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Port Charles Transcript Monday 10/28/02

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Jack: Oh, come on, come on. Got to get back to Tess.

Lucy: Oh, hi. I'm glad I ran into you. How's Livvie?

Jack: Well, she's pretty much back to her usual self. You know, I should've left her down by the river where I found her.

Lucy: You found her?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, and I brought her here.

Lucy: No, I found her by the roadside wandering around, looking pretty bad, and I brought her here.

Jack: No, Lucy, I managed to get her into my --

Lucy: Your car? Me -- me, too.

Jack: Ok, are you as freaked out as I am?

Lucy: What the devil is going on around here?


Livvie: Oh, my God. Oh, it's like looking into a mirror. It's like looking right into my own face.

Livvie: Oh -- no.

No! No! Oh, my God.

Ian: What is it? What's wrong?

Livvie: No, there! Go get her!

Ian: What's got you so upset?

Livvie: It was me, Ian!

Ian: What do you mean, it was you?

Livvie: I saw me! It was another me standing right beside me! Please -- please, go find her.


Mr. Cutler: The will specifically states that the remainder of his estate should be divided equally --

Elizabeth: I know -- between my daughter and myself.

Mr. Cutler: No. Equally between his two children.

Elizabeth: What? No, there has to be some mistake. Alison's his only child.

Mr. Cutler: Well, the will specifically states there's Alison and an unnamed sibling.

Elizabeth: I never -- how could he do this?

Mr. Cutler: Though there is a provision for you, too, Elizabeth. It says here you're supposed to receive an annual income of $1.

Elizabeth: What? But I'm his wife.

Mr. Cutler: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: Let me see that.

Alison: Do you know what this means?

Rafe: Yeah, Elizabethís headed to the poor house.

Alison: Rafe, this means that I have a brother or sister out there somewhere. I have a family.


Stephen: Can I offer you a lift?

Marissa: No, not until you tell me who you are -- and you are not Stephen Clay because Joshua is --

Stephen: Joshua? Joshua can't even carry a tune. I assure you, I'm Stephen Clay.

Marissa: Yeah, well, I don't believe you, ok? And this -- this whole thing is just another stupid trick.

Stephen: Is it? Take a little ride with me. I'll prove to you who I really am. Come on. I won't bite.

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Lucy: Ok. Wait, wait, wait. Livvie cannot be in two places at one time.

Jack: No. No, you're right. I mean, I know she was really upset.

Lucy: "Really upset"? Livvie was acting very strange, even by Livvie standards. She had this doll, too, she was clutching --

Jack: A doll? Oh, Lucy, please tell me you didn't bring her here.

Lucy: Did you not listen to a word I said? I found her, brought her here, because if she didn't have the surgery, she would have died.

Jack: Where is she?

Lucy: She's in her hospital room.

Jack: No, no, no --

Lucy: You were just visiting her --

Jack: Not Livvie. Not Livvie, not Livvie.

Lucy: Then who? What?

Jack: Never mind. I got to find her.

Lucy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Do you want to talk to somebody? You don't seem ok, you know? Maybe a doctor would do you good.

Jack: Lucy, Lucy, I don't need a doctor. I need to find Tess.

Lucy: Tess? Why do I keep hearing that word, Tess?

Jack: Never mind. I'll explain it later. Let it go, ok?

Lucy: Jack, you know I can't let anything go. Oh!


Nurse: Oh, come in. It's nice to have Mr. Hutchins' visitors, even though he's, you know, out of it. Poor man.

Tess: Poor man. Poor man.


Marissa: Go ahead, I'm waiting. Convince me you're Stephen Clay.

Stephen: You're even more interesting than I thought.

Marissa: I'm interesting? No, I'm waiting.

Stephen: I'm a big fan of your work. You have a gift.

Marissa: You do know that it's going to take more than cheesy flattery if you truly want to convince me that you are Stephen Clay.

Stephen: You like my music?

Marissa: I like Stephen Clay's music. Yeah, it's amazing.

Stephen: You feel a connection to it? It speaks to you?

Marissa: How did you know that?

Stephen: That's the same way I feel about your lyrics. It gets under my skin, into my blood. It stirs me. That's how powerful your words are.

Marissa: So then we're a good team. I mean -- um -- Stephen and I.

Stephen: Have you ever felt this bond with any other musician? I didn't think so. That's because you and I are a lot alike.

Marissa: You don't even know me.

Stephen: I know you better than you know yourself. I think like you. I feel like you. We both have this -- this need, this drive to have our voices heard. Some may think they know the truth, but illusion is all they see.

Marissa: Those are the lines from my song. I can't believe you -- you're using my own lines on me!

Stephen: I only use the best. You gave me this gift when you gave me your words, and now Iíd like to give something back to you in return.

