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Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 10/23/02

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Elizabeth: So, how's your cappuccino?

Alison: It's a hot chocolate. I always have hot chocolate.

Elizabeth: Ok. You said you wanted to talk. I just have no idea what Im supposed to say.

Alison: Yeah, why would you? You kind of don't have a whole lot of practice being a mom.

Elizabeth: Alison, ok, I get it, all right? I was a lousy mother, you hate me, I got it. You said you wanted to see me.

Alison: I want to ask you a question that I've been wanting to ask you for a long time.

Elizabeth: What?

Alison: Why didn't you want me?


Lucy: Ian, hey. Hi.

Ian: Lucy. Hey.

Lucy: I just wanted to check and see how Livvie's doing.

Ian: Well, like I told you, physically, she's fine, but emotionally, I don't know.

Lucy: I -- I just wish you'd seen her, you know, on the road last night. She was so different. It was weird. It was like she was this little girl lost and scared, and the whole big entire world was out to get her, and she had this odd little doll with her.

Ian: Well, after what she's been through, I can't say I blame her. Anyway, we've got a grief counselor standing by to talk to her when she's rested. Lucy?

Lucy: Yeah. Oh -- yeah, that's a great idea.

Ian: Hmm. But you don't think that's what it is, right? That's the feeling you get?

Lucy: I don't -- that is the feeling I get, that she's not Livvie. I mean, she is, but she's not. I thought she was having a nervous breakdown, but now I don't think so at all.


Jamal: Hey. What's up, J?

Jack: Hey, man, thanks for coming.

Jamal: No problem, soon as you called, man. I'm just sorry about what happened to Livvies baby, that's all.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, she's pretty messed up right now. Let's go outside.

Jamal: Yeah. It's pretty amazing what you're doing for her, considering everything that she did to you.

Jack: Yeah, well, I couldn't let anything happen to her, you know?

Jamal: Yeah, I know, but I know you also don't want to get sucked back in again.

Jack: I don't plan to.

Jamal: Ok, so then why are you sitting up here by her bedside?

Jack: Well, she wanted me to stay there until she went to sleep.

Jamal: What?

Jack: It's not what you think, Jamal.

Jamal: No, no. No, no, I'm thinking that you told me that you were pretty -- or you seemed to be pretty psyched about this girl, and you spent the last couple of days with her

Jack: Right, right, I am, I am, and that's exactly why I called. No, listen to me. You're not going to believe this when I tell you. I found this girl in a cave, and her name is Tess -- or she found me.

Jamal: A cave?

Jack: Yeah, a cave. That's where she lives.

Jamal: Ok, ok, wait, wait. She lives in a cave?

Jack: No, it's more bizarre than that. She looks exactly like Livvie. Exactly like her.

Jamal: Wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Jack: No, yeah, exactly -- you couldn't even tell the two apart. That's why I called you. I want you to go down there with me because I have no idea what to do with her.

Jamal: She looks exactly like her?

Jack: Exactly like her. Which scares me because what happens if someone finds her? Look, come on. I'll tell you more about it on the way. Let's go.

Tess: Jack.


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Ian: You can go see Livvie if you want. She's probably awake by now. Unless you don't want to see her.

Lucy: Oh, I -- I do. Of course I do.

Ian: But?

Lucy: You know what that is about. I don't know -- come on, it brings up the whole Kevin thing. What am I supposed to do?

Ian: You mean, should you tell him about what's happened to Livvie?

Lucy: Yeah. I feel all this guilt because I didn't call him right away, and if I call him now and say, "Livvies in the hospital, she lost her baby," Im afraid it might make it worse.

Ian: It's your call, but I do think he should focus on his recovery at the moment.

Lucy: You're right. It seems like you're always right.

Ian: You -- you can tell him when he's feeling better.

Lucy: I know. I know that, but Im not sure when that's going to be. You're not sure, either, are you?

Ian: No. But he's in the right place right now. He's getting psychiatric help, and that's a start.

Lucy: Except for the fact that Im not too sure about his doctor.

Ian: No, he was out of line.

Lucy: Out of line? I think he was way out of line, actually suggesting there was something going on between the two of us. That's rather ridiculous.

Ian: But you know what? We don't have to -- we don't have to like the man. We just have to like the doctor, you know? And the place has got a pretty good reputation.

Lucy: Exactly. And the place is close to home, so it makes it easier. It's good.

Ian: Yeah.

Lucy: Right.

Kate: Hey, you two.

Ian: Hey.

Lucy: Kate. Hi. Hi. Hey, so, some news? Anything? How's Brennan?

Kate: The same. No change. But I'm still holding out for my miracle.

Lucy: Good. You do that because you are in very good hands, you know. Actually, I think Mr. Magic hands here will take good care of both of you.

Ian: Go see Livvie.

Lucy: I'm going to go see Livvie. Ok. I'll catch you later, Kate.

Kate: Bye. Mr. Magic hands?

