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Port Charles Transcript Friday 10/11/02

Provided by Suzanne

Jack: Wait, tess --

ricky: So you really thought the song was ok?

Jamal: I'm telling you, man, i liked it. But marissa, on the other hand, she loved it. All right, so, look, i owe you one.

Ricky: Hey, she wrote a beautiful poem about casey.

Jamal: But you -- you, my friend, you laid a sweet track. I didn't know you were so in touch with your sensitive side, ricky.

Ricky: Well, you know, it's not stuff that I usually do, but it just seemed to fit.

Jamal: Hey, whatever you did, it worked, ok? And jamal woods knows how to repay a debt.

Ricky: Huh?

Jamal: I'm saying, like i said, i owe you one, so just consider it paid in full.

Ricky: All right, brother, you need to start speaking english right now.

Jamal: All right, look, look, look, look, do you know that band you and marissa like -- that stephen clay experience?

Ricky: Yeah, stephen clay experience. What's up?

Jamal: Well, I sent them a copy.

Ricky: Wait, wait, let me get this straight -- wait, let me get this straight -- you sent them a copy of our c.D. In the mail?

Jamal: Dude, do i look like an idiot? No. I know a dude that knows a dude that's in the stephen clay crew or whatever. So the head dude should be looking at that C.D. Right about now. Now, did your boy hook you up? Am i your boy? Come on, give me some love. Give me some love.

Ricky: No, you want to know what you are? What you are is crazy.

Rafe: Boy, i hope she likes it. What am I saying? Of course she will. Ohh. I don't know.

Woman: Oh!

Livvie: That's right, ali. Don't forget the bath beads. You know, I added a little something extra in there for you. Soon, you'll be soaking in toxic water, the poison seeping into your bloodstream until you die a slow and painful death. And you know the best part? The poison is completely undetectable. It'll look like your heart just stopped. The heart that brought rafe back to you -- that's what will fail you in the end, ali.

Livvie: Oh, my god. My ring.

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jamal: Wait -- whoa, whoa, whoaa. Did you just insult me? Is that what i heard?

Ricky: Look, jamal, I'm in the business, all right? I'm in the music business, so i know a little bit more about how this works.

Jamal: So what?

Ricky: So what? Stephen clay is not going to listen to our song. No way. If i had a house, I'd bet on it, all right? No way.

Jamal: Ye of little faith. I'm going to prove you wrong, all right?

Marissa: Hey!

Ricky: Whatever.

Jamal: Hey! Damn, girl, you're looking -- mmm. Mmm, mmm.

Marissa: Mmm. Well, you're not looking that bad yourself.

Jamal: Thank you very much.

Marissa: You know what? I am dying of thirst. Do you guys want anything to drink?

Jamal: I'm cool, I'm cool.

Ricky: No, I'm straight. No.

Marissa: You cool? Ok.

Jamal: Look, I haven't told her anything, ok? So just give me a minute to lay things out, all right?

Ricky: Yeah, that'll give you a chance to convince us both that you haven't lost your mind.

Jamal: Look, ricky, i got skills, all right? Just trust me. Will you? Hey.

Marissa: Hey.

Jamal: Uh -- where's your drink?

Marissa: Oh. Gone.

Jamal: Ok.

Marissa: Mm-hmm.

Jamal: All right. Well, look, I got to go do something real fast.

Marissa: Well, where are you going?

Jamal: I got to make a phone call.

Marissa: Ok.

Jamal: All right.

Ricky: You go make your call.

Jamal: I'm making my call.

Ricky: Yeah.

Marissa: Ricky, hey. So, I figured out a way to pay you back for that song you did.

Ricky: Wait, stop. Why does everybody want to pay me back today? I mean, what did i do to deserve this?

Marissa: Huh?

Ricky: Forget it, ok? Look, how about -- this big surprise of yours? I'm going to close my eyes, ok? It's your thing.

Marissa: Oh, good, I like that. Close them.

Ricky: Hurry up.

Marissa: Keep them closed.

Ricky: Yes, i'm ready, ok? Hurry up, marissa.

Marissa: Closed, closed, closed, closed, closed, closed. Ok, open! Candy. Ricky, this is my friend, candy. Candy, this is ricky garza, and he's been dying to meet you.

Rafe: I'm sorry. I guess I just wasn't looking where I was going.

Woman: I can see you have more important things on your mind. Is your ring ok?

Rafe: Yeah. It's fine. It's for my fiancee.

Woman: Yeah, I gathered as much.

Rafe: Oh. Yeah, I guess that's pretty obvious, huh? Oh, well, you'll have to excuse me, I'm -- i'm a little nervous.

Woman: I don't know any man who's about to propose who isn'T.

