephen: You're --

Rafe: Rafe Kovich.

Stephen: Yeah, the vampire guy --

Elizabeth: Yeah, the guy that ruined the concert. He's engaged to my daughter.

Stephen: Small world.

Elizabeth: You know, I already told them that I don't think this is a very good idea. 3DD2D9A0.JPG

Stephen: No, no. Dinner sounds good. You sure you'd be ok with it?

Rafe: Oh, yeah, yeah. Look, I -- I am really sorry about the way I acted at your show. I really regret that, so I just thought I would make it up to you by taking you out to -- well, it's this hot new place in town, Selene's or Seleni's or -- it's so new, I'm not --

Stephen: Seleni's. Yeah. I've eaten at the one in the city.

Rafe: Ok, so, let's go?

Stephen: Yeah, all right. I believe in second chances. Get your things, ladies.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Stephen: Sure you can handle dinner with a vampire?

Rafe: Oh, yeah, I'll be fine -- as long as I'm not the main course. 3DD2D9D7.JPG

[Tess hums "Crooked Avenue"]

Livvie: Would you listen to her humming? That's Caleb's song, Jack. She's a monster, just like he is.

Jack: Livvie, leave her alone, all right?

Livvie: He brought her here to toy with us -- all of us.

Jack: Ian, get her out of here.

Livvie: She's Caleb's. Can't you see that?

Jack: If you don't shut up, I'm going to throw you out.

Livvie: But Caleb is out there.

Ian: We'll be at the loft.

Jack: All right.

Tess: No, Jack --

Jack: Sweetie, go, go. It's going to be ok.

Ian: It's ok.

Jack: You'll be safe with Ian. 3DD2D9EB.JPG

Livvie: Oh, please.

Ian: I'll watch her.

Jack: Yes, I'll come get you tomorrow, all right?

Livvie: Yeah, and I'll come get you with a stake in my hand!

Jack: If you do anything to Tess, I will come after you, and I will not be responsible for what I do.

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Livvie: I can't believe you're actually threatening me.

Jack: Well, if you go after Tess, there won't be just threats.

Livvie: Oh, my God. You've fallen in love with her, haven't you?

Jack: I'm not discussing tess with you, Livvie. Just leave her alone, all right?

Livvie: Ok. Fine, then. Let's discuss Caleb because he paid me a visit tonight. 3DD2DA30.JPG

Jack: He what?

Livvie: Yeah, while you were protecting your poor, helpless Tess, Caleb came after me.

Jack: What did he do?

Livvie: Well, , at first, I thought he was going to kill me.

Jack: But obviously he didn't.

Livvie: No, Jack, he hasn't had enough fun torturing me yet.

Jack: What did he say?

Livvie: He acts like he isn't Caleb, like he's really just this Stephen Clay guy, but I know him, Jack.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, you do know him, don't you?

Livvie: I think he wants to drive me crazy, just torturing me, pretending that he's someone else, but -- I mean, he -- he created an exact replica to take over my life. 3DD2DA56.JPG

Jack: No. No, he did not create her!

Livvie: Open your eyes, Jack. Tess showed up in town the same time Caleb did. Caleb owns her. He owns her.

Ian: Yes, Colleen. No. Thank you. Thanks for watching the boy for the night. I really appreciate it. I do. You know he loves you. All right. Hey. How you doing?

Tess: Nice place. It's good here.

Ian: Yeah, I know, it's -- it's -- it's comfortable. Can I get you anything? Do you --

Ian: That's -- that's one of Danny's toys. Do you want me to show you how it works? Ok, hang on. Just go like this. 3DD2DA8D.JPG

[Tess laughs]

Ian: It's funny, right? Did you have toys like that when you were a kid? Hmm? Do you remember being a kid? Where are you from?

Tess: The forest.

Ian: I know -- the forest. That's where Jack found you. But what about before that?

Tess: The forest.

Ian: Forest. Ok. Well, how long did you live there? This is important. How long did you live in the forest?

Tess: Always.

Ian: Always. Ok, what does that mean to you, always"? Is that a year, a month, a week, what? What are you?

Tess: I'm Tess. 3DD2DAC3.JPG

Ian: You're Tess. I -- right. You're Tess. Ok. I got to ask you one more question. Then you can play with anything you want in here. Just -- do you know a man by the name of Caleb Morley? Do you -- the guy who was singing tonight, the guy who was on the -- Tess!

Rafe: Table for four, please.

Hostess: Do you have a reservation?

Rafe: No, I don't.

Hostess: I'm sorry. We're booked up for the whole -- it's you.

Stephen: Yeah, last time I checked.

Hostess: We're really crowded, but we do have a private dining room in the back if you like, Mr. Clay. 3DD2DAEE.JPG

Stephen: That'd be very kind of you. Thank you.

Man: Mr. Clay, can I have your autograph? You were incredible onstage tonight. It was so great finally seeing you.

Stephen: What's your name, man?

Man: Dave.

Stephen: It's nice meeting you, Dave.

Dave: Thanks.

Alison: Wait, wait. I don't know if this is such a good idea, this dinner.