Stephen: Who am I? I don't know, Marissa. You tell me. Am I imposter or the real deal? Someone destined to pass through your life or change it? Am I a player or a poet? A saint or a sinner? The voice in the crowd or -- or maybe a whisper in the dark? Who am I? And what do I bring to the party?

Stephen: I'm the dream you keep reliving, time's slipping and it's taken its toll. Iím the gift that keeps on giving, my fire's in your soul. Convinced yet?


Alison: I don't understand. Why didn't my father name this brother or sister in his will?

Rafe: Yeah, why all the mystery?

Mr. Cutler: I have to admit, it is highly unusual.

Elizabeth: Not for Malcolm.

Mr. Cutler: There is one stipulation, though. Alison does not get her inheritance until she finds her sibling.

Elizabeth: Another one of his games. Another shot at me from his grave.

Alison: Does everything have to be about you? Nana, did you know anything about this?

Amanda: Darling, I'm completely mystified. However, this is not the sort of news Malcolm would rush home to share. A child out of wedlock -- oh! Well, I'm going to go make some calls and get to the bottom of this. Thank you for coming, Phillip.

Mr. Cutler: You're welcome.

Amanda: And I assume you will be discreet?

Mr. Cutler: Absolutely.

Elizabeth: I need a drink. I always knew that he didn't love me the way that I loved him. I took his -- all of his affairs.

Rafe: But you stayed with him, hmm?

Elizabeth: You're damn right I did. I stood with him, held on to him, that -- weasel.

Rafe: Right. So then I guess you got exactly what you deserved.

Elizabeth: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Rafe: No, no. Well, maybe just a little bit. I mean, here you give up your daughter just so you can hang on to Barrington gold, and now you don't have your daughter or the gold -- unless you count that $1 a year.

Elizabeth: I'm not going to accept this. I am not going to slink off to some studio apartment. I took my husband's abuse while he was alive. I am not going to let him hurt me from the grave.

Rafe: All right, all right, fine. Then you know what? It's not too late to change your life, right? Move on, ok? Just move on.

Elizabeth: Move on? With what? My marriage, as rotten as it was, was the only investment that I have. I'm going to fight this every inch of the way. I'm going to get exactly what's coming to me.

Alison: That's enough, Elizabeth. Think you already did.


Ian: Livvie, calm down. Drink this.

Livvie: No, I don't want water, Ian. I want someone to find her.

Ian: You're not making any sense.

Livvie: There was this girl in my room who looked like me, exactly like me.

Ian: You're upset. You had a dream. You were just dreaming.

Livvie: No, I wasn't dreaming. I could reach out and touch her, she was that real. And when she walked in the room and she looked in my eyes, I felt this chill, like death had just walked into my room.

Ian: It's just us here. Look. Look around. It's just us. Let me get you something to calm you down, please.

Livvie: You think I'm crazy, but, Ian, you have to believe me. Please, I am telling the truth.

Lucy: Ian --

Jack: Livvie, what is it?

Livvie: Oh, Jack. Thank God you're here. There is this girl who came into my room. She looked like me. I looked into her eyes, and it was like looking into my own eyes. I -- great. Great. You're not going to believe me, either, are you?

Jack: No, actually, I do believe you.

Lucy: You -- you believe her? Is this -- is this what we were just talking about?

Jack: Yes.

Lucy: What is going on?

Ian: Why would Livvie say she had a visit from herself?

Jack: I met this girl who actually looks a lot like Livvie. I found her in the woods.

Livvie: Well, who is she?

Jack: I'm not sure. But I know that I had a broken leg and she fixed it.

Ian: So you found some kind of a nurse, then?

Jack: No, she's not a nurse. She healed it. She put her hand on it and healed my leg.

Ian: Sure, all right. So you found a super-nurse, doctor, whatever, and she looks like Livvie?

Lucy: Wait, wait, wait. This would explain the person that I found on the road. Jack, is that it? That girl looked exactly like Livvie.

Jack: Right.

Lucy: They could be -- I don't know.

Ian: Well, maybe you should have asked her where she was from. Maybe they're related.

Jack: Well, actually, she doesn't talk a lot. She's kind of a private little -- you know, I don't know much about this girl. I don't know how long she's been in the woods.

Livvie: Ok, so you're telling me that there is some weird, wild thing running around the forest with my face?

Jack: She's perfectly normal. She didn't speak much at first, but I've taught her some words, and we've kind of been spending some time together.

Livvie: Wait. So this is the person you've been fooling around with? You mean to tell me that you left me for -- for me?

Ian: Marcy, not now. Livvie needs to rest.

Marcy: Wasn't she in Mr. Hutchins' room?

Livvie: I don't know any Mr. Hutchins. I never left this room, I swear.

Lucy: Wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Ian: It's Tess.


Tess: Poor man. Poor man.

[Tess hums]


Marissa: Oh, my God. No one else can play like you. You have this certain touch, a distinct sound I would know anywhere.

Stephen: So I pass the test?