Rafe: Actually, that's funny because I already did propose, but I wanted the moment that i give her the ring to be just as special because she's already made me happier than i ever thought I had a chance to be. She's incredible, she's beautiful, she's so full of life, and -- and I don't know why I'm telling you this. You don't know what I'm talking about. I'm sorry again.

Woman: It's ok. I'm sure your fiancee's very special.

Rafe: She is. She's -- she's everything to me.

[Glass breaks]

alison: What the hell was that?

Alison: Hey! Hey, whoever you are, I -- great. It's probably those stupid kids from across the street. I don't have time for this. I better get my slippers before i clean this up.

[Door closes]

jack: That feels good, huh? Yeah. And this is -- this is a hand. This is my hand.

Tess: Hand.

Jack: Hand. Yes.

Tess: Yes.

Jack: Oh, yes, these -- these are lines. Lines in my hand. How could you look like someone i know, but be so different?

Jack: Yeah, anyway, back to the hands. Your hands, ok? All right, now, this right here is a hand. Right here -- hand. Fingers.

Tess: Fingers.

Jack: Fingers. Yes. Look, now -- one -- one finger -- one, two, three. Three --

tess: Th-- three.

Jack: Fingers.

Tess: Three. One --

jack's voice: How is she so innocent? It's like looking at livvie --

tess: Two --

jack's voice: Well, before she became livvie. Could her mom have had another girl no one knows about?

Tess: Thr-- three.

Jack: Three. Good job. High five. High five. No, high -- high five. When you do good, you go high five. Good. High five. High five. Good job.

Jamal: What's up, man? It's jamal. Yeah, I'm just -- I'm calling to check on that c.D. I gave you to give to stephen clay. No, no, no, no, I'm just calling to see if he got it, that's all. Yeah, I know the band receives hundreds of those every week, I know that. But this one's special, dude, all right? What? This one is special because my girlfriend wrote it and my boy laid the tracks. Come on, dude. Look, hey, hey, look -- trust me. Trust me, they're good, ok? That's all you got to know.

Candy: Nice to meet you.

Ricky: Well, it's really nice to meet you. Marissa, where have you been hiding this girl?

Candy: Actually, we just ran into each other.

Ricky: Well, I'm really glad that you did. So, what brought you to port charles?

Candy: I'm at p.C.U. I'm in my last year.

Ricky: Really? What are you studying?

Candy: It's kind of a weird double major -- premed and theater.

Ricky: Premed and theater?

Candy: Yeah.

Ricky: So, not only are you pretty, but you're smart and talented. You know, that is not really fair.

Candy: Excuse me, i'm dying to use the little girls' room.

Marissa: Oh.

Ricky: Don't die, candy. Please don't die.

Candy: You were right. He's cute. Be right back.

Marissa: Yeah.

Ricky: I'll be right here. Premed and theater?

Marissa: A singing surgeon. I ask you, ricky, what could you possibly want more than that, huh?

Ricky: Marissa, you shouldn't have.

Marissa: You know, I told you -- i told you I would find you a girl. There she is. What, you don't like her?

Ricky: No, she's cute.

Marissa: Great, then the next thing out of your mouth should be "thank you, thank you, thank you, marissa."

Ricky: No, no. Next question.

Marissa: Shoot.

Ricky: Was this setup for my benefit or yours?

Candy: Did I miss anything?

Rafe: It was amazing. I mean, there she was on the back of the train, and I was just running and running as fast as i could, and I got there. I got there just in time, back there, and just, you know, on the train, shot off into the night.

Woman: Just like in a movie.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, just like a movie. I mean, it took us a long time to get here, but we finally made it, you know?

Woman: Yeah. Young love.

Rafe: What -- what about it?

Woman: Oh, just -- so much hope. So much willingness to sacrifice. It's very nice to see that true love still exists.

[Phone rings]

rafe: Oh, excuse me. Hello?

Alison: Hi. Um -- I was just wondering what's keeping you.

Rafe: Oh, I'm on my way. Are you ok?

Alison: Yeah, I just -- I'm fine.

Rafe: Are you sure?

Alison: Yes. Somebody threw a rock through the window.

Rafe: What?

Alison: Yeah, I think it was just probably those stupid kids down the street, but -- I mean, I don't want to be paranoid or anything, but --

rafe: Ok, I'm on my way.

Alison: Yeah, I really am fine.

Rafe: Ok, well, then, I'll just be sure. Just be ready, ok? I want to take you to the P.C. Grill for dinner, and then i have a little surprise for you.

Alison: A surprise? What surprise?

Rafe: Uh-uh. I'll be home soon.

Alison: Ok. I love you.

Rafe: I love you, too. Bye.

Woman: Time for the big moment?

Rafe: Oh, yeah. Huh. Listen, thanks for letting me ramble on to you about all this. Actually, I'm a little less nervous now.

