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Port Charles Transcript Thursday 10/10/02

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rafe: To the most incredible night ever.

Alison: Yes. This very well could be the very happiest day of our lives. Jack has been found safe.

Rafe: Yeah. Livvie signed the annulment papers.

Alison: And we are getting married at christmas.

Rafe: Yes, we are.

Alison: Now, i think i am going to go home and take a very nice, hot bath. Do you care to join me?

Rafe: , Actually -- well, keep it warm for me, and i'll be home in a flash.

Alison: Ok, I could probably do that. We really deserve this, don't we?

Rafe: Yeah, we do.

Alison: Yeah, me, too. I will see you at home. Hurry.

Rafe: Ok.

Livvie: Alison?

Livvie: Alison, are you here? It's me, livvie.

Livvie: I'd like to wipe the silly smiles off of both of your faces. Jack. Oh, my sweet jack. You turned him against me, too, didn't you, alison? Now he's shacked up with some girl, and I'll find out who she is, but first -- a little surprise for you two tonight.

Tess: Baby.

Jack: Baby. Good job! You're a fast learner.

Tess: Face?

Jack: Face. Face. And your face is --

tess: Tess.

Jack: Tess.

Beautiful tess. "Beau--"

tess: "Beau--"

jack: Beautiful.

Tess: Beau-ti-ful.

Jack: You are doing so good. What's that? Oh.

Tess: Jack.

Jack: Yes. Yeah. This is a flower. Flower. Flower.

Jack and tess: Flower.

Jack: You got it. And you know what? This is for you. You and your baby. What? What -- oh. Oh, you know what those are? Those are stars. Those big, bright lights -- bright, bright lights? Those are stars. Stars.

Tess: Stars.

Jack: Yeah. When i was a kid, I used to go up on the roof and look at those. Ah. Hmm. It's been a long time since I've done this.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, tess -- tess, wait!

Lucy: I am so glad that you decided to go back to the hospital. I think it's for the best.

Kevin: Well, I'm glad you're glad, lucy. I really do want to do the right thing. And I also think we need to spend some time together.

Lucy: Well, last time we were together, you told me to go away.

Kevin: Lucy, I was confused. I was angry. I didn't even know what I was saying. You believe me, don't you?

Lucy: Yes, of course i do.

Kevin: Then why are you being so distant? Lucy, it's just -- it's just been so long since we could be like this. We'd just be together and be close.

Lucy: I know. I miss you, doc. I really miss our life together so much.

Kevin: Can I tell you something?

Lucy: What? Of course. What?

Kevin: I've always hated that nickname.

Lucy: What? No, you haven'T. You've loved it since the first moment i called you that. You always liked it.

Kevin: No. I really hate it.

Lucy: Um -- so, where -- where did you say ian went?

Kevin: Is that really important now?

Lucy: Ian! Ian! Oh, my god! Doc, what did you do to him? What have you done?

Kevin: Well, now we can really be alone.

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lucy: Ian? Oh, my god, ian! What did you do to him, doc?

Kevin: Lucy, I didn't -- it's -- look, look, I just gave him a little something to help him sleep. A little nap doesn't hurt anybody, does it?

[Lucy gasps]

kevin: Lucy, I'm a doctor, remember? I know what I'm doing.

Lucy: Don't you understand? You don't know what you're doing. You're making this worse. This is bad!

Kevin: Ok, I understand. You're upset because i asked you not to call me "doc." Well, if it's important to you, I suppose it's all right. Why are you looking at me like that?

Lucy: You -- you just knocked ian out cold. How am i supposed to look at you?

Kevin: Like -- like a wife who's looking at her husband! A husband who loves her and needs her. Lucy, what was i supposed to do? I mean, I knew that ian would never leave your side come hell or high water. And I am the first one to admit that i can't blame him if he didn't. I mean, after the way I treated you.

Lucy: What are you -- what are you trying to say? Are you telling me that you're all better?