Rafe: You know what they say -- you keep your enemies close --

Alison: I know, but this is a little too close, if you ask me.

Rafe: I wouldn't have brought you here if I thought you were in any danger. You know that, right? 3DD2DB1A.JPG

Alison: Ye, , I know, but, Rafe, this is Caleb.

Rafe: Right now, he's presenting himself as a rock star. So whatever game he's playing, killing people isn't part of it yet.

Elizabeth: I'm so sorry, Stephen. You are quite a sport for putting up with this.

Stephen: Some things are worth it.

Stephen: What's the matter, you get lost?

Rafe: No, I just asked the hostess to bring over their best bottle of champagne.

Stephen: Nice.

Alison: Thank you. Stephen, they actually serve water here if you prefer the restaurant's.

Stephen: Actually, alison, this is a special blend. It's loaded with electrolytes. It's good for keeping the vocal cords hydrated. Would you like to try some? 3DD2DB4D.JPG

Alison: No. I'm fine, thank you.

Waitress: Would you like to hear our specials this evening?

Stephen: Oh, please.

Waitress: We have a pan-roasted Atlantic salmon with a light peppercorn crust, and our osso bucco is slow-roasted with a rich demi-glace, served over mushroom risotto.

Rafe: How about you, Stephen? What looks good to you?

Stephen: I'll have a steak, rare. Blood rare.

Livvie: Would you just think about it, j

Jack? Why do you think everyone is so caught up in how special and pure and wonderful tess is?

Jack: Because she is all those things. 3DD2DBEF.JPG

Livvie: No, it's because that's what Caleb wants. That's what he's good at, remember? He pulls people in one by one and then picks us off whenever he feels like it. And then he created that -- that thing to take over my life and reel everyone else in.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. "That thing"? Is that what you call Tess? Livvie, look at you. You're barely human anymore. Look at what you've become.

Livvie: Yeah, and when did that happen, Jack? When? When Caleb turned my life inside out. I'm well aware of who I am and the things I've done, but this -- this is not just me. I didn't do this alone. And god knows I am paying the price for my sins. I have -- my baby -- Jack, my -- my baby -- I don't have anyone. I have nobody in my life, no place to go. And you, of all people, I thought was the one person that still cared about me, but you have made that very clear that you don't give a damn about me anymore. So where do I go from here? Where can I go to hide from him, Jack? I can't do this alone. I can't be alone right now. So, please, I am begging you. I need to stay with you, Jack. I know you don't want to, and I know I shouldn't even be asking, but I'm really, really scared right now. 3DD2DC4D.JPG

Jack: Ok. Ok, you can stay here.

Livvie: Oh, thank you, Jack.

Jack: You can have the bed, and I'll sleep on the couch.

Livvie: Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

Tess: Ian. Family.

Ian: Yeah, that's ian and his family. That's my boy danny right here and -- and that's my wife, eve. She's dead. She died. It's one of the only pictures I have of the three of us.

Tess: She loves you.

Ian: What?

Tess: I see in her eyes. Love there.

Ian: Yeah, I -- you know, you should get some rest. That's your room right touough there, ok? 3DD2DC94.JPG

Tess: It hurts.

Ian: No, it's -- it's all better, it's all fixed now.

Tess: No, no. No, not the cut. Your heart still hurts because she -- she died. I can't fix that. I can't fix that.

Rafe: Blood rare, huh?

Stephen: Actually, I'm a vegetarian. I don't believe in killing things.

Waitress: Well, we have a wonderful grilled vegetable dish if you like.

Stephen: After you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Oh, I'd love that. Thank you.

Stephen: Make it two.

Alison: Um -- I'll have the salmon. 3DD2DCBD.JPG

Rafe: I'll have a steak, medium.

Waitress: Great. And when you're finished, we have a back exit if you don't want to be bothered by any more fans.

Stephen: Thank you.

Alison: So, does that get annoying, with all of the people and the extra attention and things?

Stephen: Well, actually, Alison, that's one of the reasons why I kept my identity a secret at first. I'm actually a very private person.

Rafe: But you've changed?

Stephen: My fans have been good to me. I thought maybe they deserve a concert.

Rafe: Right. But no real gift is for free, right? 3DD2DCE6.JPG

Stephen: So you know the music. And here I thought this whole time you only liked this vampire band.

Rafe: Again, my mistake.

Stephen: Actually, that little drama you caused created quite a buzz. Maybe I should be thanking you.

Rafe: Don't mention it.

Stephen: But to answer your question, Alison, it actually felt good to connect with the fans, to share the music and -- it made me feel appreciated.

Rafe: So that -- that's important to you?

Stephen: I'm human, aren't I? Actually, this -- this vampire business of yours seems to have gotten around, Rafe.

Rafe: How's that?

Stephen: Well, after the concert, I passed by this girl stuck on the side of the road. Her car had broken down. And when I got out -- well, she must've been a friend of yours because she started in this whole big vampire business, although there was this added love story or something. 3DD2DD13.JPG

Elizabeth: A love story?

Stephen: Yeah. Yeah, apparently this girl and this guy Caleb were married and all this stuff happened to them, but it ended up with her driving a stake right into his heart. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Alison: Yes, it's Livvie.