Marissa: You are Stephen Clay. You're really him. Wow. You are amazing.

Stephen: I'm sorry about all the mystery. I know it's a little dramatic, but necessary.

Marissa: Why?

Stephen: For me, it's not about being a rock star. It's about the music. I don't want to be seen. I want -- I want to be heard.

Marissa: So -- so, what, you're, like, shy?

Stephen: Let's just say Iím not much of a people person. I sometimes have trouble relating to others.

Marissa: You seem to be doing fine now.

Stephen: I never met anybody who understood what I was trying to say the way you do.

Marissa: Then why didn't you trust me instead of bugging my house? And don't bother denying it because it's the only way you would have gotten my lyrics.

Stephen: Is it? Maybe I just read your mind. Maybe we're so connected, we can finish each other's thoughts.

Marissa: Do you ever just answer a question directly?

Stephen: Where would the fun be in that? So, what do you say, Marissa? I think we can make music together. Will you work with me?

Marissa: Yeah.

Stephen: Good. Well, that calls for a celebration.

Marissa: On one condition. You do something for me.

Stephen: Damn. There's always one condition, isn't there? (kisses Marissa)

Marissa: Hey! What are -- what are you doing? Why did you do that?

Stephen: I thought that was it -- your one condition.

Marissa: No, no! I'm not a stupid groupie, ok? I'm not even into you like that.

Stephen: Then I owe you an apology. Although it was nice.

Marissa: What I want is for Ricky Garza to be back in the band.

Stephen: We already have a drummer.

Marissa: Then I guess we're through talking, aren't we?

Stephen: He must be quite a lover.

Marissa: Ricky is my friend, and that's all, ok? But if it wasn't for him, then I wouldn't be in here, and so I owe him big. So it's either both of us or neither of us. You can pick.

Stephen: Well, if it's going to be a deal-breaker --

Marissa: Mm-hmm.

Stephen: We'll take your little drummer boy. That's how bad I want you.

Marissa: Then you've got me -- as a writing partner, I mean. And you can drop me off right over here. I'll be fine.

Stephen: Right here will be good.

Marissa: And trust me -- you will not be sorry about Ricky.

Stephen: Drive on. I got what I needed.


Alison: You must have a calculator for a heart, don't you, Elizabeth? Can't you stop talking about money for two minutes?

Elizabeth: Aren't you angry that half of your father's estate is going to some unknown mistake of his?

Alison: Why don't you give it a rest? Money is not everything.

Elizabeth: Oh, it's easy for you to say. You're about to inherit a fortune. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just not as noble as you. I earned my share of your father's estate, and I'm going to fight until I get it.

Alison: Wow. What if I told you I would give you my share of my father's money?

Elizabeth: Tax free? I -- well, I -- I would take it. What's the catch?

Alison: There's no catch. You help me find my brother or sister, and I will give you the half that my father's left me.

Rafe: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Alison: What?

Rafe: Are you sure you want this woman in your life? I mean, she hurt you a lot.

Alison: I didn't really ever know my father. I would have no idea where to even look for my sibling, my brother or my sister. But I'm sure that you do because I'm sure that you know every single little one of his secrets.

Elizabeth: So you want me to run down the whole, long list of all of his whores and find the one that gave birth to his bastard child?

Alison: Oh, stop it. Yeah, I guess that's what I want you to do. If you want even a dime of this money, you will help me look for my brother or sister. So you better think about it, Elizabeth, because that's as good as it's going to get.

Elizabeth: Your father made me work for every cent that I ever got from him. I can see you're no different.

Rafe: Are you sure you're ok with this?

Alison: Yeah. No. I have no idea. Do I really have a choice?

Rafe: I guess not.

Alison: Oh, my God, Rafe. I have a brother or sister out there. I was so lonely growing up, and now I have the brother or sister that I always wanted. And I'm going to find him, even if it means I have to use my mother's help.


Jack: Tess?

Lucy: She's not here.

Jack: She's not used to being around people. She's probably terrified.

Livvie: Yeah, and I'm not?

Jack: I have to find Tess, Livvie.

Livvie: Jack, listen. I feel really faint, and Iím upset, and I would really like for you to not leave me --

Jack: Well, it's a good thing you're in the hospital. I got to go find her.

Lucy: What do you think Tess was doing in this room with Brennan? What could be the connection?

Ian: Let's say there is a Tess. She wouldn't know Brennan. He's been in a coma for years.

Livvie: Does it really matter? I mean, who gives a damn why she was in here with this vegetable anyway?

[Livvie screams]


[Stephen Clay's music plays]

Stephen: Hey. Are you lost? You really shouldn't be wandering out here all by yourself. It's dangerous.

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Kate: Brennan.

Brennan: A long time since I kissed my best girl.

Livvie: She just sort of appeared out of nowhere?

Lucy: That girl really is identical to you.

Livvie: No way that thing is my sister.

Stephen: All you have to do is get in the car.

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