Kevin: Well, no, I -- i don't think I could go that far. I mean, say that i'm cured, good as new.

Lucy: Ok. Ok, fine. Then why don't we just go back to the hospital, and the people there can help you.

Kevin: No, they can't help me, lucy. Only you can help me. Don't you understand that, lucy? It's only you.

Lucy: I know, but I tried. I tried with all my heart. Doc, i gave you everything i have inside me, but you went inside yourself, someplace i couldn't reach.

Kevin: I snapped. But remember, it was you who told me that if I kept everything bottled up inside, if i kept being so damn responsible, that it would all catch up to me. You told me that. And I can't apologize enough for the way I scared you, lucy. It's just -- I just want one more chance.

Lucy: Oh, doc, i --

kevin: Nothing makes sense without you, lucy. I want to wake up and see you every morning. I want to see your face on my pillow. I want to see you every night when i come home from work. Only then will the world be right again. Don't you see? You are my lifeline. You are my miracle.

Jack: What is it, tess? Oh, oh, my -- this is my camera. Yes. Never leave home without this thing. Let me show it to you. Ok.

Tess: No!

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no, no. Don't, it's ok, it's ok, tess. It's just a bulb, see? Bulb. Light. Right there, it's just a bulb, it's harmless, it's ok. Look, watch, watch. I'm going to test it out. Look, ok? Uh-huh. Look. There. See?

Tess: Jack.

Jack: Yeah.

Tess: Beau-- beautiful.

Jack: Jack's -- yeah. Jack's not beautiful. Ok, jack is big and strong. Strong. Muscle -- strong. Right, right, ok. Anyway, now it's your turn. Ok, you're going to stand right here, all right? I'm going to take a picture of the two of us. First, you got to smile. Smile, like this -- see? You see? Show your teeth. Hard teeth. Ok, here we go. Ready? One, two, three. All right! Look. There.

Tess: No.

Jack: What? No, it's jack and tess.

Tess: No. No.

Tess: Beau-ti-ful tess.

Jack: Huh?

Tess: Tess beautiful.

Livvie: The bath is so warm and inviting, alison. I know how you used to always love one. So enjoy it. Because it'll be your last. That's right, ali. Feel how the warm water wraps around you like a comforting blanket -- soothing, relaxing every nerve and muscle, the steam bringing a glow to your face. And soon, you'll be so relaxed you won't even notice the poison working its way into your pores, traveling slowly and steadily through your bloodstream till it reaches your heart. And when the poison reaches your heart, it'll stop and you'll slip away as if you never lived at all.

Livvie: You know, a ring is a promise, rafe. And I promise here you'll never get your happy ending with alison. Oh, how your heart will break when it turns out your forever love didn't even last a few pathetic weeks.

Rafe: Alison? Alison, you cannot die. Come on. Please wake up, please. We just found each other again. Alison? Alison, please. You can't leave me like this. Come on. Come on. Wake up. Wake up. Come on.

Livvie: You wanted so much to be one of us, rafe? To be mortal? To feel what it's like to join the human race, to be real? Now you'll know what it feels like to lose the love of your life.

Jack: You like that picture, don't you? Come here. You have no idea what you look like. Come with me, it's ok. It's all right. Let's sit on this rock. Ok? Sit down right there. Ok. Ok. This might be a little cold, but we are going to clean you up a little bit. Right there. It feels good, huh? Yeah. This -- your chin. Let me get your -- your shoulders. Ok, turn around. Turn around. Yeah. All right. Turn to the side. Right there. Right.

Tess: Oh.

Jack: It feels good, huh?

[Tess giggles]

jack: It's a little cold. All right. Give me your arms. Ok. Oh. There. Turn back around.

Tess: Beautiful?

Jack: Yeah. Beautiful. But a picture is worth a thousand words, ok? Ok, here we go. Sit right there. Smile. Right there. Look.

Tess: Beautiful.

Jack: Beautiful.

Lucy: Ok. Doc, you're right. We have hung in for each other for a very long time.

