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Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 9/25/02

By Amanda

Ricky: What are you doing?

Marissa: What does it look like i'm doing?

Ricky: I'm not sure. Where's jamal?

Marissa: I knew we'd get another chance.

Ricky: What?

Marissa: We're going to have so much fun.

Ricky: We are?

Marissa: I've been waiting for a day like this, just the two of us.

Ricky: The two of us? All right, where's jamal?

Marissa: I've waited a long time for this.

Ricky: For what? Marissa, what are you talking about? What happened to jack and jamal?

Marissa: Can't be late.

Ricky: What? Hey, where you going?

Marissa: I don't want casey to be out there alone.

Ricky: Casey?

Marissa: We both love the beach. I'm meeting my sister at the beach.

Ricky: Marissa! Marissa, what's going on?

Man: I've been looking for you. Did you think I was just going to let you get away?

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, we didn't do anything to you.

Man: City boys, ain't you? A big mistake tangling with me.

Jamal: Hold up, hold up, we're the ones that should be mad here, ok?

Jack: Yeah, you took our food.

Jamal: Yeah, spying on us and everything.

Jack: And what about that soup?

Jamal: Yeah, soup? Soup?

Man: I don't know what game you boys are playing.

Jack: Whoa, us?

Man: But it's going to stop right now, you hear?

Jamal: We're not playing any games. Ok, you're the one that's freaking my girl out, old man.

Jack: And then came back and put soup in a pumpkin.

Man: Soup?

Jack: Yeah.

Man: Why would I make you soup?

Jamal: You weren't trading it for the food you stole from us?

Man: You stole my rations for the second time!

Jack: Hold on, hold on. You were ripped off, too?

Man: By you.

Jack and jamal: No, no.

Man: No, and now you're messing with me.

Jack and jamal: No, no.

Man: And I don't like being messed with.

Ian: Where's rafe?

Livvie: How did you get in here?

Ian: It doesn't matter, but I need --

livvie: It matters to me. What, did you just bust right into my apartment? You broke right in here, didn't you?

Ian: Rafe has some information that i need. Now, what happened in here?

Livvie: Ever think of calling first?

Ian: I called. I've been calling for hours. I can't find him. It's like he just disappeared from the face of the earth. What, I said something funny?

Livvie: No. No, you just pretty much hit it right on the nose.

Ian: What's going on here?

Livvie: You really don't want to know.

Ian: You think I don't want to know? Rafe is gone, this place looks like a bomb hit it, and you think I don't want to know?

Livvie: Fine! We got into a fight, ok?

Ian: A fight?

Livvie: Yes, we were really upset.

Ian: I can see that. Where is he now?

Livvie: He's gone.

Ian: What do you mean he's gone?

Rafe: I love you. I love you so much.

Alison: Well, now, if you would like to, you may kiss your bride.

Rafe: My alison.


alison: Rafe?

Rafe: My angel.

Alison: Rafe? Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

Ian: Where is he?

Livvie: Look, I have no idea. Rafe left me.

Frank: Betrayal.

Karen: I'm not trying to betray you. I'm trying to help you.

Avatar: Betrayal.

Karen: No, frank. I know this started out as something noble, but it's out of control now. We've got to stop it.

Avatar: Silence.

Karen: We've got to drive out the spirit before it consumes you.

Avatar: You can't destroy me.

Karen: I'm not trying to destroy you. I'm trying to save you. I know you want to be saved. You pleaded with me to save you so we could have a life together again.

Avatar: Never.

Karen: I want you to be the man you are, the man i love.

Avatar: You won't destroy me.

Karen: I won't let you scare me. I won't give up on frank. You can't have him. Do you hear me? You can't have him!

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Ian: Rafe left you?

Livvie: That's right, pregnant and alone.

Ian: No.

Livvie: Oh, yeah. Turns out your friend is quite a guy.

Ian: He left you. He just left you. Is that right?

Livvie: Yeah, yeah, he just left me. One minute he's here, the next minute he's gone -- poof -- I don't know where. Far away, I'm guessing.