Woman: Good. It was my pleasure. Actually, there's a small favor i have to ask you, if you don't mind.

Rafe: Sure, shoot.

Woman: I overheard you saying that you were going to the port charles grill?

Rafe: Yeah.

Woman: Well, actually, I'm staying at the port charles hotel --

rafe: And you need a ride.

Woman: If it's not too much trouble.

Rafe: No, no, no, not at all. We just have to stop my house first -- which, actually, will be good because then you'll get to meet this girl that i've been jabbering your ear off about.

Woman: Oh, I'd love to. Actually, the way you've been talking, i feel like i know her already.

Rafe: Let me just get yourtuff for you.

Woman: Thank you. Thanks.

Alison: God, this is such a pain. I need to get ready.

Livvie: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. How am i going to get it out of there now?

Candy: That did not happen.

Ricky: Yes, it did. Our biggest crowd ever -- no amps.

Candy: So you just stood up there and you sang a cappella?

Ricky: Yeah, I had to. I didn't want our crowd to leave. So i break into song while two dudes go out the back and fix the problem.

Candy: So, what did the crowd do?

Ricky: You know, they actually thought it was part of the show. They loved it.

[Pager beeps]

candy: Oh, darn. Ugh, emergency. I got to go to work.

Marissa: Oh, no.

Ricky: Oh, that's too bad. Hey, can i call you later?

Candy: Yeah, I'd like that.

Ricky: All right.

Candy: I'll see you again.

Marissa: Oh, thank you. Nice seeing you again.

Candy: You, too.

Ricky: Ahem.

Marissa: Ahem. And just for the record, hotshot, the setup was for you, not for me. I already have someone in my life, thank you very much, yeah.

Jamal: Somebody mention my name?

Marissa: Yeah.

Jamal: Anybody?

Marissa: Me.

Jamal: What's up, baby?

Marissa: Ricky here was just entertaining us with all his rock 'n' roll stories, weren't you, ricky?

Jamal: Oh, on cue.

Ricky: Yeah.

Marissa: Yeah. So, what's with all these phone calls you keep making? It's, like, you're sneaking away and planning something.

Jamal: You know what? As a matter of fact, i am. I'm going to make you a superstar.

Marissa: A what?

Jamal: Yeah. You thought I was crazy, huh, ricky?

Ricky: Yeah, yeah.

Jamal: Yeah. "Oh, i've been in the music business a long time. You can't do things that way," and blah, blah, blah --

marissa: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Wait, time out, time out. What are you talking about?

Ricky: You want to know what he's talking about? Jamal here, mr. Smooth, sent a copy of our c.D. To stephen clay.

Marissa: You what?

Jamal: That's right. And I have it on very good -- no, no, no, make that excellent authority that the man himself -- yeah, the man himself -- is listening to our stuff right now.

Ricky's voice: If i didn't know how to change things too late for me to know you

woman: Sorry, stephen. One of the roadies slipped this one in. I set hireal straight. You don't have to listen to it. Ok, ok. What, is she the one?

Ricky's voice: Hey sister i miss you and I'm crashing down like new york rain

livvie: Oh, god. All right, i have to get the ring out before alison catches me.

Alison: I'm going to take a bath and get ready.

Livvie: How do i -- how do i get it out without getting the poison on me? Ok. Where is it? Got it. Got it. Aah!

Jack: What is it?

Tess: One lea-- leaf.

Jack: Leaf.

Tess: Two hands.

Jack: Hands. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

Tess: Three -- three --

jack and tess: Bo-- books.

Tess: Lines.

Jack: Lines.

Tess: Lines.

Jack: Good job. Good job. You are amazing.

Tess: You are, jack.

Jack: No, you are. Hmm. We make a good team, huh?

Tess: Jack, tess -- two.

Jack: Yeah. I would say we make a great team.

Tess: Sm-- smile.

Jack: Yeah. You -- you make me smile.

Jack: Oh, yes, i forgot to teach you this one. This is an important one. Hug -- that's a hug. Hug. Hug? This is a hug. That would be two hugs, two hugs. Right, ok, that would be three hugs. Three hugs.

Jack: Tess? Tess? Tess? What's going on?

Livvie: Oh, god. No, the poison -- it can't be in my system.

Livvie: Please -- I got to get the poison off of me, please --

alison: Ok, guess I won't take a bath -- i'll take a shower.

Rafe: Hey, i got someone i want you to meet.

Woman: Alison?

Alison: Mother.

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marissa: Who? Stephen clay?

Livvie: Somebody help me --

frank: Livvie --

livvie: Please, don't let me die!

Alison: So, why don't you just get to it and tell me why you're really here?

Alison's mother: Your father's dead.

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