Kevin: Yes, we have, so then you understand why -- why it has to be you?

Lucy: Yeah. What do we do? What happens next?

Kevin: We go away. We change our identities. Lucy, we can live anywhere in the world we want to. It'll be you and me and christina.

Lucy: Wait -- what about serena? I could never leave her and, oh, doc, what about our family and friends? I -- i just don't think you've really thought this through. I want to help you, but it kills me to say it. I -- i don't know how. I don't -- i don't think i can fix what's broken this time.

Kevin: So you're -- you're just walking away from me?

Lucy: No! I -- no. I would never do that. I'll come to switzerland with you and then I'll bring christina and we'll get a place right next to you. Look, I -- i would never, ever, ever abandon you. I just want you to get better and we just -- we need to do it right this time. That's all. Oh.

Kevin: I told you i'm not going back there.

Lucy: Oh, doc --

kevin: Don't call me that! Sit down! Sit down.

Kevin: Ok. Lucy, I'm sorry, but i -- I'm going to have to insist we do this my way.

Lucy: Ok. Ok, maybe you're right. Maybe we can just start over.

Kevin: Now, that's what i like to hear.

Lucy: Right. We've always been able to pick up the pieces before and we can just try it again, right?

Kevin: Right.

Lucy: Hey. This is just so uncomfortable. You must be very tense.

Kevin: Oh --

lucy: Why don't I massage your neck and your shoulders -- you know, how I used to do when you'd get home after a long day?

Kevin: Oh. I'd really like that.

Lucy: Good. Well, just close your eyes --

kevin: Oh.

Lucy: And relax and let me rub all that tension off your mind.

[Lucy gasps]

kevin: I really don't think you should've done that, lucy.

Lucy: Doc, please --

kevin: Just what were you going to do --

lucy: Let me go!

Kevin: Once you knocked me out, lucy -- call the cops? Or order a straitjacket from room service? Or were you going to wait for lover boy over there to come to and then get rid of me?

Lucy: This isn't you --

kevin: Is that how you love me?

Lucy: This isn't you talking!

Kevin: Is that how you love me? You lock me up in a loony bin and then live it up in new york with another man?

Lucy: You're wrong, doc. You're so wrong.

Kevin: I'm wrong?

Lucy: Yes.

Kevin: Well, then, I guess the universe just whisked you here, didn't it? Oh, I bet ian just couldn't wait to get rid of me. And I'll bet you ran to him the minute i was locked up.

Lucy: No. Please listen to me, doc, please.

Kevin: I'm angry, lucy. I think I'm angrier than i've ever been.

Lucy: What are you going to do?

Kevin: Teach you a lesson.

Lucy: No, doc! Oh! Oh!

Kevin: I wouldn't hurt you.

[Lucy gasps]

lucy: Are you ok?

Ian: Yeah. We're going to have to take him back.

Lucy: I know. I know that.

Ian: I'm sorry.

Lucy: And I -- i can't do this anymore, you know? I can'T. I -- i can't do this anymore. I can'T.

Ian: It's ok.

Jack: Oh, it's my turn now, huh? Ok, ok. Yeah, I'm sure that I'm pretty grungy and i guess i better get cleaned up before I face the real world again, huh? Ok.

Tess: Tess.

Jack: Oh, you want to do it. Ok. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Gentle. Gentle.

Jack: I could definitely lose myself in you.

Rafe: It's -- it's beautiful. It's amazing.

Jeweler: You made a wonderful choice, young man.

Rafe: Wow. Thanks for bringing it by.

Jeweler: Well, good luck to you both, then. Good night.

Rafe: Good night. Well, I couldn't give you a ring the first time, alison. But this time, we're going to do it right.

Livvie: Come on, alison. Where are you?

[Door opens]

livvie: Well, so much for "happily ever after."

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tess: Jack. Tess.

Jack: I would say we make a great team.

Rafe: I got someone I want you to meet.

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woman: Alison.

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