Ian: That's a little nickname that she found for me in New York.

Kate: How'd she come up with that?

Ian: Well, she fell in the shower, and she hurt her back.

Kate: And you did what?

Ian: I'm a doctor, you know. I massaged her back, made her feel better, and -- what? What?

Kate: I overheard what Lucy said about Kevins doctor, thinking that there was something going on between you.

Ian: Well, he was wrong.

Kate: But you two have been spending a lot of time together and obviously getting even closer.

Ian: Kate, Lucy and I are friends. We're very good friends. We've been close, always been close.

Kate: All I'm saying is that, at this particular time, maybe it's not in either of your best interests to be quite so close.


Jamal: So you're telling me that this Livvie look-alike twin or whatever, she lives in a cave. She makes soup. She plays with rag dolls. She just learned how to talk.

Jack: Yeah.

Jamal: Ok.Wa, wait, wait. So you've fallen in love with this nature girl? Is that what Im hearing?

Jack: Jamal, she's amazing. I'm telling you, she is amazing.

Jamal: Ok, so she looks like Livvie, right? And she lives in a cave? Dude, this is, like, a bad trip or something, man. Are you kidding me?

Jack: All right, just come with me and meet her for yourself. You'll see what I mean.

Jamal: Oh, now, you know I wouldn't miss that for the world. Come on, now, big boy.

Tess: Jack?


Lucy: Hey. So, how you feeling?

Livvie: Where's jack?

Lucy: Jack isn't -- he's not here.

Livvie: He was with me before I went into surgery, and he said he'd be here, that he'd wait for me in my room.

Lucy: Um, maybe you had a really nice dream?

Livvie: No, Lucy. I didn't dream it. He hasn't left my side since he found me by the river and brought me here.

Lucy: Livvie, Jack isn't the one who found you and brought you here. I am.

Livvie: What are you talking about?

Lucy: I found you by the side of the road. You don't remember that?

Livvie: All right, Lucy, what are you trying to pull? Jack found me, brought me here because he didn't want me to die. He saved my life. I thought he was going to be here because he promised me.

Lucy: Ok, let's just forget about jack for a minute. You really -- you really don't remember being by the road and all the lights, and I almost hit you, and you had this doll. You were clinging to this doll?

Livvie: A doll? Oh, my god, Lucy, you're even more nuts than I thought you were. I was never on any road, and I haven't had a doll since I was 9 years old.

Lucy: Ok. Ok. Let's forget all about that for a minute. The important thing is you're ok. You're going to be all right. You're safe.

Livvie: Did you feel that?

Lucy: Feel what?

Livvie: I don't know, that sudden -- that sudden cold air.


Ian: Lucy and I have done nothing wrong. I am really, really tired of the implications.

Kate: No, it's

Ian: Get off me, woman.

Kate: No, Ian, listen to me. I have been there. It's not as cut-and-dry as you think.

Ian: What's that supposed to mean?

Kate: Look, you're still mourning the loss of Eve, and Lucy is dealing with everything that's happening to Kevin.

Ian: We're two friends. We're there for each other, and that's what friends do.

Kate: You're both lonely and vulnerable, ok? It is easy to

Ian: It's easy to what? Find comfort in the other's bed? Is that what you're saying? We've already done that, Kate, as you so kindly pointed out in front of the rest of the class, in that courtroom.

Kate: And I apologized for that.

Ian: Ok, it's fine. It's over. It's the past. It's like Lucy and I. That's the past now. Two friends made a mistake. It's not going to happen again. Is that cut-and-dried enough for you?

Kate: Yeah. Yeah, maybe I was wrong. I'm sorry. Case closed.


Elizabeth: I was so in love with your father. Oh, everybody thought that I was just this poor kid from the wrong side of town that landed a rich guy, but I loved him so much, even though, I guess, at the time, I already knew that he didn't share those same feelings.

Alison: He never loved you?

Elizabeth: It didn't matter. I was 17, and I was so much in love.

Alison: Ok, so

Elizabeth: And I was pregnant.

Alison: I see. So, then, I got in the way?

Elizabeth: No, oh, gosh. Alison, I wanted you. I wanted us to be a family.

Alison: Well, what happened?

Elizabeth: Well, the Barringtons tried to pay me to leave town, but I was carrying you, and you were so precious to me. I wasn't going anywhere. Uh-uh. So we got married, and a few months later, you were born. Oh, and I just thought everything was going to work out. But then, almost immediately, Malcolm started to spend a lot of time in Europe, supposedly on business.

Alison: So, then, he was having an affair.

Elizabeth: Someone he had met before in Europe. But still, I knew I could handle it. I could forgive him. Until he said that he wasn't coming home, and then I didn't know what to do except to fight for him. I knew that I could get him back, so I followed him over to Europe.

Alison: Well, why didn't you take me with you? Why did you have to leave me behind?

Elizabeth: Because I thought that he would come back with me.