Ian: No, no, no, he wouldn't do it. He wouldn't do it to you, wouldn't do it to the child.

Livvie: Well, guess again.

Ian: I don't believe you.

Livvie: Maybe you don't know him as well as you think you do.

Ian: Or maybe you're not telling me the truth, not all of it.

Livvie: I don't know where he is, ian, and I haven't a clue how to find him. You know what, don't believe me. What do I care.

Ian: He wouldn't leave town, not with the avatar still here.

Livvie: You know what, it turns out that rafe isn't the big hero everyone thought he was. He didn't give a damn about me, this baby, or saving the town from the avatar. All he cared about was himself, what he wanted.

Ian: No, he wouldn't give up a fight like this.

Livvie: Then you don't know his track record then, do you? Or have you already forgotten about the last time he left town?

Ian: No, I haven't forgotten the last time he left town. I haven't forgotten that at all. But now he's got a wife, he's got a kid, and he's got a fight to fight, and this doesn't add up to me.

Livvie: My husband, apparently one of your best friends, just left me. You come in here, break into my apartment. I think that you are the one who owes me some explanations.

Ian: Ok. Rafe was doing research on the avatar.

Livvie: And?

Ian: And I had to find him to get some information, so i broke in here to get his notes, and i found them, I have them.

Livvie: Ok, great, you got them. Now what?

Ian: Not I'm going to destroy this thing.

Livvie: No. No, ian, you can't do it. I won't let you.

Ian: Why do you care if i destroy it or not?

Livvie: Because you don't know what will happen if you do.

Ian: What will happen? Happen to what, happen to you? What's going on here? You got some kind of connection to this thing?

Karen: To you, frank is just a host, a body you're using to carry out your sick power play. But to me, he's everything. He's the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. That's why i have to stop you. Do you hear me? That's why i'm going to stop you.

Avatar: Too late, too late!

Karen: That voice, that awful voice. That's not you, frank.

Avatar: Frank's gone.

Karen: No, I know better than that. Listen to me, frank -- you've always been my hero. You've brought me back to life, to love, to a connection i'm not letting go of. You don't need the shroud. You don't need the avatar.

[Avatar roars]

karen: It's making you hurt innocent people, frank, and every time it gets worse. Eventually, the avatar's going to make you get rid of somebody you love, somebody's that's standing between you and him. And you know who that is, frank? It's me. If this continues, you'll end up killing me. Is that what you want, frank?

Ricky: Marissa? Marissa? Marissa, wait! What is wrong with you? Look, if this is your idea of a joke, it's not funny. Casey's dead, and you know that. What was up with that kiss, anyway?

Marissa: Casey --

ricky: Stop it, marissa. She's dead. Look, you're freaking me out here. What's going on here, huh? What's wrong? Marissa, answer me. Answer me.

Man: You talk real good, you two. Bottom line -- I don't believe a word out of your mouths. You've been poaching. You're going to pay.

Jack: What, you're trying to scare us? Well, you're doing a lousy job. See, you ain't nothing compared to the evil we've been up against.

Man: Evil?

Jack: Yeah, evil, straight from hell. So, mountain boy, you'd better get out of here before i get pissed off.

Man: Wait a minute. What do you mean, evil straight from hell?

Jack: Right here, in the woods.

Man: Still, don't give yahoos a right to rifle my goods.

Jack: You calling us yahoos?

Man: No, it's just --

jack: We look like a bunch of yahoos to you? You think we'd actually come out here and steal your food?

Man: I don't know. What are you doing out here, anyway?

Jack: It's top-secret. It's an assignment.

Man: To do what?

Jack: Well, if i told you, I would have to kill you.

Man: Ok. So you didn't take my stuff. I mean, you can't blame --

jack: And I think it's about time for you to go now.

Jamal: Go on now.

Jack: Phew.

Jamal: What was that? Wow, dude!

Jack: I don't know, I don't know, but don't ever let me do that again, ok?

Jamal: "On assignment," dude? Hey, hey, hey, it sounded like you were on some kind of c.I.A. Gig or something.