Elizabeth: You saw this?

Alison: No, we didn't see it, but some other people did in the town.

Stephen: Well, I guess that's how legends get started.

Rafe: Yeah, well, you know, we're just a camp full of gypsies hanging on to our old world superstitions. But while we're on the subject of legends, tell us, how did the stephen clay experience come into being?

Stephen: You mean, where was I born, all that blah, blah, blah? Well, rafe, actually I was raised by a pack of wolves and -- 3DD2DD3F.JPG

Rafe: You're a funny guy, so, come on, keep humoring me.

Stephen: It's the same old story, man. Small town, single child, devoting parents.

Rafe: What's the name of the town?

Stephen: Ah, we don't want to turn it into a Graceland, do we?

Rafe: Right, right. Did you go away to school?

Stephen: School really wasn't my gig.

Rafe: Right, music was, right?

Stephen: My passion -- amongst other things.

Rafe: How'd you get your start?

Elizabeth: What is this, 20 questions?

Stephen: No, no, sweetheart, it's ok. Rafe is still trying to figure out if I'm his vampire guy. 3DD2DD5E.JPG

Rafe it's an extraordinary resemblance, including the sarcastic sense of humor.

Stephen: Better to be sarcastic than have none at all.

Rafe: So -- why did you pick Port Charles? I mean, it's not exactly the rock 'n' roll capital of the world.

Stephen: Joshua thought it'd be good to start small and create a buzz, which, thanks to you, we did. Why'd you come here?

Rafe: My job, originally.

Stephen: And your job is?

Rafe: Vampire slayer.

[Stephen laughs]

Stephen: Oy, I take it back. You do have a sense of humor. That or a serious drug problem. I'm not sure which.

Rafe: Yeah, pretty funny, huh?

Elizabeth: I got to go. All this prattle is giving me a headache. 3DD2DD89.JPG

Stephen: I guess that's the lady's way of saying she finds our conversation tiresome. And no offense, Alison, so do I. Hey, you know what? Next time you want to conduct an interview, call my publicist. I'll even throw in a couple autographed pictures.

Alison: That went really well.

Jack: No. No.

Livvie: Hey, Jack. It's ok. I'm here. Ok? I know what you went through, what we both went through. We'll help each other.

Ian: How do you know how much it hurts?

Tess: Your wife. And your heart. 3DD2DE7B.JPG

Ian: And what do you -- what do you feel when you touch my heart?

Tess: More love is still there.

Ian: No, I don't think there is.

Tess: More love. You're mad?

Ian: No. No, I'm -- how do you know these things? How can you see these things?

Tess: I'm tired. I miss Jack.

Ian: Yeah, well, we'll see him tomorrow, ok? Why don't you go lay down. Your room is right through there, first door on the right.

Tess: First door on the right.

Ian: Yeah. Come on, I'll show you.

Tess: No. No, I know. First door on the right. Ian? 3DD2DEB6.JPG

Ian: Yeah?

Tess: Sweet dreams.

Ian: Sweet dreams.

Ian: Sweet dreams.

Alison: I've completely lost my appetite. Did you see the way that she was looking at him?

Rafe: Look, here's the thing. You got to look at this from your mother's point of view. She's never seen Caleb before. And the idea of vampires to most people is laughable.

Alison: Is that why you said the whole line about being a vampire slayer -- to make them laugh?

Rafe: No. This whole act he's got going on is designed to make anyone suspicious of him look like a fool.

Alison: Well, honey, it's really working. 3DD2DEE0.JPG

Rafe: I know. So hopefully he'll let his guard down.

Alison: I don't understand. We didn't get any information out of them, and dinner was a complete bust.

Rafe: Well, I wouldn't say "complete bust."

Alison: You stole his wallet?

Rafe: No, no, I borrowed it. I got it right outside the restaurant.

Alison: Rafe --

Rafe: Do you know how much you can find out from someone's social security card? Like who the real Stephen Clay really was.


Rafe: Somebody had to die for Caleb to take over their identity. Now we just have to find out who.

Stephen: What a night. 3DD2DF15.JPG

Elizabeth: What? What is it?

Stephen: Just that -- I must've left my wallet at the restaurant.

Elizabeth: Let me call over there, and I can have them look around, and someone can bring it back by.

Stephen: No, no, I'm -- I'm sure whoever found it will do the right thing. Huh.

Elizabeth: So, why me?

Stephen: Excuse me?

Elizabeth: You could have any woman that you want, and I've done nothing but bring baggage to the few days that we've known each other.

Stephen: You've just forgotten how special you are.

Elizabeth: I don't feel very special right now. I'm so embarrassed.

Stephen: What? About tonight? Don't worry about tonight. I'll handle the vampire slayer. All you need to worry about is handling me.

Scenes from the next Port Charles,....

Lucy: Did she spend all night here dressed like that? Goody.

Livvie: You think I'm using Caleb to trap you into having sex with me?

Jack: It's not like you haven't worked that angle before.

Rafe: Will you do me the incredible honor of being my wife?

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