Alison: Well, when he didn't

Elizabeth: Oh, he did, Alison, he did. He came back for a while.

Alison: He left you again.

Elizabeth: And then I was a fool. I followed him back.

Alison: Without me? Why?

Elizabeth: Because I thought that I couldn't be what he was looking for if I had a little baby.

Alison: So you abandoned your child to keep your husband?

Elizabeth: Yes, I did.


Jack: Tess, it's ok. This is my buddy, Jamal. He's pretty harmless.

Jamal: This doesn't look like a place where a girl would live, jack.

Jack: Yeah, well, she's not like anybody you ever met. Tess?

Jamal: Yeah. Yeah, right.

Jack: Ok, look, I'm sorry that it took me so long to get back here, but it's ok. Will you please, please come out?

Jamal: Hey, man, are you sure about this Livvie look-alike?

Jack: What do you mean?

Jamal: Maybe you dreamt her up when you were out cold or something, man. You know?

Jack: Jamal, Tess is real. I just wish I knew where she went.


Livvie: How could you, of all people, not have felt that chill? It went right through me, Lucy.

Lucy: Um -- sorry. I didn't feel anything.

Livvie: Well, go and check.

Lucy: What?

Livvie: See if something's out there.

Lucy: Do you want me to call your doctor?

Livvie: No, Lucy, please. There's something out there. I felt something.

Lucy: Ok, I -- I'll go check. I'll be right back.

Livvie: Thank you.

Lucy: I didn't see anything.


Elizabeth: I'm so sorry. I promised myself I wouldn't lie anymore.

Alison: You're sorry? You abandoned me.

Elizabeth: Oh, I know. I know. I am so ashamed. Alison, I have hated myself every day. Every day since I left you. There is no excuse for what I did to you.

Elizabeth: I was so young. I was so scared. All I -- all I wanted was for your father to love me. I didn't know how to live without him. Oh, god, it was so wrong. It was so selfish. It was wrong, and believe me, if I could change anything, I would do everything differently. Oh, God, I would give up a thousand Malcolm Barringtons just for the chance to finally be your mother. Alison, honey, I know I don't deserve it, but, please, just give me a chance, ok? I'll do anything. Please just let me be your mother.

Elizabeth: Oh, baby. Ohh.

Elizabeth's voice: Oh, God, how can I do this to my daughter again?


Lucy: Hey.

Ian: Hi.

Lucy: Hi. Um -- are you ok?

Ian: Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

Lucy: Ok, listen, I want to buy you lunch. I mean, I need to talk to you, and I thought we could do it over lunch.

Ian: I cant. I can't.

Lucy: I want to talk about Livvie. I just had a really bad -- what do you mean you can't?

Ian: I -- I -- I'm sorry.

Lucy: Ok, fine. Then, dinner -- dinner tonight. I'll call for some takeout, and we can hash everything out.

Ian: No, the boy and I, we have plans already.


Lucy: Oh, that's too bad. Tomorrow night. Danny -- he can come over, and I'll get Kristina. We can go to a movie after we talk.

Ian: This is a bad week for me. It's

Lucy: Bad?

Ian: I've got to go.

Lucy: What? Why do you -- something's going on. The whole week is bad? He's on a break. He's not.


Livvie: (on the phone) Hi. Hey, yeah, this is Livvie Locke. Has Jack Ramsey left me any messages? Are you sure? Well, can you check again? Yeah, fine. You said you wouldn't leave me, jack. Where are you?


Jack: Maybe she went for a walk or she got hungry. Damn it, I promised her that Id be back. She's scared to leave this place. You know what? Maybe someone found her. Maybe that's what happened, Jamal. Maybe someone

Jamal: Look, Jack, you've been stuck down here for a long time without any food.

Jack: No, Jamal, Im not imagining this. Tess is real.

Jamal: Yeah.

Jack: My camera -- my camera. Jamal, come here, and I'll show you what she looks like. Jamal?

Jamal: Ok, ok.

Jack: Look, she should be right there. Wait a second. How'd this get deleted?

Jamal: Look, let's just get out of here.

Jack: No, no, no, Jamal. I'm not leaving here. I had a broken leg

Jamal: Jack, come on, man.

Jack: No, I'm serious. I had a broken leg, and she fixed it.

Jamal: Fine. Fine. Let's talk about that, then, ok? How is that possible, huh? How's that possible? You don't go around fixing broken bones, Jack.

Jack: I don't know, ok? I can't explain it to you, but I have to find her.

Jamal: Fine, well, just calm down, ok, and let's talk about this.

Jack: No, you don't understand. She's not used to the outside world, and because she looks like Livvie, who knows what could happen to her.


Kate: So, I stuck my nose into Ians business, where it clearly didn't belong. Now, that doesn't surprise you, huh? I just know how it feels to miss somebody so much. I miss your touch. I miss your smile. I just wish that you could get better.

Tess: Better. Better.


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