Jack: Hey, he bought it. But, hey, you know, coming up against evil, face to face --

jamal: Yeah, yeah, we were there. Hey, if you would've mentioned vampires, he really would've been heading for the hills.

Jack: Phew. So things were normal for, what, five minutes?

Jamal: Yeah, give or take, five, six, yeah.

Jack: I just wonder who or what is messing with us.

Jamal: Well, it wasn't mountain man, that's for sure. Hey, dude, probably just some kids playing a stupid prank, that's all.

Jack: Bringing us homemade soup?

Jamal: Hey, i don't know. What do we know?

[As mountain man] we're city boys, you know?

[Normal voice] besides, we'd better get back, you know. I don't want marissa waking up and wondering where the heck we are.

Jack: Yeah, I hear you.

[Woman screams]

jamal: Marissa.

Karen: My god.

Frank: Karen?

Karen: I'm here, frank.

Frank: Help me.

Karen: I will, ok? I am not leaving you, ok? Just keep doing this.

[Avatar screams]

karen: Frank? Frank?

Avatar: Shame!

[Avatar screams]

karen: Stay with me, frank! I know you're stronger than this monster!

Frank: Oh, it's so angry!

Karen: I know it's hard, but you can fight this!

Frank: I'm trying!

Karen: Come on, frank, you're almost there! Keep fighting it, frank!

Frank: It's so strong.

Avatar: Traitor!

Karen: I believe in you, frank. You're a good man.

Frank: I can't do it.

Karen: Keep listening to my voice, frank, please.

Frank: It's too much.

Karen: Frank, hold on! Just hold on!

Frank: Run, karen! Run!

Karen: Not without you! I'm not going!

Frank: Go! Go!

Karen: I'm not leaving you, frank! I love you! Do you hear me? I love you!

[Avatar screams]

karen: Frank? Frank, what happened?

Karen: Oh, my god, frank. Frank, please. Frank, can you hear me?

Frank: Karen?

Karen: Oh, frank, are you all right?

Frank: Me. I'm just me.

Karen: Oh, you did it.

Frank: You did it, karen. You saved me. I didn't think it was possible.

Karen: Anything's possible.

Frank: I'm me. I'm really me.

Karen: That's all i've ever wanted, frank. You're all i ever wanted. It's gone. The avatar's gone.

Livvie: Connection to the avatar? You think I have some connection to him -- to it?

Ian: Yeah. Why else would you be so upset that i want to destroy it?

Livvie: Because you don't know what will happen if you do. This thing could destroy you if you go after it, and then, what, your little boy will become an orphan?

Ian: Livvie --

livvie: Is that what you want? Danny is all you have, ian, just like this baby is all i have.

Ian: You're worried about your baby?

Livvie: Yeah. I mean, the avatar has threatened me and my baby before.

Ian: He's threatened everybody. That's why we want to destroy it.

Livvie: I know, but -- ow!

Ian: What?

Livvie: Oh, my god!

Ian: What is it?

Livvie: Ian, it hurts! It hurts!

Ian: Sit down. Sit down. Does it feel like contractions?

Livvie: I don't know what contractions feel like, but it hurts in my leg and -- ow!

Ian: Let me get my bag. You stay right here. Don't move.

Livvie: Ok. Ow. Damn it.

Ugh, he took the papers with him! I have to get those papers because he can't destroy the avatar because i don't know what will happen to you if he does. You are so connected to your daddy and your daddy's so powerful. But I won't let anything happen to you, I promise you. You are my special child, and you're going to love me.

Alison's voice: Livvie, you have pushed away every person in your life that you've been close to.

Everybody. You have, like, this huge, black hole in your heart that nobody can fill -- not your family, not another man, and certainly not that baby.

Livvie: No, you are wrong, alison. My baby is going to love me. It will always have me to love. I promise I won't let anything destroy you. Ow. Oh, my god. Oh, god, i feel a little weird. Ow. Oh, what's happening to me, to you?

Marissa: Ricky!

Jamal: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Ricky: Hey, get off of me, all right?

Jamal: Keep your hands off of her!

Ricky: I didn't do anything!

Jamal: It didn't look like that to me, ricky.

Ricky: Look, she started going nuts, all right, and then she took off.

Jamal: Hey, are you ok?

Ricky: I was only trying to help her, all right?

Jamal: Would you just shut up!

Ricky: She started flipping out.

Jamal: Hey, are you ok?

Marissa: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm -- i'm fine.

Jamal: Ok, good. Now, look, tell me, what was going on? What happened?

Marissa: I was -- i was sleepwalking.

Jamal: You were sleepwalking?

Marissa: Yeah, yeah, it used to happen a lot. Look, ricky, i'm sorry, ok? I --


jamal: Did you hear that?

Ricky: Over there, over there, in the woods.

Jack: Hold on, hold on.

Marissa: Not again.

Jack: Got it. There's definitely something there.

Livvie: What's going on? I feel so strange. I feel so weak. My stomach really hurts.

Ian: Livvie, please sit down.

Livvie: What's happening to me?

Ian: Sit down, relax.

Livvie: Oh, ian, i'm going to lose my baby.

Ian: I'm going to take your blood pressure. No, you won'T.

Livvie: I'm going to lost my baby!

Ian: Just relax. Just relax, ok?

Livvie: It's all your fault, you and rafe. You guys did this stupid research, and now I'm going to lose my baby because something's happening to the avatar and he's going to take my baby away.

Ian: Just tell me your symptoms.

Livvie: It hurts, ok, ian! It hurts for real this time.

Ian: What do you mean, "for real this time"?

Livvie: I told you something bad was going to happen to me and my baby.

Ian: This has nothing to do with the avatar. Understand?

Livvie: No, you're the one who needs to understand. I just lost rafe and now i might lose my baby because something's happening to the avatar.

Ian: Just relax. Your blood pressure's a little high.

Ian: Hi, this is dr. Thornhart. I need an ambulance straight away.

Karen: We finally did it, frank.

Frank: I can't believe it's really gone.

Karen: It is, and it's finally just you and me, the way it should be. Oh, god, doesn't it feel good just to walk and breathe the air?

Frank: You are so amazing, what you did for me.

Karen: I couldn't lose you, frank. I love you too much.

Frank: I love you, too, so much.

Karen: I know. I could see that's what you were fighting with. And you won.

Frank: That's what saved me. You saved me.

Frank: Hey, let's celebrate.

Karen: Oh, what did you have in mind?

Frank: Well, how about the presidential suite at the port charles hotel, some champagne --

karen: And us. Just us.

Frank: In a king-sized bed.

Karen: Where we'll stay for two, three days?

Frank: Hmm, smart woman.

Karen: Well, come on, let's go.

[Frank gasps]

frank: Karen?

Ian: Your pulse has slowed down. Are you feeling any better?

Livvie: Yeah. Actually, I'm feeling a lot better.

Ian: Good.

Livvie: I'm -- I'm really sorry i gave you such a hard time before.

Ian: No, no, just a little worried about all that avatar talk is all.

Livvie: Yeah, well, I guess it was just my nerves. I mean, just hearing you talk about destroying the avatar and all this research that you and rafe did -- I don't know, I guess maybe that when you're pregnant, your mind kind of plays some really weird tricks on you.

Ian: Sure. Still going to have you checked out at the hospital.

Livvie: No, ian, that's not necessary, really.

Ian: No, I think it is necessary. You're pregnant. It's the wise thing to do. Hey, it's thornhart again. Where's that ambulance? Ok, good. Did -- did rafe call?

Livvie's voice: I was so worried something happened to the avatar and that you'd be taken away from me. But I guess it was a false alarm. I'll make sure nothing happens to the avatar or to you.

Karen: God, i thought it was gone! I thought we destroyed it!

[Frank gags]

karen: I can't get near you, frank! I can't reach you!

Frank: No, karen! Go!

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alison: Rafe already went home, thanks to some help from livvie.

Karen: Frank!

Frank: I'll love you forever.

Ian: Avatar! Take me! Let me be your host!

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